Assalamu alaykum,

If anyone would like to contact us for any reason then they can do so in the comments box below or at this email address:


5 thoughts on “CONTACT US

  1. Anonymous

    May Allah reward you brothers abudantly, for highlighting the reality of the jammat of daesh, and allowing me to see I can still support jihad and oppose these criminals


  2. Abu Azzam al afriqi

    Asalamu alaykum
    May Allah reward you brothers immensly, I was daeshi until a few montsh ago, i was very active on twitter promoting them, but al hamduillah allah guided me via your translated articles of the ulama and mujahideen, so even if you are slandered and insulted known that your work is having an impact, indeeed know that you save many youth who discover the reality of daesh from joining the accursed cult of al murjiah, as sadly occurs, may allah guide us all


  3. ibrahim

    assalamu alaikum
    Dear Ikhwan, is there full english translation of the text “the global islamic resistance call”?


    1. muwahideenmedia2

      Walaikumussalam Warahmathullah
      May Allah reward you too.
      Regarding the translation, we have not come across a full English translation of the book you mentioned. Maybe if someone undertakes its translation, then we can all learn from the author’s writings in the book.
      May Allah help us all.



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