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Reply to one who wants to go to Jihad but is unsure about ISIS

Reply of Sheikh Al Muhaisiny to the one who wanted to go for Jihad in the path of Allah but has not taken a stance  towards Baghdadi’s group

May peace, mercy and blessings of Allah be upon you. May Allah grant you long life. I ask Allah to accept from you this pure blessed intention, and make us and you firm in His religion, and grant us and you martyrdom in His path facing the enemy without turning back. My noble brother, you have mentioned to me a matter, that you desire to go in the path of Allah and for Jihad in the path of Allah, but you have not been able to decide your stance regarding the groups that are in Shaam. So I say that my opinion, by which I submit myself to Allah, glory be to Him Most High, is that if you want to go to the land of Shaam and you have not decided your stance with regards to Baghdadi’s group, then I say to you, do not go to the land of Shaam. Yes, do not go to the land of Shaam. And (instead) go to any other land of Jihad in the path of Allah. Today the Rafidha are fighting against the Ahlu Sunnah in all places. You may very well join your brothers in Yemen. Fight alongside them against the Rafidhi, the Houthis and be a protective fortress for them in the fight in the path of Allah, or in any other land of Jihad for the sake of Allah where the enemies of Allah are repelled, so that the flag of Tawheed may rise high.

As for you coming to the land of Shaam while you have not been able to decide your stance towards those who have killed the Muslims and declared them to be unbelievers, and spilled their blood, then I say to you, my noble brother, memorise them (what I am saying to you) and understand them and keep them before you eyes. By Allah, that you meet Allah glory be to Him Most High, with the sin of sitting back without doing Jihad in the path of Allah – which is a great sin, and one of the major sins, is easier, than you meet Allah with the Mujahideen in the path of Allah holding on to you by your necks, those whose blood you have unjustly spilled. It is easier that you meet Allah glory be to Him Most High while the Mujahideen are clinging to your necks, those whose blood you have spilled without any right. Yes, sitting behind without doing Jihad is a sin and a disobedience, but spilling the blood of the Muslims and making Takfeer on them wrongly, is a greater sin.

I also want to comment, that is, you would say that I will go (to Shaam) but I will not declare other groups to be unbelievers (I will not make Takfeer on other factions). I say, this has been said before you by many, and they intended exactly what you intended, they desired that they do not make Takfeer on the Muslims and that they do not kill them, and then slowly and slowly, they gradually began to make Takfeer on the Muslims. And enough for you is the saying of the Prophet (saw), “A man is on the religion of his close friend, so let each one of you look at who you have befriended”. And if you wanted to come to land of Shaam, then first of all make your stance firm, and if you have an inclination to those who have made Takfeer on the Muslims and killed and massacred them, then you should go to other lands of Jihad. However if you have firmly taken your stance, then you are welcome to Jihad for the sake of Allah, as the land of Shaam is a blessed land, it is a land where Fitna (trials) will be put to an end. And the one who has said that the Jihad in Shaam is a Fitna, then he does not know the reality of the situation, and the reality of the Jihad in the land of Shaam. The Prophet (saw) says, “When trials occur, then Iman will be in Shaam”. What kind of Fitna is it in which the Nusayris and the Rafidha are fought against, and we defend the honour of the Muslims and their blood?

As for which groups to choose, then you may choose any group that fights in the path of Allah. Choose the one which is closest to your heart and the most beloved one to you, and I consider all of them to be fighting to raise the word of Tawheed and they are in a great good. And so choose the one closest to you, in which you are able to see good companionship to fight in the path of Allah, and join them. And I ask Allah to accept from us and you. This is in short the reply to your statement that you have mentioned. And Allah knows best. And may Allah reward you with good on our behalf, and I ask Allah to bestow on us and you the grace for our feet to become dusty in the path of Allah, and that we meet enemies of Allah so that we kill them and they kill us. May prayers and peace be upon our Prophet, and may Allah reward you well on our behalf.




The Russian Intervention – the Last Arrow.

Speech by Sheikh Abu Muhammad al-Joulani

All praise is due to Allah, the Lord of the Worlds. May peace and prayers be upon Muhammad, the best of Messengers, and upon his family and his pure and noble companions. To proceed:

After the overwhelming victories accomplished at the hands of the Mujahidin throughout the Levant, that which left the Syrian Regime on its last legs, as its defense forces collapsed and all of its attempted advances ended in failure. The Syrian Army became a militia just like those militias it had turned to for support – an unorderly and disarranged force, unable to achieve anything except defeat. The victories of the Mujahidin reached the heartland of the Nusayri Regime. It became clear to Iran and to Hezbollah that all of the support that they had given to the Regime had resulted in failure and disappointment, as the Regime’s downfall began to loom on the horizon. Thus, the Regime turned to an alternative plan, sketching the borders of its new state, that which would stretch from south Damascus to north Lattakia. However, the strikes of the Mujahidin have left the Regime without options, neither this new plan nor any other.

The concentrated strikes and well-executed operations of the Mujahidin threatened the pillars of the new state that the Regime wished to establish.

Their territory in Lattakia is now endangered as is their territory in Damascus.

Delegation after delegation hastened to Tehran to rescue the remnants of the Regime.

The Russian interests met here, as they hoped that this might allow them to pressure the European nations into bargaining with them over Ukraine. Continue reading

Regarding the latest speech of the gangster (Adnani)..

A response by Sheikh Abu Qatadah Al Filastini

After the statement of the gangster Adnani, by Allah, no one will remain supporting them except an ignorant one, or a Khaariji or a fool.

We seek refuge in Allah against ignorance.

When will the people know the difference between the religion of the Sunni and the religion of the Khawarij? They (ISIS) used to say “we don’t fight except the one who fights us”, and after that they would fight those who merely disagree with them. And today this gangster is fighting everyone who does not enter in his group, and after that is killing the one who does not enter his (own) house.

And after that, he is killing the one who does not enter his house without repenting.

And then comes along an ignorant one to say “where is the proof of them being Khawarij?”…!

Ponder upon the word “repent”… It means they will examine your repentance under their ignorance to see whether it is sincere or a lie, and whether it fulfills the requirements of their religion or is it deficient.

That means, oh Mujahid, as long as you have fought outside of their group, then you will be killed in any case until you follow their religion of Takfeer and of considering blood permissible to be spilled.

Truly brothers, where is the proof of them being Khawarij?

Prior to a response, every one who disagrees with them will be defamed in regards to his religion, and every scholar that refutes them will be slandered with very evil statements.

Oh people, be cautious of the religion of the gangster…!

This gangster claims that his misguided khilafa which they invented is the one that plotted the plans to drag America into a war in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Truly, the one who does not feel ashamed like this filthy one, then his condition is either that he believes with certainty that he is talking to a cow and not to a human, because then the one who is sane will know who are those with him and who are his group. Otherwise, the disease of ignorance and misguidance has entered in all of his veins, and so he does not understand what he is saying.

This gangster has spread dark smoke to cover up all of his misguidance and ignorance, and of being empty of any goodness or guidance.

Let not the speech regarding fighting America deceive you, as the people have fought against America before and after his filth.

This gangster accused the Hakeem, the wise man (Sheikh Ayman Al Zawahiri) with a degraded description which he is himself more deserving of it. That is because the latter (Sheikh Ayman) made a statement and mentioned history, gave advice and used evidences because he is addressing the intelligent ones in what he knows. Whereas this gangster made a statement that has nothing except accusations, and only had a line of poetry which he used as a cover to hide his misguidance and his immorality. So who is more fitting to be described as a “fool”?

This gangster when giving his talk makes his audience put their brains besides their shoes..!

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Testimony of Shaykh Abdullah Azzam about Shaykh Usamah bin Ladin


An incident that shook me a lot. Usama bin Laden, may Allah bless this youth, and protect him. His blood pressure being low, a sick man, he would not eat, and would carry a bag of salt in one hand and in the other hand would be a bottle of water. He would frequently eat the salt and drink water along with it, so that his blood pressure may rise up for him to be able to stand up. The brother Usama bin Laden, glory be to Allah, we ask Allah to protect him and bless him. This is a nation in a man. He is a man who is a nation by himself. –

Sheikh Abdullah Azzam on the struggle, patience and strong will of Sheikh Usama.