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Tawheed is the Lifeboat – No one would disregard it except he who is destroyed!


By Shaykh Abu Muhammad Al Maqdisi, may Allah preserve him 

Tawheed has milestones some of which have become obscure for a lot of people, and they have diluted its most trustworthy handhold to such an extent that many of them have committed what nullifies it, and they have consented to various forms of Shirk and worshipped the Tawagheet. Some of them are ‘Qubooris’ (Quboor means graves) who worship graves and stones, and a lot of them are ‘Qusooris’ (Qusoor means palaces) who worship the modern day palaces. And they have allied with the Mushriks.

There is nothing strange about this as the Prophet – may peace and blessings of Allah be upon him – has said “The Hour will not be established until tribes from my nation join the Mushrikeen and until tribes from my nation worship idols”.

He – may peace and blessings of Allah be upon him – clarified in this Hadith that just as Tawheed is invalidated by worshipping idols, it is also invalidated by joining with the Mushrikeen, leaning towards them, allying with them and supporting them against the Muslims.

And from it one can learn that one of most important obligations of Tawheed is to denounce Shirk and also to denounce its people who do it.

In fact Allah gave precedence to denouncing the Mushrikeen before denouncing Shirk itself. He, the Most High, says “There has been a great example for you in Ibrahim and those with him when they said to their people “We disassociate from you and from that which you worship besides Allah. We reject you.” (60:4)

So ponder as to how He has given precedence to denouncing the Mushrikeen over and above denouncing what they worship.

It is because a lot of people may denounce the false deities but will not denounce their worshippers. Rather they would ally with them, support them and argue on their behalf and on behalf of their pagan ideologies and their secular doctrines. Hence, they would not have fulfilled the obligatory rules of Tawheed.

And if you have gone through the Quran you will find that this precedence has been made repeatedly. And its repetition indicates its importance.

And from that is also what Allah said about Ibrahim that he said “I turn away from you and from that which you invoke besides Allah, and I will invoke my Lord. I expect that I will not be unhappy in my invocation to my Lord.” (19:47) 

So ponder as to how He gave precedence to turning away from them over and above turning away from that which they invoked besides Allah.

And when Ibrahim severely reprimanded his people and he described their thoughts and intellect as foolish and denounced them, he first expressed his disgust at them before expressing it at their idols, and he said “Woe to you and to all what you worship besides Allah! Do you not have sense?” (21:67)

And similarly were the youth, the people of the cave who said: “And when you turn away from them and from that which they worship besides Allah, then seek refuge in the cave, and your Lord will extend His mercy for you, and provide for you ease in your matters.” (18:16)

So ponder as to how turning away from their people were given precedence over turning away from what they worshipped.

This precedence and its repetition in the Quran is to establish and confirm the importance of denouncing the Mushrikeen and to turn away from allying with them and to abandon supporting them.

And that is due to the people’s negligence in it, as you will see most of the people even if they denounce Shirk and idol worship, you will find them to be allies of the Mushrikeen and as loved ones and supporters..! And if you ponder over the situation of the people of our times you will find that the most widespread nullifiers of Islam are – allying with the Mushrikeen and not denouncing them, and helping and supporting them against the Muslims.

So if you call them towards Tawheed and to denounce Shirk and setting up rivals to Allah, they will scream and shout at you saying “Are we Mushrikeen?! Do you see us worshipping idols?! Or prostrating to them?!”

They don’t realise that supporting the worshippers of idols and Tawaagheet and helping them against the Muslims is one of the nullifiers of Tawheed just like worshipping idols, and that one leaves the religion sometimes by this, and sometimes by that, and sometimes by both of them or by other nullifiers!

But the calamity of the people of our times is that they have accurate detailed knowledge of the worldly affairs and of technological developments and they spend long hours in learning them while they don’t spend even a tenth of a tenth of that time for learning the purpose for which they were created which needs to be fulfilled, and that is Tawheed and its statement “Laa ilaaha illallah” (None deserves obedience and worship except Allah), and they do not pay attention to and are not cautious about its most dangerous nullifiers..!

As the Most High has said “But most of the people do not know. They know something superficial of the worldly life, but of the Hereafter they are negligent” (30:7)

Hence many people for example do not know that legislation with Allah for which He has granted no permission as per the man-made constitutions, or accepting this legislation, is a major Shirk (a major act of associating partner to Allah) which is a nullifier of Tawheed just like how worshipping idols is a nullifier of Tawheed. And so you find many Muslims taking part in it and setting up representatives for them who take part in it on their behalf without the least objection. In fact there are those ascribed to knowledge who beautify it, permit it, argue in favour of it and its people, and they severely condemn the one who warns against this modern Shirk or who denounces its people and their ways, and they describe him as being extreme and describe his warnings as being from the way of the Khawaarij!

And many people have been misguided by the scholars of the rulers and they made them think that man-made laws do not contradict the Shari’ah..! And that implementing those laws does not contradict Tawheed, but that they are just an act disobedience that would probably reach the level of a minor act of Kufr!

And from them are those who know that man-made laws contradict the Sharee’ah! But he does not have a sufficient portion of Tawheed that would prevent him from allying with the people implementing man-made laws and from helping them, and he does not have the most firm handhold of Tawheed that would stop him from supporting the Mushrikeen of the man-made laws and the armies of the constitutions against those who demand the Sharee’ah and who are its supporters.

And from them are those who have been taught by the Murjiah of our times and the Jahmiyyah of this age that the Taghoot only refers to the
Satan (the devil), idols, magicians and fortunetellers. As for the ruler, then no matter how much he transgresses, oppresses, crosses the limits, adopts secularism, legislates and judges by other than what Allah sent down, he still is not a Taghoot, but rather he is a Taloot (who was a righteous Muslim ruler)..!

So they did not realise that amongst the rulers and legislators there are Taghoots who are far more worse and are filthier than idols, magicians and fortunetellers…!

And due to that many of them entered the religion of the Tawaagheet (plural of Taghut) and they worshipped them by following them in their legislation of what was not permitted by Allah, and they supported them and did not reject them. And they did not disassociate themselves from supporting them and worshipping them, but rather they became a readied army for them, and guards protecting their Shirk and their loyal servants..!

And some of them have restricted worship to mean bowing, prostrating and rituals etc., and they did not know that obeying someone when he permits what Allah forbade or forbids what Allah permitted, or legislates what Allah did not permit, that it is worship. And thus they committed Shirk in worship.

Imam Muhammad ibn Abdul Wahhab said in Kitab ul Tawheed, ”Chapter: Those who obey scholars and leaders when they forbid what Allah permitted and permit what Allah forbade, they have taken them as lords” that:

‘Adi ibn Haatim narrated that he heard the Prophet – may peace and blessings of Allah be upon him – recite this Ayah “They took their rabbis and priests as lords besides Allah” (9:31).

‘Adi said to him:” We don’t worship them”.

He (the Prophet) said “Is it not that they forbid what Allah permitted and you forbid it, and they permit what Allah forbade and you permit it?”

He said,” Yes”.

He replied “That is worship of them”.

All those who fell into all this fell into it due to turning away from learning the meaning of “Laa ilaaha illallah” (none deserves obedience and worship except Allah) and the knowledge of Tawheed which is the right of Allah upon the slaves, so that they may implement it, and single Him out in worship, and not associate anything as partners to Him.

The evil scholars and the preachers of misguidance supported them and incited them to turn away from this, who beautified Shirk and argued on behalf of its people and the Tawagheet, and made them abstain from Tawheed and from learning it by claiming that all the people are Muwahideen following Tawheed and that they do not need the call of Tawheed or to learn it!

This is despite Allah wanting us to drown our lives completely, rather even our death in Tawheed  and to denounce Shirk and setting up of rivals to Allah just as He the Most Sublime has said “Say, “Indeed, as for me, my Lord has guided me on to a straight way, a right religion, the way of Ibrahim who adopted it in exclusive devotion to Allah, and he was not of those who associated others with Allah in His divinity. Say, “Indeed, my prayer, my rites of sacrifice, my living and my dying are for Allah, Lord of the whole universe. No partner has He. And this I have been commanded, and I am the foremost of those who submit themselves (to Allah)” (6:161-163)


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