Differences between AQ (Al-Qaida) and ISIS

Differences between AQ (Al-Qaida) and ISIS

– AQ does not say Khilafa should be delayed, but they say that only “announcing” the Khilafa should be delayed because “announcing” it without actually ‘establishing” it and without fulfilling the duties and responsibilities of the Khilafa is a deception. Secondly, AQ is striving the most for the Khilafa because they are fighting against the occupiers of our land and by fighting them they are really coming closer to the establishment of the Khilafa. So the one who fights against the occupiers of our land is the one who truly is bringing the Khilafa. On the other hand ISIS is fighting THE ONES who are fighting the Kaafir enemies. And because of ISIS, Bashar and the Shia got more time to reorganize and remain in power, and ISIS caused the delay in the fall of Bashar. This means that ISIS actually DELAYED the establishment of the Khilafa. Because how can you establish the Khilafa when the Muslims are still under the control of the Kuffars? ISIS delayed the fall of Bashar and that means ISIS really DELAYED the establishment of Khilafa.

And mere claims and announcement of the Khilafa does not change the reality. In fact the situation of the Muslims became worse after this so called “announcement’. If it was a true Khilafa, the situation of the Muslims would have improved and not become worse. So this proves that their claim is false.

– Secondly, if ISIS claims that Jihad should be done only under an Imam or a Khalifa, then that is the view of the deviants and of some modern groups like Hizbu Tahreer.

– AQ tries to establish whatever they can from the Shareeah but they say that Hudood should be delayed in Darul Harb and this is in accordance with many of the religious texts. So if ISIS accuses AQ of not implementing the Shareeah, then they are either ignoring the religious texts or slandering the Ulama. Otherwise, what will they say to Ali (ra) who fought against Muawiya because Ali (ra) wanted to delay the Qisas and the Hadd punishment on those who killed Uthman (ra)? Was Ali (ra) abandoning the Shareeah when he wanted to avoid Qisas and avoid punishing the culprits before making his rule and authority to be firm and settled? In fact when ISIS is accusing AQ of not applying Hudood, they are similar to the Khawarij who slandered Ali (ra) saying he does not rule by the Shareeah. So was Ali (ra) sinful when he fought against Muawiya by delaying the Shareeah punishment on those who killed Uthman (ra)?

Moreover, ISIS themselves ran away from Shareah courts when they were called to by others. So that proves that they themselves do not want to rule by the Shareeah except when if suits them. This is in fact the way of the hypocrites.

AQ believes that everyone should be under the judgement of the Shareeah and everyone should be educated regarding the Shareeah.

–  AQ never advocated for allying with the Kuffar against the Muslims but ISIS did ally with the Kuffar directly or indirectly when fighting against the Muslims as pointed out by many scholars such as when they joined with the forces of Bashar many times to attack the Muslims after surrounding them together, and also the members of ISIS spied on the Mujahideen in Yemen for the sake of the Kuffar as was proven last year when the Mujahideen arrested the ISIS spy who helped the Kuffars kill many leaders of AQ in Yemen. And similar to that is when ISIS helped the Kuffar to track down the Mujahideen leaders in Libya by making public the details of their whereabouts and their location for all the Kuffars to see. On the contrary when a few months back, Turkey decided to attack ISIS alongwith other countries, at that time AQ issued a statement in which they publicly refused to join with Turkey and her allies to attack ISIS or take advantage of the attack of the Kuffar against ISIS.

– AQ in general makes a distinction between the Raafidhi laymen and their leaders when making Takfeer on them. And this is the stance of Sheikh ul Islam Ibn Taymiyya and many scholars of the Mujahideen even from the time of Sheikh Usama (ra). In fact their own senior Shariah judge Turki Binali also said the same. And similarly many of the past leaders of ISIS also distinguished between the ordinary Raafidha and those who are waging war and massacring the Ahlu Sunnah.

– According to AQ, if a Khalifa has been appointed without the consent of the Ummah and its leaders, then such a Khalifa should be removed because he has no right to rule the Ummah without their consent. And this is in accordance with the statement of Umar (ra) who said that if anyone gives pledge to a man without the consent of the Ummah, then both the man and the one who pledged to him could be killed. But on the contrary, ISIS did just what Umar (ra) spoke and warned against. So their so called leader does not deserve obedience but deserves what Umar (ra) mentioned in his statement, which is to be killed.

Conclusion :

AQ is striving for the Khilafa more than any one else. And ISIS is the biggest OBSTACLE for the Khilafa, because for establishing the Khilafa, you need to have strength and control, but ISIS became a reason for the Ummah to become weak. Hence ISIS is an obstacle for the Khilafa and are not from those who strive for it. In fact, due to ISIS betraying the Ummah, the regime of Bashar got more life to stay on when they were almost about to collapse. So this means that ISIS is actually DELAYING the Khilafa instead of establishing it.

One of the western Kaafir leaders once said, “If they have Mullah Umar, then we will set up a Mullah Bradely”. That is, they will set up a fake Mullah to turn the Muslims away from the real and true Mullah. And this is exactly what ISIS did. They set up a fake “Khilafa” to deceive the Muslims and turn them away from the real and true Khilafa.

ISIS has done exactly what the Kuffars wanted to do in order to destroy the strength of the Muslims and cause them to be defeated.

Written by Al Muwahideen Media

Justpaste Link : https://justpaste.it/difference-aq-isis


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