Women posting images and men commenting on them

By Ahmad al Hamdan

The leader of all the women in the world, Fatima, the daughter of the Messenger of Allah, may peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, said to Asma bint Umais:

“I detest what is done to the women. They get covered in garments (after their death) which describe their body.” So Asma said “Oh daughter of the Messenger of Allah, shall I not show you that which I have seen in Habasha (Ethiopia)?” And she presented her a shroud which covers her body entirely. Fatima was impressed and asked that she be shrouded with it when she dies.

Source : Siyar A’laam al Nubalaa (3/431)

I say: despite the fact that Fatima was going to die she still had fear that her body would appear in front of men. Yet look at some women (who are supposedly religiously committed) putting their photographs (sometimes fully adorned) on the social media sites for all to see, without any modesty or shyness. Then a man comes (who is supposedly religiously committed) and instead of advising them or condemning them, will say “Mashallah” as if he is saying “how beautiful you are!!” And because of this encouragement by using Shariah terminology she increases in her misguidance and puts more of her photos.

So instead of this word being used to bring about good, it is being used to cause sins. This happens when it is not being used in its proper place.

Muw image 1


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