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A Comment Regarding What Has Been Mentioned In The Article Of Sheikh Atoun (Abu Abdullah Shaami) Regarding Communication – Response by Al-Qaeda

A Comment Regarding What Has Been Mentioned In The Article Of Sheikh Atoun (Abu Abdullah Shaami) Regarding Communication

Response by Al-Qaeda

Translated by Al Muwahideen Media

All praise be to Allah. May the peace and blessings of Allah be upon His messenger and on all of his family and his followers.

As for what follows,

While the arena of Shaam is passing through critical events, Sheikh Atoun brought out a lengthy post in private chat rooms. However we did not pay attention to that due to many reasons which we do not want to elaborate here. But since he has published them officially in his public channel then we cannot remain silent about it because it is a matter that is related to the character and trustworthiness of the system of Al Qaeda.

Sheikh Atoun wrote “There is a problem in the way of communication itself as there are some messengers who would open the letters and send copies of them and retain them. They are grave matters as it is not permissible for this messenger to open the letter as he has been entrusted with it, and so if he opens it then he has betrayed the trust whoever it may be. Similarly it is also not permissible for him to send copies of them to other than those who are addressed in those letters. And it is also not permissible for him to retain any copy of it after he comes to know that it has reached its destination. And this problem is an old one about which we have previously cautioned against during the days of dispute with the Khawarij, but it was not solved”.

In compliance with the statement of Allah glory be to Him “Oh you who believe, fear Allah and be with those who are true (in words and deeds)”. (Tawbah:119), we say, while support comes from Allah:

  • Indeed being entrusted with letters is a serious matter, and similarly making accusations of betrayal is also a serious matter. “O you who believe! Betray not Allah and His Messenger, nor betray knowingly your Amanat (things entrusted to you, and all the duties which Allah has ordained for you). (Anfaal:27). And fulfilling one’s trusts in words and deeds is what I advise myself and my brothers with.
  • Sheikh Ayman Al Zawahiri – may Allah protect him – used to make it as his habit to expand his Shura (advisory council) and he would send some of the letters which he would write to the fronts, or some parts of them to various places in order to consult with them, amongst whom are the Sheikhs inside and outside of Shaam. In fact he would even send to some of the scholars and knowledgeable people who are not even linked in any organizational manner to the group. The Sheikh – may Allah have mercy on him – has pointed this out saying that as long as he has not mentioned that the letter is a private one then the one to whom it has been sent may consult with whomever he wants regarding it in order to seek the truth and for good advice. And this is what happened with the letters which Sheikh Atoun mentioned in his message, and there was no violation as we have been falsely accused of. We seek help from Allah alone.
  • In regards to some of these letters, the person in charge of correspondence has been informed by the brothers in Jabhatun Nusrah that they have received the letters and that he had delayed in taking it and sending it to the concerned ones. And we informed the brother who is in charge of communication in Jabhatun Nusrah that he has been late in receiving the letter despite having been notified of its dispatch.
  • Regarding his statement about the letters being leaked during the days of dispute with the Khawarij, I do not know which letter has been leaked from our side. Perhaps Sheikh Atoun would remember that they themselves leaked the letter which was written regarding the verdict on the problem of Baghdadi’s group, and then the brothers in Jabhatun Nusrah apologized at that time for having leaked it. Then the same thing happened with the audio message regarding the same matter, despite me severely warning the brothers to whom it has been sent that it should not come out in the media.
  • The second incident is what happened with the statement of Sheikh Azzam Amriki, may Allah have mercy on him. First of all, this material is for the media and it is not a letter for work. And all have their own specific means for communication. Secondly, the statement was not leaked but it was send to be publicized. And at that time the Fitna of Baghdadi was at its peak and the brothers who used to support and volunteer for the task of distribution got divided into two groups like all the other sections – a group that supported Baghdadi and a group that remained with the brothers. And the second group wanted to consult us regarding publishing the statement but the first group because of the dispute decided to spread it, and they erased the logo of As-Sahab Media by covering it with another one. The point is that the speech was sent by As-Sahab to be published in the media and there was no leak whatsoever. And in fact As-Sahab at that time clarified in a statement mentioning what happened regarding the statement.
  • By the grace of Allah, for a number of years we were entrusted with the task of communication with all the branches and with all the sections and we have neither betrayed the trust nor have we gone beyond what we have been authorized with. And it is sad that the brothers in the communication department are being accused of betrayal while amongst them there are those whose beard turned grey by spending several years in Jihad in the path of Allah. And Allah alone is sufficient for us and He is the best guardian.


Sheikh Ayman had sent a message to Sheikh Joulani several months ago informing him that the one in charge of external communication can be contacted almost daily. And that was to improve the speed of communication with them. From here it becomes clear to the ones asking about the reason for the speed at which information is reaching and is being responded to. And despite that there was not a single letter or response that reached me from them in which they responded to the letter of the Sheikh which is more than seven months old.

As for the rest of what has been mentioned in the article, I leave it to those concerned with it.

Oh Allah, forgive us and our brothers. And take us by our hand to support your religion and to raise its flag high.

And our final supplication is that all praise belongs to Allah the Lord of all that exists.


Communication Department

External Communication Officer

Abu Abdullah

Thursday, 11 Rabeeul Awwal 1439 H.


Translated by

Al Muwahideen Media

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Beneficial advice for the last ten nights and for the night of Laylatul Qadr – Sheikh Abu Muhammad Al Maqdisi

Beneficial advice for the last ten nights and for the night of Laylatul Qadr

By Sheikh Abu Muhammad Al Maqdisi


The night will begin after the sun sets, so pay heed to that and gather your heart and your limbs at the time of the Azaan of Maghrib and do not let any time pass by without paying attention.

There is no action (accepted) without intention

Make the intention for the food of your Iftar and for your sleep during day or night to be “to strengthen yourself for righteous actions and for supplications”, so that you may hope to get rewarded for your sleep and for waking up..!

Be keen to not let an hour pass by without making Dua or Zikr or Istighfaar (seeking forgiveness):

If you have been able to do that then do so, and remember what Sufyan Thawri said about Laylatul Qadr that “Making Dua (supplication) during that night is more beloved to me than Salah (prayer)”.

Be keen to say the Dua:

اللهم إنك عفو تحب العفو فاعفُ عني

“Oh Allah you are one who pardons greatly, and loves to pardon, so pardon me”.

And “Afw” (pardoning) is greater than just forgiving sins.

The Hadeeth even if it is said to be Marfoo’ (not directly reported from the Prophet), it has been reported directly from Ayisha, the mother of the believers, and it is quite possible that she heard it directly from the Prophet, may peace and blessings of Allah be upon him.

Be keen to not let a single night out of the last ten nights pass by you without doing Zikr of Allah.

And know that the best Zikr is that which is linked to #Tawheed.

Bukhari and Muslim reported from Abu Huraira – may Allah be pleased with him – that the messenger of Allah – may peace and blessings of Allah be upon him – said “The one who says

لَا إِلَهَ إِلَّا اللَّهُ وَحْدَهُ لَا شَرِيكَ لَهُ ، لَهُ الْمُلْكُ وَلَهُ الْحَمْدُ وَهُوَ عَلَى كُلِّ شَيْءٍ قَدِيرٌ

(There is none who deserves worship and obedience except Allah, He has no partners, and to Him alone belongs the entire kingdom, and He alone deserves praise, and He is capable of everything) – one hundred times a day will have a reward equivalent to that of freeing ten slaves, one hundred good deeds will be written for him, one hundred bad deeds will be erased from his record, and it will be protection for him from the Shaytan for that day until evening comes. No one would have done anything better than what he did except the one who has done this more than he did.”

And the Hadith does not make it a condition that this statement should be said repeatedly in a continuous manner one hundred times to achieve this benefit, rather what is apparent is that this matter is flexible, and if you divide this number hundred at different times in your night, you will still have gained a lot of goodness.

And regarding the reward of freeing slaves that is mentioned in this Hadith, Ibn Rajab says “Implementing the statement of #Tawheed leads to freeing slaves, and freeing slaves leads to freedom from hell fire, as has been confirmed in the Saheeh that the one who says it one hundred times will have the reward equivalent to freeing ten slaves”.

Be keen to not let a single night out of the ten nights pass by you without you doing Istighfaar (asking for forgiveness).

And know that the best supplication of Istighfaar and its chief is that which is linked to #Tawheed.

The chief supplication for seeking forgiveness (Istighfaar) is

اللَّهُمَّ أَنْتَ رَبِي لا إِلهَ إِلَّا أَنْتَ ، خَلَقْتَنِي وَأَنَا عَبْدُكَ ، وَأَنَا عَلى عَهْدِكَ وَوَعْدِكَ مَا اسْتَطَعْتُ ، أَعُوذُ بِكَ مِنْ شَرِ مَا صَنَعْتُ ، أَبْوءُ لَكَ بِنِعْمَتِكَ عَلَيَّ ، وَأَبُوءُ بَذَنْبِي ،فَاغْفِرْ لِي ، فَإِنَّهُ لا يَغْفِرُ الذُّنُوبَ إِلَّا أَنْتَ

(‘O Allah, You are my Lord, none has the right to be worshiped and obeyed except You, You created me and I am Your servant and I abide to Your covenant and promise [to honor it] as best I can, I take refuge in You from the evil of which I committed. I acknowledge Your favor upon me and I acknowledge my sin, so forgive me, for verily none can forgive sins except You.’)

And also from amongst the best supplication of Istighfaar is to say:

أسْتَغْفِرُ اللهَ العَظِيمَ الَّذِي لاَ إلَهَ إلاَّ هُوَ، الحَيُّ القَيُّومُ، وَأتُوبُ إلَيهِ

(I seek forgiveness of Allah other than whom none deserves worship and obedience except Him, the self-subsisting and I turn repentant to Him)

What matters when doing acts of worship is the presence of the heart and to break down with humbleness and humility in front of Allah, and to acknowledge in front of Him of not having fulfilled the duty, and then lengthen the supplication while in Sujood (prostration).

“Prostrate and draw near to Allah” (96:19)

Do not forget your wounded Ummah in the various parts of the earth, and do not forget the Muslim prisoners and the Mujahideen in the path of Allah while you make your Dua.

There should be faith and hope for the reward:

In the Hadith “The one who stands in prayer during the Laylatul Qadr out of faith and by having hopes, all his past sins will be forgiven”.

The meaning of “out of faith” is “to believe in Allah and to believe in His promise and in the greatness of His reward and in the benefit of standing in prayer about which the Prophet – may peace and blessings of Allah be upon him – has informed of”.

And the meaning of “by having hopes” is “to have hopes in the reward that is with Allah the Exalted, and not for the sake of showing off or for fame or for anything other than the face of Allah”.

Tawheed – First And Always

The Last Ten Nights – Utilise Them

Ibn al Jawzi says:

“When a horse sees that it is reaching the end of the racetrack, it exerts its maximum efforts to win in the race. So do not let the horse be more intelligent than you..!”

Indeed actions are judged based on how they end…

So if you have not welcomed Ramadan excellently, you can still bid it farewell excellently..!!

Ibn Taymiyyah – may Allah have mercy upon him – says:

“What really counts is how good has been the ending, and not how bad was the beginning”..!!

And Hasan Al Basri says:

“Do very well in what is remaining and you will be forgiven for what happened in the past, so utilise what is remaining, as you do not know when will the mercy of Allah descend upon you”.

(From Abu Usama Ash-Shaami)

Battles of Ramadan (3) – The battle of Jaji

Shaykh Usamah gathered a group of Arabs scattered here and there during the anti Soviet Jihad period in the Jaji region. And there occurred a battle in that area against 200 members of the Soviet Special Forces, which means they were the strongest of all the Soviet military forces..!

The Soviets who had defeated Germany and ended the legend of the Third Reich, and who had all of Europe and America in fear! They met face to face with the Arabs in the Jaji region..!

The battle lasted for almost 3 weeks from the 26th of Ramadan to 17 of Shawwal.

Shaykh Usama said “We had only medium size machine guns against the huge arsenal of the Soviet special forces. And we started the action on the 26th and we began to strike them while they would strike us back. And with all the strikes by planes, mortars and rocket launchers they did not even leave us a single rocket launcher or cannon without attacking by it.”

The strategy of the Russians was to carry out heavy bombardment to make the Arabs engaged with their injured ones, and then to surround them and capture them all. To thwart this plan, 10 secondary school students from the Land of the two holy places – as Shaykh Usama said – went out to face the 200 men..!

Shaykh Usama says “Allah is a witness that not one of them wavered due to the extent of the tranquility that descended upon them, and not one of them retreated nor uttered a word seeking retreat. Rather, all of them took his weapon and remembered Allah.

And we fought the Kuffar outside in the middle between the two camps. A battle took place which was so intense that there was only a gap of one-tenth of a second between each shell being fired such that I could speak only two words if anyone wanted to talk to me between two firings. Allah is a witness that I did not think that me or any of the brothers would be saved.

The trench was bombed with a mortar about one meter away from me while I was in the trench. Allah is a witness that I slept despite the intensity of the bombings by mortars and aircrafts, and I slept because of the tranquility which enfolded the brothers, thanks to Allah the Exalted.

Nine Mujahideen came down from behind into the forest to put cover on the Russian commandos. Nine brothers went down amidst 200…! Who is the one who kept them firm and removed from their hearts fear of those Kuffar? It is Allah the most high. So they entered amidst the Russians. I tried to contact them and they did not respond and we lost contact with them, and this increased our anxiety greatly as we did not know whether they have been captured or dead or alive. And shortly before noon or about noon, the secondary school students who did not study in military colleges contacted us. If this is what is needed then what did they do?

They contacted us: “Do you hear us….? Answer…”

I said “yes, I hear you”.

He said “I give you glad tidings by the grace of Allah, we have now killed the Russian commandos and they lay dead under our feet.”

Secondary school students treading upon the Kuffar and the strongest power within the Russian army….! Yes, it is because Imaan (faith) had reverence in their hearts and their actions proved them truthful, and this is what Imaan is.

– Refer to the following lectures of Shaykh Usama – ‘Lessons and insights in Afghanistan’, ‘The Lion’s den of the Arab Ansar in Afghanistan’, ‘The battle of Ramadan’, and ‘Imaan and Jihad’.

Lessons from this story:

It is that these states magnify themselves so that their enemies would feel themselves weak. But part of Imaan becoming complete is that fear should not be of the enemies, regardless of how powerful they really are, but fear should only be of Allah. Allah says in the Quran speaking to the companions: “Do you fear them? Allah has greater right that you fear Him, if you are believers”. (Tawbah:13) So when fear of men was removed from their hearts, the companions were able to destroy the two most powerful empires of the world, the Roman and the Persian empires, despite there being no match at all materially between them and those empires..!!

– By Ahmed Al Hamdan

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Tawheed is the Foundation of all Foundations – By Sheikh Abu Muhammad Al Maqdisi

Tawheed is the Foundation of all Foundations

Whoever neglects the foundations will be prevented from reaching the destination


By the noble Sheikh Abu Muhammad al-Maqdisi

May Allah keep him steadfast


Translated by Al Muwahideen Media


Due to the importance of Tawheed, and because for us it comes first and always, we return once more to focus our attention at the terrible annoyance felt by some due to us following the model of our Prophet ﷺ by us frequently talking about Tawheed while they say that the Ummah already believes in Tawheed and is not in a need for the call towards Tawheed!

No doubt, such inconsistent speech is one of the things that clearly confirm the need for many of the preachers and fighters to study Tawheed, and to understand it and to know what are the actions of Shirk and of ascribing partners to divinity, that nullify it, especially the modern forms of Shirk that have spread amongst individuals and groups today.

And no one will belittle the importance of it except two kinds of people:

The first: The one who is ignorant of the reality of Tawheed and the great position it holds in the religion of Islam.

The second: The one who is ignorant of the reality around. He does not know the situation of the people and of the groups, and what modern forms of Shirk that contradict Tawheed are being spread amongst them!

As for the reality of Tawheed and the great status that it holds in the religion of Islam, it is what we are frequently speaking about. We have spoken about it repeatedly time after time and we still do so.

Tawheed is the foundation of the foundations in the religion of Islam, and is its deep-rooted fundament without which the structure of Islam cannot be erected. Without it no deed is accepted, neither worship, nor ritual, nor preaching, nor Jihad nor anything else!

Allah The Exalted said regarding the Prophets, the best of mankind: “That is the guidance of Allah, with which He guides whom He wills of His servants, and if they had committed Shirk, their deeds would have been rendered worthless”. (Al An’aam 6:88)

Likewise, Allah the Exalted said regarding those who performed deeds without Tawheed: “We will look at whatever deeds they have done, and will make them as scattered particles of dust“. (Al Furqan 25.23)

Without Tawheed you will not attain salvation, and you cannot attain the pleasure of the Lord and His Paradise. It (Tawheed) is Al-‘Urwat ul-Wuthqah (the most trusty handhold that will never break) with which Allah linked salvation to. Thus, He, glory be to Him said: “There is no compulsion in religion. Verily, the Right Path has become distinct from the wrong path. Whoever disbelieves in Taghut and believes in Allah, he has grasped the most trustworthy handhold that will never break“. (Al-Baqarah 2.256)

As for the reality today, one can ascertain that many people are either nullifiers of Tawheed or diluting it, or are ignorant of Al-‘Urwat ul-Wuthqah, or unstable in it, or deviating towards either extremism or negligence, if he ponders about:

– The palace scholars who have gone astray and led others astray and entered into the religion of the Taghut and called the people to enter into it, and waged war on all those who went against it (the Taghut) and classified them as Khawarij and as terrorists, and after classifying them as such they made it obligatory to wage war against them and to arrest them and to exterminate them!

– And it will be enough for him if he looks at the situation of the groups of Irja’, the Madkhalis, the Jāmiya and their likes, as to how they have entered into the religion of the Tawaghīt by joining their hands with them and by giving them their hearts, thus becoming their readied soldiers and loyal spies. It reached the point where many of them became more sincere and more useful to the Taghut in securing his throne even more than his military, army, security and intelligence agencies. The soldiers and the army of the Taghut strike with the sword of the Taghut and his authority, and they force the people to submit to his laws. On the other hand the palace scholars strike with the sword of what they claimed to be ‘Shari’a’ and make the people submit to it, and they call them to enter into the religion of the Taghut, by using evidences from the two divine revelations (Quran and Sunnah) which they have distorted and with the statements of the Salaf which they apply in a wrong context! The people then submit to them and follow them in the name of the Shari’a. Thus, they have blackened the face of the Shari’a by them going astray and leading others astray..!

– It will be enough for him if he considers the situation of the groups that have not understood from Tawheed that which will prevent them from entering the modern day domes of idolatry, and its towers, and its polytheistic parliaments. They did not understand from Tawheed that which will prevent them from making their followers gods who legislate.

Allah the Exalted said, “Are diverse lords better or Allah, the One, the Prevailing? Those whom you serve beside Him are merely names that you and your fathers have fabricated, without Allah sending down any sanction for them. All authority to judge rests only with Allah. He has commanded that you serve none but Him. This is the Right Way of life, though most people are altogether unaware”. (Yusuf 2.39-40)

Many people have been deluded by them by following them, supporting them and voting for them to participate in this modern day idolatry…!

– Let him ponder on the situation of many of those affiliated to Islam, whether individuals or factions, how they have not understood from Tawheed that which will prevent them from supporting the Tawaghīt, and from protecting their laws and supporting the Kuffār of the east and the west against the best Mujāhidīn who are striving to establish the Shari’a and to implement Allah’s Tawheed in His legislation over man.

You see those with long beards and those who are affiliated to Da’wah who join the Taghut army and secularist soldiers, that they have become pleased to be the soldiers of the (Kufr) laws, and their intelligence and their detectives and their security forces. They have not understood from Allah’s Tawheed that which will prevent them from that, in spite of the fact that it is from the clearest nullifiers of Tawheed for those who understand it.

– Let him ponder on the situation of many of the Sheikhs and students of knowledge who argue on behalf of the secular Tawaghīt and those who rule by other than what Allah has revealed, who have not understood from Tawheed nor its Al-‘Urwat ul-Wuthqah that which will prevent them from justifying for the rulers who rule by other than what Allah has revealed, and from facilitating his crimes and making it easy, by claiming that it is Kufr Dūna Kufr (a minor Kufr that does not take one out of the fold of Islam)! Thus, they made the crimes of the Tawaghīt who compete against Allah by legislating laws which Allah has not permitted, who have become guards for Kufr, and allies of the Kuffar, and enemies of the Muslims, who want other than Allah to be a judge and other than His religion as a path. They treated all these and even more, as a mere sin that does not remove its perpetrator from the religion of Islam!

So by that they have resembled the Jews who turned away from ruling by the revealed law and from following His judgment, by regarding this sin as insignificant. Allah the Exalted said, “Have you not seen those who have been given a portion of the Scripture? They are being invited to the Book of Allah to settle their dispute, while a party of them turns away in aversion. That is because they say: “The Fire shall not touch us but for a limited number of days.” The false beliefs which they have forged have deluded them in their faith”. (Aal ‘Imran 3.23-24)

The Jews regarded their worship of the calf as “kufr dūna kufr”, and they claimed that they will not enter the fire except for a limited number of forty days which is according to the number of days they had worshipped the calf. By that, they made light many acts of Kufr and Shirk, which emboldened them to finally turn away from Allah’s laws.

These ‘Khawaalif’ (it can mean either successors of the Jews or those who are corrupt, or those who stayed away from Jihad against the Tawagheet) who have not understood Tawheed, claimed that the one who follows other than Allah’s legislation – that in which he and the worshipper of the calf are equal – they regarded their Shirk as ‘kufr dūna kufr’. For these people Tawheed does not prevent them from giving allegiance and support and dominance to such a person against the Muslims!

The one who observes the situation of these, and those, and their likes, and observes the situation of those who argue with us over these issues which must be the “a,b,c…” of Tawheed for the followers of Islam, will know the dire necessity and importance of speaking about Tawheed, and the importance of stressing on the call towards Tawheed repeatedly and the need for the Ummah to understand it and to know what contradicts it from the modern forms of Shirk that many people have entered into in groups and as individuals!

No one will be surprised by our words as we have stated above, nor will anyone who understands Tawheed and knows the situation today and looks at it carefully and understands the modern forms of Shirk, condemn our words.

May Allah have mercy on our Sheikh Ibn Taymiyyah who said, “This Shirk has still not ceased to increase until it now filled every part of the earth, and the Ghurabaa (the strangers) have still not ceased to condemn it, but they are very few and they are not listened to nor obeyed”.

Oh Allah! Make us from amongst the Ghurabaa (the strangers), who hold firmly to their Tawheed, and who call to it, fight for it, and who warn from Shirk and its people, and disassociate themselves from that until we meet You.

All praise is to Allah, the Lord of all that exists. May prayers and peace be upon the noblest of creation and the leader of the Prophets and Messengers.

Word File : Tawheed is Foundation of all – Maqdisi

PDF File : Tawheed is Foundation of all – Maqdisi

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Comparison between the Khilafa in the view of the Sahabah and between the view of the followers of Bagdhadi

From the book entitled “The Stance of Tehreek Taliban Pakistan towards the announced Khilafa of Abu Bakr al Baghdadi”

Introduction To This Treatise

This is an article prepared by the leadership advisory council of the Pakistani Taliban Movement in the light of the pure texts and transmissions from the Quran and the Sunnah and the consensus of the Ummah which leads to the following conclusions:

  1. Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi, (the original Arabic version of this book has in it “may Allah assist him against the Zionist Crusader Rafidhi alliance”) is not a Khalifa of the Muslims. And based on that, there is no need to give Bay’ah to him. And consequently, the one who has not given him the Bay’ah as a Khalifa of the Muslims is not to be considered as a rebel and his death is not to be considered as a death in Jaahiliya.
  2. Applying the Hadiths that have been narrated about the Khalifa over the so called Khilafa of Baghdadi is a distortion of the meaning of these Hadiths.
  3. The predecessors of this Ummah have given us the dimensions of the Khilafa in a clear elegant manner, and in an appealing and graceful form in the light of the Quran and the Sunnah. And hence, granting legitimacy to the so called Khilafa of Baghdadi and making Bay’ah to it as a necessary obligation over the Ummah, is a view point that contradicts the Aqeedah of the Ahlu Sunnah and goes against the actions of the Sahabah and the Khulafa ur Rashideen and their beliefs. In addition to that, the so called Khilafa of Baghdadi is an innovation in ideology that has no similarity in the past.
  4. Islam is a comprehensive religion based on the saying of Allah, “Today I have perfected for you your religion”. Therefore, it has laid down for its followers its political system under which comes the establishment of the Khilafa in a serious and complete manner, about which this article will be discussing.

All praise be to Allah, and prayers and peace be on the messenger of Allah and his family and companions and those who followed him. As for what follows,

So this is a concise treatise in which we shall mention the essentials factors of the Islamic Khilafa, and we shall show the invalidity of the so called Khilafa of Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi by mentioning twenty three points.

And here we present to you these points as follows:

The first point

Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi is not a Khalifa, and that is because the companions of the messenger of Allah ﷺ, are the role models for this Ummah whose examples should be emulated, and their guidance should be followed, and their concept of the Khilafa is bound by three different views and the so called Khilafa of Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi does not match any one of them. So here are the three different views as follows:

The first view:

It makes it a condition that all of the people altogether should gather and have agreement over one Imam for the Islamic Khilafa to be established as considered by some of the companions as stated by Ibn Khaldun in his Muqaddimah page 111 about the pledge to Ali bin Abi Thaalib:

“And from amongst them were those who abstained (from giving bayah) until all the people gathered and agreed upon a leader like Sa’d, Saeed, Ibn Umar, Usama, Mugheerah, Abdullah ibn Salaam, Qudamah bin Ma’zoon, Abu Saeed Al Khudri, Ka’b ibn Ujra, Ka’b bin Maalik, Nu’man ibn Basheer, Hasaan bin Thaabith, Maslamah ibn Mukhallad, Fadhaalah ibn Ubaid, and other similar senior companions, may Allah be pleased with them.

And as for the so called Khilafa of Baghdadi, not even one tenth of the Ummah has agreed upon it, let alone its vast majority.

Imaam Shihabuddin says in “Al Arb Fee Funoon Al Adab“, page 161,

“Maalik ibn Ka’b Al Hamadani travelled to Daumat ul Jandal and asked its people to give pledge to Ali and they refused saying, “We will not give Bay’ah until the all of the people give Bay’ah”. So he turned away from them and left them”.

So Malik bin Ka’b Al Hamadani did not consider them to be Bughat (rebels) and he did not consider their refusal of Bay’ah as a refusal of something absolutely obligatory, and he did not say to them that you have rejected such and such Hadith, and that your death is a death of Jaahiliyyah (ignorance).

And let it be noted that they were a generation whose righteousness has been testified to, and the one who asked them to give Bay’ah was a companion himself, and the residents of Daumat ul Jandal were also from amongst the companions or the Tabi’yeen, and in addition to that, the Bay’ah was for Ali ibn Abi Thaalib. And what do you know who Ali ibn Abi Thaalib was!

But the people of Daumat ul Jandal stuck to their view that Ali bin Abi Thaalib is not an Imaam until all of the people gather under him.

The author of “Al Kaamil Fi Thaareekh” says, “They brought Sa’d ibn Abi Waqqas may Allah be pleased with him, and Ali may Allah be pleased with him said to him, “Give Bay’ah”, and he replied saying ,”No, until all of the people give their Bay’ah”. And they brought Ibn Umar may Allah be pleased with him, and he said, “No, until all of the people give their Bay’ah”.

So they all abstained from giving Bay’ah until all of the people would give their Bay’ah. And neither did they consider themselves to be Bughat (rebels) nor did Ali consider them to be Bughat who rejected the religious obligation, and that the Hadiths which were conveyed, considered them such and such, and he never said to them that their death in this situation is a death of Jaahiliyah.

Muhammad Ali Al Sallabi says in his book “The Khilafa of Abdullah bin Zubair”, page 55,

“When Ibn Zubayr asked (for Bay’ah from) Muhammad bin Hanafiyyah and Ibn Abbas may Allah be pleased with them both, they said, “Not until the country is united under you and the people have agreed over you”.

So they did not consider that the announcement of the Khilafa of Abdullah bin Zubayr has taken place and that he has controlled many lands, and so their staying back from giving him Bay’ah is staying back from a religious obligation and a rejection of many Hadiths, and so on and so forth…..

But they believed that the unity of the whole country and the agreement of all the people is a condition for the establishment of the Khilafa in religion.

As for the so called Khilafa of Baghdadi, not even one tenth of the Jihadi community has agreed upon it, let alone the Ummah as a whole. So how can his Khilafa be right? And how can the one who does not agree to it be considered a rebel?

The second view:

Agreement of all the people of Ahlul Hal Wal Aqd is a condition for the establishment of the Khilafa in religion, as mentioned by Ibn Khaldun in Vol.1, page 111:

“When Uthman got martyred, the people were scattered throughout the lands and did not witness the Bay’ah given to Ali. And among those who witnessed it, some of them gave their Bay’ah and the others withheld from it saying, “We will not give Bay’ah until the people have united under one Imam” as we have just mentioned. And the others considered that no Bay’ah has been made because the companions who were Ahlul Hal Wal Aqd were scattered in different lands and none except a few of them were present. And no Bay’ah can take place except with the agreement of Ahlul Hal Wal Aqd. And any dealing made by others or a few of them is not a binding contract.

And this view was adopted by Muawiya, Amru ibn Al Aas, Ummul Mu’mineen Ayisha, Zubayr and his son Abdullah, Talha and his son Muhammad, Sa’d, Sa’eed, Nu’man bin Basheer, Muawiya ibn Khudaij and those companions who followed their opinion and abstained from giving Bay’ah to Ali while in Medina.

The third view:

Agreement of the majority of the Ahlul Hal Wal Aqd is a condition for establishment of the Khilafa according to a group of Sahaba. And the Khilafa of Ali was set up based on this third approach. And that is because the majority of the Ahlul Hal Wal Aqd had given him their Bay’ah while the Ahlul Hal Wal Aqd were dispersed throughout the lands after the murder of Uthman, and not all of them were present. However the majority of them were present and they gave their Bay’ah as stated by Ibn Khaldun in his Muqaddimah:

“As for the incident of Ali, the people at the time of Uthman’s killing were scattered across various lands, and they did not witness the Bay’ah given to Ali. And amongst those of them who witnessed it, there were those who gave him Bay’ah”.

And those of them who witnessed and gave Bay’ah to Ali were a large number of them as mentioned by the author of “Al Intisaar Fee Radd Alal Mu’tazila Al Qadriyya”, vol. 3 page 90, “The Bay’ah to Ali, and his leadership were supported by the majority of the companions before that, and they followed him and he gained power by their obedience to him”.

Sheikhul Islam Ibn Taymiyyah says in “Shubuhaat Hawl As Sahaabah”, page 11,

“The people of influence pledged their allegiance to Ali even though they did not unite under him the way they united under those who were before, but there is no doubt that he had authority and strength due to the support of the people of influence”.

So it can be known from this analysis and investigation that the stances of the Sahabah towards the Khilafa are divided based upon three different viewpoints which are:

1)      The agreement of the entire Ummah

2)      The agreement of the entire Ahlul Hal Wal Aqd

3)      The agreement of the majority of the Ahlul Wal Aqd

So the so called Khilafa of Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi has not been agreed upon by the Ummah as a whole, nor by  the Ahlul Hal Wal Aqd as a whole, nor by the majority of the Ahlul Hal Wal Aqd, while the Ahlul Hal Wal Aqd, as we will explain later in complete detail, is a term for the people of influence in the Ummah from the scholars and the leaders.

And none from the people of influence in the Ummah who are referred to from amongst the scholars and leaders throughout the world have given Bay’ah to Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi, other than the advisory group of ISIS who took him as a Khalifa. And the advisory group of his organization are not the people of influence of the Ummah who are depended upon and referred to.

Translated by Al Muwahideen Media