When do we rule by the Shariah?

by Shaykh Abu Sufyan Saeed al Shihri, may Allah have mercy upon him.

These two points are the most important points now in this current situation where disagreements have risen and caused for us religious problems now between the Islamic movements. They are, expelling the attacking enemy, then judging by the Shariah.

Most of the people are now claiming “we are calling for the rule of the Shariah”. Most of the groups if you ask them, “what is your project”, they will say “Our project is to bring the Shariah to rule”. If we say “how?” they will say, “we have now reached a stage where we cannot establish the Shariah except through Democracy”.

Why? Due to the inability to expel the attacking enemy and surrendering to the wishes of the governments, and saying that these government are valid governments, which has made us reach to the point where we are unable to establish the Shariah of Allah but we are able to establish Democracy.

They say, “Democracy is from the religion”. And if we ask them “what is democracy?”, they will say that “It is Shura (consultation), consulting the majority”.

These problems only came from loving this worldly life and hating death.They did not come originating from the Shariah, no by my Lord! But they came out of psychological weakness in confrontation.

Now oh dear ones, our situation today is the situation of the organizations and groups. The first target is expelling the transgressing enemy. This is a religious order. This is Fard Ayn (individual obligation) upon the Islamic Ummah. If the invading enemy enters a land of Islam, then it becomes obligatory upon the Islamic Ummah; an individual obligation on the masses(all the people) until the invading enemy is expelled. And it is given precedence over other acts of worship.

Oh dear ones, the situation now is that of an occupation, an enemy invading the land of Islam. So the foremost obligation upon us is expelling this enemy, and then after that we establish the Shariah. The Shareeah will not be established while the invading enemy is present in the Islamic Ummah, never!
The situation now, the situation of the groups and organizations, what is the purpose of forming these groups and organizations? The first goal is repelling the transgressing enemy i.e America and her allies.

Now we have here a transgressing internal enemy and a transgressing external enemy. The transgressing external enemies are America and her allies. The transgressing internal enemies are the apostate governments who are the agents of the occupying enemy.

These agent governments must be repelled, removed, expelled and fought against until they are brought down, until we are able to establish the Shariah of Allah, glory be to Him, Most High. We will not be able to establish the Shariah of Allah on the land while there is an occupation. This is the most important point which we must understand. We will not be able to establish the Shariah of Allah glory be to Him until the attacking enemy is expelled from the land of Islam.




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