Response to the latest speech of the gangster (Adnani)

By Sheikh Abu Mahmood Al Filasteeni


Khalid Ibn Al Waleed retreated from Homs, and he returned back whatever Jizya he had taken from its people back to them when the Romans came to confront them in an open area with an army that hugely outnumbered the Muslims. So Khalid Ibn Al Waleed retreated along with the senior companions towards the South of Syria to shield themselves because its geographical location was suitable for the battle. So this is Khalid and the Sahabah – they retreated for a Shareeah benefit.


And in the Islamic history, there are several incidents of retreats and tactical withdrawals. It has been confirmed that the Salaf of the Ummah from amongst the companions had retreated and handed over vast areas, and not just one single city, for a Shareeah benefit.


But because the Salaf of the Khawarij are not the same as our Salaf, therefore the modern day Khawarij will not find their Salaf to have retreated from a territory for the sake of a Shareeah benefit because they are fighting for the sake of fighting only. So how can they ever understand?


Our predecessors are the Sahaba and the Tabieen, and the predecessors of the renegade gangster (Adnani) are Dhul Khuwaisira and Ibn Muljim and Harooriya and Azariqa (i.e. the ancient Khawarij). So our predecessors are different from their predecessors, and this is the grace of Allah upon us.


So our predecessors are different from their predecessors, and our contemporary guides are different from their guides. Our guides are leaders who have a history in Jihad and in giving guidelines for Shareah matters, while their guides are previous military officers (from Baath party) and veteran criminals and pigeon hunters (Adnani’s previous profession was pigeon hunter).


Our role models are divine scholars who took knowledge from a chain of scholars and they have named them, while their role models are ignorant ones who are unknown, the best of them being just a minor little student in knowledge who makes mistakes even in the simple subject of menstruation. This is the difference between the Ahlu Sunnah and the Khawarij.


And this is the condition of their predecessors from amongst the Khawarij. They left the righteous Sahaba and made Takfeer on them and they accused them of abandoning the Shareeah and they spilled their blood on that pretext. And they followed the ignorant ones who are young in age with foolish dreams.


And here we see the grandchildren of Ibn Muljim in Sham making Takfeer on the scholars and the Mujahideen and accused them of abandoning the religion, and they spilled their blood. And it will be in Sham that their generation will be crushed just like how their predecessors were crushed.




One thought on “Response to the latest speech of the gangster (Adnani)

  1. Anonymous

    may Allaah reward u with good – aamiin. More power to your elbows. The end victory is for the believers. May Allaah destroy the extremists and grant victory to the people of pristine Islaam.



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