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A Comment Regarding What Has Been Mentioned In The Article Of Sheikh Atoun (Abu Abdullah Shaami) Regarding Communication – Response by Al-Qaeda

A Comment Regarding What Has Been Mentioned In The Article Of Sheikh Atoun (Abu Abdullah Shaami) Regarding Communication

Response by Al-Qaeda

Translated by Al Muwahideen Media

All praise be to Allah. May the peace and blessings of Allah be upon His messenger and on all of his family and his followers.

As for what follows,

While the arena of Shaam is passing through critical events, Sheikh Atoun brought out a lengthy post in private chat rooms. However we did not pay attention to that due to many reasons which we do not want to elaborate here. But since he has published them officially in his public channel then we cannot remain silent about it because it is a matter that is related to the character and trustworthiness of the system of Al Qaeda.

Sheikh Atoun wrote “There is a problem in the way of communication itself as there are some messengers who would open the letters and send copies of them and retain them. They are grave matters as it is not permissible for this messenger to open the letter as he has been entrusted with it, and so if he opens it then he has betrayed the trust whoever it may be. Similarly it is also not permissible for him to send copies of them to other than those who are addressed in those letters. And it is also not permissible for him to retain any copy of it after he comes to know that it has reached its destination. And this problem is an old one about which we have previously cautioned against during the days of dispute with the Khawarij, but it was not solved”.

In compliance with the statement of Allah glory be to Him “Oh you who believe, fear Allah and be with those who are true (in words and deeds)”. (Tawbah:119), we say, while support comes from Allah:

  • Indeed being entrusted with letters is a serious matter, and similarly making accusations of betrayal is also a serious matter. “O you who believe! Betray not Allah and His Messenger, nor betray knowingly your Amanat (things entrusted to you, and all the duties which Allah has ordained for you). (Anfaal:27). And fulfilling one’s trusts in words and deeds is what I advise myself and my brothers with.
  • Sheikh Ayman Al Zawahiri – may Allah protect him – used to make it as his habit to expand his Shura (advisory council) and he would send some of the letters which he would write to the fronts, or some parts of them to various places in order to consult with them, amongst whom are the Sheikhs inside and outside of Shaam. In fact he would even send to some of the scholars and knowledgeable people who are not even linked in any organizational manner to the group. The Sheikh – may Allah have mercy on him – has pointed this out saying that as long as he has not mentioned that the letter is a private one then the one to whom it has been sent may consult with whomever he wants regarding it in order to seek the truth and for good advice. And this is what happened with the letters which Sheikh Atoun mentioned in his message, and there was no violation as we have been falsely accused of. We seek help from Allah alone.
  • In regards to some of these letters, the person in charge of correspondence has been informed by the brothers in Jabhatun Nusrah that they have received the letters and that he had delayed in taking it and sending it to the concerned ones. And we informed the brother who is in charge of communication in Jabhatun Nusrah that he has been late in receiving the letter despite having been notified of its dispatch.
  • Regarding his statement about the letters being leaked during the days of dispute with the Khawarij, I do not know which letter has been leaked from our side. Perhaps Sheikh Atoun would remember that they themselves leaked the letter which was written regarding the verdict on the problem of Baghdadi’s group, and then the brothers in Jabhatun Nusrah apologized at that time for having leaked it. Then the same thing happened with the audio message regarding the same matter, despite me severely warning the brothers to whom it has been sent that it should not come out in the media.
  • The second incident is what happened with the statement of Sheikh Azzam Amriki, may Allah have mercy on him. First of all, this material is for the media and it is not a letter for work. And all have their own specific means for communication. Secondly, the statement was not leaked but it was send to be publicized. And at that time the Fitna of Baghdadi was at its peak and the brothers who used to support and volunteer for the task of distribution got divided into two groups like all the other sections – a group that supported Baghdadi and a group that remained with the brothers. And the second group wanted to consult us regarding publishing the statement but the first group because of the dispute decided to spread it, and they erased the logo of As-Sahab Media by covering it with another one. The point is that the speech was sent by As-Sahab to be published in the media and there was no leak whatsoever. And in fact As-Sahab at that time clarified in a statement mentioning what happened regarding the statement.
  • By the grace of Allah, for a number of years we were entrusted with the task of communication with all the branches and with all the sections and we have neither betrayed the trust nor have we gone beyond what we have been authorized with. And it is sad that the brothers in the communication department are being accused of betrayal while amongst them there are those whose beard turned grey by spending several years in Jihad in the path of Allah. And Allah alone is sufficient for us and He is the best guardian.


Sheikh Ayman had sent a message to Sheikh Joulani several months ago informing him that the one in charge of external communication can be contacted almost daily. And that was to improve the speed of communication with them. From here it becomes clear to the ones asking about the reason for the speed at which information is reaching and is being responded to. And despite that there was not a single letter or response that reached me from them in which they responded to the letter of the Sheikh which is more than seven months old.

As for the rest of what has been mentioned in the article, I leave it to those concerned with it.

Oh Allah, forgive us and our brothers. And take us by our hand to support your religion and to raise its flag high.

And our final supplication is that all praise belongs to Allah the Lord of all that exists.


Communication Department

External Communication Officer

Abu Abdullah

Thursday, 11 Rabeeul Awwal 1439 H.


Translated by

Al Muwahideen Media

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