Decisive Reply To Those Slandering Sheikh Abu Muhammad Al Maqdisi


Decisive Reply To Those Slandering Our Noble Sheikh
Decisive Reply To Those Slandering Sheikh Abu Muhammad Al Maqdisi in relation to his interview with Ru’ya Channel
Abu Waleed Suri (Ahmed Al Kasem)
Before I begin talking regarding the slanderers of Sheikh Al Maqdisi, may Allah protect him, I wish to point out that the talk is not addressed towards ISIS as these people believe him to be misguided since months and some of them believe him to have fallen in kufr. And those from them who ‘NOW’ go out saying that the Sheikh has become corrupt, this is a clear hypocrisy as for months they have been saying that Al Maqdisi and Abu Qatada are from the leaders of misguidance. So let them not belittle your intellect…!

It is necessary for all to know that the actions of ISIS has brought calamities upon the Mujahideen.
And many from the people of Jordan were supporting the Mujahideen and the oppressed Muslim refugees with money, but after their actions, most of the people of Jordan have turned against all the Mujahideen and against Jihad on the whole.

And the media of the Tawaghit are not portraying this action by attributing it to ISIS only, but they are potraying it for them as an action of all the Mujahideen and that all the Mujahideen are upon this Manhaj, in other words telling them : “This is the Jihadi Movement that we have been fighting and which we are warning from. So did you understand why we fight them? It is because they are barbaric”.


And here questions have come to my mind and I have come out to logically answer them through analysis of the events and the situation and the questions are:

1. What is the benfit for the Jordanian regime in taking Shaykh Al Maqdisi out of prison for the interview?
2. What is the benefit by Shaykh Al Maqdisi in accepting this?

Answer 1:

The first part of the question is as clear as the sun, for the one whom Allah bestowed understanding.
After the buring of Muadh and the failure of the operation to release him from captivity, a section from the people went out condemning the Jordanian regime and accusing it of lying to them and that it didn’t want to rescue him and that they are the reason for his killing.

And the reality is that this saying is not true. In fact the regime tried very hard to free Muadh and it was ISIS who caused disorder because they had basically executed him in the first week…!

So they wanted to prove this to the people through the testimony of Shaykh Al Maqdisi (because he was the mediator between them). This is the first reason.

Secondly, they wanted to release him because they know that releasing him now and in a situation like this will agitate the foolish mob of Baghdadi and they will curse him more and use this to attack and slander him more and will launch a vicious campaign to defame him which the Jordanian regime would not be able to do so alone by themselves.

Answer 2:

What I am going to write here is a personal analysis by looking at the little amount of data which is available to us and I think that the Shaykh will comment on the interview and explain in details. However I will say in summary:

The Shaykh comprehended the wickedness of the regime and that it has exploited the crimes of ISIS to distort the Jihadi movement entirely and the Mujahideen as a whole and exploited it to popularize the manhaj of Al Salool (the hypocrites) and the puppets.

And the Shaykh wanted to send a message to the Muslim people of Jordan that the actions of ISIS are in one valley and the manhaj of the mujahideen is in a different valley… and that the scholars of Jihad who are the pattern for the Mujahideen, see that these actions are criminal and they are not the actions of the Mujahideen. And by this he will be able to improve the image of Jihad and the Mujahideen amongst the general people.

And here there is a very important point and it is “Who are the category of people that will watch this channel?”

The Answer: They are the general misguided public who are intoxicated day and night with the liquor of the lying misguided media. And it is not possible to reach these people by putting up statements on Minbar ut Tawheed for example..!

Rather they can be reached only by going to the (TV) channels which they themselves follow.

And May Allah reward Shaykh Al Maqdisi with goodness on our behalf because he clarified to the Muslim public that the Mujahideen and their manhaj is in one valley and the gang of Bagdadi is in another valley.

And this is a great favour and a great benefit that will not be understood by those who are weak minded. And it will be understood by those who look towards the future of this Ummah and its destiny and our present struggle.  And how about when we are in need of gathering the Ummah and getting them involved in the battle, not alienating it and pushing it away from the struggle or causing it to stand alongside the apostate armies.


I have seen that some people, “knowingly or unknowingly” exaggerated regarding the Shaykh over his position towards the Jordanian army.
And here, it is necessary to point out and remind that Shaykh Al Maqdisi had already issued a statement regarding the crusade campaign and he described the armies participating in it as “apostate armies”.  So ponder, may Allah have mercy on you…!

And some of them said: Why did he not say on the television that the Jordanian army are apostates!!!!
And here I am surprised at this dumb question which does not come from someone who is balanced.

And the Answer-

Every context has its statement…!  and you and I agree and confirm that had he said this then they would not have broadcasted  the meeting. So the Shaykh will not achieve the goal for which he came out to the (TV) channel.
And the Shaykh was not imprisoned except because he made takfeer on them basically.
And the context over which the Sheikh came out is the context of “the exoneration of the Mujahideen” from these crimes so that the Muslim public will not turn away from them (and I have explained some of this previously ).

And some of them said: The presenter said in front of him “the martyr Muadh” and he did not oppose this.

The Answer:

Not opposing what the presenter said does not mean that he agreed with it. And the basic rule according to Usool (fundamentals) is that a confirmed statement is given preference over the action. And as the Shaykh had declared the apostasy of the armies which participate (in the coalition), his silence over what the presenter said does not mean that he changed his previous statements, simply based on him not opposing what the presenter said (and this is something which Shaykh Al Maqdisi couldn’t avoid since if he opposed it then he could not have achieved what he intended and if he was silent then this would also be harmful). So as the matter had both benefit and harm, the Shaykh considered silence to be more useful and not to comment upon the word “martyr” in this place; which would in short mean that he made Ijtihad in this issue – meaning his silence over the saying “martyr”- which the wicked presenter surprised him with… Whether he was right or wrong, this is a matter of Iktilaaf (difference) and not something that is to be attacked, criticised or defamed..


It is necessary on every fair minded person and seeker of the truth to ask himself a question.

A few months back Sheikh Al Maqdisi was released from prison after spending several long years.

And he only remained for a few months before they sent him back to prison… And the question is: Why did they send him back to prison?

The Answer:

Because he spoke about the crusader campaign and the kufr of whoever participates in it and they asked him to be silent and they threatened to send him back to prison if he does not remain silent. And his reply to them (May Allah Protect him) was : “The prison is more beloved to me than what you are asking me to do” and so they returned him to prison again.

The point: If the shaykh would flatter in the religion of Allah, he would have remained silent on the crusader campaign. And he would have remained a liberated man and would not have been returned to prison once again. And so is it logical that he prefers prison over being silent regarding the Crusader campaign, then he comes out of prison to undo all of that…? By Allah no sane person would say that! And if he wanted to flatter he would never have faced imprisonment to begin with….!


Surely what Shaykh Al Maqdisi has done was a great bounty for Jihad and the Mujahideen (from what I see). And maybe some of the dear ones may differ with me in this opinion or they may agree. And the matter can be differed respectfully.

And there is no problem if one criticises the Ijtihad of the Shaykh in appearing (for the interview) (with respect and manners and not with defamation and attacks). And this is the habit of the student of knowledge and the habit of the one who was raised upon the manners in Islam and the habit of the one who who knows the status of the people of knowledge who declare the truth, those who are almost becoming extinct. And the Sheikh is now facing the cunning plot and the craftiness of the thagout and the wickedness and the depravity of the extremists. And there is no power nor strength except with Allah.

And I conclude with the statement of Ibn Al Qayyim, may Allah have mercy on him.

“From the fundamentals of the Shareeah and wisdom is that those whose righteousness is abundant and great and he had a clear impact on Islam, then he may be given what others would not be given”.

Written by the one in need of the mercy of his Lord : Abu Waleed Al Sury




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