Sanctity of Muslim Blood In Islam

sh harith

In the name of Allah, Compassionate, Exalted

Al Malahem Productions

Sanctity of Muslim Blood In Islam

By Sheikh Harith An Nadhaari (HA)

We in the organization of AQAP assert the following:

  1. Preventing explosions and using whatever methods would prevail and widen killing in mosques, common places of Muslims like markets, playing grounds, etc in Muslim lands whatever the target is. We do this to keep jihadi issues on the right course also as a cautious procedure and to avoid mistakes and harms.
  2. Preventing working with fatwa of ‘Tartarus’ (To target infidel enemies mixed with Muslims in same places) and never be used except in a situation of necessary which is determined by reliable Islamic scholars.
  3. No one is allowed to issue fatwa (legal verdicts)in matters of martyrdom operations except who has the following conditions:
  • Firmness in the science of Sharia, understanding of Sharia’s purposes and fiqh (knowledge) of advantages and disadvantages.
  • Accurate knowledge of the reality, circumstances and motives of these operations.
  1. Leaders of Mujahideen everywhere should teach the Mujahideen brothers in general and the fidayeen (martyrdom operation executors) in particular whatever knowledge is required for such operations so that he won’t go to strike a suspicious or doubtful or disputable or controversial target, and never attack any target (by such kind of operations) unless he is sure about it 100% and feels totally assured that the target is legal in Islam and the striking will please Allah Almighty.
  2. We assert to the leading brothers of Mujahideen to advice the martyrdom seekers and be careful in the highest way from sending them to strike suspicious or doubtful targets.
  3. We remind the martyrdom seeking brothers themselves that if they would undertake an operation without verification and foresight then they would be neglectful. How many people want to be righteous but could not!
  4. In the end! We declare to Allah that we are not responsible for any prohibitive blood in islam that would be spilled and we ask Allah for refuge from misleading events. Aameen.

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