Are there kufr actions which take the doer of them out of the Milat (Islam)?



Are there some actions of kufr which take the person out of the Milat and are there some which do not? Or are actions of kufr all classified as kufr duna kufr which do not remove the person from the Milat except if accompanied by belief (that they are allowed) or Istihlal (making them halal) or juhood (denying they are haram)?


Kufr Amali (kufr actions) are of two kinds:

First: From them is that which removes the person from the Milat.

Like sujood to an idol and and sacrificing to other than Allah, tearing the Mushaf , allying with the kuffar and aiding them and giving them victory over the Muslims,legislating man made laws, leaving the Salat (intentionally and because of laziness until its time passes) and other issues like this.

And all these things are made takfeer because of – the action itself without having to look at the belief (of the person who does them).

And also from the actions of kufr are those connected to the tongue, like cursing Allah or His Messenger (alayhi salatu wa salam) or mocking the Deen or its clear symbols. And this kind of speech is in itself kufr.

Allah says:

وَلَقَدْ قَالُوا كَلِمَةَ الْكُفْرِ وَكَفَرُوا بَعْدَ إِسْلَامِهِمْ
Really they said the word of disbelief, and they disbelieved after accepting Islam,

Surat At Tawba 9:74

Second: Actions of kufr which do not remove the person from the Millat

Like attributing onself to other than his real father, tearing the clothes and slapping ones cheeks when a misfortune strikes, having anal sex with ones wife and other issues like this.

Like in the hadeeth: “Two (things) are found among men which are tantamount to unbelief: slandering one’s lineage and lamentation on the dead.”

And in another hadeeth “whoever attributtes himself to other than his father has disbelieved”

As for the saying that all kufr amali (actions of kuf) are kufr duna kufr (ie doesnt exit one from the Deen) except if accompanied with juhood or istihlaal, then this is from the Aqeedah and speech of the Murjiah.

Shaykh Ali Khudayr ibn Khudayr



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