A Hadeeth taken out of context by some extremists

It is common that some supporters of ISIS use the hadeeth “Whoever dies without giving bayyah to an Imam has died a death of Jahilliyyah” to attack those who do not give bayyah to their “Khalifah”

And we have even seen Abdullah Faisal At Takfeeri use this hadeeth a while back as a “proof” that the one who does not give bayyah to ISIS is a Munafiq.

We however do not look to the people of desires for explanations of the words of the Messenger of Allah (Peace be upon him) rather we take from the understanding of the Salaf. This is our Manhaaj, this is the way of Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jammah.

When Imam Ahmed Ibn Hanbal was asked on this hadeeth he said:

“Do you know who the imam is? The Imam is the one who the Muslims have gathered upon, all of them. This is the imam and this is the meaning of the hadeeth”

Manhaaj As Sunnah 1/529

May Allah Protect us from the extremists who twist and turn hadeeths to support their group.



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