Will the translator be rewarded for translating religious materials into the language of his people?

Shaykh Abu Qatada: Translating religious statements and essential information for the common Muslims is a religiously ordained matter and it is similar to making Tafseer (explanation) of the speech of Allah to the one who does not know it. Allah has said: “We did not send a Messenger except with the language of his people”, and this will not happen except by all the Muslims learning the Arabic language or by translating the Arabic materials about religion, knowledge, history and events into the different languages spoken by the people. The least we can say regarding its general ruling is that it is Wajib (obligatory) or that it will be according to the subject of information and its scales in the Shariah. Due to this, the one who conveys the truth into the language of his people is amongst those who spread the Shariah and the religion to them.

As for the claim that the people do not interact with these translations then this is from the deceptions of Iblis and from the plots of the Shaytan and from his manipulations. The truth, even if it is followed by only a few, it will be made victorious by these few. What is necessary for a person is to convey the message to the people, and it is not necessary for him to question them or test them. And if the Prophets were to act based on the claim that the people are not interested in their preaching, then the call towards Allah would have stopped.

And let them remember the Prophet’s saying that “If Allah guides a single person through you it is better for you than red camels”.


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