Dialogue with Imam Az Zarqaawee

In The Name Of Allah The Most Gracious The Most Merciful

The brothers in the media section of the Al-Qaeda organization in the land of the Rafideen (Iraq) had asked nearly year ago to meet with Sheikh Abu Musab in order to gain convincing answers to a few questions but the Sheikh told them that he would perform Istikharah and then reply to their this request.

The reply came after a period of time that the Sheikh has agreed to this request and the call was given to the reporter of the media section of the Al-Qaeda organization in the land of Rafideen. The “reporter” at that time, Brother Abu Yaman al-Baghdadi (Rahimahullah ) then met with Sheikh Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi. The meeting took place in the form of an interview where Brother Abu Yaman entered into a detailed discussion with Abu Musab.

Script Of The Dialogue With Sheikh Abu Musab Al-Zarqawi (May Allah Have Mercy On Him)

Baghdadi: Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullah Wa Barakatu, our sheikh Abu Musab

Zarqawi: Wa Alaikum As Salaam Wa Rahmatullah Wa Barakatu

Baghdadi: Who is Sheikh Abu Musab?

Zarqawi: O Allah there is no ease except that which you make easy, and you make difficult easy if you wish. Your brother in Islam, the slave who is poor to the mercy of his Lord, Zarqawi is Ahmed Fudail Nizal Al-Khulilah, from the family of Bani Hasan in Jordan.

Baghdadi: When was the beginning of you becoming religious?

Zarqawi: That happened towards the end of the 80’s of the last century. And my beginning was in the Masjid of Hussain bin Ali al Ka’in in the blue city and then, after my adherence for six months, I went to Afghanistan, the land of Jihad.

Baghdadi: Was the society that cradled you affiliated to a particular Madhab (school of thought) or was it generally religiousness?

Zarqawi: The brothers in whose hands I came to the right path were religious in a general way, and you know that before adherence a person does not differentiate between the Madhahib but my religious inclination was general.

Baghdadi: Was there a special personality that touched you before you were guided?

Zarqawi: No, there wasn’t any particular personality that touched me before my adherence. And the real reason that made me religious was that I went through a lot of incidents that brought me close to destruction and therefore close to death. So I felt that Allah is warning me. After that I was guided and I adhered to (the teachings of) Islam.

Baghdadi: The transfer from general religiousness to the depths (zarwah) of Islam i.e. Jihad , how did that happen?

Zarqawi: By the grace of Allah, during my stay with the brothers at the Masjid, I regularly performance congregational prayers and the brothers used to discuss the news of Jihad in Afghanistan. We also used to receive tapes of Sheikh Abdullah Azzam, may Allah have mercy on him, who had a very great influence in directing me towards jihad. Similarly we would get magazines on jihad and few videos that effected me a lot and made me among those who cared enough to travel to the land of jihad in Afghanistan. I decided to migrate leaving my family, as I had only been married a short while, two months or so, and my age then was 23 years.

Baghdadi: The journey to Afghanistan, how did it take place?

Zarqawi: I got the visa from the Jordan embassy because at that time it was simple on the part of these organizations that obey the command of America so it made it easy to for youth to travel to Afghanistan in order to destroy the Soviet Union and stop its raid towards the warm waters as is the Russian dream. And you know. the world then was divided into Capitalist and Socialist and both of them were competing on the lands of influence, nevertheless the Middle East . Most of the Arab countries follow American order, so America didn’t bat an eyelash in declaring jihad against the Soviet Union and these countries made it easy to reach Afghanistan. I reached Afghanistan in 1989 and came back to Jordan in 1992.

Baghdadi: What was the reason for your coming back from Afghanistan?

Zarqawi: Praise be to Allah, we were in Afghanistan but the various sides started fighting against each other after Kabul fell. And we saw some conditions that were far from the right way so we decided to move out of Afghanistan to try to do something in the land of Shaam (Syria) and on a primary basis in Jordan and Palestine.

Baghdadi: So your return was a struggle to transfer the experience of the Jihad in Afghanistan to the land of Shaam. But what is your estimation of the experience that you faced in Jordan?

Zarqawi: We returned to Jordan with a kind of extra enthusiasm, and that is clear. We also suffered from limited experience and lack of experimentation as we hadn’t dealt with enough situations.

Baghdadi: Was it because the experience was merely military or what?

Zarqawi: Sort of yes, the experience was military and contradicting that we had not mastered fighting skills. There wasn’t any certainty on the part of the organizations on what has to be taken care of concerning the establishment of Shariah (law of Allah). We wanted to create jihad with what we had and we might have been hasty on certain matters. There were also some security holes because of our lack of organizational experience at that time. This is what I remember of my special experience that I went through with some of the brothers who decided to transfer the experiment to Jordan for the three years in Afghanistan wasn’t enough!

Baghdadi: How did the experience of Afghanistan help you and how did it harm?

Zarqawi: On the contrary, the experience in Afghanistan helped us and this is a matter there is no doubt about. The shortcoming was in the conditions at that time in Afghanistan as we lived a life in a division (jabhah). The jihad was a general jihad against the unbelievers and we used to sit for months at a time in the camps and there wasn’t any scheduled program. You would not be in a group who would begin training you in both religious and military matters instead there were training camps were you would train and then the division would come down to hold fast and fight.

Baghdadi: What are the similarity between the condition now in Iraq and what you faced in Afghanistan at the time of Russian jihad?

Zarqawi: There, there was no time to organize but in Iraq now, the experience from this point of view is better, and from that maybe that the Mujahideen in Iraq have learnt from the past experiences. Later after the Taliban came to power, the experience matured and the previous experience matured and cleared the way for the correct jihad. This matter is clear. From the time we left Afghanistan in 1992 until now, there is a great difference. How much is the difference between you and them? 11 years. And that is, enough to show that our vision must have clear concerning the matters and the way to deal with the operations.

Baghdadi: Is this the major reason or is it amongst the major reasons?

Zarqawi: The jihad in Afghanistan has its own strong holds but there is no doubt that the jihad in Iraq, in a very short time, by the grace of the Almighty, has been able to storm the enemy and put them in great difficulty. The opportunities present on Iraqi soil are not present in Afghanistan.

Baghdadi: What is the importance of the clarity of basic belief and adherence to the Quran and the Sunnah in the path of jihad?

Zarqawi: The clarity of of basic belief is very necessary for any group that undertakes jihad in the way of Allah, and it is a must for the group that undertakes jihad to fix its goal at the beginning; to lay out why is it undertaking jihad and on what basis is it undertaking jihad.

Baghdadi: What are the most important mistakes you witnessed in the Afghan jihad against Russia?

Zarqawi: The people were fighting against Soviet rule and to implement the rule of Allah, so the goal from this point of view was very clear, but we realized with the passage of time that many of the fighting groups had confused basic beliefs. And it is necessary here to make exemptions for there were some groups that had sound beliefs. And there is also the need to differentiate between good intention and correctness of belief. We have no doubt in their intentions so we say they suffered from shortsightedness and this is what made them accept the global socialism system. There was no distinction with the national fight from the very beginning so they faced hard hurdles at the end. The major leaders in Afghanistan were Ikhwaan (Muslim Brotherhood) like Siaf, Rabbani, Hikmatyar and Ahmad Shah Masood, or were globalists claiming jihad. For this reason their belief was not clear in spite of the fact that they claimed that they wanted to establish the Shariah. The reason for this is that Afghanistan has a peculiarity that differentiates it very much from the other Islamic countries and that is the quality of adherence and their love for the Shariah, for the nature of the Afghani nation is adherence and this is what has made the general inclination, an Islamic inclination. But from the point of view of belief that was not very clear with them. And what was the result?

The leadership that had the confused belief showed its betrayal later, like Siaf, Ahmad Shah Masood and Rabbani, and they allied with the Buddhist Hindus and with America, and they accepted the Americans and did not accept the Taliban.

Baghdadi: In what way do the Taliban differ from the rest?

Zarqawi: The Taliban are different form the first jihad leaders who the majority were adhering to the school of the Ikhwaan movement. The Taliban movement most are kow as Mullahs and follow the Deobandi belief. And that is different from the school of the Ikhwaan which is why hey did not accept them (Taliban). I found them standing in the row of (extremely sadly) Americans and this showed the corruption of the Ikhwaan beliefs present with these. This corruption was never visible to the people in the beginning but then after a short while the hidden was revealed. It is during difficulties that realities are revealed and the sides are cleared.

Baghdadi: As a counter back the debaters ask saying, what is your belief? And what is your political project? And what do you aim to achieve?

Zarqawi: As for our political project as some people call it, it is summarized elaborately in the saying of the Prophet, peace be upon him, “I have been sent with the sword, between the hands of the hour, until Allah is worshipped alone”. It is necessary to point out that we do not believe in politics in the manner that is familiar to some groups that are directed along the lines of a particular sect. They raise Islam as a slogan and then you find them in the parliaments and they are participating with the disobeyers in filling the seats that rule against the law of Allah ….

Baghdadi: As a counter to the debaters, how do you answer the questions they are asking about what your belief (manhaj) is? And what is your political agenda? And what do you aim to achieve?

Zarqawi:As for our political agenda as some people call it, so we find it summarized richly in the saying of the Prophet (peace be upon him), “I have been sent with the sword, between the hands of the hour, until Allah is worshipped alone”. It is necessary to point out that we do not believe in politics in the way familiar with some groups that are directed by their sect, who raise Islam as a slogan. You find them in the parliaments, participating with the disobeyers in engaging the seats that rule against the law of Allah. Some of these groups have political agenda’s containing a lot of confusion and many wrong things. They also carry out some practices that are very deviant from the manhaj of the religion; we ask Allah refuge from them.

Our political agenda, like I said before is that of the saying of the Prophet peace be upon him, “I have been sent with the sword, between the hands of the hour, until Allah is worshipped alone”, and like the Prophet (peace be upon him) words that he had been sent with the sword until Allah is worshipped alone, this is what determines our political goal.

We fight in the way of Allah, until the law of Allah is implemented, and the first step is to expel the enemy, then establish the Islamic state, then we set forth to conquer the lands of Muslims to return them back to us, then after that, we fight the kuffar (disbelievers) until they accept one of the three.

“I have been sent with the sword, between the hands of the hour”; this is our political agenda.

And by Allah if it wasn’t that the Americans were fighting us, and they did not attack our homes, they and the Jews, it is better for Muslims not to sit back from jihad in the way of Allah until the law of Allah is implemented on this basis and Islam would spread everywhere. This is what the Prophet (peace be upon him) did when he traveled from Makkah to Madinah.

For after the establishment of an Islamic nation, he started moving to spread Islam in the east and the west and the north and the south. Our political agenda now is to expel the imposing enemy, this is the beginning, and our agenda after it is to establish the Shariah of Allah on earth.

This is our political agenda, “I have been sent with the sword, between the hands of the hour, until Allah is worshipped alone”

And in the sentence, this Hadith from its beginning to its end determines the basis to our path. For those who mean by political agenda in the modern way (mustalah al haadith), that is against the Shariah of Allah.

Like politics where there is conceding (mudahanah) and stepping away from the things that determine Aqeedah (thawabit al aaqeedah) and ignore the questions concerning the acquittal from unbelievers, this is a deviated politics. It is not correct to call it Shariah because it is against what has been ordained and it is not correct to be affiliated with it.

Baghdadi: Did Abu Zayed exaggerate when he said “Al-Qaeda aims in 100 years to take control over the world”?

Zarqawi: This is not hidden. We are working to spread the equality of Islam throughout the globe, to wipe away the darkness of disbelief and the misconceptions of the other religions. We pray to Allah to increase the fighting skills of the Ummah for that reason. We pray to Allah to bless us so that we may expel this occupying enemy to retrieve the rights of Muslims and purify their houses from the uncleanness of the unbelievers and shirk. And then, we spread the religion of Allah on earth. We do not find any reason to hide this clear matter for it is a matter that our Lord has written in His book and made it obligatory on His slaves.

Baghdadi: Why do you and those like-minded always emphasize on the obligation of jihad in Iraq?

Zarqawi: It is obligatory for a Muslim to adhere to the commands of Allah as He wants and just as He has ordered. That is that he struggles to implement the law of Allah like his struggles to offer his prayer and to fast and to perform Hajj. These are obligatory and a part of Islam, made obligatory on every Muslim slave. In a similar manner, fighting in the way of Allah is an obligation. Jihad as such is a jihad kifayah (not obligatory on all the Muslims, can be done in portions) but it becomes compulsory in three situations and others say four but the stronger opinion is three.

The first condition the most severe is when an enemy invades the lands of Islam or oppresses the Muslims. In this condition, jihad becomes obligatory. Sheikh Ibn at Taymiyyah said, “No excuse can be used as an excuse for it”. It mustn’t be supposed that the Sheikh of Islam means by no excuses that any excuse in jihad for self defense (jihad ad daff’) is that we fight under any flag or without any bounds, it means the nullification of any excuse that is held as an excuse with the scholars in general.

As in jihad for self defense (jihad ad daff’) the creditor can go without the permission of his lender and the woman without the permission of her husband, and the son without the permission of his parents and this is what Sheikh of Islam meant when he said that no excuse is not an excuse.

And for jihad at this time, it is a jihad of self defense and the one who looks at the condition of the Ummah today sees clearly that the attack it is facing today is a fierce Crusade which will not end with the colonization of Iraq and will not stop until it swallows the homes of Islam as a whole and by the victory of their people as they wish it.

It is known that this Christian campaign targeted Iraq with the aim of enabling the Jews and fulfilling their dream to set up of a great Israeli nation from the Nile to the Euphrates. The belief of the American government on this is clear for they believe that there is no coming of their (false) Messiah (Dajjal) before the establishment of a great Israeli nation and Armageddon.

As part of their goals, a branch of this major aim is the control of the oil wells to control its price and to prevent any other country competing with the Americans. It is also their plan to exercise direct control on the Arab masses, together with Syria and that is why the Ummah, the whole Ummah, is entitled to repel this Christian Jewish attack from the houses of the Muslims and to stand against this plan. If they succeed may Allah not destine it, then the Muslims will be in an enormously dangerous situation that would threaten their religion and force their extinction.

For this reason we stress that the jihad in Iraq is an obligatory jihad on the Muslims and its obligatory on Muslims to support their brothers in the land of the Rafideen (Iraq) and sponsoring them with money and men and with every thing that they can and the jihad in Iraq, like I said, is the jihad of self defense to repel the occupying enemy. No excuse can be excused for not participating in it; it is an obligation on every able Muslim. This is the first point.

Secondly, rushing to help the brothers in the land of Rafideen is an obligation on the whole of the Muslim world. And Allah says “if they seeked help from you”.

Baghdadi: There are those who object to the brothers coming who are immigrating from the Arab lands and beyond them, to help their brothers and fight the Christians, so what would you say to the likes of these people?

Zarqawi: These are of two kinds, for they are those who do not have knowledge about the nature of this religion or they are those who are deceivers (mugridoon), who want to stop the migrating brothers from backing their brothers to fight in the way of Allah, so that it is not taken by their fighting that the jihad (in general) has become a global jihad. The person who stops the Muslims from helping each other due to a lack of knowledge should be taught or if he is a is a deceiver (mugrid) then we ask Allah protection from his evil and the darkness in his heart.

It is necessary to accept the fact that it is an obligation for every Muslim to rush to help each other and it is also very necessary to agree that the houses of Muslims are just one house. The enemies (the disbelieving nations) have imposed boundaries and divided the lands of Muslims to tiny nations however we do not believe in them and the boundaries of Sax Bacon do not restrict us. We, the Muslims are one nation and the lands of Islam are one land, we fight for the sake of “there is no god but Allah”. We do not fight for merely a land but because we are ordered to protect the people of Islam and we must can not escape the protection of the egg (referring to land) of the Muslims and helping all our brothers and sisters in Islam. This is the very basis; that the Muslim helps his brother Muslim.

As for these supposed boundaries that they have put then it, they have no authority from Allah for Iraq is not for the Iraqis alone, but it is the land of the companions. This ground has been formerly conquered by our forefathers and it has been watered with the blood of the people of Islam. The Companions came form Makkah and Madina and from other elsewhere including Yemen and they conquered this land and from it they spread Islam. It is on this that we base ourselves in such matters. The land of Islam, may it be Iraq or others it is an Islamic land, ruled by the people of Islam and it is Muslims protecting it in spite of the difference in their colors and blood. As for promoting jihad for a “national” Iraq, they base this on Sax and Bacon and this we will not abide by and we will not abide by it as long as we live.

The Mujahideen will remain struggling to destroy these idols and these tawagheet (objects worshipped beside Allah) and these boundaries because in reality, this is of the Christians making, for it is they who have sketched these invented boundaries. We say to them, we are one nation and we fight for “there is no god but Allah”, we do not abide by your boundaries and the land of Iraq is for all the Muslims and so is the land of Egypt, it is also for all the Muslims and so are the rest of the lands of the Muslims.

Baghdadi:Why do you see that if the jihad in Iraq ends, the Ummah will face a disaster (intikasah) as you have stated more than once?

Zarqawi: When the enemy attacked Iraq, it was in its plan to continue the Christian campaign to control Sham (Syria) and the Arab peninsula as a whole and, as I mentioned before, the establishment of a greater Israeli nation. It is easy to deduce that this campaign after the fall of the Iraqi regime and the Iraqi army that vaporized in seconds, will be easy and simple, and will go in accordance with their plans.

But when the Mujahideen stood and struggled against this enemy, by the grace of Allah, they were able to stand in the face of this imposing enemy and strangle its dreams. It is here that he enemy started to work to find some other way to reach its goal.

There was a great blessing and much goodness derived from the stand of the Mujahideen. Was it not for the Mujahideen, the enemy would have gone forth with their campaign and Allah knows best about the conditions in Syria and the condition of other places in the Arabian peninsula. We know these people have a plan to control Iraq and other places and this is the purpose for the attack on Iraq. It is for this reason that the Ummah must support the Mujahideen and to stand by their side in the fighting of this enemy.

Look at what the enemy is doing to the Muslims? How they are killing their sons and leaving their women alive and robbing them off their honor and taking their money? They are committing all these crimes when the Mujahideen are present. What do you think they would do if there were no Mujahideen?

By the grace of Allah the Almighty this plan (of theirs) has or seems to have failed. The presence of the Mujahideen is a security belt and a defensive line for the Islamic Ummah. They might not have really dissolved the plan, but for the least they have been able to delay the enemy until the Ummah can stand on its own legs and gather its weapons and brush itself off from the dust of infamy and humiliation and fight in the way of Allah azza wa jal. For this reason the fall of the Mujahideen in Iraq or the end of jihad in Iraq will have grave consequences on the Ummah.

We suppose that the Mujahideen in the land of the Rafideen are the first defense line for the Ummah and that Allah (swt) has favored the Mujahideen in this jihad that they have terrified the enemy and have hit them with more than death and wounds. That is why the Mujahideen are a security force for this Ummah and her strong shield in front of this campaign of Christian-Jewish-Rafidee (Shiite) raid.

So we fight in Iraq for its sake and for others. We fight in Iraq and our eyes or on Bait al Maqqdis (Jerusalem). We fight in Iraq and our eyes are on Makkah and Madinah. For we, by the grace of Almighty, fight in Iraq and pray to Allah to send His favor on us so that we repel this imposing enemy from the whole of the Ummah.

The jihad in Iraq, from the strategic point of view, is a jihad of great importance and it represents a great danger for the enemies of Allah and specially these disbelieving organizations and from behind these Israel. This jihad is important because it lies in the most dangerous location, as between us and Palestine is a stones throw. If this enemy succeeds in placing its control over Iraq, then it will do heinous acts to the Ummah that is why the enemy was arranging its methods to take control so that it completes the program that it came for.

Allah the Almighty has blessed the Muslims, so the Mujahideen countered them, and they were able to place the stick in the wheel, slowing it down. However long the jihad is extended in Iraq will be directly related to the degree that the Ummah will awaken from its stupor. So, it’s not in the favor of the Ummah that the jihad in Iraq should end for the longer the period of jihad in Iraq is, the more the will the youth of the Ummah will awaken and the more jihad will awaken in them.

And the Ummah, by the grace of Allah, is seeing how its sons are landing hard on the enemy and are stabbing them from here and there and are causing them losses and painful wounds by the grace of Almighty Allah.

With every progress the Mujahideen make on the ground, disgrace is lifted from the Ummah, and whenever the Mujahideen take one step forward, disgrace is lifted from the Ummah by many steps. In the same manner, whenever the Mujahideen take a step back, disgrace is imprinted on the Ummah and it is delayed for years. For this reason, the Ummah should favor that the jihad in Iraq continues, and it is obligatory upon it to support these Mujahideen with fuel that keeps the war going on. The Ummah must give its sons and dear ones so that the jihad continues and Allah, the Almighty permits it (the Ummah) to stand on its legs and take its swords. After that, no one will be able to cause destruction to this Ummah by the will of Allah.

This jihad is important because America and disbelief from behind it, by the grace of Almighty Allah, have started to falter now. Disbelief, by the grace of Allah is declining and falling and Islam by the grace of Allah is heightened and rising. This rising might sometimes be accompanied with trials, and there may be slowing down at some phase. This is eminent in battles and fights, especially with the huge military force and the giant media machine that the enemy has that sows confusion and misinterpretation, concealing of the real truth but in the end of the matter the treachery of the enemy will become clear by the will of Allah.

Baghdadi:Is there any difference whether the Ummah is ruled by a Christian or a disobeying Arab as there are those who say, you are fighting the Christians today and after them the Globalists will come in their place?

Zarqawi:There is no doubt that these Murtaddeen (those who disbelief after belief) who are ruling the lands of Muslims are subordinates to the Christians and of their making. And there is no doubt that the Christians are ready to take over the lands of Muslims and there is no doubt that these rulers are more severely disbelieving than the Jews and the Christians.

Baghdadi: What’s the difference then?

A Previously they were ruling us directly, then they left us after their failure to face the revolts at that time and global changes occurred because of it, I say with the power of what is termed as renaissance. They left behind them governments that were globalists, who were tasked with the duty to dissolve the Shariah, and abandon Islam, instead of the foreigners who couldn’t be withstood. When they saw the failure of these rulers in destroying Islam, they came down on the field themselves.

And let’s remember that we do not differentiate between a disbelieving (taaghoot) Arab and a disbelieving (taaghoot) foreigner. But I will tell you, during the days of Saddam, for example, do you know how the people lived under his rule. We are our father’s children and for more than 30 years, Saddam was ruling us and he had control. The people succumbed to his power and conditions were stable for him. The people were oppressed because those taking care of the country were the sons of their own kin and these people were in reality more severe against Islam than the disbelievers. Disbelief is despised and in ourselves we hate it and in this all humans are similar. The example of that is what happened between the Vietnamese and the Americans.

We got use to the Murtad (disbeliever) who was ruling us and he ruled us with the arms. He was able, with the fire and the steel, to curb the people so we were oppressed under him and the condition was stable and the regime had its control. Yes the basic principle is that we should struggle, but the struggle might be weak except for the few chances. The reasoning went that because the regime had settled its grip on the matters of the state we can not fight him. Otherwise, the basic principle is that we should fight him and take up the weapons to face him, because he brought forth the open kufr (al kufr al bavaah). Just like with the scholars. The imam, if he brings forth the kufr, is removed and this is, of course, according to ones ability.

But now the regime has fallen, and the order of the fire and the steel that he had has been shattered. An occupying enemy has come to me, and the soul is prepared to fight against him. The weapons are available and the opportunities are many, and the struggle is that I stand and fight against this enemy. At this point it became obligatory on the Ummah to fight. I, when fighting this enemy, am not fighting to pave the way for the Jews or others like them or so that the Murtadoon may come and rule or Allawi or others like him. We will never give matters into his hands, by the will of Allah, (any of them) except on one condition; that we be under the earth.

It is obligatory on me, Fareedah Aaeenah, that I repel the imposing enemy but the result is not my concern. The results are not for me to determine; that decree is in the hands of Allah alone. The speaker may say, you are fighting today, and tomorrow the globalists will come in their place. This is speaking in the future without knowledge, I have been ordered to fight this enemy, and as long as you are a Muslim then you have to raise this pillar (Shariah).

Pardom me for not stopping on this cheap point of view, for in reality it is very cheap. When was it that the Mujahideen had the power and the numbers and weapons sufficient to become victorious over the enemy?

“Don’t fight the enemy because if you fight them you will lose your provisions and you will have enabled the enemy ”.

This saying is not lawful, in reality, because the basic (thing) is that we should fight the enemy by having faith in Allah’s support (nasta’eenu billah) so if Allah makes us victorious and establishes us, and we are established over the enemy, we will rule by the Shariah (law of Allah). From it will be a blessing from Allah, and He heals the hearts of a believing people, and on that day delighted will the believers be.

And if I am not established, then this is not a matter for me but is known only by Allah. I am only a slave to obey the commands of my Lord in what He has ordered. The obligation on us is that we should rush in the way of bringing victory to our religion and repelling the oppressors; this is what we have been enslaved to, to our Lord, and He did not make our escape (from the hell fire) stand on whether we win or lose in repelling the enemies. What has been asked of us, in particular, is to remain steadfast and refuse to give up on any of our Aqeedah, and then Allah chooses for us and for His religion, what ever He wishes. And since the oppressing enemy has entered the lands of Muslims then it has become obligatory on me to pressurize it (enemy) with what ever I can. As for those who persist on making concessions at the cost of their religion, thinking that doing this will bring victory to the religion; these people are unaware of what has been asked from them. And they by doing this no hope from Allah and of His promise, because in doing this they shows their low expectation from Allah, as if Allah is in need of their twisted ways to make the religion victorious. The question, do they love the victory of this religion and the appearance of tawheed (oneness of Allah) than the Lord, praise be to him?

Baghdadi: What is the extent of the American plan? And what are the reasons for the danger that is contained in this plan that you have set forward to repel it so fiercely?

Zarqawi: Like I told you before, their campaign is a Crusade, and it is a deep extension of a bygone time. It wasn’t born today. On the contrary, it is a war that has been continuous and connected and it is made of many phases and it won’t stop until it makes the Muslims followers of their creed.

We know that they have plans and many goals and the thing that is accepted by every body is that the Jews are the head of the snake. They are the reason for all the evil and the root of every bad. Israel is the controller of the American government and has the longer hand in the political decisions of America and some other large countries. The Jews are using them to fulfill their dream of creating a great nation from the Nile to the Euphrates. At the same time, they are using them to control the Arabian Peninsula and the riches of the Muslims the way they want.

This American government is the other face of the Jews. Rather it is the Zionist government more extreme than the Jews themselves and is working tirelessly to quicken the creation of the appropriate earthly preparations for the coming of their claimed Messiah.

They are today known as Anglican, the politicians of the extreme right or the “new protectors” and at their head Bush and his subordinate Dick Cheney and Rice. They believe establishment of the Israeli nation in the Middle East and the setting up of the Hebrew nation is important to hasten the war of Armageddon in calling their awaited Messiah. So it is a war of belief war at its basis, in its present, and in reality.

Baghdadi: For the Rafidah (Shitte) there was a prevailing belief that between them and the Christian west that there is ever lasting enmity and opposition; this is the least extent of what the people used to think. But now it seems that this point of view has dissolved. Still there are some people who think that America will betray them soon and don’t trust them; the believe America is using them for a short while. So how correct is this point of view and has America made an everlasting ally with the Rafidah?

Zarqawi: It is known that the judgment on a matter stems from its image and for this reason, we first need to know who the Rafidah are.

The Rafidah are an evil sect that left the fold of Islam and fight the Ahl-as-Sunnah wa al Jamaa, for they think that Ahl-as-Sunnah are the ones who snatched the caliphate from the people of the house (Prophets family) starting from the first three caliphs and passing to Bani Umayyah who were the Ahl-as-Sunnah near the Rafideen. There are no enemies of Rafidah except the Ahl-as-Sunnah and they are the real and the only enemy for them.

Baghdadi: So this is the base of the formation of the Rafidi madhab?

Zarqawi: Yes, this is the reality of its roots. If we know this and we know who their only enemy is and we go back to their founder we find him a Jew. Then we know their relation with the predecessors of Jews and their grandsons in today’s world. During their whole history, the Rafidah have never made enemies with anyone except the people of Islam. They did not fight the Jews or the Christians. How could they hate them when the founder of the madhab was a Jew. There may be some stage play to portray to the public that there is some enmity between the Jews and Rafidah in an effort to glorify the Rafidi madhab and as an appeal for its acceptance between the Ahl-as-Sunnah wal Jamah so that its easier for them to strike Islam and stab it from behind. Because the Rafidah sect are cowards, they do not show what they think except if when they are powerful enough and sufficiently accepted. Until then, they do not show any of their religious beliefs (aqeedah). Their history is based on secrecy and this is what their hypocrite religion has entitled them to.

In reality, they are not enemies of the Jews and the Christians and display otherwise to deceive the Ahl-as-Sunnah and seek acceptance with them. To this end, they portray themselves as enemies of Jews and the “Great Satan Devil” but all of this is a mind game and a plot that does not deceive anyone except the weak minded.

There is no better ally for the Jews and Christians than the obscured Rawafids and if we leave their humiliating history aside and focus on the present, we will see the best of the decisive reality of the Rafidah. They gave open help and backing to the Jews and the Christians. And their Satan “Saistani” ordered his followers from the Rawafid not to fight the Americans. After that, they became spies for the Jewish oppressors and an ally for the Christian criminals, as they are the ones who make up the army, the police and the spies, to the extent of being servants in the American bases. They provide a security wall for the unbelievers to protect them from the wrath of the Mujahideen. At the same time, they have been torturing the Ahl-as-Sunnah and silencing them by killing and oppressing them and disrespecting the Masjids, even before the Ahl-as-Sunnah fired a single shot at them.

And those who entered with the Americans, they had no other aim except getting rid of the Ahl-as-Sunnah. The slogan of one unit (Badr, meaning to deceive) was, “Revenge! Revenge! from Tikrit to Anbar”. How many knowledgeable figures and scholars have they killed and how many women did they humiliate and how many families have been left without protectors?

Do our brothers from Ahl-as-Sunnah in the rest of the countries know what has befallen their sisters in the land of the Rafideen? The torture of the Ahl-as-Sunnah by the Rafidah has been dreadful and the crimes that have been committed by the hands of these Rawafid against the Ahl-as-Sunnah exceeds what happened to the Muslims at the hands of the search courts in Andalus (Spain). The media did not cover these crimes and it was hidden on purpose. That is why many Muslims are unaware of the reality of what happened in the land of Rafideen …of the terrible crimes committed against the Ahl-as-Sunnah that still continues until now.

In turn, we have tried and are trying to make clear to the Muslims the reality of these Rawafid and describe the picture of the crimes that have happened and are still happening to the Ahl-as-Sunnah but sadly some disregard this. The media is silent when it comes to presenting the reality of what is happening; it shows the oppressor as the oppressed and has hidden the largest criminal activity of this era.

And by Allah, besides who there is no god, if the Ummah saw the reality of the crimes of the Rafidah against the Ahl-as-Sunnah, then it would wail over what it sees and would cry blood and not tears. So O my brother, what is happening now and what has happened in the recent past is something quiet unusual and it is a scary torment. If the name is appropriate, it is “blood purification” in every sense of the word. Thousands of families are missing with no news from them, thousands of young boys and old men have been killed, many of the women raped and many houses burnt. Thousands of families have been forced to abandon their homes, having to seek refuge in Anbar to escape the tyranny of the Rafidah. These crimes have been committed in plain sight and with full knowledge of the Americans and in some cases with their direct support. “But (for) Hamzah, there are no mourners (Hadith)”.

The media did not mention anything about this, but if the Mujahideen targeted an American or a disbelieving guard and killed a large number in their ranks, you see the media rushing forth to portray a picture that is different from the truth of what happened. For example, “A car explodes on the Americans and the guards, but the deaths are of children and women”. The mass graves that Saddam committed and the general of his crimes in three decades does not equal one tenth of what the Rawafid have done in the last three years.

Sadly, many of the Islamic movements know what the Rafidah did with the Ahl-as-Sunnah as well as many of the renowned figures but they are quiet and no one makes clear the reality that the Ahl-as-Sunnah are facing, especially in the south and places where there is a majority of the Rafidah population and other selected places where they are present. It is suffering that makes the skin tingle to and hearts cry over. Sadly again, those who are standing up to them (Rafidah) are few. And for this reason the Mujahideen stood up to protect themselves and the honor of the believing women and the Ahl-as-Sunnah in general and to repel the enormous danger of the Rafidah.

For all these mentioned reasons the Rafidah near us are more dangerous than the Americans. They are more abhorrent and oppress the people more. They have come with a plan that does not have any other aim except suppressing Ahl-as-Sunnah and destroying the offspring’s of the Sahabah (Companions of the Prophet) and any of those who has relationships with the Sunnis. That’s why we say that if the Rafidah succeeded in Iraq and took complete control on this land, without the resistance of any jihad, the condition of the Ahl-as-Sunnah would have been worse than this.

Many people may blame us for fighting the Rafidah and others may question why do we fight the Rafidah. We have made this clear more than once; we do not fight the Rafidah because they are Rafidah, in spite of our belief that they are an evil from under the layer of the sky. We were not entitled to fight them just as we were not entitled to fight others who are murtaddeen (who disbelief after belief) who did not participate with the Americans in their battles against Islam. We wished to fight the occupying enemy.

One might think our fight with the Rafidah is a fight we desire or that we fight them for entertainment or that we are showing off and by removing the goal and changing the direction of the aim from our real enemy that we have started to fight the people who it wasn’t necessary to fight. This is not true. We did not fight them in the beginning. They are the one who started fighting the Ahl-as-Sunnah, and they are the ones who came on the American tanks. They and the Americans stand in one row, and they were the one who hastened to point the guns at the chests of the Mujahideen. And they are the ones who subjugated the Muslims in Iraq and they are the ones who made the attack on the masjids of the Muslims in Iraq, that number more than 30 masajid since the time they entered Baghdad. Likewise many masajid have been taken in Basra and in Ammarah and in Samawah and in Nasiriah. The Rafidah did not leave a single masjid. Keep in mind that they did not take a single church and they did not touch a pub and there are Jewish synagogues in Iraq and nothing was done to them. So these people do not have any other enemy except the Ahl-as-Sunnah.

We ask the people, does it make sense, according to Islamic law (shariah) or logically or practically to turn a blind eye to the ones that are perpetrating these crimes so that I am not accused of promoting civil war or turning the face of the war? Our hands “are in the fire” like its said, and we are those who know the present situation and face the wrath of the Rafidah. That is why there is a basic need for the Ummah to trust her sons and take their opinion and holdfast to them, for her sons, who sacrificed themselves and strive with their souls are more deserving of their trust and more deserving of their support. They are more knowledgeable about the Rafidah and they are the one who have the blisters from the fire of their deception and betrayal. And for those who are on the other side of the ocean or away from the battleground and follow events from afar, their minds are well relaxed and safe concerning his honor and wife and children, then their judgment on the situation here will not be the same as the person who knows and feels and undergoes what the Ahl-as-Sunnah go through from these Rawafid.

The treachery of the Rafidah is known and their betraying stance is famous, and this is not the first time when they are entering Baghdad with the invading enemy. Before Ibn al Alqami prepared the Tatar to enter Baghdad after he had sent away most of the army and weakened the army of the caliph and burdened it with debts, the Tatar stepped in. What had to happen happened to the Ahl-as-Sunnah and the tragedy was, as the historians have stated, two million deaths in Baghdad because of the treachery of Ibn al AlQami. This is their condition through out history and we see with our own eyes what they do to the Muslims what misfortune befalls them because of these people and that is why we can not remain silent. There is no way we can let them spill the blood of Ahl-as-Sunnah, and in fighting them there is great good and general benefit. Allah knows that if it wasn’t for the Mujahideen fighting these traitors then no Ahl-as-Sunnah would have remained in existence in Iraq. The Rafidah, when they entered, came up with a deceptive trick. Yes when they came, the unit of Badr proclaimed hostility but the enemy Sistani said, “We do not want to incite a civil war” because he knows that if only one man from the Ahl-as-Sunnah is left standing he will stand up to them.

So what did they do? They put their hands in the hands of the grandsons of their founder and controlled the various major sections of the nation, and you know that the strength of any nation are the armed sections, like, the army, police, the defense ministry and oil and money. After that, in the name of army, police, and in the name of protection of the nation and the nationality of Iraq, they started persecuting the Ahl-as-Sunnah with a huge and frightful media campaign that changed the realities as it is now happening. All the wicked media, newspapers, Iraqi channels, the Faiha and the Furat and their Arabic sisters were spreading it. The plan was that they (Rafidah) would operate be under the banner of protecting the nation and the nationality of Iraq, and purifying Iraq from the rebels and the fidaee Saddam (those loyal to Saddam) and from the “terrorists”. They started persecuting the Ahl-as-Sunnah with a mind-boggling persecution. They were permitted the honor and killed the men, humiliated the women and expatriated the families under this title, with a huge and frightful media campaign. This worked with a lot of people, whether they were inside or outside Iraq. And they hoped this plan would have been completed in five years, as by then, most of Iraq would be in the hands of the Rafidah.

The greatest proof of this is that most of the people are ignorant of the fact that for wo and a half years, the Ahl-as-Sunnah are facing massacres that have never been committed before, all at the hands of the Rafidah. Where is the media? No media! And if a few Rafidah are killed, the media comes and spreads that the Ahl-as-Sunnah and the Wahabis are persecuting them but for two and a half years the Ahl-as-Sunnah were being killed, there wasn’t a word from them. The last voices that spoke accused some sections of the Rafidah but sadly this matter is only a presentation. It is not anger for the Ahl-as-Sunnah, and not an anger for Allah and his messenger because the Ahl-as-Sunnah have been facing two and a half years of massacres and we did not hear from these people talk or disclose the scenario from the very beginning. But when the rope started nearing their throats and when these criminal people continuously committed these massacres, they started screaming “ there is a civil war and massacres being committed”.

Why is the blood of the Ahl-as-Sunnah so cheap for these people in this way? The truth has never been made clear and sectarian strife is always feared. What sectarian strife? Did the Rafidah stop their weapons from the Muslims that we should ask them to stop? You all know very well that the persecution of Ahl-as-Sunnah is being done horribly! Then how can we keep silent? How can we not return the blow twice as hard?

Then there are those who say, “some of the Rawafid are innocent!” This is not correct from the point of view of the Shariah because these Rawafid sects vary only a thorn and when ever the brothers clear a number of the regiment and the assisting Rafidi army, Sistani intervenes directly and sends more volunteers from other Rafidah areas and it rotates over again like this. So this disbelieving guards and this police that you see are the blanket of a fox, and many other blankets cover all the Rafidiah. They are the sustainers of the so-called government and the possessor of the evil organization; it is a detesting Rafidiyah government, and the greatest witness of their Rafidi hatred is that when they did when they entered Fallujah.

What we hear from their renowned Rafidah leaders is, “By Allah we do not wish to pull Iraq into a civil war”. This is their lies to deceive the Ahl-as-Sunnah. So the civil war is on and they are persecuting the Ahl-as-Sunnah. They are the ones who seek blessings for their soldiers and promise them Paradise, and promise them of great reward. Who is it that is fighting the Ahl-as-Sunnah except Najafi and Sistani and then he appears as if he is very careful about Iraq and that he is far removed from sectarian violence!

Earlier their leader Sistani stated, “Even if half of the Shia are eliminated we won’t get pulled into a civil war!” On who are you lying to O AlQami! You are the one who has killed thousands of Ahl-as-Sunnah by your fatawa and directives. Saying this is one thing but the reality is another and Allah knows these Rawafid do not move except under the directions from their leaders. They laugh at the Ahl-as-Sunnah and cheat them with sweet talk for fear of the rage of the Ahl-as-Sunnah. What sectarian strife is it when they humiliate the women of Ahl-as-Sunnah?

I am not talking to you now about the prisoners in the detentions of the Americans. I am talking to you about the prisoners in the prisons of those who say, “No sectarian violence”. And Allah knows where our women are now. In the prisons of the Rafidah city of Kut city that is ruled by Iran and in the prisons of Al Hilla that is ruled by the Qais and the Rafidi, and in the prisons of Basra. This prison is the detention of the Badr Brigades! And there is the Aqbiyah and prisons underground, of which nothing is known and thousands of Ahl-as-Sunnah’s whereabouts are unknown!

But who from among their leaders dares to stand up like a man and tell the truth to protect the Ahl-as-Sunnah and clear clarify these realities? By Allah if the people knew the condition of Ahl-as-Sunnah in Iraq, and what has befallen them, they wouldn’t feel softness in their beds or flavor in their food or sweetness in their drinks if they had sincerity for their religion. And then after all this, they come and judge us and when he is comfortably reclining in a cushioned chair, he asks “Why do you fight the Rafidah?”

O Ummah of Muhammad, our condition with the Rafidah is like the condition of a man in whose house there is a snake, and he doesn’t know where it is exactly. Is it in the drawer or is it under the bed? You know that this snake is in this house and that it will come out any second. What is incumbent on you now is that you find where the snake is, cut its head and get rid of its evil. Then you can sleep the long night in your house. This is our condition with the Rafidah. Before the Rafidah used to operate by conspiracy, but now they are taking by will and have started showing their hatred because they have now become the people of the thorn (powerful). It is a deceptive achievement but this is the result of their trickery.

And as the reality of the Rafidah unfolds, so the Ummah must stand in its face. Let the Ahl-as-Sunnah remember that if the disbelievers take on the Mujahideen then no one will stand in the way of the Rafidah. At that time remorse wont help them nor will regret. Possibly the best way to describe the condition of the Ahl-as-Sunnah with the Mujahideen and their enemies is the idiom that says, “Today I ate the food of the white ox ”

The Mujahideen are the ones who protect the Ahl-as-Sunnah. The Ahl-as-Sunnah are not protected by lectures or by the owners of the satellite channels who are sitting far away from the events looking at the Ummah and giving touching speeches. This won’t avenge the honor of a women who is raped and it won’t avenge for the blood of the Ahl-as-Sunnah that has been spilt. Nothing will help us except weapons with which to face these cowardly people and nothing will weaken them except force. Making the lands of Islam lands of Rawafids (Shia) is an American desire and a Jewish goal, as it is known from their statements and with the help of the Iranian interference in Iraq and the American silence about it. In Iraq it is possible to portray a portion of this plan from inside Baghdad where there is an element of freedom for the people. In the area of the Awr, Madain and Abu Ghraib and the areas in which there are more Rafidah now, they have persecuted the Ahl-as-Sunnah, and there is a program to expel them from these areas so that they can control the reins of Baghdad. And there is a Rafidah-American pact to empty this area of Ahl-as-Sunnah. When the Americans came to Dawrah along with their disbelieving Rafidi guards they told its people, “We will expel you from your houses”.

Now, even the educational curriculum has been changed to benefit the Rafidah. Look at its wicked and destroying beliefs. Among the the children, some are changing to Shitte. What will be the condition five and ten years from now? When they control the economic situation and the military situation. The people’s stomachs are tied in knots; they do not want to sacrifice their religion and they do not know if Iraq in time will become Shitte. These tribes that are in the south before 100 or 200 years were Sunni and then, they became Rafidah. You might think it farfetched… the tashee of Anbar but I say, that is not farfetched, if the silence continues and the people are easy going.

At the beginning of the entry of the Americans in Baghdad, the Ahl-as-Sunnah were in great fear concerning what would be done to them by the Rafidah and they were expecting to endure humiliation except those who Allah blessed. But when the Mujahideen stood up in Iraq and took up weapons and stood in their faces, confidence came back to the Ahl-as-Sunnah with exceptions. As the leaders moved away and shed the cloth of jihad along with their helpers, this put the Ahl-as-Sunnah in doubt. Any Sunni now in Baghdad or outside it does not sleep at night, feeling safe concerning his honor, every night intrusions and arrests and murders and disappearances occur. Every night in the prisons they are stripping honor and robbing money. This is the condition of Ahl-as-Sunnah in Iraq.

And after that, the blamers come saying, why do we fight the Rafidah? Instead it is one of the most important obligations to fight them and we see it a great blessing from Allah that it has been made easy for us to fight them. The best example of this is when the women of Talafar were humiliated, their houses destroyed and their children killed. For this reason we proclaimed total war on the Rafidah though we (formerly) wanted to refrain from that.

Baghdadi: Okay, what is the story of exception?

Zarqawi: It was a must for us from the very beginning to understand the legal ruling. When we attacked the Shiites and later declaring war on them following the Tala’far incident, the issue did not arise out of nothing. We understand the role of the Shiites now and that they are the members of the army and the police. The Americans have begun to depend on them entirely. When we declared war on them, we wanted to scare them, and if that was not effective then we would treat them the same way (as the Americans). These Shiites come to us from the south, they come feeling secure and confident (concerning the well being) about their families and children in Basra or in Nasiriyah or in Amarah. The destruction of Tal’afar with chemical bombs, humiliating the women, stealing their money and killing the men and children under orders from Saadoun al-Dulaimi (a Baath Party member whi was the Iraqi Ministry of Defence at the time). He claims to be a Sunni but in reality he is an enemy of Allah. His mother is a Shia and she influences him and his wife is a Shia and she influences him while and being a Sunni has no influence on him. At the time of the attack on Tal’afar, he declared very arrogantly, “We are coming”. He threatened the Ahl as Sunnah by saying he would proceed to Rawah, Qaim, Hadithah and then to Samaraa to do the same there.

Does it not become permissible after this that we take steps to restrain this thoughtless enemy of Allah?

The defense ministry did not come with armies from India or from Germany. No. They bring them from the Shiites and we, if we fight them, treat them in the same way. As you kill our men, we will kill your men; as you kill our women, we kill your women; as you kill our children, we kill your children. We treat them as they treat us so that when they know that their own houses are not safe and their families are not safe, they will think a thousand times over before attacking the places of Ahl as Sunnah. And these families will no doubt press their sons and stand in front of the government before they think of killing the Ahl as Sunnah. And we declare openly to the Shiites, “you destroy our houses we will destroy your houses; you kill our people, we will kill your people, an equal action for an action.

As for the matter of a united Iraq and sparing the blood of the Iraqi’s, this is a misguided call that snatches a Muslim’s identity, leaving him weak and dead without providing him any protection or securing his honor. The Shariah permits a Muslim to kill another Muslim who is imposing on him to take his money or to strip his honor, so if it is permitted to kill a Muslim, then what about the enemy who is a murtad (disbeliever after belief) and who thinks it a necessity to kill you or silence you?

And now we come to the case of exception and I say this. The exception comes on the basis that there are Shiites who fear the danger of the consequences of entering into a war with the Ahl as Sunnah. And from here it was very necessary to make exceptions so we say to the Shiites, “If you want safety, stop attacking our people, stop supporting the Americans and open the way between us and the Crusaders.

Baghdadi: There are those who say that this generalization is not correct because among the Shiites there are those who have enmity with the Jews like Hezbollah?

Zarqawi: The people of knowledge have agreed that the Shiites are the worst liars of creation. Ibn Taymiyah said, “The people of knowledge have agreed by transfer and through (authentic) chain (of narrations) that the Shiites are the worst of liars of the sects and have a long history of lying.” That is why the scholars of Islam identify them by excessive lying. As the Sheikh al Islam Ibn at Taymiyyah has said, “And the Shiites are the greatest in showing affection for the Ahl as Sunnah and they do not show their religion to the extent that they have learnt many of the merits of the Sahabah (companions of the Prophet) and beliefs, for praising them, and all that is nonsense by which they gain access to the Ahl as Sunnah.” This is the saying of the Sheikh al Islam in their manhaj (way) so this is their religion, the religion of lying and that’s why it is good or obligatory on the Ahl as Sunnah to know their condition and know that the Shiites are the fiercest enemies of Islam may it be in Iraq or anywhere else. And we know from them that they have wicked plans and work in secrecy. The stage plays of Hasan Narsallah fighting against the Jews must be warned against. Hezbollah or Hezbo-a-shaitan is among the worst of enemies of Islam, from the most wicked tribes of the Shiites, presenting a wicked role and is deceiving the Ummah as the fighters of the Jews for 20 years.

When Hamas performed a military parade in Gaza, the Israeli fighter jets immediately bombarded their posistions and killed many of their members. They killed Ahmed Yaseen when he came out of the masjid (even though) he was a crippled man. Yet Hasan Nasrllah works out a military show in a huge ground in Beirut and it is shown live on TV and transferred over radios. He sits on a shaded stage with his men around him. The regiments and military segments of Hezbollah pass in front of him. And that continues for hours and Hasan Nasrllah says day and night, that Hezbollah is the one that has put Israel to its knees and made it pull out from the south and from the Shabaa farms and his army is for fighting the Zionist enemy. Day and night his propaganda is clearly one of enmity against the Jews and the Zionists. Does it make sense that Sharon and those behind him would keep quiet on this constant and continuous danger at its border? Do they (Zionists) remain quiet in spite of the great danger when they did not stay quiet on Ahmed Yaseen and he is a crippled man?

So this is a whole game, clearly a stage play, for Israel cannot remain quiet on any danger that threatens it, no matter what kind of danger it is. And that is why it didn’t remain quiet on the nuclear doings of Iraq and hit it in spite of the wickedness of the regime at that time, and its open globalization. Naturally, the scariest thing for them (Zionists) is the rise of Islam and the reemergence of Jihad. As for Hasan Nasrallah and his Shia group, they (Zionists) have left it alone and ignored it and that’s why the declaration of Hezbollah’s jihad on Israel is nothing but an open deception. The aim is to elevate the Shia sect and to cover over the Alqami role that the Rafid group of Hasan Nasrllah has adopted. It (Hezbollah) is to protect the border of Israel and not the other way around by stopping the Mujahideen of the Ahl as Sunnah from reaching Israel.

And by Allah the army of Hasan Nasrllah hasn’t been strengthened and aided and prepared by anyone except by the global Zionists and by Allah this army is not being prepared except to fight the Ahl as Sunnah in the future. We warn the Ummah about these people. They say, if we say something like this: “the man wants to incite sectarian violence. But tomorrow the Ummah will know the reality of these people. This is Iran; its uprising was based on nothing except to declare war on the Big Satan, and when the time to fight the Big Satan came, it allied with it and provided a base to invade Afghanistan and stabilize parts of the Big Satan in Iraq. Until now, they are mocking the people by stressing the Palestinian issue yet what is their position if they are allies and on good terms with the Big Satan? How long will the Ummah remain unaware and how long will it be deceived? Hasan Nasrllah sits for hours in the governance of military show and it is telecast life on the TV for several hours and the Israeli jets cannot bomb it? Who are they kidding?

We believe that these Shiites are deceivers and that they are the dagger with which the Jews will stab the back of the Islamic Ummah. For this reason we warn the Ummah about them and their devilish plans and we call the Ummah to take precautions and totally arm. This opponent is wicked and cunning, so be careful lest they deceive you by the sweetness of their tongue, for they are the worst of the enemies of the Ummah, their religion is secrecy and lies. Go to their books and read about the “revised authentics” they adopt:

“There is no religion for the one who has no secretive self.”

And this is how they portray Jafar by creating lies about him:

“Secrecy is my religion and the religion of my forefathers”.

Do you want more proof of this? And after that you feel grief eating your heart when you read many of the Muslim writers from the Islamic groups who are deceived by Hasan Nasrllah and these Shiites, and write that Hasan Nasrllah, is the “sign” of resistance. How long will the Ummah be fooled? By Allah Sharon knows that the borders guarded by Hasan Nasrllah are safer than when they were being protected by his army. And can any human creep in to perform an operation in the areas that are controlled by Hezbollah?

These Shiites are from the evilest of people; they ridicule our mother Aishah and attack in the honor of our Prophet (peace be upon him), and scorn the Sahabah, so we say to those who are deceived by them: These Shiites ridicule our mother Aishah and accuse her of adultery and she is the wife of the Prophet (peace be upon him). I say to those who support them, or remain quiet about their evil, or see them as brothers, if just one person ridiculed the wife of that man, and accused him of dishonor and attacked his family with accusations of adultery what would his reaction be? The least that will come from him is hatred. If he is not able to take his right by his hand, then in the least he will turn his face from him and abhor him and be hard on talks about him. And despite the fact that the honor of Aishah is more beloved to the Muslims than almost anything, people remain silent on the crimes of the Shiites, and their attack in the honor of Aishah, the wife of the Prophet (peace be upon him). How do they permit this for themselves, and how will they find the sweetness of faith in their hearts if they are supporting this?

Baghdadi: Is it possible to have peace pacts with these Shiites?

Zarqawi: These are a people concealing and cheating, and if you keep quiet concerning them, they won’t keep quiet in return! And if you want to make peace with them they would not make peace with you. And if they made peace with you seemingly, they make peace as a deception until they can get rid of you. This is the same case with the ordinary Shiites. Maybe one of them may invite you to his house, from the door of deception and feed you from his food and drink and be generous to you but after you leave, he breaks the vessels, preferring that to washing it because he believes that the water can not purify it from the impurity of the Sunni. Even the bed, they burn it, many of them. So if this is the condition of the ordinary Shia, then what is the condition of their “Aayaat”(great religious scholar as are known with them)?

Baghdadi: Is there any difference between Shiites?

Zarqawi: Be careful about the fact that the Shiite’s today are all Shiites, and even the “Zaidi” madhab has been studied and has become extinct. In Yemen the Shiites are now 12 percent (of the population). On the other hand if you bring me someone who does not say evil about Abu Bakr, Omar and Othman, may Allah be pleased with all of them, and does not accuse Aishah, may Allah be pleased with her, of adultery, then the ruling concerning them will be different. But even this does not excuse them from repenting for their disbelief because the group that is away only by a thorn fights, even if it was of people who innovate in matters that are not nullifiers of the faith.

Baghdadi: So that it is not imposed on the people they claim that they are the Ansar (supporters) of the people of the House (the Prophets family) and they call us ‘Nawasib’ and claim that we hate the people of the House?

Zarqawi:This is not correct. We are the supporters of the people of the house. The ones who were on the correct Aqeedah and way of the Ahl al Bait (people of the House) were the Sahabah, and the Ahl al Bait are innocent from what these people associate them with. The Ahl al Bait did not leave the guidance of the Quran and the Sunnah. Ahl al Bait are amongst those who glorify Aishah, the wife of the Prophet (peace be upon him), and they are the ones who do not associate anything with Allah, and Ahl al Bait do not claim to be sinless. Ahl al Bait are the Ahl as Sunnah, and Ahl al Bait are the people dearer to our hearts, for they are the family of the Prophet (peace be upon him).

As for these Shiites then they claim the love of Ahl al Bait, while in reality they are the worst of the enemies of the Ahl al Bait. In reality hate Ali (r.a.), as they claim that all the Sahabah disbelieved (after belief), except Salmaan Al Farsi (r.a.) … So this is their history, a testimony to their lie in claiming the love of Ahl al Bait, who is the one who betrayed Ali (r.a.), al Hasan bin Ali (r.a.) when he signed peace with Muaviyah. What was the reason?

They were betrayed by those who claimed the love of the people of the House, and he knew that they are not of those who would fight with him to victory, so he chose peace and what a great pact it was, and enough for you is the glad tiding given by the Prophet to the Ummah concerning that great pact that joined between two groups of Muslims. Who was it that betrayed Aqeel and gave him up and killed Husain (r.a.)? Was all that not because of the betrayal of the Shiites? For all these (reasons), they are the enemies of the Ahl al Bait and the difference between the Shiites and the Ahl al Bait is like the difference between the east and the west. The Ahl as Sunnah are the supporters of the Ahl al Bait and their beloved and on their path they walk and for their love they remain faithful.

Baghdadi: We now come to the mention of the accusation of the Jama’a and at the tongue of their Ameer (leader) that they are threatening the Ahl as Sunnah. Then… what do you say to that?

Zarqawi: By Allah, extremely sadly, the speech has been forged on purpose, by some… for does it make sense that we threaten the Ahl as Sunnah and we –Allah knows- did not come out of our houses except to help the Muslims and to protect the Ahl as Sunnah in particular. A man from Ahl as Sunnah is more dearer to us than our own self, and these migrants who have come from their houses keen to protect “their” honor left their houses and parted with the loved ones to protect the Muslim men and women and their religion. How does it make sense that we fight the Ahl as Sunnah. This statement sadly was bogus and you know the media! And there are many who carried the speech putting a different face on it despite the fact that we said very clearly and we say to the brothers, and Allah knows the secret and the hidden, by Allah we have not come out of our houses except to protect the Ahl as Sunnah.

There are more than 3000 martyrs from the ranks of the migrants until now…these people for whom did they die? Is it for the world?

Allah knows that they did not die except for the victory of the religion and the protection of the Ahl as Sunnah on this land that has been colonized by the Crusaders, with the Shiites joining with the in their fight. So how can it be right after that, that we are fighting the Ahl as Sunnah?

We said in the address that the Ahl as Sunnah have the white hand in the uplifting of jihad, for the Al-Qaeda organization in the land of the Two Rivers has been built on the Ahl as Sunnah in Iraq (as the percentage of the Ahl as Sunnah from Iraq makes up 99% and the migrants constitute 1%). So from the sons of the Ahl as Sunnah, the organization took up its existence and after that, the doors were opened for it. The brothers took it into their breasts by coming to this place, contributing and getting contributions, pledging allegiance to it and cooperating in other ways to help the Muslims.

We had warned, and we know, that there are some traitors who co-operated with the Crusaders and plotted against the Mujahideen in secret. They called the disbelieving government and offered them cooperation in order to destroy the Mujahideen and some of them called Saadoun al-Dulaimi to make arrangements with him to fulfill their sinful project to silence the jihad in the Mujahid lands of Ribat and the land of Anbar. This matter is not new on the part of the hypocrites for they had betrayed the Prophet before, and they had secretly contacted the enemies of the religion and this is a matter that keeps on repeating to this day. Our warning was directed to these people, and we told them that who ever plots against us we would treat them with the same treatment we give the Americans. This is a clear matter and we have relayed this matter clearly and we are still repeating it. What else would people expect from us; to remain quiet until the Americans are done with us?

So is anyone is proved to be involved in this, then, revenge (Qisas) is his fate if Allah gives us authority over him then we will not have mercy on him. This is a case of jihad and the case of the Ummah and the mind does not have any preference over religion that we keep quiet on such people.

But for the people of Ahl as Sunnah, our brothers and our family, we seek refuge from Allah that we should ever target them, or that we should touch their honor. We do not differentiate in the rules of Riddah (disbelief after belief) between those who claim to be from the Ahl as Sunnah or other than Ahl as Sunnah, for the Muslims generally, their Sunnah or Bide’e (innovative). Our gathering with them is a gathering of Tawheed and we may separate from those who commit certain innovations but we do not raise the sword on him, just because he has committed an innovation, but for those who claim to be from Ahl as Sunnah and takes by its rules and on the other hand sides the disbelief and supports them against the Muslims then he is a Murtad and deserves to be killed. The Muslim who innovates is better to the fill of earth than this claimer to the Ahl as Sunnah who commits the nullifier of backing the enemies of Allah. And for this person who sides with our enemies, the Crusaders, then their ruling is his ruling and this is the rule of Allah concerning him (Surah maidah 51). So the ruling is clear and the matter is closed.

Zarqawi: It was a must for us from the very beginning to understand the legal ruling.

Baghdadi: Why are you fighting the army and the police?

Zarqawi: The army and the police are the eyes of the cross worshipers and their protectors from the attacks of the Mujahideen and it is they who execute their plans. Some may say that the Shariah ruling for these people is the same as the ruling of the Americans but in fact they are greater criminals and disbelievers than the Americans. Others may say that these people fight only for the money so why should they be killed? And we say, that these people are from the most disbelieving creations of Allah, and we do not find any excuse for them at all. There may exist for such people doubt in other countries, and in spite (of that) we do not excuse them, but there is no doubt when it comes to the Iraqi army.

Baghdadi: How?

Zarqawi: The country has fallen into the hands of the Jews and the cross worshipers and the enemy here is foreign and outspoken. This is a crusade and he has come to us to provide protection to Israel, and has from the very first moment been involved in torturing the Ahl as Sunnah. They have shown their hostility towards the religion and has left behind a massive scale of destruction of the country, far and wide, from the very beginning days when they entered. They tortured the Muslims, killing their men and destroying their houses and harassing their women, and everyone knows what America did, disrespecting the Masjids and humiliating the Quran and many other things. Following all of this, these people come, after all these crimes, and obey these criminals and fight alongside them (against) the servants of Allah, the believers in His oneness. They protect our enemies, the cross worshipers and Jews, so does it make sense after all this that we call such people Muslims?

The flag of jihad is clear and the rows of Muslims are well defined. How sensible is it for a man who carries even a particle of faith or a little shame to leave the flag of the visible jihad rather than siding with his Ummah? Instead he fights alongside its enemies from the cross worshipers and the Jews, so what Islam does this (person) carry and what excuse will he excuse will he provide when he is overwhelmed by money and was tired of poverty? For us, this man has two fissures in his belief;

1. The satisfaction in siding with the unbelievers against Islam
2. He has a shortcoming in the understanding of the Lordship of Allah, whereof he forgot that the provider is Allah and not the Americans.

So how can this person who fights the Muslims for provisions. No one enters this path of disbelievers (murtadeen) except those who have lost their religion or their shame and self respect. They have falling down to such an extent that they are lower of the lowest. Who sees his Muslim sisters in Abu Ghraib and what is being done to them and then supports those that are committing these crimes? How do we accept an excuse from such a person? By Allah there is no excuse for him and by Allah he is among the most hostile enemies of the Ummah. Killing him is better and more deserving and more rewarding than the killing the Americans.

Baghdadi: What are the difficulties facing the jihad in Iraq?

Zarqawi: We in Iraq are fighting a very disproportionate battle and there is no scale for comparison between us and the enemy.

Examining the numbers, there are the hundreds of brothers fighting against hundreds of thousands of the enemies and from the point of view of technology, it is not hidden from anyone that the enemy has a great military capability in the air, on the ground or on the water that is not comparable with what the Mujahideen brothers have. The brothers have single weapons and some Havin rockets, a few bombs against the RPG, the tankers, the shields, and the planes

The land of Jihad in Iraq is different from its sisters in Afghanistan and Chechnya. The brothers in these two lands have resources that do not exist in Iraq. There are the forests and huge mountains there that they can hide from the enemy and where the enemy may not be able to reach them. But the land of Iraq is like the palm of the hand; no mountains or valleys or forests exist.

The brothers walk on fields of land mines and they never know when they will explode on them, this mine or that. The brothers are fighting a fierce battle and many of them don’t even have the proper living; there is no strategic place where there is no battle. The enemy is in front of them and behind them; to their right and to their left and above them. Around them are spies and in every area there are guards, police and the Americans.

But in spite of that, we fight them the ground that they stand on by the grace of Almighty.

There are the Americans with their bags and luggage and their blades and steels and their numbers, and there is the army and the Rafidah with their spies and armed militias. We ask Allah for safety. This is a fierce media-military war and the conditions of war in Iraq have difficulties that only Allah knows best about, and in spite of that the brothers are reaching the enemies and fighting them and countering their strikes with our strikes.

Baghdadi: Which weapons are the most terrifying for the enemy?

Zarqawi: The most effective weapons in the hands of the brothers, after trust in Allah, are the martyrdom operations that terrify the enemy. It is the weapon of the brothers that can not be returned and the enemy cannot find any way to deal with it or stop it. The enemy like we said before lives among the people and between the citizens and places it uses as bases are houses. This shows their cunning behavior. This is what stands between them and the Mujahideen and these martyrdom operations by the grace of Almighty have had a great role in weakening the enemy to the point that they are depressed and fatigued, in low spirits and with and psychological break downs. This is something their commanders have admitted and is visible from the facts, by the grace of Almighty,

The breaking down of the enemy hasn’t occurred with just a grenade bomb or two. The bomb that is placed on the roads or the bombs that we have fired etc have caused the enemy some fear but these are not weapons that will produce a decisive turn to the battle. The martyrdom operations are the ones that had the greatest role in terrifying the enemy and destroying its arrogance, dusting their noses with mud and causing them to think about withdrawing. It is those from the ranks of martyrdom brigades who left their homes and migrated, along with he local fighters (the Muhajireen and Ansar) who have sacrificed themselves for this religion. There have been nearly 800 martyrdom operators from both the Muhajireen and Ansar who have performed operations on the American artilleries, stationary military camps and areas occupied by guards and others. If you measure it with pen and paper, you understand the amount of losses that has befallen the Americans, by the grace of Almighty. This has forced the Americans to consider withdrawal and showed their defeat in front of the Mujahideen. The brothers also used the raiding operations, attacking their fortified bases using hit and run techniques.

Many of the types of operations, like the operations of raiding and attacking the hideouts that they think are safe, were the decisive sword, strong and cutting in this battle and are the tough medicine in this clash. And then by the grace of Allah, the brothers from Muhajireen and Ansar came to aid this religion of Allah, and terrified the enemy by presenting their lives cheaply in the way of Allah. This created a great panic throughout the ranks of the Americans and divided their groups. It is for this reason that you now see a cautious enemy. Its panic, that spreads east and west, was not the result of a speech or a protest, but was due to the blood, patience, sweat, work, trials, tests, imprisonment, sadness, hunger and fear- for we, by the grace of Almighty, are determined to keep moving ahead. We will not spare any effort in order to terrify this enemy and break its supremacy until Allah the Almighty permits the clear victory and elevates the flag of the religion.

We are proceeding on this basis; we are moving forward contrary to the enemies claims and what it portrays in its media sources. This shows its defeat; it has been unable to hold ground and no longer grips the reins of matters on the battleground. That is why it has started using cheap ways like spreading rumors and spinning lies. All this psychological warfare is designed to pressure the Mujahideen, and to portray to the Ahl as Sunnah in the land of the Rafideen, the land of the Muslims, that the Mujahideen have are becoming weak. The lastest of these tricks is the claim that the Mujahideen will transfer the war outside Iraq because of the growing pressure on them. We give them glad tidings that we will not come out of Iraq by the will of Allah until Allah permits victory or we are destroyed without it.

And we tell them that our battle is grounded on a rule, either us or you. You will not find from us anything except that which hurts you. This jihad has a Lord who defends it and who protects it and who has launched it and who kept it alive for the past two and a half years and who is able to protect it and use us in His obedience until we can collect its fruit and fulfill its goal. So hail distress O enemies of Allah for we will never shake from this aim and you sill see by the grace of Allah a bitter lesson as you dared to attack the Muslims. And to the sons of our precious Ummah we say, we call you to help the Mujahideen and to stand with them taking a strong and decisive stand because this jihad is nearing its final phases and the phase of bone breaking is drawing to a close. So it is a must for the Ummah to stand a true stand and not leave its sons at this crucial time and abandon them.

For these people did not leave their homes and sacrifice their blood and their persons and abandon their lands except to uplift the Ummah and save it from the transgression of these unbelievers, and release it from these ties of imprisonment that has existed for so long. That is why we call the Ummah to take a sincere position and not think ill of these Mujahideen, its sons, its dear ones, the callers (for jihad), nor those that provide money, for these battles, by the grace of Allah, we expect all good. Of course the battle that we are fighting in Iraq is a very fierce battle and we face the toughest army in the world. The fighting of this enemy cannot be repelled except with patience. And it cannot be defeated except with blood and body. We have every day someone or another brought down; every day we lose loved ones. Every now and then, some brothers are captured, so the trials and wounds are many and continue for this is the nature of the battle.

And after all that we aren’t a disciplined army. There are brothers who left for battle in the way of Allah with the least of the provisions and they know that they are facing the most powerful army in the world. More importantly they know that the essential thing in our religion is to go out for jihad, and that is why they do not worry about the power of the disbelievers or its ability. Allah has enabled for them against their enemy and aided them to continue fighting against them. The enemy damages in us and we damage in them, they kill us and we kill them and this is the nature of the battle. They attack us and we attack them by the grace of Allah, they hit us in one place and we hit them back.

Our leaders and the senior brothers are at the front of the ranks. The one who comes into the Al-Qaida organization, Allah knows that if he descends into a disciplined army then that army would be finished. How do you expect us to break the Americans, the greatest army in the world and not make sacrifices? Sacrificing is something that is very necessary and it is impossible for there to be jihad without pains and wounds. The jihad with the roadside bombs alone cannot write a complete victory and cannot decide the outcome of the battle. And as the enemy has entered our houses so the real battle is that you face the enemy and he faces you, and you gain from him and he gains from you.

A very sad truth that the jihad in Iraq faces is that the Ummah regrettably has forsaken this battle. The Ulema (scholars) did not come, and the leaders did not come and the experienced did not come to lead this jihad and aid it and protect it and the groups did not come to us and the sons of the Islamic movements did not come to us or the others who grew up in abundance. When these people did not come, the youth who had affection for their religion stood up, some of them not even with the necessary religious knowledge that is sufficient. These young men who left to bring victory to their religion were pained with the condition of their Ummah and they saw their sisters honor being snatched away and they saw the houses were exposed and how the blood was being spilled. They had nothing except the will to rush forward to provide for this religion.

And during these reflections, we saw the flags of nationhood and the imaginary flags that used to cheat the Ummah by Islamic slogans, having left the Ummah, and left the grounds, and no one was left except the Mujahideen. The truthful, the people of the clear manhaj who are fighting for “There is no god but Allah”, these are the people who at this time are standing in the face of the enemy, and the blessing that we are seeing is in their fighting, otherwise they are very few, in fact fewer than the few.

Baghdadi: Don’t you see that the fulfillment of your aim is very difficult with the presence of all these obstacles?

Zarqawi: Yes. Some people might say you are living in the world of dreams and hoping for the establishment of an Islamic nation or you wish to scare the enemy and return the Caliphate in strong-based high castles. You are clashing with the present and are living in mere hallucinations.

We reply to these people: Allah (SWT) has in His hands the keys of everything and has in His hands the kingdom of the heavens and the earth and the decree is His decree and we are His slaves and our forelock and the forelock of our enemies are in His hands. So if we come looking at it through the eyes of this world, calculating with pen and paper and with material thinking; then there is no doubt that many Muslims will get disheartened. But we hold onto Allah, as the Victory granter and as the Protector, and He is the one who backs His soldiers and He is the one who grants victory to His slaves.

The Prophet (peace be upon him), on the Day of the allies (Ahzab), when the different sides had allied against him from all angles and corners and had surrounded him like the surrounding of the stars, the moon, or a protective fence, the Sahabah were shaken and fear overcame them.

The Quran has described them the best description;

“O ye who believe, remember the favour of Allah to you when there came against you hosts, and WE sent against them a wind and hosts that you saw not. And Allah sees what you do.” Quran 33:10

Sheikh Abu Azzam said (may Allah have mercy on him and accept him as a martyr) in the second battle of Fallujah, that from the extent of fear and trial that befell the Mujahideen, that his pulse raced and showing with his hand to his throat said: “By Allah, I felt as though my heart had risen to my throat and this is just what Allah has said, “and the hearts reached the throats”; we saw the verse on its reality.”

What the Prophet (peace be upon him) faced was very difficult as the Jews broke their pact and the tribes allied with the disbelievers of the Quraish and decided to wipe the Muslims out, so the Prophet (peace be upon him) sent the children and women to the heights (palaces at the high places) of Medinah. There was extreme fear, so much that when the Prophet (peace be upon him) said to the Companions, “who brings me the news of the people, Allah will make him my companion in the hereafter”, no one got up, and he repeated it a second time and no one replied and he repeated it a third time and no one replied so he said to Huzaifa. “Stand O Huzaifa”, knowing that the Prophet (peace be upon him) said that day, “Who comes to me with the news of the people, Allah made him, and he is my companion in Paradise and I assure his return”. Praise be to Allah, imagine with me, the Prophet (peace be upon him) the truthful and the believed, the one who was revealed said, “I assure his return”, and even after this; none of the Companions stood up. When the Companions did whatever they could in the obedience of their Lord and remained steadfast in the fighting and increased in prayers and Allah knew when they had reached their limit of obedience in their Lord, He sent a soldier from amongst His soldiers and is was the wind. It changed the fate of the battle, removed the tents and by the grace of Almighty separated the tribes and then all moved away and returned disappointed. Allah repelled the enemy with their hatred; they did not achieve any good and Allah sufficed the Muslims in fighting!

Notice that before this what was the condition of the Companions? Fear and strong wind, an allied enemy, then after a short while Allah sends His soldiers and disperses the unity of the enemy and returns them disgraced and then the Prophet (peace be upon him) said, “Now we will raid them and they won’t raid us”.

Praise be to Allah, in a minute the Companions were wishing if the group would draw away from them for the least, but because of their patience and steadfastness Allah granted them the glad tiding of the Prophet (peace be upon him) after that, “Now we will raid them and they won’t raid us”. So it was by the grace of the Almighty, they conquered with a clear victory.

And in those tough conditions the Prophet (peace be upon him) was promising the Companions treasures of Caesar and Kisra (then, the title of king of Persia) and here hypocrisy showed up and raised its head and said, “Muhammad promises us the treasures of Caesar and Kisra, and one of us cannot go to answer the call of the nature”

As for the people elevated in faith, the steadfast on this Manhaj they believed with certainty that Allah will would His promise to the Muslims but those who had deviated and the hypocrites knew not. The hypocrites, like their predecessors did at the time of the Ahzab, were overtaken by the number of the disbelievers and doubted the power of God Almighty, in whose hands are the keys of everything and He is all powerful over every thing. Allah Almighty will never forsake His Mujahideen slaves, and He has promised them victory, and who is better than Allah in speech, and who is truer in his saying than Allah?

And Allah when He assured His Mujahideen slaves of victory, He did not ask anything of them except steadfastness to truth and to hold fast to the Quran and the Sunnah. The Almighty says, and He is the truest of speakers, “If Allah grants you victory then there is no (ghalib) defeater of you”. The word “ghalib” came to emphasize steadfastness, and the meaning is that if the people of the earth would came against you then they wont defeat you if Allah the Almighty wants to grant you victory.

Allah’s victory for you stands upon holding fast to the truth and taking the sources of strength, not the numbers, after putting trust in Allah and leaving your bad deeds. Reliance on the reasons is only up to the possible extent. Allah has not entitled us to fulfill all the requirement of jihad, for the requirements and numbers did not even complete for the Prophet (peace be upon him) for his companions (may Allah be pleased with them). So we believe that Allah the Almighty will grant victory to His soldiers by the will of Allah, and by Allah it does not matter to us that the number of enemy should increase or increase its weapons. What matters to us is just one thing; that the requirements of victory be brought forth. It doesn’t matter if there are arge numbers of the enemy and even if the enemy multiplies and the Americans multiply and the Rawafid multiply. It doesn’t matter even if our numbers become less. What we aim for and what we hope is that we bring about from the requirements by which the victory descends. We are searching for the requirements by which victory comes about, by good expectation from Allah and seeking refuge with Allah and giving the matter in the hands of Allah and forsaking sins. So if we bring the requirements of victory by Allah if they multiply even many times then they will not cause us any harm. We do not see the enemy by its numbers because we do not fear the enemy but fear our own selves.

The Ummah today is required to take a strong stand because the Ummah in reality has betrayed the jihad in Iraq for these few years so it is required to revise itself and recover what it has lost in the past days, turning a true escape to protect itself from the enmity of these cross worshipers. Otherwise, every human is accountable and this market will close down and in the end who profits, profits and the one who loses, loses and happy is the one who learns from the mistakes of others.

Baghdadi: What is your description of the battle of Fallujah?

Zarqawi: The first Fallujah battle was a sign among the great signs of Allah, and was a lesson for all Muslims, and an excuse against the Qaeedeen (those who stay back from jihad). The brothers hadn’t planned for that battle and they did not expect it at all.

Some might see that undertaking it was a fluke of craziness and a sort of hastiness, for the brothers were in 10’s and their ammunition was sparse and they were residing in a small city visible to the eye let alone the complicated machinery of the enemy.

Baghdadi: How was the battle controlled?

Zarqawi: We decided with the brothers that there should be ammunition that must be distributed all along the line of fighting through out the day and at night, traps would be set up to fish what could from their army through hand bombs or direct fighting under the cover of darkness, hitting the enemy where it least expected it.

It is widely known that the reason for the Crusade attack on Fallujah was the death of the 4 (military) reporters, and they in reality weren’t mere reporters, but they were senior information officers and the brothers found with these officers some maps that explained the plan of breaking-into the city. These officers were roaming in the residence areas of Fallujah, to survey the area and put the last touches to the plan of attacking it when the brothers were able to kill them. America took that attack as an excuse to attack the city. However the threats were continuing even before that and were planned a long time before this occurred. The cross worshipers wanted to break the uprising of the Mujahideen by oppressing this city that was rebelling against their arrogance.

The cross worshipers surrounded the city of Fallujah for twenty nine nights, the same number of nights of the battle of the Allies (Ghazwah al Ahzaab), and after passing those difficult nights with the brothers under siege, Allah broke the thorn of the enemy and dropped their superciliousness at the hands of a small group, that had nothing more than light personal weapons, and did not have any refuge to protects them from the heavy bombardment that the enemy fighter planes undertook; they had only the protection of Allah the Almighty.

Allah the Almighty performed many wonders at the hands of these patient boys who chose jihad a way, and glory as a reason, and to raise the flag of the religion as a goal. The greatest of the wonders that we saw that the brothers fighting for the protection of the city were in 10’s and were not in 100s, and at the end of the battle, the ammunition store was depleted. Some of the brothers would leave the regiment, and come to the brothers inside the city and take a bullet from this one and from that one and then return to the regiment at the corners of the city. This is the way the brothers faced the machines of the Americans and their numbers. But then Allah knew, Allah permitted, there after, that the brothers had used all they could and had excelled to please their Lord, the Almighty, to release them from the hardship and placed terror in the hearts of the Americans, he took their forelock away from the sides of the city, and returned the gigantic army humiliated and disappointed to ask for a sojourn only to face refusal. And some of the hypocrite ask for safety for their unit at the time of their pull out. The army of the cross worshipers pulled out disappointed, expelled with the units of the brothers attacking them, killing them, injuring them and taking prisoners and booty.

There was a great lesson in this battle concerning the power of their numbers and their aircraft and tanks and artillery machines, and all the weapons and 30000 soldiers were not able to raid the city. This showed that victory is from Allah and was a great lesson for the Ummah that this small city that is not more than 5 km square could terrify the enemy, by the grace of Almighty Allah. This is an example for the Ummah that it can do what these people did, that is, Allah (SWT) wanted to inform the Muslims that “O Ummah of Muhammad these are a handful of strays in 10’s, who have nothing and have stood against the greatest of regiments in the world and have sent it back by the bounty of Allah when they obeyed the command of Allah and took from the means what they could, Allah protected them.” So the Ummah can, by the will of Allah, get up again and reply by fighting the cross worshipers and blow the dust of humiliation and retrieve its glory by the will of Allah but only when it walks on the way of Allah and spends the souls of its sons cheaply in the way of Allah. And this is an easy thing. On the contrary man spends on humiliation what he does not spend on glory and will, and this is an experimented thing. Yes, so this battle by the grace of Allah was from the eternal battles, by Allah, in the history of Islam and Muslims, and every Muslim will be proud of it.

Baghdadi: It is said that there is a conspiracy being woven against the jihad. What does it look like and how do you respond to it?

Zarqawi: We, it doesn’t harm us the increase in the enemy or the conspiracies of the enemy and “they” now fear the Mujahideen and this is what has called them to draw out of fear to the Arab nations to help them out of their problem. And we, in our turn warn these evil organizations and tell them: don’t send forces to Iraq for they will be targeted by the Mujahideen and their ruling is the same as the ruling against the cross worshipers and those who are helping them. And we turn to advice the Ummah to stop their sons from coming to Iraq to interfere in making their sons shields for the rebels and victims of the battle of the unbelievers with the Mujahideen. The sides in this battle are clear and the flag of each one of them is known. That is why the Ummah should abstain from protecting the American master and their servants the Rafidah and their followers from these useless organizations.

O Ummah of Islam do you accept for yourself making your sons shields and protection that would safe guard the cross worshipers from the attacks of the Mujahideen and remember that the Americans have indeed come to these organizations to get rid of the Mujahideen and not to the Shiites or the Rawafids. And we inform you that if you accept that and you agree to send your sons to our fields then we will treat them like we treat the Americans and that we will target them before we target those who have come for their protection because there is no difference for us between a foreign disbeliever and an Arab disbeliever.

The matter for us is the religion and based on its logic, we must turn towards the Ummah and not towards the enemy to assist it to complete its plans and reach its aim after its failure to achieve it. At the same time we warn the organizations from sending their ambassadors to Iraq because this is a way to improve the evil image of the government and amounts to accepting the Jews and cross worshipers as masters in this Islamic land.

The conspiracy has another face as well, that shows the acceptance of a few groups carrying out “national fighting” with the aim of entering the political game and then putting down its weapons to stand with the government in fighting the Mujahideen. These also wont’ harm any one except themselves. It is indeed pleasing that their followers are moving away from them after they have learnt the reality of these “nationals”. The Muslims are no longer being deceived by the calls of the “nationals” and I expect no one to remain with them except those weak of mind and the misguided. The likes of these staying back is a mercy and inviting them for jihad is a trial so it was necessary that the split occur and position become clear who are righteous in their mission.

As for our journey, we know it is a very long and tiresome way and we will prepare for it and face the worst calamities for it and in it are the coming of hardships and pain, and the enemy in numbers, and we won’t say anything except what the Prophet (peace be upon him) said;

“Oh you who believe! Endure and be more patient (than you enemy) and guard your territory by stationing army units permanently at the places from where the enemy can attack you and fear Allah that you may be successful.” Quran 3:200

Baghdadi: Is there a word you would like to direct to those who have stayed back from this work?

Zarqawi: I would say to these people, fear Allah in your selves, fear Allah in the contract that Allah has burdened you with. Allah the Almighty says,

“And remember Allah took a covenant from those that were given the scripture (the Jews and the Christians) to make it known and clear to mankind, and not to hide it; but they threw it away behind their backs, and purchased with it some miserable gain! And vile was the bargain they made!” Quran 3:187

I say to them, fear Allah in this Ummah, you are, by Allah, going to stand before Him and He is going to give you a great accounting on your disappointment from staying back from jihad and your standing against His way. The Ummah today needs working lighthouses and needs those who can make the way easy for it. It does not need disappointers, nor does it need people sitting inside media studios for long hours gazing at the Ummah, considering how it is being torn and even then they do nothing but talk, mocking the men of honor and yet not objecting to the disbelievers by saying even one word.

And peace and blessings of Allah be on the Prophet Muhammad, his family and his righteous followers.


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