The Fire..!

Written by: Shaykh Naser Ibn Hamad Al Fahd

The Shaykh Jareh sat down and fixed his turban and turned to one of his students who surrounded him as if birds were sitting on their heads and he said:

“How far did we get in yesterday’s lesson, oh son?”

“We reached the quote of the author: “The congregation is what agrees with truth, even if you were alone”.

“Yes, yes, and I said to you: That truth is what our blessed congregation is upon, and the one who differs with us has deviated from the congregation, and has innovated in religion, and has contradicted the path of the believers, and…”

And suddenly….

They heard a hard knocking on the door…

The Shaykh interrupted his speech, and turned to one of his students who had rushed to the door and opened it…

And there was a man with unkempt hair and a blackened face yelling:

Oh Shaykh…Oh Shaykh…the house of  ‘Adil is on fire…!”

The Shaykh did no more than turn his head, while sitting, towards the source of the sound, and said :

“What has that got to do with me?”

“We want help from you and from your students…”

“Do you want from me to rectify the damage ‘Adil has done due to his neglect?”

“Oh Shaykh…The house is full of women and children..!”

“He is the reason, this is the result of his neglect…”

He nodded towards the one who opened the door and the door was closed on the face of that man, and he returned to his gathering. The Shaykh continued his lecture and said:

“Know, oh children, that the one who speaks about our blessed congregation is a misguided man, an innovator, evil.”

One of the students asked:

“Even if he was from the Sunnah?”

“How so? You don’t understand until now? How can one speak about our blessed congregation and be from the Sunnah? He is an innovator, rather he is more evil than the innovators because he misleads the people more…”

His speech was interrupted by another knock on the door which was fiercer than before…

One of the students rushed and opened the door, it was the same man and he yelled:

“Oh Shaykh…The fire has reached the house of Saleh…”

“Saleh…You mean that innovator…?”

“Oh Shaykh …rush to save those who are in his house, and then advise him…”

He nodded his head and said:

“This is the quick punishment from Allah for that innovator.”

He nodded to the one who opened the door and the door was closed.

The Shaykh continued, saying:

“Look at the quick punishment for this evil innovator, he conceals himself behind the Sunnah, but Allah exposed him when he spoke about our blessed congregation, Then the punishment was increased for him and his house got burnt.”

One of the students said: “O Shaykh, but I know Saleh… and I have never seen any innovation from him…!”

“This is because you have not yet mastered the science of “Jarh Wa Ta’deel” (the science of criticizing and evaluating men), This is what makes me say that the one who hides behind the Sunnah is more dangerous than the innovator who makes his innovation public. I saw this man repeatedly in the masijd and he never turned to me nor greeted me and he turns away from me..”

“Is this an innovation?”

“Yes, yes, if he was from our blessed congregation he would have greeted me..!”

For the third time a fierce knocking interrupted his speech. When the door was opened the same man yelled:

“Oh Shaykh…The fire has reached the masjid.”

The Shaykh turned to him, then said:

“I thought so, because the masjid had innovators praying in it, You have burdened us, oh man, do not come to us another time.”

“Oh Shaykh…The Masjid..!”

“Even if it was a masjid…The first reason is ‘Adil and he will bear the sin..”

He nodded to the one who opened the door and it was closed.

The Shaykh continued:

“Look at the ill omen of innovation, there is no power or strength except in Allah…even the masjid was not saved.”

“Oh Shaykh… Why do we not help them to stop the fire from the masjid..?”

The Shaykh cleared his throat, and then said:

“Oh son…the ones extinguishing the fire are a mix of people, among them the innovators, and sinners, and our congregation is clean from them, And if we joined them then that ill omen might harm us as well.”

Then he turned to one of his students and said:

“Read, may Allah bless you.”

And before he began reading…a fierce voice frightened them..

They all rushed racing – and with them their Shaykh – towards the door..

And as soon as they opened it and exited…

The wall of their house collapsed…

And flames of fire broke out from every side. 

Translated by : Al Muwahideen Media


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