Message regarding the Quran from a soldier of Jabhat an-Nusra in the land of Sham

May the peace of Allah be upon you and his mercy and his blessings.

O virtuous brother,

Did you ponder on this picture? It is of a mujahid reciting the verses of Allah.

If the enemy attacks, comes close and their shells and bullets come towards the mujahid, he does not leave the book of his Lord and he does not turn away from it and abandon it.

What about you, when you are safe, sound and able but are turning away from the book of Allah. Are you confident that you will get the intersection of the Quran when you read the news and papers more than it?

Are you confident that you will receive your book in the right hand on the day of Qiyamah while you are turning away from the book of your Lord?

Are you confident that you will be steadfast while you are turning away from Allah help [Quran] ?

Oh my brother! I ask you in Allah, how is your life like this? How do you pass days and days while you are turning away from the book of your lord?

O beloved one, Our lord most high says [trans] “ O mandkind, a advice from your lord has come and cure for the hearts and guidance and mercy for the believers”

“An advice from your lord”- It is the best of reminders and the best advisor is the book of your lord and it is a cure for that which is in the chest, for that which shakes the heart with worries, hypocrisy, sadness, the Quran cures it.

“A guidance and mercy for the believers”- The people of faith are guided by the book of Allah and its light brightens their path. It is a mercy and blessing for them. However the advice, cure, guidance and mercy are exclusively for the believers. As for the people with no faith, it does not increase them except in loss!

Allah says “We reveal in the Quran that which is a cure and mercy for the believers. And it does not increase the oppressors except in loss.”

O my companion, Do you not agree that we are in a time that the trials (fitna) have become severe and test have become numerous. Do you not listen to the Hadith of our beloved Prophet (peace be upon him) regarding the escape from trials and safety in darkness? The Prophet (Peace be upon him) says “ I have left you with that, which if you hold on to firm, you will not be misguided after me- The book of Allah and my Sunnah”

O my brother, there is nothing in leaving the Quran except misfortune and narrowness. Allah says “ Whoever turns away from my remembrance, for him is a narrowed life and we will resurct him on the day of Qiyaamah blind”

O brother in Islam, repent to your lord, read his book and let there be a portion for you every day. You will perceive the closeness to Allah and happiness and many folds of good

Whoever tastes the sweetness of pondering over it and reciting it, then by Allah he will not abandon it.

I ask Allah to make the Quran the light of my heart and your heart and a means of removing grief from my heart and your heart .

This is the message from your beloved, from the blessed land of Sham, may Allah make me and you firm

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