A response to the justpaste article titled “The Hypocrisy of Abu Muhammad al Maqdisi”

The article says,

“When Turkey announced their involvement in Sham to fight IS – Alloush Army made a statement supporting them. Maqdisi came out & said “whoever allies with the secularists (Turkey) is a secular” i.e he made takfir…..But when Ahrar came out & supported Turkey in their plan for a “Safe Zone” the munafiq hizbi took back his previous takfir statement…”

Firstly he never “took back” his statement. As this is a very general and a fundamental principle which the scholars have agreed upon. So there is “no need” for him to withdraw his statement because it is only a general statement. He did not apply this to Jaishul Islam or to Ahrar nor did he make Takfeer on them. This is because there is a difference between making a general statement and between applying it on a specific individual. (The ignorant Khawarij may not be knowing this difference since the Khawarij have always based their claims on desires without proper knowledge).

Then it says,

“But because Ahrar are the closest ally of Jowlani Front – he excused the kufr (that is not excusable in Dunya) they committed – that which he didn’t excuse for Alloush Army.”

Firstly again he did not make Takfeer on them. Some of his tweets during those times were controversial. He made it clear during those days that he did not mean Takfeer on any specific person or group. It was only a general statement without applying it to anyone. But of course the fanboys of the cartoon ‘Khilafah’ may not know this because they are only waking up now from their sleep. But this matter is already known from the previous year when the Sheikh made those tweets.

Then regarding the video and his comments, the writer said lies by twisting what was asked. He falsely said –

“So days passed on until the sahwat became Vetted – A brother shows Maqdisi a video of the VSO fighting under US aircraft’s – The brother asks Maqdisi about the ruling of this video… He thinks its the “New Syrian Army” that is fighting Dawlah in south Syria near the Syrian/Iraq border. So Maqdisi made takfir saying: “I’ve talked about this many times that supporting crusaders/apostates/secularists & helping them over Muslims is apostasy”

Our response is that it was not about the video. It was regarding an action he claimed it contained which is – assisting the crusaders. So he replied and said it is Kufr. So again this was a general statement talking about an action of Kufr. He did not actually make Takfeer on anyone in that tweet as the writer falsely claimed. And there is a difference between calling an ACTION as Kufr and calling the INDIVIDUAL as a Kaafir. And the ignorant Khawarij will not know this difference. We advise to ponder over the work of Sheikh Abu Hamza al Misri’s book entitled “Beware of Takfeer”. One can educate themselves in regards to this difference instead of misunderstanding and being ignorant about a known principle among the scholars.

Then the writer says,

“When Maqdisi found out who the video was referring to (VSO sahwat in north Aleppo – JN allies) – wait for it – he deleted the tweet”

The writer is making a fool of himself. Who said he deleted it for this reason? Why should he delete the tweet when he first of all DID NOT make Takfeer on any specific group in that tweet? He ONLY made general statements which are the SAME statements that he always made. So there is no need for him to delete his tweet which only contained general statements.The only reason he would delete his tweet was because it could be misused by the ignorant ones who do not know the rules of Takfeer. So they may misuse it to say that Maqdisi is making Takfeer on so and so when he did not actually make Takfeer but only general statements. And that is exactly what the ignorant writer did…! He said Maqdisi made Takfeer while actually Maqdisi did not specify anyone.

He only made a general statement without specifying anyone. And as has been stated, there is a difference between calling an action as Kufr and calling the doer as a Kaafir. So the writer of the article actually proved his ignorance and made a fool of himself by writing this article.
So it is better for the ignorant one to learn the rules of Takfeer and learn the difference between making general statements WITHOUT specifying anyone and between Takfeer on a SPECIFIC individual or group.


Regarding the second part,

” The hypocrisy doesn’t stop there – he got the question: “What is the ruling of the coalition between Jabhat Jowlani & Southern Front against Shuhada Yarmouk & Muthanna group (west of Daraa – south Syria)”

Maqdisi answered: “I said this before after the death of Al-Khal (previous leader of Shuhada Yarmouk (May Allah accept him) – Killed by apostates JN) that the news I get (from the Daraa area) are confusing & mixed so I chose to be quiet about it……Only FIVE DAYS later he goes raging on the same area he claimed he was confused about: “They waged war against the Syrian Muslims in the south & killed many shed blood of Muslims & it’s the right of the “Muslims” (MOC FSA – US agents together with AQ) to repel their sword (Shuhada Yarmouks & Muthannas) & they did what the Khawarij did when they killed the people of Islam & left the people of Polytheism (Kuffar).”

The answer to this is simple..

He refused to comment in the beginning because the news that reached were not clear. But five days later, he was able to confirm the news with clarity…!! So he commented AFTER he got clarity regarding the news..! And this is what is required from the Muslims to do. We have to speak only after things have become clear for us. So Sheikh Maqdisi was actually following the Shariah. So why are you blaming him for following the rules of the Shariah?

By this one is proving that ISIS does NOT follow the Sharia. Because if they were following the Sharia then they would not have accused Sheikh Maqdisi due to him following the Sharia.


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