The Tawhîd of Allah


By Al Shaykh Abu Muhammad Al Maqdisi فك الله أسره

· We say concerning the Tawhîd of Allah that Allah is One without any partners-not in His lordship, Divinity, or in His names and attributes

· So there is no creator besides Him and no Lord besides Him. There is no provider, no master, and no one that disposes of the affairs in this existence except Him. We single out Allah the Glorified in His actions, just as we single Him out in our actions as well. (1)

· So we single Him out in our acts of worship and in our intention and will- for there is nothing that is worshipped in truth except Him, the Glorified-so we testify just as Allah testified for Himself, as well as the Angels, and those endowed with knowledge-as He is always maintaining His creation with justice-[we testify that] there is none that has the right to be worshipped but Him, al-Azîz [the Almighty] al-Hakîm [the Most Wise]. [We say that] while affirming what this mighty word affirms of singling out the worship for Allah alone, as well as its necessary implications and rights. [And we say that] while also negating what it negates of the types of Shirk and partnerships and what follows behind that.

And we believe that the purpose for which Allah created the creation is [worshipping Him alone], as the Most High said:

“ And I have not created mankind or Jinn except to worship Me.” [adh-Dhâriyât 56]

And we call to singling Him, the Glorified out for all types of worship such as: prostration, or bowing, or vowing, or circumambulation [Tawaf], or sacrifice, or slaughter, or supplication or legislation, or other than it…

“Say, “Indeed, my prayer, my sacrifice, my living and my dying is for Allah the Lord of the worlds without any partner. With that I have been commanded and I am the first of the Muslims.” [al-Anâm 162-163]

And the command of the Lord, the Glorified includes both the universal and legislative command. So therefore, just as He, the Glorified is alone in the divine decree/universal ruling- in that He is the one who disposes of the affairs in the universe and the One who judges in it what He wants as according to His wisdom. [So] similarly, we single Him, the glorified out in His legislative ruling, therefore, we do not associate any one in His ruling and we do not associate any one in His worship.

“Certainly, to Him belong the creation and the command. Blessed is Allah the Lord of the worlds.”

Hence, the Halâl is what Allah made Halâl and the Harâm is what He made Harâm:

“ The ruling is for none but Allah. He has commanded that you worship none but Him.” [Yûsuf 54]

So there is no legislator in truth but Him, the Glorified and Most High. We declare enmity and disavowal and we remove and disbelieve in every legislator besides Him – so we seek none besides Him as a lord, and we do not take anyone besides Him the Glorified as a Protecting Friend and we seek no other Deen besides Islam. Therefore, [with that] whoever takes a judge and legislator besides Him the Glorified-following him and traversing with him in his legislation that is in opposition to the legislation of Allah, then he has taken a lord besides Allah and sought a religion besides Islâm.

The Most High said: “And certainly, the Shayâtîn do inspire their friends (from mankind) to dispute with you, and if you obey them, then you would indeed be Mushrikûn [polytheists].”

And the Most High said:
“ They took their Rabbis and Monks as lords besides Allah.”


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