The practice of Proceeding Gradually

By Shaykh Qasim al Raymi, May Allah protect him

 Likewise in some villages when a new born comes to them, after some days they come with a particular type of scorpion whose sting and poison is weak, and leave it to bite the baby.
After some years they would come with a type of scorpion that has stronger poisons to sting the child.
And after a period of about a little or more than seven years, they would come with a scorpion whose poison is noxious for it to sting him.

Now if any type of insect or any type of poison comes to him, he will not be affected by it because he has with him immunity and he possesses serum.

By these incidents Allah, glory to be Him Most High is educating His slaves by it. If you shift immediately from a beginner’s stage to a very high stage, this jump might break your back.
And if Allah makes it easy for you to (establish) a state, then its problems will be of the weight of a state. And any problem can bring you to your end in the beginning. But when the group proceeds gradually, and every time a small problem comes, you will solve it and overcome it. And you will have the knowledge of how to behave, and also you will not be in a state of shock. This is important.




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