The ruling on praying behind the Madkhalis

prayer madkhali

What is the ruling on praying behind the Madkhalis – followers of Rabi al Madkhali? May Allah reward you with every good.

Questioner: Lover of Jihad

Answer by Shaykh Abu Muhammad al Maqdisi

All praise belongs to Allah and peace and blessings of Allah be upon the Messenger of Allah.

To Proceed:

Knowledge regarding the judgment on a matter comes after understanding the reality of that matter.

And the reality of the Madkhali sect is that they are a group who have allegiance to and assist the Tawaghit who are hostile to the people of truth from amongst the Mujahideen and those who aid the religion, a sect which believes that they have a pledge of allegiance to the Taghut who fights the religion of Allah, and they ally with them and assist them against the Mujahideen, and they are hostile to everyone who speaks against them and they label them as Khawaarij and Takfiris and as deviant groups.

As Ibn Al Qayyim said:

They falsely accused them of what is more fitting for the accuser himself,
so that he may get rid of (being accused of) the crime of the criminal.

And they are like I said in an old treatise of mine entitled “Strong warning against the misguidance of the Jaamiya and Madkhali groups” that those Jaamis and Madkhalis and whoever is upon their path are in reality nothing but groups of misguided renegades who have allegiance to the rulers of their countries in general and to Aal Saud in particular. And they comprise of scholars of the Sultans and their preachers, and in fact many of them are from their intelligence and investigation agencies and those who support and assist them.

And their reality has been summed up by many of the scholars and callers of our time as follows: “They are Khawarij renegades when dealing with the preachers, and they are Murjiah Zindeeqs when dealing with the Tawaghit”.

And when dealing with the sincere preachers they are like those about whom Ibn Umar said “They are the worst of the creation, they take the verses which came down regarding the disbelievers and apply them upon the Muslims” (ie. as done by the Khawaarij)

And when dealing with the Taghut rulers and the leaders of wine, they are upon the path of those who said: “Imaan is not harmed by sins” (i.e as said by the Murjiah)

And I have no doubt that the original Murjiah who said that Imaan is sayings but not actions, those about whom Sufyan ibn Uyaynah said when he was asked about Irja, “Irja is of two types: those who delayed the matter of Ali and Uthman and those people are gone now. And those Murjiah today who say that Imaan is sayings but not actions. Do not sit with them and do not eat with them and do not drink with them and do not pray with them nor upon them” Reported by Al Tabari in Tahzeeb al Aathaar (2/181)

There is no doubt that those (original Murjiah) are less wicked that these Madkhalis, because despite them having the wrong understanding of Imaan, they did not assist the Mushrikeen against the believers and they did not have allegiance to the Tawaghit and they did not defend the legislators and the enemies of the religion like how these successors (of the previous Murjiah) amongst Madkhalis who have entered into alliance with the Tawaghit and went beyond that by doing actions which even the extreme Murjah amongst the Jahmiyyah didn’t do, who did not support Rome and did not join the rows of the Crusaders against the Muslims. As for these misguided successors, they are not content by merely arguing on behalf of the Tawaghit rulers, but they even rush to defend and argue on behalf of their allies the Crusaders, and even praise them and supplicate for them to the extent that their Khatibs while on the Minbar of Masjid al Haram croaked saying “May Allah bless America with good on our behalf”.

And on the other hand, you see them launching their attacks upon the people of Tawheed and unleashing their tongues against the preachers who oppose alliance with the Crusaders and oppose seeking help from them, and they permit them to spill the blood of the Mujahideen, and support the Taghut rulers and assist and strengthen them and incite them to kill and execute (the people of Tawheed).

And you will find the details of all this in my treatise mentioned above which is published in this blessed Minbar.

In conclusion, whoever is known to be from this wicked group with these wicked qualities and calls towards them, then prayer should not be made behind him giving him neither honour nor dignity because he is from the group of the Taghut and from its supporters, even if he has a turban and a long beard.

And this is like when Imam Ahmad was asked about the Murjiah if he preaches towards it. So he said he should be alienated and excommunicated.

As for the ignorant amongst them and the layman who are deceived by them and those who are not their preachers, then he is to be given Da’wah and the truth be made clear for him, and his doubts removed. And if he persists upon their falsehood then do not pray behind him, because as mentioned above, they are more evil than the Jahmiyyah whom Imam Ahmad forbade praying behind them.

And the details and evidence for all this can be found in our book. “Tuhfath ul Abrar Fee Ahkaam Masaajid Ad-Diraar” (“The gift of the Righteous in the rulings of Masajid al Dhirar”)


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