For the people of loyalty, all sacrifices are insignificant

Al Muwahideen Media Presents:

For the people of loyalty, all sacrifices are insignificant

By Shaykh Abu Sulayman al Muhajir





I have traveled a great deal and visited many countries and I swear by Allah that I have never seen a people like those of Al-Sham. I have never seen such courage and bravery such sacrifice, generosity, and openhandedness, such patience through adversity, without any helplessness or disbelief in Allah.

You witness individuals whose villages have been destroyed with barrel bombs or rockets their house demolished, with the children and loved ones inside, leaving them as the only survivor but you find this person content with the decree of Allah, submitting to His Will.

You find another who has lost everything, his house, his livestock, all that he owns but this does not prevent him from fighting in the path of Allah or encouraging the last of his children to be a Mujahid in the path of Allah.

It is rare that you find a household vacant of a Mujahid, the wounded or a Martyr.

They are a people that will never sell the blood of their Martyrs. Refusing to be belittled, because they are defiant, honourable Muslims. Loyal, in every sense of the word; Loyalty to their faith, Loyalty to their brothers, Loyalty to their Martyrs Loyalty to their Islam, Loyalty to their blessed Jihad.

We can only say to them:’Our blood will be put before your blood, our chests before your chests, our wealth before your wealth. May we all be sacrificed for you, O people of Al-Sham!

O people of sacrafice! O people of generosity and loyalty!’ I will say even more than this and, I speak for every Muhajir (immigrant) that has set foot on the blessed, pure soil of Al-Sham, I do not mean the wicked (ones) who have killed the elite Mujahideen, whether they be Syrians or non-Syrians, I do not speak on their behalf, we are not from them, nor they from us.

I am referring to the Muhajireen, whom you see amongst you. Those with whom you have shared everything you possess honouring them and offering everything you have to them.

By Allah! I have seen generosity in you, O people of Al-Sham, that I had never imagined to see in my life, not even something comparable!

I had once thought that I would only read such examples in the books of history and tales of noblemen. I have seen men evacuate their homes, moving their family and children out, so a poor Muhajir may live there instead.

I have seen those who have prevented their own children a hot meal, preferring, instead, a Mujahir in the Path of Allah, the only thing that ties the two is the bond of Islam.

The strongest ties of faith, as the Prophet (salallahu alayhi wa salam) said.

I have seen men serving Muhajireen aged like his children or even grandchildren serving them food, attending to their needsvall the while smiling, wishing that he owned more so he could spend it on them generously.

I have seen those who have spent their most precious wealth, arming whole battalions of Muhajireen, content and assured, hoping for reward from Allah The Almighty, not seeking anything in return in this life.

All of this out of their loyalty to their promise to Allah.

The Prophet (salallahu alayhi wa salam) was truthful when he said: “There is no good in you if the people of Al-Sham are corrupted”

And I bear witness by Allah! That the people of Al-Sham have not been corrupted, and that there is much good in them and that they are the ones intended in the hadith narrated by Abu Umaamah
“There will remain a group of my Ummah firm upon the truth, fighting their enemy harmed not are they by those whom oppose them, except the harm which afflicts them in war, they will remain like this until the order of Allah (the Day of Judgement)” They (the Sahabah) asked “where will they be O Messenger of Allah?!”
He (salallahu alayhi wa salam) said “In Jerusalem and it’s outskirts” In another narration he said “In Al-Sham”.

Therefore, I thank Allah for uniting the Muahijereen and the Ansaar in the best land where Jihad is being fought on this planet!

In the hadith narrated by Abdullah bin Hawalah, collected by Ahmad, Abu Dawud, Al-Hakim and others…

The Prophet (salallahu alayhi wa salam) said “You will be made into armies:An army in Al-Sham, an army in Iraq and an army in Yemen.”
He (the narrator) said “Choose for me a land to be in if I witness such a day, O Prophet of Allah”

He (salallahu alayhi wa salam) said “Go to Al-Sham, for it is the land which Allah has preferred, He gathers his preferred, most elite slaves to it!”

I say to those noble people, In the name of every truthful Muhajir who has come from Yemen, the Arabian Peninsula, the Islamic Maghreb, Egypt, Sudan, America, Turkistan, Uzbekistan, Chechnya, Australia, Maldives, Britain, France, Venezuela, Germany, Belgium, and all of these nationalities, and even more, exist amongst you, I say on behalf of all of these people: there is only one thing that saddens us That is that we only have one soul that we can offer in the path of Allah in your blessed land and if we were to able to offer our soul time and time again while you remain safe, our people, in your homes, not being harmed at all then we would not hesitate at all.

You have made us feel that we are one of you, and that you are one of us. A Muhajir does not feel alienated, like a stranger would, out of his homeland. You have made them forget the pains of being far from his home and children .You have done this with your kindness, your manners, your alliegience to Allah, His Prophet and the believers.

You have taught us a lesson in the aqeedah of allegiance (and love, loyalty.) You have practically translated the verse
“Verily believers are but brothers”

Oh noblemen of Aleppo Oh loyal men of Idlib and its mountains of glory Oh soldiers of Damascus, Zamalka, Harasra, Al-Hajar Al-Aswad, Al-Yarmouk and the two Ghoutas Oh soldiers of Allah in the defiant Qalamoun and Qusayr Oh lions of Al-Sharqiyya, Al-Raqqah, Deir Al-Zour and Al-Mayadeen Oh people of patience, honour and resistance Oh lions of Islam in Hama of the victories! Oh heroes of the mountains of Al-Turkman, Al-Akraad and the coast of Al-Shaam Oh champions of Dar’ah and Harran.

To you all a tribute, Oh people of Al-Sham To you, Oh people of Al-Sham to the people of loyalty all our sacrifices are insignificant all our blood and wealth which we sacrifice is insignificant we ask Allah to accept our deeds and yours.

We make an oath to Allah, and then to you, that we will will water the soil of Al-Sham with our blood, just as our forefathers did when entering these blessed lands and protected our people, we will spend all that we can, so you can see victory, or we die trying. We will avenge our honour and yours, your martyrs and ours. Blood for blood and destruction for destruction.

O people of Al-Sham, you called the call of a believer to his brother but the armies of the Arabs and non Arabs did not respond. And it is not surprising! Why would they respond to the call of brotherhood when they have sold their faith for a trivial, worldly price?!

But your children, the Muhajireen and the Ansar, responded to your call, from every corner of the earth, from every deep valley they came to perform, but some of their duties towards you,

Those that you have called heard the Words of Allah:

“How is it that you do not fight in the way of Allah and in support of the helpless – men, women and children – who pray: “Our Lord, bring us out of this land whose people are oppressors and appoint for us from Yourself, a protector, and appoint for us from Yourself a helper”

(Qur’an 4:75)

So they set forth and flew hastily towards paradise the width of which is like the heavens and earth.

This paradise that has opened its doors in the land of Al-Shaam, your land!

What an amazing honour it is! That we sacrafice ourselves for the people of Al-Sham!

O people of Al-Sham, our Jihad is going through a very dangerous stage today, It is obvious that if we were to place all our military expertise, our wealth, our men, our weapons, our power and our ammunition on one side of the scales and our enemy placed a tenth of a tenth of what they have on the other side of the scales, that their side of the scale would definitely be heavier. However, what weighs down our side of the scales, after we do all that is physically necessary to attain victory, is our truthfulness with Allah. Our deep conviction and our solid faith that Allah is with us; He is our Victor and he will not abandon us.

It is the word of Tawheed! If we place it in our side of the scales, all of their material means for victory become useless. This bounty from Allah means we must be humble to Him and stay far from arrogance and pride. This is because all of the victories we see today are not because of our power nor our weapons or numbers, It is purely the tawfeeq of Allah Divine Grace.

So I praise Allah for His blessings, and I thank Him for His great favour upon us and we ask Him more…

We ask Him to complete His favour upon us and upon the people of Al-Sham and allow us victory and governance before we die and that He ends our lives with the best martyrdom! Verily He is able to do all things.

O people of Al-Sham! Glad tidings be to you. The darkness of oppression has started to disappear. The rays of sunlight have started to shine gradually and this would have never happened if we had left Jihad in the path of Allah.

It would never have happened by diplomatic solutions or more accurately, fleeing from confrontation. It would have never happened through half-solutions or by laying down our weapons in defeat and submission, by running from the battlefield, from the land of danger and risk.

Of course it is not befitting for such a great, loyal, defiant, Muslim nation to chose the path of humiliation and defeat!

These great souls! How could they possibly accept humiliation after the victory and honour they have seen from Allah?!

We must know that the price of submission and disgrace to the oppressive, tyrannical, criminal regime, the regime of the Nusayri, the Al-Asad regime, that has so much animosity toward the people of Sunnah (Sunni Muslims).

This price is far, far greater than the price of honour and glory that honourable people of Al-Sham will pay open-handedly and generously.

All of this in order to lift oppression from the people, establish justice in the land, allow the rule of shari’ah, protect our faith and liberate the people from worshipping mankind!

Our rights will not be restored by begging!!!

Truth is never established through humiliation!!!

Oppression is not uprooted by imploring our enemy!

It will only happen through great determination, through extraordinary resoluteness, continuous hard work, great sacrifice, and considering the dangerous situations easy and the problematic matters simple.

Arabic poetry:

‘Determination is only as much as the people of determination give;

So is the generosity of the generous;

Insignificant matters seem complicated to people who are insignificant;

Yet lofty matters seem trivial in the eyes of lofty men.’

The Truth only started to rise up through the sacrifices of your dutiful children. What a marvelous offering they have given! What a great generosity they have shown! What an amazing loyalty they have proven!

By the will of Allah, the pure blood of the people of Al-Sham, which they have given up in the path of Allah will be a milestone by which those after them will be guided. A pure spring that the tree of Islam will be watered by, in the Syria of Islam, not the Syria of Al-Asad!

The flag will be upheld by future generations, who will continue the journey seeking guidance through their biographies (of the preceding generations), so that they can continue to build a strong foundation, laid solidly by the blood and limbs of their forefathers.

This is how the caravan continues, the caravan of honour, glory and steadfastness the caravan of Jihad in the path of Allah will continue!

Arabic poetry

‘If a moon disappears or is hidden,

another moon shines on the other side of the horizon’

O people of Al-Sham, people of loyalty and honour,be patient, for victory comes with but an hour of patience

“And that day the believers will rejoice the victory of Allah. He gives victory to whom He wills, and He is the Exalted in Might, the Merciful}

(Qur’an 30:5)

O Allah! Bless the Ansar, their children and their children’s children. O Allah! Unite our ranks, bring together our hearts and give us victory over those who show us enmity, you are The Powerful, The Exalted in Might. You hear all, are near and answer our prayers

And all thanks are due to Allah, Lord of all that exists.

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