Brief Messages To A Victorious Nation Episode 1 Who will defend the Quran?

Brief Messages To A Victorious Nation

 Episode 1

 Who will defend the Quran?

By Sheikh Ayman Al-Zawahiri (May Allah protect him)

In the name of Allah, and all praise belongs to Allah. And may peace and blessings of Allah be upon the Messenger of Allah, and upon his family and companions and whoever follows him.

Dear Muslim brothers everywhere, may peace, mercy and blessings of Allah be upon you.

To proceed:

I would like to begin this series with a brief overview to take a lesson from what has been called as the “Arab Spring”, which has failed in Egypt, and in Tunisia and in Yemen. And Allah knows best how its destiny will be in Libya. However, it has known the path of victory in Sham, by the will of Allah and His support.

Briefly and to make it simple, I will narrate to you the story of what happened in Egypt, because it represents the blatant example of the failure of the Muslims when they fall short or deviate, and also the reality of the enmity of the Crusaders when they oppress and transgress. And what can be learnt from Egypt applies to elsewhere.

The story of Egypt did not begin on the 25th of January 2011, and it did not end with the massacres at Rabiyah Al Adawiya and An-Nahda square and the Republican Guard headquarters.

The story is older than this. The story began with the Imam, the martyr, the reformer, Hasan al Banna, may Allah have mercy upon him. This genius preacher pulled the youth away from the amusement clubs, and pubs and from the deviant Sufi circles, and arranged them into organized brigades waging Jihad in the path of Allah.

However, despite these great achievements, he committed huge errors, that led towards corrupt understandings, which then resulted in destructive disasters.

Shaykh Hasan al Banna, may Allah have mercy upon him, began his movement by giving support to King Fuad, who was nothing more than a corrupt ruler who ruled as per the constitution of 1923 which was the first secular constitution in the history of Egypt, rather in the history of the Arab constitution. Moreover Fuad was also a submissive tool in the hands of the British who occupied Egypt. And after him – on his command – came along his son Farooq, whom Hasan al Banna, may Allah have mercy upon him, exaggerated in his support for him. And when he took over the rule, Shaykh Hasan al Banna, may Allah have mercy upon him, announced the Bay’ah of the Ikhwan-ul-Muslimoon (Muslim brotherhood) to him, for implementing the Book of Allah and the Sunnah of His Messenger, may peace and blessings of Allah be upon him.

However Al Farooq did not accept this Bay’ah even though he was pleased with the support of the Ikhwan because he was a king who ruled according to a secular constitution, and at the same time he was subordinate to the control of the British. And Shaykh Hasan al Banna, may Allah have mercy upon him, not only propagated this illusion but he also went too far with it and he called him “Ameerul Mumineen” (the leader of the believers), and he organized demonstrations in every time and place for his support, and he nicknamed him as ‘the defender of the Quran’. And so, 400 million Muslims, based upon the saying of Shaykh Hasan al Banna, would give Bay’ah to Al Farooq to die in front of him defending the Quran, and that the Ikhwan are from his most loyal soldiers, and their magazine claimed that they will offer their lives for him. And Shaykh Hasan Al Banna urged Al Farooq to strive for the Khilafah of the Muslims, and to take leadership over the Islamic world. He convened the fourth general conference of the Muslim Brotherhood to give Bay’ah to him, and he asked him to issue a royal decree stating that there will be nothing in the Muslim Egypt except what agrees with Islam, and then at that time there will be a hundred thousand youth from the Muslim brotherhood as soldiers who will be fully prepared and equipped battalions, that which has been long awaited.

In the middle of the year 1948, when Al Farooq was implicated in taking commissions in the corrupt arms deals of the Egyptian army in Palestine, and when he had committed excesses in the scandal of promiscuity and immorality, at this time, Shaykh Hasan al Banna, may Allah have mercy upon, addressed him saying:

“Lead us, oh my master, as you like. The Ummah is behind you and Allah is around you, He who is the best protector and the strongest supporter.”

The martyred Imam was not content with just this deliberate deception, but he added to it another deception which is no less dangerous, when he spoke in vague unclear words stating that the principles of the constitutional rule completely match with the teachings of Islam and that the system of the constitutional rule is the closest to Islam from amongst the existing ruling systems in the whole world, and that the Ikhwan do not consider any other ruling system to be equal to it.

And he was not content with that, rather he committed excesses in this mistake and he praised the secular constitution of the year 1923, and he claimed that the basic principles on which the Egyptian constitution had been founded did not contradict with the principles of Islam, and that it was neither far from the Islamic system nor foreign to it, and that those who had laid down the Egyptian constitution had kept in their mind that not a single text in it would conflict with the principles of Islam.

And this is an outrageous mistake which is very well known to anyone with a general knowledge on the principles of the Islamic government. Rather the martyr, the Imam, may Allah have mercy on him, had later himself admitted that this was falsehood.

And Imaam Hasan al Banna was not content with just this delusion in theory, rather he insisted to put it in practice. Thus the sixth conference of the Muslim Brotherhood decided to participate in the elections for the house of representatives because, according to them, it was a platform for the Ummah from which every good idea is heard and from where proper guidelines get issued, as though it was – according to them – another version of Al Okaz Market or Hyde Park or a talk show, in which everyone gets to shout about what he wants and then leave.

And by going too far in these delusions which neglected the rules of Islam and the reality on the ground, Hasan Al Banna twice decided to run for the elections. During the first, he was put under pressure by the then Prime minister Al Nahhas and he thus gave up being a candidate. And during the second, he insisted on not giving up, and so they defeated him using fraud means. So has the Ikhwan learnt the reality of Britain, the mother of democracy? And have they understood the game or are they insisting not to understand?

Then the days passed and the Imam, the martyr, may Allah have mercy upon him, discovered that all of this was absolutely futile and that it contradicted the rules of Islam. He wrote a famous article entitled ‘The battle of the Quran’, eight months before his martyrdom. And he confirmed in it that everything which was in the Egyptian constitution and the laws does not make Egypt an Islamic State and that it does not have anything to do with the judgment of Allah. Rather it is a rebellion against Him. And it is necessary for the Ummah to lead the battle of the Quran against its rulers to make them follow the rules of the Quran.

Then the Imam, the Shaheed, may Allah have mercy upon him, met his end at the hands of the one who he named as the “defender of the Quran”, and King Farooq killed him in February 1949.

So did the followers of Hasan al Banna disassociate themselves from the one who killed him? Or did Al Ustaz al Hudaybee, may Allah have mercy upon him, name him as ‘the generous king’?

Rather they continued in their double dealing with Faroq. And then they allied with Abdul Naser against him, and after that Abdul Naser turned against them. From amongst his judges was Anwar Sadat who sentenced to death the jurist of the group, the consultant Abdul Qadir Oudah and his companions, may Allah have mercy upon them.

Then they allied with Sadat after the death of Abdul Naser, and he gave them freedom of movement.

And when he got killed, they allied with Hosni al Mubarak, the killer of Kamal Al Sanaaniry, and they marched in a hypocritical demonstration from the People’s Assembly to the Republican Palace to give him Bay’ah for a second term, and they enjoyed a great deal of freedom with him, through a bad deal, to let the youth vent their anger and to attack the Mujahideen. Then they turned against him, and aligned behind El Baradei, the US envoy. And when the revolution took place they were the first ones to bargain, and they immediately allied with the military Junta.

So did they wage the battle of the Quran against their killers like how their Shaykh had ordered them? Unfortunately, they have ignored his order and they continued in the same fallacy in matters of the rulings of Islam and of the reality on the ground.

So if their Shaykh, the martyr, may Allah have mercy upon him, had misrepresented the reality and described Farooq as the defender of the Quran and the Egyptian constitution as matching with Islam, then his students were not content merely with this. Rather in fact they have gone even more further. They have adopted a clear secular language that recognizes the national state. And they have announced, like any secular irreligious individual, that they will not judge by the Shariah except if the majority of the voters choose to do so, and that they are committed to uphold all the agreements with the US and Israel. And it was upon this basis that they ran in the elections after the revolution which led to the victory of Muhammad Morsi as the president of the republic.

So they deluded themselves once again and they thought that they had achieved that which they had wished for throughout their lifetime. However, according to the Shareeah description, Muhammad Morsi is nothing more than just a secular ruler of a secular state. There is no difference between him and Hosni Mubarak in that. He accepts just like him the legitimacy of the international law and the agreements of surrender with with Israel and partnership with the United States.

And the difference between him and Hosni Mubarak is that he (Morsi) has followed democracy more than him, and he granted freedom to all, including the leaders of the Jihadi movements, and perhaps this is one of his crimes for which America and its lackeys did not forgive him.

The Muslim Brotherhood after the fall of Hosni Mubarak until the arrest of Muhammad Morsi, did not take any serious action to remove the state of corruption and to empower the new government, let alone the Islamic government. And thus the very same criminals remained in the judiciary, army, police and the security services. These criminals have been raised up as foxes and wolves, while the Muslim Brotherhood raised themselves up like in the notion of the chicken farm where the chicken races happily towards what is thrown to it while being ignorant of the thieves and beasts that are around it.

And if this was the story of the Muslim Brotherhood, then what do you think will be the story of the Salafis that belong to the intelligence agencies and money, those creeping for positions and those bootlickers!! Rather, what do you think will be story of those following the group Al Nahda that surrender and who are perishing due to their inferiority complex, the students of the scholar of the Marines.

So it is necessary for us to review the path and to correct the mistakes and not repeat them. And it is necessary for every ardent Muslim in Egypt and in the lands of the Arab Spring and in the Islamic world and in the entire world to be a lion in his Aqeedah and in his behavior. This is because whoever does not become a lion will be eaten by the wolves. And it is necessary for us to raise our young ones as lion cubs, and not as lambs. And to fight our battle with a book that guides and a sword that gives victory.

Have I conveyed the message? Oh Allah, be a witness.

And our final prayers are that that all praise belongs to Allah, the Lord of all that exists.

And may peace and blessings of Allah be upon our master Muhammad and upon his family and his companions.

And may peace, mercy and blessings of Allah be upon you.


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