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Reply to the Khawarij and to their supporters regarding the death of Adnani and the Mubahala

Note: (What is in black font are the claims of the Khawarij and their supporters, and the reply is given in the red font)

The Khawarij says:- While Muslims around the world grieve over the death of another symbol of Jihad at the hands of the crusaders and their allies of hypocrisy and apostasy, other people of ignorance rejoice at this news.

Wallahi I didn’t think I’d have to write this in defense of the Sheikh, as it never crossed my mind that people who attach themselves to Islam would rejoice at the death of another Muslim by the hands of the Kuffar, but this is what the world has come to, wa laa hawla wa laa quwwata illa billah.

The Muslims around the world will testify on the Day of Judgment that no one has harmed Jihad in our age today more than the Khawarij Adnani and his group of Takfeeri followers. The Muslim Ummah will also testify that he was a liar who lied in his claims and speeches and whose lies led thousands of innocent Muslims towards death and destruction which did not benefit of Islam at all, rather it benefitted none but the Kuffar and his own gang of thieves. Also the Muslims are today following the Sunnah of Khulafa ur Rashideen especially Ali (ra) who rejoiced and prostrated out of thankfulness to Allah when he saw the death of the Khawarij of his time. So indeed, the Muslim Ummah is today rejoicing at the death of this Khariji just like how their predecessors such as Ali rejoiced at the death of the Khariji. It is a big lie to claim that the Muslims around the world are grieving at his death, because how can they grieve when they are day and night asking Allah to destroy the Khawarij and put an end to their Fitna? So they are not grieving rather they are thanking Allah for having answered their supplications to destroy them.

Here is a short response to those ignorant retard idiots:

“If the criteria of truth is according to you is measured by this, then here is some information to ponder on:

First of all, it was Adnani who made the Mubahala and he himself made their death as the criteria of the truth. They were initially called to come to a Shareah court but they turned away and instead challenged Sheikh Abu Abdullah Shaami for a Mubahala. In fact Sheikh Abu Abdullah Shaami, when he responded to his Mubahala also pointed out this fact and said that the proper way to settle disputes is to come to a Sharia court and not through Mubahala. But Adnani in his ignorance did not find of any other means to respond the points made by Abu Abdullah Shaami against Adnani, and so Adnani himself challenged him for a Mubahala. So it was Adnani himself who decided that “the criteria of truth” as mentioned in the above statement will be based on a Mubahala. But Adnani in his ignorance did not realize that he was digging his own grave.

1 – The majority of the leaders of AQ in Yemen were killed – yet this is not a result of the Mubahalah. – AQ in Yemen had nothing to do with Mubahala with Adnani. So the death of those who are not involved in the Mubahala does not prove anything other than the ignorance of the one who makes this claim. The Mubahala was between Adnani and Sheikh Abu Abdullah Shaami who is still alive today, by the grace of Allah, after the Mubahala, which proves thatSheikh Abu Abdullah Shaami was truthful in his claims against Adnani in the Mubahala.

Secondly, in fact during those days, AQ of Yemen did not even consider Adnani and his group as Khawarij, rather they thought good about them and used to excuse them. And when several months later, the US decided to attack ISIS, AQ of Yemen issued a statement and stood in the defence of ISIS and refused to consider them as Khawarij…!!! Or maybe, according to the same logic, AQ leaders in Yemen got killed BECAUSE THEY REFUSED TO CONSIDER THEM AS KHAWARIJ…!!

2 -Most of the AQ strongholds in Yemen have fallen – yet this is not a result of the Mubahalah.- This has been already replied to in the first point, Alhamdulillah. But just to note, what the Khawarij ISIS are losing today in Iraq and Syria is many many times more than a temporary loss due to a strategic retreat of the sincere Mujahideen of AQ in Yemen.

3- Tens of leaders of JN (now JFS) were killed along with its spokesman – and yet this is not a result of Mubahalah. – We repeat, the Mubahala was between Adnani and Sheikh Abu Abdullah Shaami who is still alive today,by the grace of Allah after the Mubahala, which proves thatSheikh Abu Abdullah Shaami was truthful in his claims against Adnani in the Mubahala. The death of those NOT involved in the Mubahala does not prove anything for the Khawarij. On the other hand, it actually proves that JN has been truthful and sincere Mujahideen all this time, because many of JN leaders were killed by the crusaders in their air strikes. Adnani in his statement “This was not our methodology nor will it ever be” accused AQ of having deviated and he said “AlQaida of Usama was not praised by the Kuffar whereas AQ of today is praised by the Kuffar”…!! So when the Kuffar kill the AQ leaders in JN, then this proves that Adnani was a liar, because why would the Kuffar kill the leaders of JN if they were pleased with them?! So the death of the leaders in JN only EXPOSED Adnani as a liar, nothing else…!!! Because the death of the leaders of JN proved that the Kuffars were not pleased with them nor praised them like how Adnani lied in his statements…!!

4- Zahran Alloush and his gang of criminals from Jaish Al Islam were killed – yet not a result of the Mubahalah. 5- Hassaan Abboud and his bunch of thugs from Ahraar AsSham were killed by an inside job – yet not a result of the Mubahalah. – Both the points namely 4 & 5 are the same, and the reply is the same for the two. First of all, we repeat, the Mubahala was between Adnani andSheikh Abu Abdullah Shaami who is still alive today, by the grace of Allah, after the Mubahala, which proves that Sheikh Abu Abdullah Shaami was truthful in his claims against Adnani in the Mubahala. The death of those NOT involved in the Mubahala does not prove anything for the Khawarij.

Secondly, the death of Zahran Alloush and Hassan Abboud and other Muslim leaders is actually a BIG SLAP on the face of Adnani. The reason for it is simple…!!! This is because ISIS under the influence of the Khariji Adnani have always referred to these Muslims as Sahawat. And the term Sahawat means those who are employed by the enemies of Islam to fight against Jihad. The Sahawat were initially created by the Americans to fight against the Mujahideen in Iraq. So the Sahawat are the agents of the Kuffar to fight against Jihad. But the death of Zahran Alloush, Hassan Abboud and others actually EXPOSED ADNANI AS A LIAR, because this proved that they were NOT Sahawat, and instead they got killed by the Kuffar for fighting in defence of the Muslims. Otherwise the Kuffar would not have killed these Muslims if they were Sahawat according to the lies of the Khawarij. On the other hand when ISIS rejoices at the death of these Muslims, then it is ISIS who are doing the work of Sahawat, as they have helped the Kuffar to delay the victory in Jihad.

6 – Zawahiri became a laughing stock and a mockery, and his lies and contradictions were exposed to the public (giving Bay’ah to a dead man) – yet this was not a result of the Mubahalah. – In fact Zawahiri (hafizahullah) proved himself as a scholar and as the follower of the Salaf, because the matter of hiding the death of the leader of the Muslims has been practiced by the Salaf themselves. So Zawahiri proved himself as the true follower of the Salaf by hiding the news of the death of the Muslims’ leader and he has succeeded in confusing the enemy and overcoming them. Otherwise were the Salaf and the Sahabah also liars when they hid the news of the death of their leaders without informing the Muslims?

Secondly giving Bay’ah to a dead man does not make one a liar, rather it shows that Zawahiri is following the practice of the Prophet (may peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) who said “war is deception”. So if Zawahiri followed the Prophet’s advice then how can he be a liar? This means that according to the Khawarij, our Prophet Muhammad (may peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) was himself a liar for having permitted deception in war….!! We seek refuge in Allah against the blasphemy of ISIS, the Khawarij….!

7- Zawahiri gave allegiance to Akhtar who has strong ties with Iran – yet not a result of the Mubahlah. – These are pure lies and this statement actually proved the truth of Sheikh Abu Abdullah Shaami in the Mubahala in which they confirmed that ISIS would make accusations without proof, and they would also make Tafkeer on the Muslims and kill them without proofs, and they only follow assumptions and suspicions. So yes, this point actually is a result of the Mubahala which PROVED that ISIS only makes accusations based on assumptions without having proofs which is exactly what was mentioned in the Mubahala….!! All praise belongs to Allah who exposed every lie made by Adnani in the Mubahala and also exposed and showed to the world that ISIS accuse others based on assumptions and suspicions.

8 – Akhtar was killed not long after and Zawahiri gave allegiance to his successor – still not a result of the Mubahalah. – This statement actually refutes the previous statement. How can you say that Akhtar is an agent or has strong ties with the enemies and then say that Akhtar got killed by the enemies? Both are contradictory. If Akhtar Mansoor got killed by the Kuffar enemies, then it means that he was NOT working for them. So this proves that ISIS are idiots as they contradict themselves…!! They accuse Akhtar of working for the enemies and then at the same time, they accuse of him for getting killed by the enemies..!! On the other hand, his death proves that he was never allied to them nor worked on their behalf.

9 – JN split from AQ and broke all ties with them, ceasing to exist and continuing their series of treachery and breaking of pledges – yet not a result of the Mubahlah. – JN proved that they are always truthful in their pledges when they split from AQ. Because JN only split from AQ after consulting with AQ and taking their permission. This proves that if JN wants to split from their leader, then they always take their permission. So this exposes the lies of Adnani and Baghdadi who said the JN broke their Bay’ah and they betrayed them, because JN has proved that they don’t break their Bay’ah or dissolve it without the permission of the leader. On the other hand, Baghdadi broke his Bay’ah to Zawahiri, betrayed him, and spoke several lies to the Ummah.

So yes, the Mubahala has proved how truthful JN are in their pledges and how well mannered they are towards their leader and that they only take any action after having consulting their leader and after having received permission and guidelines from their leadership. On the other hand the Mubahalah also exposed Baghdadi and Adnani as liars who never keep their promises nor fulfill their pledges.

10 – Most of the brigades began fighting under the banner raised by America and its aerial cover which kills hundreds of Muslims daily – not a result of the Mubahalah. – This is the dumbest statement ever made! What has the brigades fighting under America got to do with the Mubahala? It is clear the writer has nothing to respond and that is why he is resorting to dumb statements.

We repeat, the Mubahala was between Adnani and Sheikh Abu Abdullah Shaami who is still alive today, by the grace of Allah, after the Mubahala, which proves that Abu Abdullah Shaami was truthful in his claims against Adnani in the Mubahala. Other brigades has got nothing to do with it.

11- Ahraar AsSham began attending the conferences organized by the West and the hypocrites from the Arabs, and seeking aid from the crusaders – yet not a result of the Mubahalah.– The reply to this dumb statement is the same as the previous one. They have no link to the Mubahala at all.

12- JN (now JFS) is steps away from fighting under a united front, including factions that directly receive orders from America – and this is still not a result of the Mubahlah. – Can’t you see oh you blind ignorant Khawarij, that if JN is “steps away” from joining with those who receive orders from America, then this is one of the best proofs that JN has NOT allied with the Taghut until now while on the other hand the Khawarij have always falsely claimed that JN has allied with the Taghut? This once again proves that Adnani was lying in his Mubahala when he accused AQ of having “deviated” and how they have “joined” with the sahawat and the Taghut…!! But now the writer here is proving that Adnani is a liar, because the writer himself admits that JN until now did not ally with the Taghut…!! Truth from their own mouths…!!

13- The groups in Hims, Dar’aa, and Damascus surrendered to the regime, handed territory over to them and retreated in the buses provided by the regime – still not a result of the Mubahalah. – What has the groups in Hims, Dar’aa and Damascus to do with Mubahala? We repeat, the Mubahala was between Adnani and Sheikh Abu Abdullah Shaami who is still alive today, by the grace of Allah, after the Mubahala, which proves that Sheikh Abu Abdullah Shaami was truthful in his claims against Adnani in the Mubahala. Other brigades have got nothing to do with it.

Also, whatever losses have been suffered by the Mujahideen in Shaam are all due to the betrayal of the Khawarij ISIS and because the Khawarij ISIS supported the Kuffar in laying siege and attacking the Muslims. So it is the betrayal of the Khawarij that has brought losses and not the Mubahala…!!

That is why we are in urgent need of killing the Khawarij like the killing of A’ad.

14- The heads of arrogance and deviance in London and Canada continued barking under the throne of Elizabeth, instead of defending the honour and dignity of Muslims – and this is all yet not a result of the Mubahalah. – No one has exposed the Khawarij and their lies more than the great scholars in London and Canada who spent their entire lives defending the Muslims and the Mujahideen. The Khawarij could not reply to them even though Sheikh Dr. Hani Sibai publicly challenged them for a debate repeatedly…!! They could not face him in a debate. So what honour and dignity are the Khawarij talking about when they are running away like cowards from debating Sheikh Hani Sibai instead of facing him in the debate?

So it is the Khawarij who are barking lies on the internet and barking Takfeer without proofs and without facing these scholars for a debate…!!

This is just a few points of what happened after the Mubahalah, so don’t do our head in with your barking and hee-haw-ing every time a leader is martyred.

The Prophet (may peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said as per the Hadith, that the Khawarij are the dogs of hell. So the Khawarij bark like dogs, live like dogs and die like dogs. So when Adnani the Khariji died, then he has no honour and dignity because he lived like a dog and died like a dog. And when a Khariji dies like a dog then there is nothing to feel honoured about…!!

We must also mention here that the Khawarij of ISIS have been trying very hard to portray Adnani as a martyr who got killed in the crusader air strike. But what they are concealing is that the matter of the drone strike has not yet been verified and is only based on unconfirmed news reports. We find at one time America claiming to have carried out this attack, and on the other hand Russia also claimed the strike. So this shows that the reports are contradictory. But what the followers of the Khawarij ISIS would not like to mention is that there are several reports that have come out which mention that Adnani was killed BY HIS OWN GROUP in an inside attack. In other words, he did not die at the hands of the crusaders, but got killed by his own people…! And this is often the way in which traitors and criminals get killed. They get killed by their own people…!

Point to be noted:

Adnani has made two different statements on two occasions. One was in the Mubahala with Sheikh Abu Abdullah Shaami under the title “Then let us invoke the curse of Allah upon the liars”, and the other one was in another speech of his entitled “This was not our methodology and it will never be”.

As for the statement he made in the Mubahala, it was “O Allah whoever from among us is lying then send down your curse upon him”. In other words, he DID NOT ask Allah to kill the liar amongst them. He only asked Allah to send down His curse in the Mubahala. And this does not necessarily mean death or killing…! And this has been mentioned and confirmed by their own speaker Turki Bin’ali in his recent speech of his regarding the Mubahala in which he defended Adnani and said that Adnani only asked Allah to curse the liar in the Mubahala and that he did not say to kill them but only curse them…!! And Turki Bin’ali also said that this curse does not mean killing but it means destruction of wealth and family, or an unpleasant outcome.

But on the other hand, in the statement he made under the title “This was not our methodology and it will never be” Adnani said, “O Allah if this State is a State of the Khawārij then break its back, kill its leaders, bring down its banner….”.. In other words, he asked Allah to kill the leaders of his group if they are Khawarij in this second speech of his, but he did not say these words in the Mubahala.

So there is a difference between the statement made by Adnani in the Mubahala which was to send down curses, and between the other speech of his in which he asked Allah to kill them if they are Khawarij.

This means that there is a difference between Adnani getting killed and between his opponents from JN or any other group getting killed. This is because when Adnani said “O Allah if this State is a State of the Khawārij then break its back, kill its leaders, bring down its banner”, then he did not say this in the Mubahala…!! He also he did not say in the Mubahala that “O Allah, whichever group amongst us is lying and speaking falsehood, then kill its leaders..”, rather he ONLY said to kill the leaders of HIS OWN GROUP if they are Khawarij and lying. In other words, HE DID NOT ask Allah to kill the leaders of the other group if they are lying…!!!

So this means that if the leaders of ISIS gets killed, then they are Khawarij and liars according to the statement of Adnani. But on the other hand, if the leaders of JN or any other group get killed, then it does not mean that they have lied because Adnani did not make their death a criteria for his opponents to decide if they are lying or not…!! He only made death and killing to be a criteria FOR HIS OWN GROUP ONLY. and not for his opponents..!!!


Adnani said in his speech “This was not our methodology and it will never be” that “O Allah if this State is a State of the Khawārij then break its back, kill its leaders, bring down its banner….”.

This statement of Adnani is similar to the statement made by the Mushrikeen of Quraish under the leadership of Abu Jahl during the time of the Prophet, may peace and blessings of Allah be upon him. Allah says about this in Surah Anfal, verse 32, “And (remember) when they (the Mushrikeen) said: “O Allah! If this (the Qur’an) is indeed the truth (revealed) from You, then rain down stones on us from the sky or bring on us a painful torment.” So Allah responded to this and He punished them and thus Allah responded to the Mushrikeen when they asked Allah to bring down His punishment upon them.

Similarly, in the same way just like the Mushrikeen, Adnani said “O Allah if this State is a State of the Khawārij then break its back, kill its leaders, bring down its banner, guide its soldiers. O Allah if is an Islamic State, ruling by Your Book and the Sunnah of Your Prophet, fighting Your enemies, then keep it firm, honour it and grant it victory, and establish it upon the earth, and make it as the Khilāfah upon the Way of Prophethood. So say Āmīn O Muslims.”

We can today see the following. Adnani said that if they are Khawarij –

1-  “Then break its back”We can see that ISIS is continuously losing territories. This is to such an extent that Adnani in his last speech even prepared his soldiers to retreat towards the desert due to loss of all their lands, and he encouraged them to not lose hope, and instead be always determined to fight. So this speech in fact shows that they have witnessed and seen their huge losses which are continuously increasing day by day. Nothing can better explain how back of the ISIS has been broken.

2- Kill its leaders– All of its leaders except for a couple of them alongwith Baghdadi have been killed. And by this statement, Adnani has dug his own grave. He proved himself to be from the Khawarij.

3- “Bring down its banner – The members of the Khawarij ISIS are divided amongst themselves and they are even making Takfeer on each other. This proves that they do not have a clear Manhaj nor a clear banner. So yes, Adnani’s dua has been responded to. Their banner has been brought down and they are divided amongst themselves…!!

Adnani continued and said that if they are an Islamic State, ruling by the Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet and fighting the enemies of Islam –

1- “Then keep it firm” – When the soldiers of ISIS ran away from facing the women female soldiers of PKK, then they are not firm at all…!! They ran way from facing women…!! And they have abandoned and retreated from the battlefield. And the most recent example is their retreat in Jarablous when they retreated without any fight at all, and they ran away even before their enemies reached them…!! This shows that they are not firm on the ground…!

2- “Honour it” –  After the continuous loss of territories by ISIS in both Syria and Iraq, they have put themselves in such a humiliating position that the enemies are even attacking their homes and taking their women as booties and raping them…!! They cannot defend the honour of their women and families and they have no honour themselves…!!

3- “Grant it victory and establish it upon the earth” – ISIS has collapsed everywhere. They have been crushed in Afghanistan, Libya, Somalia, Yemen and elsewhere, and their lies have been exposed and made crystal clear to all. So where is the victory after their lies got exposed, and where is the “establishment upon the earth” after they got crushed everywhere…?

4- “And make it as the Khilāfah upon the Way of Prophethood” – Alhamdulillah, it has become crystal clear that

    a) They are not a Khilafa since a Khilafa unites the Muslims and protects them whereas ISIS has split the ranks everywhere and cannot protect themselves, let alone the Muslim community.

    b) They are not a Khilafa upon the way of Prophethood because one of the first characteristics of the Prophet is that he was truthful in speech whereas ISIS has lied to such an extent that they are reminding us of Dajjal.

     c) They are not even a legitimate Islamic group at all, rather a group of power hungry thieves and leaders who only have an aim of gaining power and wealth by covering up themselves using the cloak of religion…!!

All the above were mentioned by Adnani in his supplication to Allah to make them the criteria for the people to judge whether they are Khawarij or not and whether they apply the law of the Quran and fight the enemies or not. So let those who are sincere upon the truth ponder and take heed…! Allah says,

Verily there is a lesson in this for everyone who has a (sound) heart and who listens with an attentive mind” (50:37)

By Al Muwahideen Media

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The ruling on praying behind the Madkhalis

prayer madkhali

What is the ruling on praying behind the Madkhalis – followers of Rabi al Madkhali? May Allah reward you with every good.

Questioner: Lover of Jihad

Answer by Shaykh Abu Muhammad al Maqdisi

All praise belongs to Allah and peace and blessings of Allah be upon the Messenger of Allah.

To Proceed:

Knowledge regarding the judgment on a matter comes after understanding the reality of that matter.

And the reality of the Madkhali sect is that they are a group who have allegiance to and assist the Tawaghit who are hostile to the people of truth from amongst the Mujahideen and those who aid the religion, a sect which believes that they have a pledge of allegiance to the Taghut who fights the religion of Allah, and they ally with them and assist them against the Mujahideen, and they are hostile to everyone who speaks against them and they label them as Khawaarij and Takfiris and as deviant groups.

As Ibn Al Qayyim said:

They falsely accused them of what is more fitting for the accuser himself,
so that he may get rid of (being accused of) the crime of the criminal.

And they are like I said in an old treatise of mine entitled “Strong warning against the misguidance of the Jaamiya and Madkhali groups” that those Jaamis and Madkhalis and whoever is upon their path are in reality nothing but groups of misguided renegades who have allegiance to the rulers of their countries in general and to Aal Saud in particular. And they comprise of scholars of the Sultans and their preachers, and in fact many of them are from their intelligence and investigation agencies and those who support and assist them.

And their reality has been summed up by many of the scholars and callers of our time as follows: “They are Khawarij renegades when dealing with the preachers, and they are Murjiah Zindeeqs when dealing with the Tawaghit”.

And when dealing with the sincere preachers they are like those about whom Ibn Umar said “They are the worst of the creation, they take the verses which came down regarding the disbelievers and apply them upon the Muslims” (ie. as done by the Khawaarij)

And when dealing with the Taghut rulers and the leaders of wine, they are upon the path of those who said: “Imaan is not harmed by sins” (i.e as said by the Murjiah)

And I have no doubt that the original Murjiah who said that Imaan is sayings but not actions, those about whom Sufyan ibn Uyaynah said when he was asked about Irja, “Irja is of two types: those who delayed the matter of Ali and Uthman and those people are gone now. And those Murjiah today who say that Imaan is sayings but not actions. Do not sit with them and do not eat with them and do not drink with them and do not pray with them nor upon them” Reported by Al Tabari in Tahzeeb al Aathaar (2/181)

There is no doubt that those (original Murjiah) are less wicked that these Madkhalis, because despite them having the wrong understanding of Imaan, they did not assist the Mushrikeen against the believers and they did not have allegiance to the Tawaghit and they did not defend the legislators and the enemies of the religion like how these successors (of the previous Murjiah) amongst Madkhalis who have entered into alliance with the Tawaghit and went beyond that by doing actions which even the extreme Murjah amongst the Jahmiyyah didn’t do, who did not support Rome and did not join the rows of the Crusaders against the Muslims. As for these misguided successors, they are not content by merely arguing on behalf of the Tawaghit rulers, but they even rush to defend and argue on behalf of their allies the Crusaders, and even praise them and supplicate for them to the extent that their Khatibs while on the Minbar of Masjid al Haram croaked saying “May Allah bless America with good on our behalf”.

And on the other hand, you see them launching their attacks upon the people of Tawheed and unleashing their tongues against the preachers who oppose alliance with the Crusaders and oppose seeking help from them, and they permit them to spill the blood of the Mujahideen, and support the Taghut rulers and assist and strengthen them and incite them to kill and execute (the people of Tawheed).

And you will find the details of all this in my treatise mentioned above which is published in this blessed Minbar.

In conclusion, whoever is known to be from this wicked group with these wicked qualities and calls towards them, then prayer should not be made behind him giving him neither honour nor dignity because he is from the group of the Taghut and from its supporters, even if he has a turban and a long beard.

And this is like when Imam Ahmad was asked about the Murjiah if he preaches towards it. So he said he should be alienated and excommunicated.

As for the ignorant amongst them and the layman who are deceived by them and those who are not their preachers, then he is to be given Da’wah and the truth be made clear for him, and his doubts removed. And if he persists upon their falsehood then do not pray behind him, because as mentioned above, they are more evil than the Jahmiyyah whom Imam Ahmad forbade praying behind them.

And the details and evidence for all this can be found in our book. “Tuhfath ul Abrar Fee Ahkaam Masaajid Ad-Diraar” (“The gift of the Righteous in the rulings of Masajid al Dhirar”)

Regarding the latest speech of the gangster (Adnani)..

A response by Sheikh Abu Qatadah Al Filastini

After the statement of the gangster Adnani, by Allah, no one will remain supporting them except an ignorant one, or a Khaariji or a fool.

We seek refuge in Allah against ignorance.

When will the people know the difference between the religion of the Sunni and the religion of the Khawarij? They (ISIS) used to say “we don’t fight except the one who fights us”, and after that they would fight those who merely disagree with them. And today this gangster is fighting everyone who does not enter in his group, and after that is killing the one who does not enter his (own) house.

And after that, he is killing the one who does not enter his house without repenting.

And then comes along an ignorant one to say “where is the proof of them being Khawarij?”…!

Ponder upon the word “repent”… It means they will examine your repentance under their ignorance to see whether it is sincere or a lie, and whether it fulfills the requirements of their religion or is it deficient.

That means, oh Mujahid, as long as you have fought outside of their group, then you will be killed in any case until you follow their religion of Takfeer and of considering blood permissible to be spilled.

Truly brothers, where is the proof of them being Khawarij?

Prior to a response, every one who disagrees with them will be defamed in regards to his religion, and every scholar that refutes them will be slandered with very evil statements.

Oh people, be cautious of the religion of the gangster…!

This gangster claims that his misguided khilafa which they invented is the one that plotted the plans to drag America into a war in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Truly, the one who does not feel ashamed like this filthy one, then his condition is either that he believes with certainty that he is talking to a cow and not to a human, because then the one who is sane will know who are those with him and who are his group. Otherwise, the disease of ignorance and misguidance has entered in all of his veins, and so he does not understand what he is saying.

This gangster has spread dark smoke to cover up all of his misguidance and ignorance, and of being empty of any goodness or guidance.

Let not the speech regarding fighting America deceive you, as the people have fought against America before and after his filth.

This gangster accused the Hakeem, the wise man (Sheikh Ayman Al Zawahiri) with a degraded description which he is himself more deserving of it. That is because the latter (Sheikh Ayman) made a statement and mentioned history, gave advice and used evidences because he is addressing the intelligent ones in what he knows. Whereas this gangster made a statement that has nothing except accusations, and only had a line of poetry which he used as a cover to hide his misguidance and his immorality. So who is more fitting to be described as a “fool”?

This gangster when giving his talk makes his audience put their brains besides their shoes..!

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The ikwaan al Muslimeen

Sheikh Abu Muhammad Al Maqdisi said in his letter “Al Insaaf Hullathul Ashraaf” (Fairness is the garment of the respectable)  he said, may Allah protect him:


Shaykh Maqdisi

“Is the saying of the one who said after the disaster faced by the Ikhwaan in Egypt that “The Ikhwaan are more evil than the secularists and Murtadeen” just and fair? And is the one who makes these types of unchecked statements upon their normal members – if he doesn’t fear Allah and correct himself – by proper statement, capable of being fair with the people and judging between them with justice if they took over authority while the people have amongst them the general public, the disobedient ones, those with mistakes and those who differ, and the rebellious ones and others who are more evil than the Ikhwan? Indeed whoever sees what the secularists of Egypt have done to the Muslim Brotherhood -towards their men and women, their old and young – and sees their enmity towards Islam even against its name, and their war on the Shariah, even on its symbols, will surely know that these kinds of unchecked statements and fiery declarations, are unjust statements and the one who issued them has not shown concern for the sanctities of these Muslims nor for their rights nor has he taken to consideration their afflicted ones and their tribulations that they are undergoing. And he has put on the same level the one who is at war with the religion of Allah and who does not honour either kinship or covenant with regard to a believer and between an obedient or a disobedient Muslim.

And this is neither justice nor the scales by which the heavens and the earth had been established. And let the entire world know that we do not make Takfeer on the Muslim Brotherhood, rather we see them as Muslims even if they differ with us in many issues, some of them being in Manhaaj (methodology) and others in Usool (fundamentals). And their followers and helpers and supporters are in thousands being on different levels. Amongst them are people of knowledge and also ignorant ones, and amongst them are the obedient (Muslims) and also rebellious ones, and amongst them there are the students of knowledge and there are those from the general Muslims. And from amongst them are those who have fallen into some of the nullifiers of Islam by ruling by other than what Allah sent down and participating in legislation, or swearing to respect the Kufr constitutions, or praising the man made laws and their judges and their courts. And from amongst them there are those who have committed none of these. And everyone is treated based on what he deserves.

And it is not allowed to exceed the boundaries of Allah when dealing with them by treating all of them in the way we treat the one who we see falling into some of the nullifiers (of Islam) as it would harm the innocent from amongst them by the offence of the perpetrator. And this is not justice in any way whatsoever, especially as they are not a fighting group nor withholding by using force, but they are a group that is being fought against for their Islam and their religion. And it is not allowed – and this situation is like that – to disobey Allah with regards to them even if they disobey Him while dealing with us. And we do not slander them even if some of them slander us and oppress us and describe us as terrorists and Takfeeris. We do not oppress them even if they oppress us, but we obey Allah in regards to them even if they disobey Him in regards to us. We deal with them in a way which is just and fair even if some of them oppress us and do not fear Allah in regards to us. This is how the mode of our movement should be and this should be the way of its sons and the manner of its leaders, Shaykhs and qualified people. And they, more than anyone else should be just to the people even while the people oppress them. And they are more deserving than others to be fair towards the people even if the people slander them. This is because the one who tastes oppression should be from the strongest of people in hating it and in fleeing from adopting it.

And whoever has tasted the bitterness of being slandered by his unjust adversaries and by the lying Kaafir regimes needs to be the furthest of people from the attribute of lying and slandering. And they should be the ones most hating these habits and the ones most eager for justice and fairness. This is how our religion is. And these are our character. We treat the people based on this and we do not treat them by following their mannerism.

And it is neither chivalry nor manhood to rejoice at the misfortune of those Muslims who oppose us, during their calamities and the overpowering of the enemies of Allah over them and them violating their sanctities. And the one who has shown enmity to them because of their Islam which they describe as moderate, he is more severe in his enmity towards us and our Islam which he describes as extremist and strict and terrorist. And whoever from amongst the followers of this movement has fallen under the hands and the tongues of the enemies of Allah, will grasp what I am saying and know it very well. And indeed from the strongest bonds of Iman which we have studied and which we continue to teach and call to it is for the Muslims to support each based on the support he deserves, and based on his closeness to the religion and obedience, and that we differentiate between the Muslims and the criminals and that we distinguish between the people of Islam and the enemies of Islam. And even the disobedient and the corrupt ones amongst those affiliated to Islam are not treated unjustly by us nor do we cross the limits set by Allah in regards to them. And even the rebellious one from this religion has the right of support and assistance”.