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A response to the justpaste article titled “The Hypocrisy of Abu Muhammad al Maqdisi”

The article says,

“When Turkey announced their involvement in Sham to fight IS – Alloush Army made a statement supporting them. Maqdisi came out & said “whoever allies with the secularists (Turkey) is a secular” i.e he made takfir…..But when Ahrar came out & supported Turkey in their plan for a “Safe Zone” the munafiq hizbi took back his previous takfir statement…”

Firstly he never “took back” his statement. As this is a very general and a fundamental principle which the scholars have agreed upon. So there is “no need” for him to withdraw his statement because it is only a general statement. He did not apply this to Jaishul Islam or to Ahrar nor did he make Takfeer on them. This is because there is a difference between making a general statement and between applying it on a specific individual. (The ignorant Khawarij may not be knowing this difference since the Khawarij have always based their claims on desires without proper knowledge).

Then it says,

“But because Ahrar are the closest ally of Jowlani Front – he excused the kufr (that is not excusable in Dunya) they committed – that which he didn’t excuse for Alloush Army.”

Firstly again he did not make Takfeer on them. Some of his tweets during those times were controversial. He made it clear during those days that he did not mean Takfeer on any specific person or group. It was only a general statement without applying it to anyone. But of course the fanboys of the cartoon ‘Khilafah’ may not know this because they are only waking up now from their sleep. But this matter is already known from the previous year when the Sheikh made those tweets.

Then regarding the video and his comments, the writer said lies by twisting what was asked. He falsely said – Continue reading


Ruling on watching the media releases of Baghdadi’s “State”



By the Mujahid Sheikh, Dr. Abdullah Al-Muhaysini (may Allah protect him)

Dear brothers and sisters, those from the Mujahideen and the people in general, negligence in this matter has become widespread and has overwhelmed and chocked a lot of people. We see that he or she would watch those who spread innovations and who bring calamities through their media programs. And sometimes these propagators would even be an atheist or a Zindeeq (spreading such programs) by the power of their presentation. And this by Allah, is great misguidance, and amongst the causes of confusion, disorder and lack of stability. From Allah we seek safety and wellness.

We are in a great need for steadfastness in these times of Fitna and disorder.  So it is not permissible for a Muslim to watch or follow the people of innovation except to refute the doubts that they spread. And when we speak about the people of innovation, we also mean Baghdadi’s group and those who spread Sufism and those who slander the companions of the Prophet, though in a hidden manner. And you see some people condemn the Khawarij harshly but they still watch their media releases.

He would say, “I am actually laughing at them” or “I like their Nasheeds”.

The Prophet (may peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said (to Umar when he brought some of the writings of the Ahlul Kitab to read them): “Are you being doubtful with it oh son of Khattab? By the one in whose hands lies my soul, indeed I’ve brought it clear to you…” And this is Umar!

The Prophet (may peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said : “If you hear about the Dajjal’s appearance then move away from him, for by Allah, a man will come to meet him thinking that he himself is a firm believer and will end up following the Dajjal. This is due to the immense confusion which will be brought by the Dajjal.”

By Allah I see the masses supporting Baghdadi despite his bloodbaths and the clear misguidance which he is upon. And I say that if this is the case, then there is nothing to be astonished of if the people follow the Dajjal despite his affair being made clear. The Dajjal, between his eyes it is written “Kaafir” (disbeliever), and despite this clear description, our Prophet (may peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) warned us from approaching him so that we do not get misled by the doubts that he would cause. And that is how the confusion caused by media of the people of innovation is today.

And so, the Fatwa that I am issuing for my brothers is:

That watching such media releases is Haraam because it contains approval of falsehood and being content with it, and it is prohibited to encourage the people towards it and to spread it, except for the one who refutes it by exposing its falsehood. Allah said when describing the slaves of Allah: “And (the slaves of Allah are) those who do not witness falsehood … (Al-Furqan: 72)”, and the falsehood mentioned here is every falsehood which is forged and beautified. And which falsehood is greater than this?!

Certainly, it is from the way of Islam to distance ourselves from all that leads to perversion, deviation, and disorder. And hence the Hadith (Whoever goes to a fortune teller and asks him about something, his prayers will not be accepted for forty days), and this is only for asking!

And from among the characteristics of Ahlu-Sunnah is that they do not sit with the people of innovation, and they consider it necessary to guard their ears from their falsehoods which might make an impact upon them if it happens to pass by their ears.

Hasan al-Basri (may Allah have mercy on him) once said: “Do not sit with the people of Hawa (those who speak from their whims) as he would impact your heart by whispering into it that which if you follow it will make you doomed, and which if you disagree over it will make your heart sick”. Once there came a man from the Mu’tazila to speak, upon which Ibn Tawus (may Allah have mercy on him) inserted his two fingers into both his ears closing them, and he ordered his son to do the same, and he said: “Tighten, do not listen to anything that he says”.

As-Sakhthiyaanee (may Allah have mercy on him) flatly refused to listen to even a verse or a Hadith from a person of innovation. And when it was said to him by the innovator, “listen to at least a word from me”, he would respond by saying, “No, not even half a word.”

Ad-Dhahabi (may Allah have mercy on him) said while mentioning Ibn Al-Rawandi: “He is a Zindeeq, and he (Al-Rawandi) used to accompany Rafidhis and the atheists, and when he was blamed for it he would reply by saying that he accompanies them only to know about their ideologies. And later he ended up writing books in the beliefs of the Zindeeqs, may Allah curse him.”

Sufyan At-Thawri (may Allah have mercy on him) said: “Whoever listens to an innovator has left the protection of Allah and is entrusted with the innovation.”

So listen, every brother and sister, may Allah safeguard you, look at the eagerness of our pious predecessors for distancing themselves from innovations. And here I do not restrict it just to Baghdadi’s group but it is for every person of misguidance.

And you, may Allah protect you, if you have been following any person from amongst the people of innovation, then hasten to delete him and to delete their channels. And if you do not do so, then you are the one to be blamed if the truth does not become clear to you.

When we forbid watching such media publications that does not mean that the people of truth are incapable of bringing up proofs to refute them, but it is because it is a duty upon you to protect this Ummah from doubts, deviations and misguidance. And so as we said, those from the people of truth who want to get into the field of debates and respond to their whims, then let them do so, and this was how our predecessors were. And we have quoted some of their statements, and they did not make those statements due to being weak in refuting them.

May Allah protect and make you firm and benefit me and you for that which is good and righteous. And always repeat “Oh the Everliving, Oh the Sustainer, guide us during disputes towards that which is the truth, indeed it is You who guides those whom You will to the straight path”.

The Prophet (may peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said regarding the Khawarij, “they will not cease to come out until the last group of them joins the Dajjal”.

Do you know why is that? It is because the methodology of the Khawarij is to go behind doubts and mere announcements.

So when a man follows ambiguous statements like the Hadith which speaks about the fields of Dabiq and the black flags and so on and so forth…, these statements may at one time apply to one person and at another time it may apply to another person, and this is what causes misguidance.

It is written between the eyes of the Dajjal, “Kafir” (disbeliever)! So why will the latter Khawarij join him?

It is because of the obscurity and the perplexity which accompanies him (the Dajjaal), and he would say this is paradise and hellfire, and thus they will follow him.


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Response to the latest speech of the gangster (Adnani)

By Sheikh Abu Mahmood Al Filasteeni


Khalid Ibn Al Waleed retreated from Homs, and he returned back whatever Jizya he had taken from its people back to them when the Romans came to confront them in an open area with an army that hugely outnumbered the Muslims. So Khalid Ibn Al Waleed retreated along with the senior companions towards the South of Syria to shield themselves because its geographical location was suitable for the battle. So this is Khalid and the Sahabah – they retreated for a Shareeah benefit.


And in the Islamic history, there are several incidents of retreats and tactical withdrawals. It has been confirmed that the Salaf of the Ummah from amongst the companions had retreated and handed over vast areas, and not just one single city, for a Shareeah benefit.


But because the Salaf of the Khawarij are not the same as our Salaf, therefore the modern day Khawarij will not find their Salaf to have retreated from a territory for the sake of a Shareeah benefit because they are fighting for the sake of fighting only. So how can they ever understand?


Our predecessors are the Sahaba and the Tabieen, and the predecessors of the renegade gangster (Adnani) are Dhul Khuwaisira and Ibn Muljim and Harooriya and Azariqa (i.e. the ancient Khawarij). So our predecessors are different from their predecessors, and this is the grace of Allah upon us.


So our predecessors are different from their predecessors, and our contemporary guides are different from their guides. Our guides are leaders who have a history in Jihad and in giving guidelines for Shareah matters, while their guides are previous military officers (from Baath party) and veteran criminals and pigeon hunters (Adnani’s previous profession was pigeon hunter).


Our role models are divine scholars who took knowledge from a chain of scholars and they have named them, while their role models are ignorant ones who are unknown, the best of them being just a minor little student in knowledge who makes mistakes even in the simple subject of menstruation. This is the difference between the Ahlu Sunnah and the Khawarij.


And this is the condition of their predecessors from amongst the Khawarij. They left the righteous Sahaba and made Takfeer on them and they accused them of abandoning the Shareeah and they spilled their blood on that pretext. And they followed the ignorant ones who are young in age with foolish dreams.


And here we see the grandchildren of Ibn Muljim in Sham making Takfeer on the scholars and the Mujahideen and accused them of abandoning the religion, and they spilled their blood. And it will be in Sham that their generation will be crushed just like how their predecessors were crushed.