Will the translator be rewarded for translating religious materials into the language of his people?

Shaykh Abu Qatada: Translating religious statements and essential information for the common Muslims is a religiously ordained matter and it is similar to making Tafseer (explanation) of the speech of Allah to the one who does not know it. Allah has said: “We did not send a Messenger except with the language of his people”, and this will not happen except by all the Muslims learning the Arabic language or by translating the Arabic materials about religion, knowledge, history and events into the different languages spoken by the people. The least we can say regarding its general ruling is that it is Wajib (obligatory) or that it will be according to the subject of information and its scales in the Shariah. Due to this, the one who conveys the truth into the language of his people is amongst those who spread the Shariah and the religion to them.

As for the claim that the people do not interact with these translations then this is from the deceptions of Iblis and from the plots of the Shaytan and from his manipulations. The truth, even if it is followed by only a few, it will be made victorious by these few. What is necessary for a person is to convey the message to the people, and it is not necessary for him to question them or test them. And if the Prophets were to act based on the claim that the people are not interested in their preaching, then the call towards Allah would have stopped.

And let them remember the Prophet’s saying that “If Allah guides a single person through you it is better for you than red camels”.


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Shaam – A Trust Upon Your Necks

By Shaykh Ayman al Zawahiri, may Allah protect him

(My Muslim brother, Allah says “Cooperate in righteousness and piety”. So whoever finds goodness in this statement, then let him strive and spread it as much as possible and translate it into every language. And may Allah reward you).

(Poetry at the beginning of the statement):

No! The darkness will not prolong.

Our religion will not be oppressed.

We are a brave generation.

We have amongst us Umar.

No….! No….! No…!

(Sheikh Ayman says the following while talking amidst the Mujahideen in the Kabul battlefront during the beginning of the modern crusade):

“Who is the one who has put this firmness in heart of this believer? This is the support being given to these soldiers, and it is from Allah, glory be to Him, High is He. We are fighting against them by this religion and by this blood. So my brothers, my advice for me and for you, is that we stay firm on this path. And the forces of the disbelievers, the hypocrites, and those who misguide will gather together in order to push us away from this path, even if it be a little bit. So let us be cautious. If we move away from this path, then we will lose this bounty from Allah. And as we have said, showing gratitude for this bounty will result in an increase in obedience, and an increase in firmness in the path of Jihad. And we ask Allah to make us firm on this path, and to heal our hearts with regards to these criminals, and to take our souls while He is pleased with us. I say this and ask Allah for forgiveness for me and for you”.

The statement begins:

In the Name of Allah, all praise belongs to Allah, and may peace and blessings of Allah be upon the Messenger of Allah and on his family and on his companions and on whoever follows him.

Muslim brothers in every place, may the peace, mercy and blessings of Allah be upon you.

To Proceed:

This talk of mine to you is about the recent Riyadh conference. However I will begin by thanking my brothers, the Mujahideen of Islam everywhere who are striving to release the male and female Muslim prisoners.

I am here making special mention of my noble brothers, the lions of Islam in Sham of Ribaat and those who are close to the Bait ul Maqdis (the Holy mosque in Palestine) in the dear and honourable Jabhat an Nusrah, who strived to free the male and female Muslim prisoners from the hands of the Lebanese government.

May Allah reward them with good in this world and the Hereafter. They have indeed healed the hearts of the believers and made them delighted. I ask Allah to place this action in their scales of goodness on the day of the Judgement.

My dear brothers, this blessed deal was a victory from Allah. You have freed the male and female prisoners and you provided the Muhajireen with supplies, medicine and treatment, and you proved that you are the ones protecting your Ummah and that you are anxious to lift the sufferings and oppression from it and that you are defending its sanctities. May Allah reward you with the best reward.

My dear brothers in the honourable and dignified Jabahat an Nusrah, indeed you have set forth a noble example for the Mujahideen everywhere. So continue upon this blessed path, and strive to increase in obedience, and avoid disobedience and sins. And be keen to unite the rows of Jihad around the word of Tawheed, as unity is the gate to victory. And open your hearts to everyone who seeks good from amongst the ranks of the extremists and Takfeeris.

My Muslim brothers and Mujahideen, all of us have seen the news of the recent Riyadh conference which was followed by Saudi Arabia announcing the establishment of an alliance to fight against what they call terrorism to serve the American interests. And both these are no more than two episodes in the series of Saudi attempts and their dirty examples in diverting the path of Jihad everywhere and in Sham in particular, away from its straight path, and to drown it in the quagmire of nationalist state, and to convert it into a failed uprising, completely in the same way in which they did with the uprisings and revolts which they called as the Arab Spring.

And so I advise my Mujahideen brothers in Sham of Ribaat and Jihad to be cautious of this filthy government, and not to forget its black history in the service of the enemies of Islam.

Abdul Aziz Aal Saud was the one who signed the treaty of Uqair with Britian in the Year 1915 while it was fighting in the first World War against the Uthmani State, and they both agreed in it that Britian would protect Ibn Saud in turn for him agreeing to not enter into treaties or covenants with any foreign government other than Britain. And the first target by this treaty was the Uthmani state.

And when the great uprising occurred in Palestine in the year 1936, Abdul Aziz Aal Saud sent his two sons to calm down those who were carrying out the uprising, and he along with King Ghazi and Ameer Abdullah, issued the famous statement which said the following:

“It has caused us a lot of pain to see the prevailing situation in Palestine, and we in agreement with our brothers the Arab kings and Ameer Abdullah, we call you to abide in peace in order to prevent shedding of blood by relying on the good intention of our friend the British government, and its announced desire for justice to prevail. And be confident that we will continue striving to help you.”

And this is how the Palestinians got deceived and the revolution came to an end.

And by the end of the second world war, Abdul Aziz Aal Saud met Roosevelt in the year 1945 to transfer his alliance from Britain to America. So he would hand over to them the wealth of the Arabian Peninsula and the right to exploit its land and its atmosphere in return for America guaranteeing that the leadership of the Arabian Peninsula will remain with the children of Abdul Aziz.

Then the series of betrayals continued. And when the Afghan Jihad against the Russians reached near to victory, the Saudis joined with Pakistan to form a government of the Mujahideen under the leadership of Mojaddedi, who is America’s agent today in Kabul.

Then the Saudi government planned to kill Shaykh Usamah bin Ladin in Pakistan and so he made Hijrah from there to Sudan.

Then the Saudi government put pressure on Sudan for the expulsion of Shaykh Usamah and his brothers from there. And when he came under the hospitality of Shaykh Yunus Khalis in Jalalabad, the Saudis demanded him to expel Shaykh Usamah. And they continued demanding the Islamic Emirate to expel Shaykh Usamah and his brothers, or to surrender them to America. And the matter reached to the extent that Turki Al Faisal even came to Kandahar to demand from Mulla Umar to surrender Usamah bin Ladin, may Allah have mercy upon him, and his brothers. But Mulla Umar kicked him out and made him hear harsh words.

And when the civil war occurred in Sudan, the Saudis supplied John Garang with weapons. And in the south Yemen they supplied the Communists with weapons.

And Fahad and then Abdullah put forth their two filthy initiatives, both of which revolved around granting Israel the right to takeover what it had seized before the year 1967.

And it was from Saudi Arabia that the Crusader planes took off which devastated Iraq and Afghanistan and which is today devastating Sham and Iraq.

And when the revolution of the Arab people took place, the Saudi rulers gave shelter to Zayn ul Aabideen ibn Ali, and they conspired to give the leadership to Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi, who is the representative of the ousted one in place of this ousted one. And they supported Sisi in his coup against the Ikhwan (Muslim Brotherhood).

And until today the Saudis are continuing to undertake this filthy role against Jihad and the Mujahideen. And today the Saudis are striving in Sham to cause conflict between the Mujahideen and to repeat its same filthy role which was carried out in Afghanistan, with hopes that it will split the Jihadi ranks, so that it can hand over Sham to the likes of Mojaddedi and Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi and Sisi and Baji Caid Essebsi, in order to serve the interests of America and to protect the security of Israel.

So oh Mujahid of Sham, right in front of you are the experiences which are teaching you, and history is informing you. The Saudi rulers will not seek anything other than the destruction of Sham, the protection of the Israel’s security, and the abortion of any attempt to establish an Islamic government in Sham. So be cautious of them, and be cautious of their plots and their conferences.

And no one can offer to them and to America more than what Morsi offered. And despite that they overthrew him. So take a lesson from this, oh you who can see!

Indeed the Saudi rulers will not give you freedom, or dignity or honour, because one cannot give what one himself does not posses.

The Saudi rulers today and their likes are the instruments of the Crusader West for establishing a secularist nationalist state subject to international law in our Islamic and Arab world. And so it is necessary for every Mujahid today to be cautious of terms like “civil state” and “pluralism” and those similar to it, by which the secularists intend certain set of meanings which will lead to discarding the religion and judging based on the whims of the people and seeking to make the standards of pleasure and profits as a reference for judgement in the contemporary world.

My Mujahideen brothers in Sham and in every place, the noble Quran has specified the goal of Jihad by Allah’s statement, high is He:

“And fight them until there is no more Fitna and the religion for Allah prevails completely.”

And the Prophet may peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, defined it by his saying: “Whoever fights for the Word of Allah to become the highest, then he is in the path of Allah”. (Bukhari and Muslim)

So our Jihad and our efforts should be for the sake of establishing the Muslim state, in which the highest authority is for the Shariah, which does not recognize the nationalist borders nor the differences based upon nationality, and which believes the Islamic lands to be one single entity, and in the brotherhood of the believers.

And because of this, the Muhajireen in Sham and in any Jihadi front cannot be described as foreigners, rather they are the brothers of faith and of Aqeedah (beliefs), who have sacrificed with their blood to give victory to the religion of Allah. And hence, the talk about expelling them from Shaam or from any Islamic land is a clear open violation of the rules of Islam. How can this be so when the Prophet may peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, described Shaam as “the believers’ own land”. (Narrated by Ahmed and Ibn Hibban, and authenticated by Al Arnaoot)

My Mujahid brother in Shaam and in every land of Islam, beware then beware, then beware again that you sacrifice yourself, your wealth, your Hijrah (migration) and you forsake your homeland and your family, and you spend several years of your life in prisons, and then the fruits of these great sacrifices get reaped by a group of secularist scums due to the bargaining of the politicians and their abandonment of the principles of Aqeedah and Sharee’ah, and the same tragedy gets repeated in which we have been for more than a century, as if we have not learnt from the tragedy and from the miserable end of what they called as the ‘Arab Spring’.

O lions of Islam in Sham the land of Ribat and Jihad from every faction of the Mujahdeen, from every land of Islam, indeed Shaam is a trust upon your necks. So purify it from the Nusayris, the secularists and the Safavid Raafidhis, and defend it against the Crusader campaigns, and do not leave it to the extremist Takfiris, those who made Takfeer on the leaders of Al Qaeda, and lied and claimed that the Houthis did not find any Muwahhid (monotheist) who opposed them, and who offended the armies of the Islamic Emirate and described them to be agents of ISI (Pakistani Intelligence) and made Takfeer on most of the Mujahideen in Sham.

They are those who fled from being judged under the Sharee’ah when most of the Mujahideen in Shaam accepted it, and despite their fleeing from being judged under the Sharee’ah, they went on to criticise the beliefs of the Mujahideen who have spent their lives in defense of the rule of the Sharee’ah.

So can these people be trusted to rule by the Sharee’ah?

Then they declared a Khilafah through the Bay’ah (pledge of allegiance) of unknown people, in an unknown area, on an unknown date, to a man who is not worthy of being given Bay’ah. Rather he himself is under a Bay’ah to the Islamic Emirate. And the news was conveyed by one whose narrations cannot be accepted due to the magnitude of his lies and insults. So ponder as to how compounded are these evils that have been committed one above the other!

And they claim to be upon the footsteps of their predecessors despite them contradicting Sheikh Usama bin Laden, may Allah have mercy upon him, he who declared that his Bay’ah to Ameerul Mu’mineen Mullah Muhammad Umar was Bay’athul Uzmah (the greater Bay’ah to a Khalifa), and he used to call the Muslims to also give Bay’ah to him. And they also contradicted Sheikh Abu Hamzah al Muhajir, may Allah have mercy upon him, who considered that anyone who abandons the Bay’ah to Ameerul Mu’mineen Mullah Muhammed Umar after acknowledging it has committed a major sin which is worse than adultery and drinking alcohol. And he used to consider his Bay’ah to Mullah Muhammad Umar as Bay’ah for Khilafah, as I will clarify with proofs, if Allah wills. And in his speeches that were distributed, he used to address Mullah Muhammad Umar by him saying, “To our Wali al Amr (our leader of our affairs) Mullah Muhammad Umar”.

Then the madness for Takfeer and excessive extremism led them to slander the pure and chaste wives of the Mujahideen of Jabhat al Nusrah and others, and accused them of being adulteresses. And prior to that they had insulted Al Qaeda saying that it is like an adulteress who is claiming to be chaste. This is the level to which they have stooped, and that is the swamp that they are scooping from.

So is this the Khilafah that is based on the Prophetic method?

And as I have mentioned before, the killing of Sheikh Abu Khalid al-Suri, may Allah have mercy upon him, reminds me of the killing of the two Sheikhs Muhammad al Sa’eed and and Abdur Razzaaq al Rajaam and their brothers in Algeria. And just as the killing of these two Sheikhs and their brothers would demonstrate the psychological defeat which was followed by the physical defeat for the GIA group in Algeria, similarly I consider the killing of Abu Khalid al Suri, may Allah have mercy upon him, as demonstrating the psychological defeat of his killers, which is normally followed by the physical defeat. So may Allah have mercy upon you Oh Abu Khalid.

Enjoy your sleep for the legions after you **** Have given The Lord (their) forearms and throats

They have taken an oath that they shall not see in your Shaam *** Except the Sharee’ah from which light radiates

And they have made a promise to wash with their blood *** their lands and cleanse it completely

(And to cleanse) Sham the land of Ribaat from the Rawaafidh for verily they are *** the ally of the invaders throughout ages and stages

And (to cleanse it) from the Baathists, the envoys of those shedding our blood ***turning it into rivers and seas in every region

And (to cleanse it) from the guardians of the borders of Israel, indeed *** she (Israel) had become pleased with their father Hafiz as her guard

And (to cleanse it) from those striving for positions of power for which *** they violated the sanctities openly and in all wickedness

Their predecessors killed the third Khalifa *** while he was reciting the book peacefully with great patience

They stabbed Abul Hassan (Ali ra), the Imam while he was praying***with such a thrust that covered the sun and the full moon

Their grandchildren shall perish in the land of Shaam*** And enough is your Lord as a guide and a helper


If Allah wills.

The killing of Abu Khalid al Suri, may Allah have mercy upon him, has revealed one of the faces of the wickedness of the modern Takfeeri extremists, but between them and the first Khawarij there are differences:

The first Khawarij would announce and be proud of what they were upon, and Abdur Rahmaan ibn Muljim, when he struck our master Ali ibn Abi Talib – may Allah be pleased with him – with the sword, he cried “There is no judgement except for Allah, not for you Ali and not for your companions”. As for these (ISIS) they kill and assassinate and then they would not find within themselves the courage of the earlier Khawarij because they are cowards who are not able to announce what they do, so that their true face does not get exposed. So the murderers of Abu Khalid al Suri – may Allah have mercy upon him – are cowards. They incite other misguided people to kill, however they keep their own actions a secret.

In addition to this difference which came to light with the killing of Abu Khalid al Suri, there are however other differences:

The earlier Khawarij considered lying to be Kufr. But as for the modern extremist Takfeeris, lying is their habit, and their leaders do not feel ashamed to lie, even if it be against themselves –  One of them admits to something and then after that he denies it without any shame in front of the public. And the first Khawarij used to consider the breaking of Bay’ah to be an act of Kufr, but as for the modern extremist Takfeeris, they consider jumping from one Bay’ah to another Bay’ah to be political ingenuity in their desperate quest for power.

The first Khawarij used to make Takfeer for sins. As for the modern extremist Takfeeris, they make Takfeer by fabricating lies and slander, even for (acts of) obedience.

The Takfeer of the earlier Khawarij was an ideological one. But as for the modern extremist Takfeeris, their Takfeer is political and an opportunistic one that seeks benefits. And the one who agrees with them or in whom they find benefit in being affiliated with, they praise him, rather they repeatedly ask him to mention them and praise them, in order to gain status amongst the people by means of that. And the one who opposes them, they lie about him and slander him and make Takfeer on him, following the path of Takfeer for (justifying) explosion, elimination and tyranny.

And similarly, the magazine “Dabiq” reminds me of the book “Hidaayatu Rabbil Aalameen” (Guidance of the Lord of the worlds) by Abu Abdur Rahmaan Ameen, and this is a sign of their downfall. And the bomb explosion in Masjid Areeha, after its liberation, and killing those inside it who were fasting, reminds me of Al Khulaifi and those with him killing the worshippers in Masjid al Ansar as Sunnah in Umm Darmaan, and after that their attack on the guesthouse of Shaykh Usamah bin Laadin, may Allah have mercy upon him, in Khartoum.

And when Al Khulaifi was asked for the reason why he attacked Masjid Ansar as Sunnah, he said it was a temple of the Mushrikeen. And when he was asked why he attacked the guesthouse of Shaykh Usamah bin Ladin, he replied that he was the one who was misguiding the people the most, and so he thought to begin with him. And in Peshwar the extremists made Takfeer on me because I did not make Takfeer on the Afghan Mujahideen. Then they made Takfeer on Shaykh Abu Muhammad al Maqdisi – may Allah protect him – because he did not make Takfeer on me..!

These people used to claim that they were upon the methodology of Ahlus Sunnah wal Jama’ah and that they do not make Takfeer for sins, just like the claims of Baghdadi’s group who are claiming that they are upon the methodology of Ahlus Sunnah. However they make Takfeer on the people by fabricating and by lying and for actions which are not Kufr, rather even for acts of obedience and for adherence to the Book and to the Sunnah. For example they made Takfeer on Abu Sa’d al Hadrami – may Allah have mercy upon him – because he took Bay’ah for Jihad from the FSA (Free Syrian Army). And they made Takfeer on me and claimed that I follow the majority and that I do not make Kufr bi Taghut (disbelieve in the Taghut), because I supported the revolutions of the oppressed ones and I spoke gently to Muhammad Musri, the one who is imprisoned, following the guidance of the Book and the Sunnah in giving Dawah.

And the real reason for this slander was that I opposed their desires in order to protect the blood of the Muslims.

I had mingled with various kinds and types of Takfeeris in Egypt, and I even refuted them by a hand written treatise in the 1970’s. They exploit the enthusiasm of the youth who reject evil and deviation from Islam and so, many sincere ones seeking the truth join them.

And this is a glad tiding. And through observation, it becomes clear that most of those who join them would leave them after a while. In fact many of those who left them have become the ones who would be the most firm upon the Manhaj of Ahlus Sunnah, and eager for protecting the sanctities of the Muslims after their previous experiences.

And this pushes us to continue preaching to them and to clarify the truth to them, and to expose the falsehood of their media. And no matter how flashy their media becomes and how much falsehood comes from it, it will not be able to change the reality of the situation. And the truth will remain as truth and lie will remain as lie, and loyalty as loyalty and treachery as treachery.

My brothers, the Mujahideen of Islam in Shaam of Ribaat and Jihad, indeed the contemporary satanic alliance which includes the Rafidhah, the Safavids, the Nusairis, the secularists, and the Crusaders from the west and the east are waiting for misfortunes to come to you. And they will seek to split the ranks of the Mujahideen and cause them to attack each other, and then attack them all together. So hold tight to your Aqeedah beliefs and have trust in your Lord and rely – after Him the glorious- upon yourselves and your Ummah. And be cautious of the brokers of the West (i.e. the Arab rulers) who are shopkeepers who have made the Gulf states into shops that sell kerosene, who are making you wish for crumbs, in order for you to abandon your beliefs and to disassociate from your brothers. Allah has kept you firm and granted you success and protected you from their plots. So seek help from Allah and be patient, for you are the hope of the Ummah in this age. And so, do not disappoint their hopes in you for they have had enough disasters with the mad extremist Takfeeris, those who sacrifice the sanctities of the Muslims and their unity and their blood for satisfying the lusts of those in power.

The brokers of the West will try to confine you to the prison of patriotism and nationalism, which was imposed upon us after the fall of the Khilafah. So beware of them inciting you in a gradual manner. You are the vanguards of the Muslim Ummah and its battalion advancing towards Al Aqsa, by the will of Allah.

And your strength, after the strength of Allah, glory be to Him Most High – is in your Muslim nation. So fight alongside them the battle to liberate Shaam, and then the battle to conquer the holy land (Palestine), by the will of Allah.

My Mujahideen brothers in Shaam, indeed Shaam is a trust upon your necks. So do not surrender it to the secularists or to the Safavid Rafidhis or to the Nusairis or to the extremist Takfeeris. And do not halt your Jihad until there arises an Islamic State and the Shariah dominates, and the banner of Jihad rises in it, and you become the vanguard of the Ummah advancing towards Bayt al Maqdis by the will of Allah.

And we end our call saying “all praise belongs to Allah, the Lord of all that exists”. And may the blessings of Allah be upon our master Muhammad and on his family and companions.

And may peace, mercy and blessings of Allah be upon you.




Battles of Ramadan (2) The battle of shaqhab

Imam Ibn Kathir spoke about this battle in his book “Al Bidaaya Wa Nihaaya” and focused a lot on the role of his Shaykh Ibn Taymiyyah in it.

The confidence Shaykh ul Islam Ibn Taymiyyah had for achieving victory was great and he would swear saying that we will be victorious while the people would ask him to say “if Allah wills”. So he would reply “It will definitely happen. It does not need to be said “if Allah wills”.

– This is how the religious guides must be because no matter how great the size of his enemy, he must incite the people and plant the seed of hope and certainty in them, because as Abdullah al Adam said “The (real) loss is the loss of the fighting spirit”.

Ibn Taymiyyah went to Hama and informed them that the Egyptian and Syrian armies had made their decision and had agreed to fight, and so he asked them to also join. And the people of Hama agreed to join these armies.

– Likewise the role of the religious guides should be to unify the ranks, and not to split them, as the Tartars did not distinguish between an Egyptian, or a Syrian, or a Sunni or an innovator.

The people differed about the fight against the Tartars as to which category does the fight fall under (as categorized by the religion), and Shaykh ul Islam clarified and resolved the matter early.

So enlightening the people about what kind of fighting it is will remove the unclarity, and if this matter is not clarified and resolved there will remain doubts and a lot of worry about the legitimacy of the battle and its validity which will have a negative effect on the army’s unity and stability.

Ibn Taymiyyah said, “If you see me alongside the Tartars with a Mushaf (Quran) on my head, then kill me”.

– And here he is further clarifying by putting extra emphasis on the legitimacy of the battle. He wanted to totally remove any doubt and concern. So he said if you see me in the ranks of the Tartars then do not hesitate to kill me…! So be certain that you are upon the truth and I would be upon falsehood (if I join the ranks of the Tartars)…! And that the truth will not become falsehood and falsehood will not become the truth if I join the Tartars and be with them…! Here the Shaykh is telling them to follow the truth and not him as a person.

The Shaykh went out of the castle to attend the fighting and the people said to him “you have prevented us from leaving and here you are fleeing the country!!!” The Shaykh ul Islam did not reply to them but soon when he returned with the victorious army the people rejoiced at him and prayed for him and congratulated him for the good that Allah made possible at his hands.

– Likewise every reformer and his actions will be looked at with suspicion by the people a lot, so he should not pay attention to that but rather let his actions be an answer to them..! It was actions which changed the view of the people about Ibn Taymiyyah.

Ibn Taymiyyah also issued a Fatwa for the Mujahideen to break their fast during the days in Ramadan so that they would be strong before the fight, and he applied his Fatwa in practice. He went around meeting the soldiers and the leaders while eating, and so the people ate along with him.

– This shows how important it is for the one who gives the Fatwa to be the first one to act upon it himself so that the people will feel reassured. Otherwise they will say “If what you are saying is the truth then why don’t you act upon it?” And by that they will lose faith in the one who gives Fatwa and will spread doubts about him. So by him acting on his Fatwa, it firstly will leave the opponents no way to attack him, and secondly it will reassure the supporters and will make them trust in him.

(Refer to the book “Al Bidaaya Wa Nihaaya” (The beginning and the end) by Ibn Kathir (16/23)

– By Ahmed Al Hamdan


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Battles of Ramadan (1)

After the Mongols invaded the Muslim world the cities fell easily because the Muslims had lost their desire to fight due to the brutality of the Mongols in their killing and destruction, and so they reached a state of despair and they said that the Mongols were Gog and Magog who were to come out at the end of times. In fact, Imam Ibn al Atheer, before he died, wrote about the state of the nation and its collapse in the face of the Mongols saying:

“For many years I remained not wanting to mention this incident due to its enormity and I hated to mention it. I would put one foot forward towards that while the other foot would lag behind, because who is there for whom it would be easy to write the announcement of the death of Islam and of the Muslims? And who is the one for whom it would be easy to mention that? I wish, if only my mother had not given birth to me and if only I had died before this incident happening and I had become something forgotten and in oblivion”.

The Mongols were able to overthrow the Abbasid Caliphate and so the Muslims for the first time ever were without a Caliphate..!

Then they took control over Shaam, and there did not remain any authority for the Muslims except in Egypt which became the last fortress of the Muslims…!

The leader in Egypt was the hope, after Allah the Almighty, for the Muslims. All the Islamic regions had fallen (Central Asia, Khurasan, Iraq, Shaam) and only Egypt remained, after which the rest of the provinces would fall in succession.

The leader of Egypt, who at that time was the hero Qutuz, was in a very difficult position. The Mongols sent to him a message threatening him and telling him to surrender or he will face the fate of those who preceded him. So he killed the messengers of the Mongols and suspended their heads on the walls of the palaces.

Then when Qutuz prepared his army he said a statement to the leaders of the Muslims: “Oh leaders of the Muslims, there was a time when you would eat from the treasury of the Muslims and you hated Jihad. Here I am going forward, and whoever wants let him follow me, and whoever wants to remain behind then the sin of the Muslim women (falling into the hands of the enemy) will be on his neck”.

So he created zeal within the souls of the leaders and they all got prepared, not a single person remained behind. And the two armies met each other in a fateful battle, a battle which history immortalized and commemorated, a battle which the Muslims will never ever forget.

The battle of Ayn Jaloot (an area near Gaza now) began, and the ranks got engaged in the fight. The Muslims in Egypt prayed and pleaded in humiliation to Allah. It was either Islam or Kufr..!

The battle got fierce and the fight intensified. Qutuz who was present in the battle, got down from his horse and shouted at the top of his voice “Waa Islamaah..! Waa Islamaah..!” (Oh Islam, Oh Islam), and then he prostrated on the ground and put his face on the soil pleading earnestly to Allah and supplicating saying “Oh Allah, give victory to Islam”.

Then the miracle happened and victory finally descended and the Islamic nation breathed a sigh of relief. The Mongols got shattered and smashed. The battle turned to be most fierce and the Muslims tried not to capture a single Mongol soldier. And so they killed them all and not a single person amongst them remained alive…!

– “Al Bidaaya Wa Nihaaya” (The beginning and the end) by Ibn Kathir (13/220)

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Tawheed is the Foundation of all Foundations – By Sheikh Abu Muhammad Al Maqdisi

Tawheed is the Foundation of all Foundations

Whoever neglects the foundations will be prevented from reaching the destination


By the noble Sheikh Abu Muhammad al-Maqdisi

May Allah keep him steadfast


Translated by Al Muwahideen Media


Due to the importance of Tawheed, and because for us it comes first and always, we return once more to focus our attention at the terrible annoyance felt by some due to us following the model of our Prophet ﷺ by us frequently talking about Tawheed while they say that the Ummah already believes in Tawheed and is not in a need for the call towards Tawheed!

No doubt, such inconsistent speech is one of the things that clearly confirm the need for many of the preachers and fighters to study Tawheed, and to understand it and to know what are the actions of Shirk and of ascribing partners to divinity, that nullify it, especially the modern forms of Shirk that have spread amongst individuals and groups today.

And no one will belittle the importance of it except two kinds of people:

The first: The one who is ignorant of the reality of Tawheed and the great position it holds in the religion of Islam.

The second: The one who is ignorant of the reality around. He does not know the situation of the people and of the groups, and what modern forms of Shirk that contradict Tawheed are being spread amongst them!

As for the reality of Tawheed and the great status that it holds in the religion of Islam, it is what we are frequently speaking about. We have spoken about it repeatedly time after time and we still do so.

Tawheed is the foundation of the foundations in the religion of Islam, and is its deep-rooted fundament without which the structure of Islam cannot be erected. Without it no deed is accepted, neither worship, nor ritual, nor preaching, nor Jihad nor anything else!

Allah The Exalted said regarding the Prophets, the best of mankind: “That is the guidance of Allah, with which He guides whom He wills of His servants, and if they had committed Shirk, their deeds would have been rendered worthless”. (Al An’aam 6:88)

Likewise, Allah the Exalted said regarding those who performed deeds without Tawheed: “We will look at whatever deeds they have done, and will make them as scattered particles of dust“. (Al Furqan 25.23)

Without Tawheed you will not attain salvation, and you cannot attain the pleasure of the Lord and His Paradise. It (Tawheed) is Al-‘Urwat ul-Wuthqah (the most trusty handhold that will never break) with which Allah linked salvation to. Thus, He, glory be to Him said: “There is no compulsion in religion. Verily, the Right Path has become distinct from the wrong path. Whoever disbelieves in Taghut and believes in Allah, he has grasped the most trustworthy handhold that will never break“. (Al-Baqarah 2.256)

As for the reality today, one can ascertain that many people are either nullifiers of Tawheed or diluting it, or are ignorant of Al-‘Urwat ul-Wuthqah, or unstable in it, or deviating towards either extremism or negligence, if he ponders about:

– The palace scholars who have gone astray and led others astray and entered into the religion of the Taghut and called the people to enter into it, and waged war on all those who went against it (the Taghut) and classified them as Khawarij and as terrorists, and after classifying them as such they made it obligatory to wage war against them and to arrest them and to exterminate them!

– And it will be enough for him if he looks at the situation of the groups of Irja’, the Madkhalis, the Jāmiya and their likes, as to how they have entered into the religion of the Tawaghīt by joining their hands with them and by giving them their hearts, thus becoming their readied soldiers and loyal spies. It reached the point where many of them became more sincere and more useful to the Taghut in securing his throne even more than his military, army, security and intelligence agencies. The soldiers and the army of the Taghut strike with the sword of the Taghut and his authority, and they force the people to submit to his laws. On the other hand the palace scholars strike with the sword of what they claimed to be ‘Shari’a’ and make the people submit to it, and they call them to enter into the religion of the Taghut, by using evidences from the two divine revelations (Quran and Sunnah) which they have distorted and with the statements of the Salaf which they apply in a wrong context! The people then submit to them and follow them in the name of the Shari’a. Thus, they have blackened the face of the Shari’a by them going astray and leading others astray..!

– It will be enough for him if he considers the situation of the groups that have not understood from Tawheed that which will prevent them from entering the modern day domes of idolatry, and its towers, and its polytheistic parliaments. They did not understand from Tawheed that which will prevent them from making their followers gods who legislate.

Allah the Exalted said, “Are diverse lords better or Allah, the One, the Prevailing? Those whom you serve beside Him are merely names that you and your fathers have fabricated, without Allah sending down any sanction for them. All authority to judge rests only with Allah. He has commanded that you serve none but Him. This is the Right Way of life, though most people are altogether unaware”. (Yusuf 2.39-40)

Many people have been deluded by them by following them, supporting them and voting for them to participate in this modern day idolatry…!

– Let him ponder on the situation of many of those affiliated to Islam, whether individuals or factions, how they have not understood from Tawheed that which will prevent them from supporting the Tawaghīt, and from protecting their laws and supporting the Kuffār of the east and the west against the best Mujāhidīn who are striving to establish the Shari’a and to implement Allah’s Tawheed in His legislation over man.

You see those with long beards and those who are affiliated to Da’wah who join the Taghut army and secularist soldiers, that they have become pleased to be the soldiers of the (Kufr) laws, and their intelligence and their detectives and their security forces. They have not understood from Allah’s Tawheed that which will prevent them from that, in spite of the fact that it is from the clearest nullifiers of Tawheed for those who understand it.

– Let him ponder on the situation of many of the Sheikhs and students of knowledge who argue on behalf of the secular Tawaghīt and those who rule by other than what Allah has revealed, who have not understood from Tawheed nor its Al-‘Urwat ul-Wuthqah that which will prevent them from justifying for the rulers who rule by other than what Allah has revealed, and from facilitating his crimes and making it easy, by claiming that it is Kufr Dūna Kufr (a minor Kufr that does not take one out of the fold of Islam)! Thus, they made the crimes of the Tawaghīt who compete against Allah by legislating laws which Allah has not permitted, who have become guards for Kufr, and allies of the Kuffar, and enemies of the Muslims, who want other than Allah to be a judge and other than His religion as a path. They treated all these and even more, as a mere sin that does not remove its perpetrator from the religion of Islam!

So by that they have resembled the Jews who turned away from ruling by the revealed law and from following His judgment, by regarding this sin as insignificant. Allah the Exalted said, “Have you not seen those who have been given a portion of the Scripture? They are being invited to the Book of Allah to settle their dispute, while a party of them turns away in aversion. That is because they say: “The Fire shall not touch us but for a limited number of days.” The false beliefs which they have forged have deluded them in their faith”. (Aal ‘Imran 3.23-24)

The Jews regarded their worship of the calf as “kufr dūna kufr”, and they claimed that they will not enter the fire except for a limited number of forty days which is according to the number of days they had worshipped the calf. By that, they made light many acts of Kufr and Shirk, which emboldened them to finally turn away from Allah’s laws.

These ‘Khawaalif’ (it can mean either successors of the Jews or those who are corrupt, or those who stayed away from Jihad against the Tawagheet) who have not understood Tawheed, claimed that the one who follows other than Allah’s legislation – that in which he and the worshipper of the calf are equal – they regarded their Shirk as ‘kufr dūna kufr’. For these people Tawheed does not prevent them from giving allegiance and support and dominance to such a person against the Muslims!

The one who observes the situation of these, and those, and their likes, and observes the situation of those who argue with us over these issues which must be the “a,b,c…” of Tawheed for the followers of Islam, will know the dire necessity and importance of speaking about Tawheed, and the importance of stressing on the call towards Tawheed repeatedly and the need for the Ummah to understand it and to know what contradicts it from the modern forms of Shirk that many people have entered into in groups and as individuals!

No one will be surprised by our words as we have stated above, nor will anyone who understands Tawheed and knows the situation today and looks at it carefully and understands the modern forms of Shirk, condemn our words.

May Allah have mercy on our Sheikh Ibn Taymiyyah who said, “This Shirk has still not ceased to increase until it now filled every part of the earth, and the Ghurabaa (the strangers) have still not ceased to condemn it, but they are very few and they are not listened to nor obeyed”.

Oh Allah! Make us from amongst the Ghurabaa (the strangers), who hold firmly to their Tawheed, and who call to it, fight for it, and who warn from Shirk and its people, and disassociate themselves from that until we meet You.

All praise is to Allah, the Lord of all that exists. May prayers and peace be upon the noblest of creation and the leader of the Prophets and Messengers.

Word File : Tawheed is Foundation of all – Maqdisi

PDF File : Tawheed is Foundation of all – Maqdisi

Justpaste Link : https://justpaste.it/TawheedAslulUsoolE


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Is it necessary to have good relations with strong countries for Jihad to exist and continue?

Question to Sheikh Abu Muhammad Al Maqdisi

Assalalamualikum Warahmathullahi Wabarakatuhu

Our Shaykh…. May Allah protect you and bless you.

Some people and factions are saying that it is not possible for Jihad to exist and continue without having good relations with some big countries like Turkey and Qatar. Is this opinion based on the reality or is it a deficiency in Al Walaa wal Baraa and in reliance upon Allah?

Shaykh Abu Muhammad al Maqdisi:

Praise be to Allah.

In fact what is correct is that Jihad will not exist and continue with good relations with these countries or their likes. These states are part of the organisation of the United Nations and like others they are committed to the United Nations charter and its conventions on terrorism and its classification of its groups. No sane person will believe that these states or their counterparts can open the doors for having good relations with Jihadists who are classified internationally or by the Americans as terrorists. Yes there may be some amenable relations when some countries are forced to deal with these groups due to the power of these groups or when those countries need to negotiate for their nationals or such things which normally happen due to those regimes being put under pressure, and so it can be said that such negotiations do not contradict al Walaa wal Baraa. But I do not consider it possible to have good and permanent relations without contradicting al Walaa wal Baraa.
I would consider it to be possible if the question was about a truce, or making peace with each other, or to avoid a clash with these countries for the interests of the Mujahideen, and the common Muslims and the refugees. This is permissible and is from the Islamic politics and giving priorities in war and Jihad.

As for good relations between these states and the factions or the Jihadi groups, then I do not see that in reality today without it breaching al Walaa wal Baraa.

And Allah knows best.
السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته
شيخنا…الله يحفظك و يبارك فيك

يقول بعض الناس والفصائل أنه لا يمكن للجهاد أن يقوم أو يستمر بدون علاقات طيبة مع دول كبرى مثل تركيا وقطر فهل هذا الرأي مبني عل الواقعية أو هو خلل في الولاء والبراء والتوكل على الله؟
الشيخ المقدسي:
الحمد لله

بل الصواب أنه لا يقوم الجهاد أويستمر بعلاقات طيبة❗️مع هذه الدول أو مثلها؛
فهذه الدول ضمن منظومة الأمم المتحدة؛ وهي كغيرها ملتزمة بمواثيق الأمم المتحدة واتفاقياتها حول الارهاب وتصنيفاتها لجماعاته؛ ولا يوجد عاقل يصدق أن هذه الدول أو مثيلاتها يمكن أن تفتح علاقات طيبة مع جهاديين يصنفون دولياً أو أمريكيا كإرهابيين
نعم قد توجد علاقات ندية حين تضطر بعض الدول لأن تخضع للتعامل مع الجماعات لقوة هذه الجماعات أو حاجة تلك الدول للتفاوض على رعاياها أو نحوه مما يجري عادة من منطق لي ذراع بعض الأنظمة فيمكن أن يقال أن مثل هذا التفاوض لا ينافي الولاء والبراء.
أما أن تقوم علاقات طيبة ودائمة فلا أتخيل ذلك دون أن يخل بالولاء والبراء.
يمكن أن أتخيله لو كان السؤال عن هدنة أو موادعة أو تجنب صدام مع هذه الدول أو نحوها؛لمصالح المجاهدين وعموم المسلمين واللاجئين؛فهذا جائز وهو من السياسة الشرعية وترتيب الأولويات في الحرب والجهاد.
أما علاقات طيبة بين مثل هذه الدول وفصائل أو جماعات جهادية فلا أتصوره في واقع اليوم إلا مخلا في الولاء والبراء
والله أعلم


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