The Tawheed of Al Saud…and the True Tawheed


Shaykh Abu Yahya Al-Libby (HA)

Jumada al-Uulaa 1428

“O you who believe! Take not the Jews and the Christians for your friends and protectors: they are but friends and protectors to each other. And he amongst you that turns to them (for friendship) is of them. Verily Allah guides not a people unjust.” (5:51)

All praise is due to Allah Alone, and peace and prayers be upon he after whom there is no Prophet, and on his family and

By the grace of Allah, the Glorious and Great, the Mujahideen in the Arabian Peninsula – may Allah guide them – are people of precedent who have left their good mark and are in no need of someone like me to explain a ruling, dispel a misconception about
them, or expose a deception. Ever since they rose up in the face of the tyrants of Al Saud, the ink of their pens has been flowing with living words filled with the spirit of Iman, glowing with the light of knowledge, ruled by the reins of justice and equity, and standing on the foundation of Tawheed and understanding.

The writings, messages and books of the Mujahid Shaykh Yusuf al-Uyayri (may Allah have mercy on him) have accompanied the march of Jihad there step by step, and the words of Shaykh Abdullah al-Rashood (may Allah have mercy on him) have never stopped having an effect on the hearts of the youth and spreading in them zeal, strengthening resolve, reviving hope and dispersing despair. And many are the other scholars of Jihad and seekers of knowledge who have left their mark on the library of Jihad with studies, investigations, rulings and rebuttals which have regulated the march, clarified its boundaries, established its concepts, muted
those who impugn its truthfulness, and replied to the fabrications of its enemies. These scholars have stood up, openly declaring the truth and laughing at the strength of falsehood, and called out: “Let us debate, for argument is fought by argument, evidence is met by evidence and investigation is confronted by investigation, not ‘investigators.’” But the only argument of bankrupt, fallen falsehood
was to follow in the footsteps of their commander and teacher:

“He said, ‘If you take any god other than me, I will make you of the prisoners!’” (26:29)

And today, the tyrants of Al Saud have resumed the attack. Before the convening of the international conference for the support of Iraq, they wanted to offer a token which would show the earnestness of their attitude in combating what they call “terror”, and show that they are still unwaveringly loyal to the covenant. So they waged their violent attack on the Mujahideen in the Arabian Peninsula, and to strengthen the attack, they motivated their information organs to blow and puff until it seemed to the listener that the defenseless people under arrest were the hordes of Genghis Khan which would have devoured everything and destroyed man and stone.

And also, what we are accustomed to with the government of Al Saud is total information blackout and the burying of any news from which it might be understood – even if by analysis – that there is a domestic opposition depriving their ruling regime of sleep. So why today – when conditions in the region are blazing – have they departed from their “wisdom” and rituals and gone out and boasted of their attack and inflated it and publicized it, until the Qibla of their rule, the White House, announced its praise of them and patted their shoulders in expression of its pleasure and gratitude at their actions?

In spite of that, the tyrants of Al Saud didn’t stop at this point and didn’t suffice with this support, but headed in another direction in which they saw the propping up of their reign and strengthening of their back: i.e., procuring fatwas which aid what they perpetrate and support them in the deeds they commit, for the sleeper to sleep deeper, the confused to increase in confusion, the criminal to
become more daring, the repressed Mujahid to increase in repression and rage, and the arrogant tyrant to become even more tyrannical. Thus, among the things which I came across recently was a fatwa published by the Mufti of their kingdom in connection with the attack waged by their security services against the youth of Jihad on the Peninsula in which dozens were arrested according
to their information media. And when I saw the fallacies, rashness, misplacing of matters and misapplication of Aayaat and Ahadeeth, it occurred to me to speak these words, as the fatwa in question put it, “To discharge the duty, free myself of responsibility, explain the truth, and out of honesty to Allah, His Book, His Messenger, and the leaders of the Muslims and their rank and file.” I ask Allah, the Glorious and Great, to benefit with them their speaker, their listener and their distributor. Verily, He is the Hearer, the Knower.

First: It is very obvious, from the terms repeated in the fatwa, that total reliance in describing the state of the “group” regarding which this fatwa was published was on the communiqué of the Interior Ministry, as the Mufti said at the outset, “This, and the communiqué released on the day of Jumu’ah, 10/4/1428 AH, by the Interior Ministry…etc.” and repeated three or four times the phrase, “Among
that which appeared in the communique…” It suffices to topple a fatwa that it relied in “verifying its reason” on a concocted communiqué released by the Interior Ministry headed by the Imam of the Imams of Kufr, “dean of the Arab interior ministers” Nayef bin Abd al-Aziz, who utilizes the men of his ministry to count the peoples’ breaths, follow their every move, violate the sanctuaries of their houses, and torture those of sincere Iman and pure Tawheed who refuse to let their Tawheed be a monstrosity which they are proficient in talking about and with the explanation of which their tongues run as water runs from the mouths of bottles, except that when they turn to the reality of their state and see its monstrous actions which destroy Tawheed from its root, they shut their eyes and plug their ears and say, “We neither saw nor heard,” and they swear their greatest oaths by Allah that it is the state of Tawheed and protector of the sanctity of Shari’ah.
The Interior Ministry on whose fabrications the Mufti relies is the same one who stands publicly and proudly and in word and in deed and side by side in aiding the Arab states in their combating of the Muslims. The conferences of the Arab interior ministers continue to be convened time after time to enforce conventions and strengthen ties to combat what they call “terror” – which in their dictionary is nothing but Islam, even if many people refuse to understand or comprehend this:

“If Allah decrees misguidance and punishment for someone, you can be of no help to him with Allah.” (5:41)

The Interior Ministry whose misguidance the Mufti uses as his source is the same one who lets loose its beasts to sink their claws into the pure bodies to tear them apart out of deep hatred and burning vengeance in the darkness of the prisons. The tongues of these believers constantly remember Allah, exalt Him, seek His aid, and complain to Him, whereas the tongues of those crude executioners
scream with the insulting of the Lord, mocking of the religion, and derision of the believers, and vomit ugly, dirty and foul language.
This fact has become definite and related over and over again, however much you deny it, or turn away from it. And this matter isn’t new, as some think, but rather it became well-known recently, after the area of battle widened and the people were divided into two distinct parties, each of which raised the banner of that which they worship.

“And among men are those who take others as rivals to Allah: they love them as they should love Allah. But those of faith are overflowing in their love for Allah. If only the unrighteous could see when they would see the punishment, that to Allah belongs all power, and that Allah is severe in punishment.” (2:165)

Shaykh Abu Layth, may Allah preserve him, describing the first moments of his detention in the prisons of the Interior Ministry of Al Saud, says, “To begin, they started torturing me instantly without questions or prefaces. When they discovered my Islamic identity, they wanted to dispel the idea of religious restraint which I might have about them, so the general who was supervising my torture, whose name was Amin Zaqzooq and was of Egyptian origin, began to talk to me and insult the religion. I realized that he wanted to provoke me, so I pretended to be indifferent. Then he followed that up by insulting God, but I pretended not to care. Then he continued by insulting the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him). So when he found me to be indifferent, he literally told me, “Were Ibn Baz and al-Uthaimeen here – and he mentioned a number of Mashaa’ikh – were they here, I would have ****ed them!” He said that just like that, using the gutter term and meaning sodomy. And after that he started torturing us.” From an interview with al-Fajr Magazine.
And if we wanted, we could write for you page after page of these stories, horrors and atrocities, not by concoction and fabrication,but with truthfulness, reliable sources and details of events. And if you insist on turning away, then you are just like those about whom Allah, the Glorious and Great, said, “And if they see all the signs, they will not believe in them; and if they see the way of right guidance, they will not adopt it as the way; and if they see the way of error, that is the way they adopt.” (7:146)

And as the whips were tearing apart the bodies of the youth of Islam in the darkness of the prisons of the Interior Ministry, and the mouths of the executioners were spewing blatant Kufr and humiliating insults, the verse of Hirabah (warring) – like today – was being recited, broadcast and printed in the information media of Al Saud’s government, to be an unsheathed sword with which the necks of the devout and worshipful are struck. And from who? From people who were expected to declare the truth, restrain the wrong-doing
criminals, and rescue the tortured and oppressed who can do nothing but cry, “O my Lord! Build for me, in nearness to you, a mansion in the Garden, and save me from Pharaoh and his doings, and save me from those that do wrong.” (66:11)

ghuraba 06-23-2007 06:38 PM
Re: The Tawheed of Al Saud…and the True Tawheed

The Interior Ministry in whose lies the Mufti has confidence and whose rumors the Mufti believes is the same one who mobilized its dogs and sprang to its feet when America became enraged and agitated and its fool said, “Whoever is not with us, is against us.” It took it upon itself to be the best of helpers, and its argument to you and in front of you was.

“We fear lest a change of fortune bring us disaster.” (5:52)

And be certain: they “swore their strongest oaths by Allah that they were with you. All that they do will be in vain, and they will become losers.” (5:53)

And it performed what was asked of it and more, and so it arrested who it arrested from the scholars who speak the clear knowledge and declare the pure truth, although they were not of those who “prepared for fighting with weapons,” nor did they “declare the Muslims to be infidels,” nor did they “permit the spilling of their blood,” nor did they “rebel against their leader,” nor did they “plot
to assassinate public figures,” nor did they “collude with foreign parties against the country,” as the fabricated charges to strike the necks always claim.

So why then are the prisons of the Interior Ministry full of them? “And they punished them for no other reason than that they believed
in Allah, the Strong, the Praiseworthy.” (85:8) “And you only wreak your vengeance on us because we believed in the signs of our Lord when they reached us! Our Lord! Pour on us patience and constancy, and take our souls unto you as Muslims.” (7:126)

This Ministry has also handed over a number of Mujahideen to the Americans, and at the handover, they saw them off with insults, curses, and slander and strutted and boasted about that in front of their American masters, while the captive Muslim was sad, humiliated, worn-out and naked as he was pulled from the vehicles of the Interior Ministry to the planes of the Cross-worshipers, his
heart breaking with grief and sorrow because he doesn’t know which prison will swallow him just as he doesn’t know which prison spit him out.

And at the same time, this Ministry has opened the doors of its bureaus of investigation wide open to the Romans for them to come and go as they please, and question whomever they want whenever and however they want. And by Allah, it has often been the case that the interrogators of the CIA and FBI were kinder and gentler towards the Mujahideen than were the harsh officers of the Interior Ministry whose sole concern is providing a piece of information to gain the pleasure of the Cross-worshipers, even if they know deep down inside that the information is falser then Musaylimah’s “revelation.”

This, then, is the Interior Ministry on who details and communiqué the Mufti depends and makes it his evidence on which he bases his momentous rulings against young men who are cleaner and purer than rainwater.

And one really does pause in confusion and bewilderment as the questions swirl in his puzzled mind: is it really possible that all these things – which have become undeniable even by the elderly Bedouins – are hidden from these people? These stories and reports are recurrent, and investigating and confirming them to be certain about them couldn’t be easier, so why this insistence on exonerating these criminals by dredging up arguments which – by Allah – they’ve never even thought of and which they are incapable of even
comprehending, much less relying on?! And why continue to shut the eyes to their flagrant, blatant crimes the denial of which is akin to sophistry in undeniable things? O Allah, show us the truth as truth and grant us following of it, and show us falsehood as falsehood and grant us avoidance of it.

Second: the Mufti opened his fatwa with what the Imam Muhammad bin Abd al-Wahhab (may Allah have mercy on him) mentioned concerning the issues of the Jahiliyyah, and that from their attributes is their disunity in religion. This is a word of truth in the wrong place, and unreliable, exaggerated alarmism about the event in question which only scares those who hang on to the fringes and
haven’t grabbed the firm handhold nor reached the core of the truth. Otherwise, I think that many of those who have been swallowed by the prisons of the Interior Ministry have memorized by heart the books of the Imam and have understood the knowledge, rules and doctrines contained in them, and have moved according to them, aided them and called to their contents, and have been harmed for applying them.

Thus, when the tyrants of Al Saud realized the extent of these books’ influence and that they and their religion are incompatible and that every time they distorted and falsified, they were exposed by them in the worst way, they began to distort the curricula based on them and subject them in a way that runs with their whims and agrees with the demands of their masters. And they muzzled the mouths of the callers who reveal the truth through these living books, books to which the successive governments of Al Saud had long pretended to be related and which – by their claims of concerning themselves with them and printing them – they had deceived the people. But they didn’t realize that they were in fact like those about whom Allah said:

“They destroy their dwellings by their own hands and the hands of the believers. So consider, oh you with eyes!” (59:2)

So finally, they found themselves at a crossroads with these books: they couldn’t twist them to keep them in line with their desires, nor could they follow them, even if only by word. So they chose to be hostile to them and throw them behind their backs. And such is the truth whose people honestly, sincerely and impartially record: falsehood cannot make use of it in aiding its falsehood, and if it tries, it will be exposed sooner or later:

“And no question do they bring to you but we reveal to you the truth and the best explanation.” (25:33)

So the proper direction for talk to turn to is: is what these young men do from the disunity in religion that Imam Muhammad bin Abd al-Wahhab had in mind, or is it a baseless allegation and reckless throwing about of words without study or reflection?And what is the religion which these people refuse to let it bring them together with the tyrants of Al Saud and take them under its umbrella and dome? Is it the religion of Islam or the religion of the United Nations? Is it the religion of obedience to the Shari’ah or the religion of ruling according to the Security Council? Is it the religion of purely faith-based brotherhood or the religion of the international community, international family and international legitimacy? Is it the religion of unity of creed or the religion of the League of Arab Countries? Is it the religion of loyalty to Islam or the religion of the Gulf Cooperation states? Is it the religion of disowning the infidels and declaring hostility to them, or is it the religion of brotherliness and affection towards every atheistic arrogant tyrant? Is it the religion of aiding the weak and oppressed and expelling the occupiers, or the religion of surrender initiatives and supporting the infidels against the people of Islam? Is it the religion of combating polytheism and polytheists, or the religion of protecting the criminal Rejectionists and defending them as they insult the Companions of the Chief of the Messengers?
We place these questions in front of the Mufti, and we demand of him frank and daring answers full of proof and detail, and afterwards let him tell us – with the courage of the man of knowledge – if these are of “those who split up their religion, and become sects, each party rejoicing in that which it has.” (30:32) And let him bring for his answers whatever he wants from what was recorded
by the Imam Muhammad bin Abd al-Wahhab and the Imams of the [Najdi] Da’wa (may Allah have mercy on them), whose books continue to speak the truth and launch it to disperse the meteorites of falsehood, and from whose books the tyrants of Al Saud would prefer that not even one page remain to make them lose sleep:

“When our clear signs are recited to them, you will notice a denial on the faces of the unbelievers! They nearly attack with violence those who recite our signs to them. Say, ‘Shall I tell you of something
worse than that: the Fire which Allah has promised to the unbelievers! And terrible is that destination!” (22:72)

Imam Muhammad bin Abd al-Wahhab said about the issues of Jahiliyyat that among them is killing those people who command to just dealings, and he was right – may Allah have mercy on him – for Allah, the Glorious, the Great, said, “As to those who deny the signs of Allah, and in defiance of right, slay the Prophets, and slay those who teach just dealing with mankind, announce to them a grievous chastisement.” (3:21) And isn’t that exactly what the tyrants of Al Saud do? How numerous the callers to just dealing who have been killed, the Imams of guidance who have been tortured, and the Mujahideen who have been displaced, and not even the pure, chaste women have been safe from them, in Pharoanic vileness and villainy, for all to be strung on the thread of “I only show you what I see, and I only guide you to the right path!” (40:29)
ghuraba 06-23-2007 06:51 PM
Re: The Tawheed of Al Saud…and the True Tawheed

And their proof with which they legitimize the taking of their blood and honor is:

“These are a small band, they have enraged us, and we are all forewarned.” (26:54-56)

And among the issues of Jahiliyyat which the Imam – may Allah have mercy on him – listed: their affection for infidelity and infidels. And the state of the tyrants of Al Saud in this regard is clearer than the midday sun, and “nothing is right in the minds when the
daytime requires proof.” Their crime hasn’t stopped at the affection of the heart of which they will be exonerated with heavy oaths and the proffering of minute arguments which they never even thought of. No. their loyalty and aid to all types of infidels and their backing of them against the Muslims is something they boast about in their conferences, meetings and press, and due to its abundance, it has become accepted by the souls of many, and they no longer notice it, much less appreciate its shame and ugliness.

Shaykh Muhammad bin Abd al-Wahhab (may Allah have mercy on him) said in regard to the nullifiers of Islam, “The eighth: supporting the infidels and helping them against the Muslims. The proof is Allah’s statement: ‘And he amongst you that turns to them [for friendship] is of them. Verily Allah guides not a people unjust.’ (5:51)” And Shaykh Hamd bin ‘Atiq (may Allah have mercy on
him) said, “As for hostility to the infidels and polytheists, know that Allah (the Glorified and Exalted) has made that obligatory and emphasized its obligatory nature, and made loyalty to them illegal and was strict in that, to the extent that there is not in the Book of Allah a ruling whose proofs are as numerous and clear as this ruling, after the obligation of Tawheed and prohibition of its opposite.” (Sabeel al-Najaah 31)

So establishing Western bases in the Land of the Two Sanctuaries from which their planes take off, planes which carry tons of explosives to demolish the houses of the Muslims in Iraq and Afghanistan and which go out in the morning with their bellies full and return with them empty: is that backing of the infidels against the Muslims or not?
And evacuating the ports and beaches at which ships drop anchor as they carry thousands of soldiers, dozens of aircraft and hundreds of missiles which pound the Muslim lands and leave them desolate, devastated and flattened: is that backing of the infidels against the Muslims or not?
And leaving the coffers of the banks filled to the brim and wide open for the infidels of the West to scoop from it whenever they want and however much they want, for it to be provision and relief for them in their war which has ruined their economy: is that backing of the infidels against the Muslims or not?
And the pumping of millions of barrels of petrol – whether free or for sale – to irrigate their planes, tanks, ships and cars as they kill, torture and destroy: is that backing of the infidels against the Muslims or not?
And providing the occupation troops with the finest kinds of food and drink for them to enjoy them in front of the lost and hungry prisoner and to strengthen themselves with them in their open war against Islam and its people: is that backing of the infidels against the Muslims or not?
So you are caught between two things from which there is no escape: either you deny that these things have been committed by the tyrants of Al Saud, and the first to call you a liar and shout in your face will be them, or you admit it – and you have no other choice – in which case you must reveal their ruling, explain the truth about them and declare your disowning of them and their infidelity. And that is what we hope for.
Third: what we have mentioned negates the argument in support of which the Mufti related a number of proofs which obligate obedience to the rulers, forbid rebellion against them and threaten those who nullify their pledge after they have made it or die without a pledge around their necks, because one of the Ahadeeth which he brought indicts him and makes clear that all of this is out of
place. It is the Hadeeth of ‘Ubadah bin Samit (with whom Allah was pleased), in which he said, “We pledged to the Messenger of Allah to listen and obey in difficulty and ease and in what we like and dislike and even if we are not given our full due, and that we not challenge the rulers and that we say the truth wherever we are and not fear for Allah’s sake the blame of a blamer.” And in one version, “and that we not challenge the rulers unless you see blatant infidelity about which you have proof from Allah.” (Agreed upon)
The blatant infidelity committed by the government of Al Saud is one of the things that has made the Mujahideen arise and apply themselves to removing it in obedience to Allah, who said, “And never will Allah grant to the unbelievers a way over the believers.” (4:141)
And in obedience to the Messenger of Allah, peace be upon him, who said, “Unless you see blatant infidelity about which you have proof from Allah,” and to follow the consensus – which more than one scholar has mentioned – about the obligatory nature of removing the infidel ruler and installing a Muslim ruler who is to be listened to and obeyed, and to purify the Arabian Peninsula which
the Companions – with whom Allah was pleased – washed with their blood and which the tyrants of Al Saud desecrated by bringing in the armies of infidelity, fornication and corruption from every sect and religion, who established their bases in that blessed land and deployed their troops, and it became a secure refuge in which they shelter and protect themselves after committing the ugliest forms of destruction, killing and expulsion against the Muslims and their lands. The Prophet, peace be upon him, cursed the one who shelters a criminal, so what about the one who encircles the butchers in welcome, receives them with honors, shelters them in his kingdom, gives them aid, and punishes severely those who aim for them and pours torment on them, to please the criminals, gladden the murderers’ hearts, and delight the butchers.

So what do you want from these jealous youth following this? Should they be emasculated in their resolve, petrified in their hearts,without concern or zeal, licking the mires of this world, belching from its delights, and competing for its rubble, as their Ummah is felled, wounded and slaughtered, shrieking beside them and imploring its Lord, and wailing and wailing and wailing while they are
sitting and giggling and playing? And the Prophet, peace be upon him, said, describing the Muslims, “They are as one against the others.” And he said, peace be upon him, “Expel the polytheists from the Arabian Peninsula.”
So it was not for the heroes of Islam and the jealous ones among them, as they see their neighbors and brothers in creed and religion having their homes crushed, their countries devastated, their children orphaned, the honor of their women violated, their youth and elderly humiliated, the roots of the religion pulled out of their lands, and the treasures of their countries pilfered, all at the hands of the Cross-worshipers who reside with their deadly weapons and murderous armies in their midst on the Arabian Peninsula in secure, tranquil bases surrounded by the villainous troops of the tyrants of Al Saud: it was not for them to stand like mummies, neither moving a finger, nor fighting a tyrant who supports these murderous criminals and has opened his land to them, mobilized his army to protect them, spent his wealth to strengthen them, and placed for their security his security men who sacrifice their lives for the lives
of their brothers the infidels when they should be sacrificing them for the disaster-stricken Muslims in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere. And Jabir – with whom Allah was pleased – related that the Messenger of Allah – peace be upon him – said, “There is no one who abandons a Muslim in a place where his honor is violated and his sanctity is infringed upon except that Allah, the Most
High, abandons him in a place in which he would like His aid. And there is no one who aids a Muslim in a place where his honor is violated and his sanctity is infringed upon except that Allah aids him in a place in which he would like His aid.” (Abu Dawood)
So this miserable, humiliating situation is what called them to the readying of weapons, which the Mufti found repugnant and in that kept in line with the communiqué of the Interior Ministry, saying, “And among that which appeared in the communiqué is their readying of weapons.” But what they did is nothing but a response to the divine call, “Against them make ready your strength to the
utmost of your power, including steeds of war, to terrify with it the enemies of Allah and your enemies, and others besides them, whom you may not know, but whom Allah knows. Whatever you spend in the cause of Allah shall be repaid unto you, and you shall not be wronged.”(8:60) And ‘Uqbah bin ‘Aamir (with whom Allah was pleased) said, “I heard the Messenger of Allah (peace be
upon him) on the pulpit saying, “‘Against them make ready your strength to the utmost of your power.” Verily, strength is firing; verily, strength is firing; verily, strength is firing.” (Muslim)
And then the Interior Ministry’s communiqué made up something which the Mufti followed it in by saying, “…And their plotting to rebel against the Muslims with those weapons…” This, by Allah, is a lie which of late has been promoted and marketed in all the states which the tyrannical executioners control. So who are these Muslims whom the Mujahideen are accused of plotting to rebel against? If they are their general public, then by Allah, the Mujahideen have only gone out in defense of them and to lift from them oppression, repression and suppression and aid the weak and oppressed moaning under the burden of the laws of infidelity which rule and enslave them. And they are encouraged in that by the statement of Allah, the Glorious and Great: “And what is the matter
with you, that you do not fight in the path of Allah and of the weak and oppressed men, women, and children whose cry is, ‘Our Lord! Rescue us from this village whose people are oppressors, and raise for us from You one who will protect, and raise for us from You one who will help.’” (4:75)

Otherwise, killing the Muslim public needs no plotting, for the streets are busy and the markets are crowded. But it is the fabrications of the bankrupt and misconceptions of those lacking arguments whose chests are full of hatred. So remember, oh you Mufti, that one day you shall stand in front of Allah the Most High, who said, “Not a word does he utter but there is a vigilant guardian.” (50:18) And He said (Glory to Him), “And pursue not that of which you have no knowledge, for surely, the hearing, the sight, and the heart: all of
those shall be questioned.” (17:36)

If, on the other hand, what is meant by the Muslims against whom rebellion is being plotted are the tyrants of government and protectors of oppression and their parties which refrain from many of the prominent laws of Islam, then what a fine plot and what a fine preparation, and their efforts in that are to be appreciated and their deeds are – with the permission of Allah – righteous. Shaykh al-Islam (may Allah have mercy on him) said, “Every party which departs from any prominent, recurrent law of Islam must be fought
compulsorily, by agreement of the Imams of the Muslims, even if they say the two testimonies of faith. So if they agree to the two testimonies but refrain from the five prayers, it is obligatory to fight them until they pray, and if they refrain from the Zakaat, it is obligatory to fight them until they pay the Zakaat. And the same if they refrain from fasting Ramadan or Hajj to the Ancient House, or
if they refrain from the prohibition of indecent deeds, adultery and fornication, gambling, alcohol or other prohibitions of the Shari’ah. And the same if they refrain from judging in matters of blood, wealth, honor, sexual relations and the like by the Book and Sunnah.” (Majmuu’a al-Fatawa 28:510)
And how strange it is to see the government of Al Saud be described as a “just authority,” but the amazement ends if one reads the statement of Allah (the Glorious, the Great): “For any to whom Allah gives not light, there is no light!” (24:40)

I didn’t want to go here into all the doors of infidelity from which the tyrants of Al Saud have left Islam, because the efforts of the sincere, impartial, truth-declaring scholars have finished that and explained them nullifier by nullifier in various topics and numerous occasions. Instead, I just wanted to acquaint them with the clear fact which the uneducated recognizes before the scholar, the infidel recognizes before the Muslim, and indeed, the tyrants of Al Saud themselves brag about at every opportunity, which is the issue of the aid, backing and help which I referred to just now, and which we demand of every one who defends this apostate government and hangs on to it by his teeth to disprove with any means at his disposal: whether with the clear and definite legal evidence – which isn’t possible – or by bending the necks of the texts or even breaking them. And if they are unable to do that – and they are unable
without a doubt – then let them take off the noose of feebleness and cloak of impotence and speak the truth or refrain from aiding falsehood, for there are in the knights of Islam and eminent scholars those who will expose, scatter and spite it:

“Those who preach the messages of Allah, and fear Him, and fear none but Allah. And Allah alone is sufficient.” (33:39)

O Allah, deal with the tyrants of Al Saud; O Allah, count their number, and kill and eliminate them, and leave not even one of them.
O Allah, empower over them your soldiers and your believing slaves, and make them a sign for those who consider, and grant victory to your slaves the Mujahideen and protect them and their families, and defend them, O You who defend the believers.And our final prayer is that all praise is for Allah, Lord of the worlds.
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