The term “Salafi Jihadi”

By Shaykh Abu Dujana Al Pasha

It is not compulsory that the Taifah Mansorah (saved sect) term should be only limited to the group that is termed as “Salafi Jihadi”. Indeed, it is a part of the Taidah Mansoorah (saved sect), but it is not described as a full part. There are many individuals who are present that work towards giving victory to the Religion of Allah and to make the Word of Allah supreme, and they don’t ascrive themselves with this label (Salafi Jihadi), whether we talk about specific indivisuals or groups, whether we know them or not; there are may who are followers of this Taifah Mansoorah (Saved Sect) who give victory to it but from the persepective of this word (salafi Jihadi) they are not even included in what is known as a Salafi stream.

Taken from the Shaykhs book: “A Deep thought regarding the term Salafi Jihadi”


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