Jihad will remain until the last hour


May peace, mercy and blessings of Allah be upon you.

Oh Sheikh, what do you say about those people who have appeared amongst us calling themselves Salafis? They criticise those who say there is Jihad and that there are Mujahideen in some Islamic countries like Iraq, Somalia and Afghanistan, and they accuse them of fanaticism.

Answer: Wa ‘alaikumussalam Warahmatullahi Wabarakaatuhu

My advice is that you denounce them for this ugly dirty statement of theirs, and if they do not respond, then stay away from them. Jihad will remain until the Last hour. Buhkari has classified a chapter in his Sahih entitled, “Chapter: Jihad will continue with the righteous and the corrupt”. That is when he mentioned the Hadith which says- “The Prophet (ﷺ) said, “The horses will always have goodness tied to their foreheads until the Day of Resurrection, they are:- reward (from Allah) and (war) booty (from battles).”

Al Hafidh Ibn Hajar – may Allah have mercy on him- said: In this there are glad tidings that Islam and its followers will remain until the Day of Judgment. Because for Jihad to remain, the Mujahideen must necessarily remain and they are Muslims. It is like in the other Hadith which says: There will always remain a group of people from my nation who will remain fighting upon the truth”.

These people who are deluded and cheerers, many of whom are Murjiah, they say that there is no Jihad today, and they put an invalid condition for the defensive Jihad. They say that Jihad is only by the permission of the ruler. They have lied as stated by the prophet Muhammad – may peace and blessings of Allah be upon – when he said in the Hadith of Salamah bin Nufail Al-Kindi – may Allah be pleased with him – that :

“I was sitting with the Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) when a man said: ‘O Messenger of Allah! The people have humiliated the horses and put down the weapons, and they say there is no Jihad and that war has ended.’ The Messenger of Allah faced towards him and said: ‘They are lying. It is now that the war has arrived. There will always remain a group from my nation who will continue to wage war upon the truth until the Final Hour, and until the promise of Allah arrives. The horses will have goodness tied to their foreheads until the Day of Resurrection. It has been revealed to me that I am going to die and will not stay long, and you will follow me group after group. Do not strike one another’s necks. The abode of the believers is Ash-Sham.'”

The Hadiths in Bukhari and Muslim and others, which mention that Jihad will continue and will remain until we fight Dajjal and until the descent of Easa the son of Maryam – may peace be upon – are all known and not hidden. And they are numerous and can’t be denied.

So will you leave this great obligation for the sake of traitor rulers who replace the law of Allah?!

And Allah knows best.

Shaykh Abu Abdullah al Hashami حفظه الله

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Comparison between the Khilafa in the view of the Sahabah and between the view of the followers of Bagdhadi

From the book entitled “The Stance of Tehreek Taliban Pakistan towards the announced Khilafa of Abu Bakr al Baghdadi”

Introduction To This Treatise

This is an article prepared by the leadership advisory council of the Pakistani Taliban Movement in the light of the pure texts and transmissions from the Quran and the Sunnah and the consensus of the Ummah which leads to the following conclusions:

  1. Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi, (the original Arabic version of this book has in it “may Allah assist him against the Zionist Crusader Rafidhi alliance”) is not a Khalifa of the Muslims. And based on that, there is no need to give Bay’ah to him. And consequently, the one who has not given him the Bay’ah as a Khalifa of the Muslims is not to be considered as a rebel and his death is not to be considered as a death in Jaahiliya.
  2. Applying the Hadiths that have been narrated about the Khalifa over the so called Khilafa of Baghdadi is a distortion of the meaning of these Hadiths.
  3. The predecessors of this Ummah have given us the dimensions of the Khilafa in a clear elegant manner, and in an appealing and graceful form in the light of the Quran and the Sunnah. And hence, granting legitimacy to the so called Khilafa of Baghdadi and making Bay’ah to it as a necessary obligation over the Ummah, is a view point that contradicts the Aqeedah of the Ahlu Sunnah and goes against the actions of the Sahabah and the Khulafa ur Rashideen and their beliefs. In addition to that, the so called Khilafa of Baghdadi is an innovation in ideology that has no similarity in the past.
  4. Islam is a comprehensive religion based on the saying of Allah, “Today I have perfected for you your religion”. Therefore, it has laid down for its followers its political system under which comes the establishment of the Khilafa in a serious and complete manner, about which this article will be discussing.

All praise be to Allah, and prayers and peace be on the messenger of Allah and his family and companions and those who followed him. As for what follows,

So this is a concise treatise in which we shall mention the essentials factors of the Islamic Khilafa, and we shall show the invalidity of the so called Khilafa of Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi by mentioning twenty three points.

And here we present to you these points as follows:

The first point

Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi is not a Khalifa, and that is because the companions of the messenger of Allah ﷺ, are the role models for this Ummah whose examples should be emulated, and their guidance should be followed, and their concept of the Khilafa is bound by three different views and the so called Khilafa of Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi does not match any one of them. So here are the three different views as follows:

The first view:

It makes it a condition that all of the people altogether should gather and have agreement over one Imam for the Islamic Khilafa to be established as considered by some of the companions as stated by Ibn Khaldun in his Muqaddimah page 111 about the pledge to Ali bin Abi Thaalib:

“And from amongst them were those who abstained (from giving bayah) until all the people gathered and agreed upon a leader like Sa’d, Saeed, Ibn Umar, Usama, Mugheerah, Abdullah ibn Salaam, Qudamah bin Ma’zoon, Abu Saeed Al Khudri, Ka’b ibn Ujra, Ka’b bin Maalik, Nu’man ibn Basheer, Hasaan bin Thaabith, Maslamah ibn Mukhallad, Fadhaalah ibn Ubaid, and other similar senior companions, may Allah be pleased with them.

And as for the so called Khilafa of Baghdadi, not even one tenth of the Ummah has agreed upon it, let alone its vast majority.

Imaam Shihabuddin says in “Al Arb Fee Funoon Al Adab“, page 161,

“Maalik ibn Ka’b Al Hamadani travelled to Daumat ul Jandal and asked its people to give pledge to Ali and they refused saying, “We will not give Bay’ah until the all of the people give Bay’ah”. So he turned away from them and left them”.

So Malik bin Ka’b Al Hamadani did not consider them to be Bughat (rebels) and he did not consider their refusal of Bay’ah as a refusal of something absolutely obligatory, and he did not say to them that you have rejected such and such Hadith, and that your death is a death of Jaahiliyyah (ignorance).

And let it be noted that they were a generation whose righteousness has been testified to, and the one who asked them to give Bay’ah was a companion himself, and the residents of Daumat ul Jandal were also from amongst the companions or the Tabi’yeen, and in addition to that, the Bay’ah was for Ali ibn Abi Thaalib. And what do you know who Ali ibn Abi Thaalib was!

But the people of Daumat ul Jandal stuck to their view that Ali bin Abi Thaalib is not an Imaam until all of the people gather under him.

The author of “Al Kaamil Fi Thaareekh” says, “They brought Sa’d ibn Abi Waqqas may Allah be pleased with him, and Ali may Allah be pleased with him said to him, “Give Bay’ah”, and he replied saying ,”No, until all of the people give their Bay’ah”. And they brought Ibn Umar may Allah be pleased with him, and he said, “No, until all of the people give their Bay’ah”.

So they all abstained from giving Bay’ah until all of the people would give their Bay’ah. And neither did they consider themselves to be Bughat (rebels) nor did Ali consider them to be Bughat who rejected the religious obligation, and that the Hadiths which were conveyed, considered them such and such, and he never said to them that their death in this situation is a death of Jaahiliyah.

Muhammad Ali Al Sallabi says in his book “The Khilafa of Abdullah bin Zubair”, page 55,

“When Ibn Zubayr asked (for Bay’ah from) Muhammad bin Hanafiyyah and Ibn Abbas may Allah be pleased with them both, they said, “Not until the country is united under you and the people have agreed over you”.

So they did not consider that the announcement of the Khilafa of Abdullah bin Zubayr has taken place and that he has controlled many lands, and so their staying back from giving him Bay’ah is staying back from a religious obligation and a rejection of many Hadiths, and so on and so forth…..

But they believed that the unity of the whole country and the agreement of all the people is a condition for the establishment of the Khilafa in religion.

As for the so called Khilafa of Baghdadi, not even one tenth of the Jihadi community has agreed upon it, let alone the Ummah as a whole. So how can his Khilafa be right? And how can the one who does not agree to it be considered a rebel?

The second view:

Agreement of all the people of Ahlul Hal Wal Aqd is a condition for the establishment of the Khilafa in religion, as mentioned by Ibn Khaldun in Vol.1, page 111:

“When Uthman got martyred, the people were scattered throughout the lands and did not witness the Bay’ah given to Ali. And among those who witnessed it, some of them gave their Bay’ah and the others withheld from it saying, “We will not give Bay’ah until the people have united under one Imam” as we have just mentioned. And the others considered that no Bay’ah has been made because the companions who were Ahlul Hal Wal Aqd were scattered in different lands and none except a few of them were present. And no Bay’ah can take place except with the agreement of Ahlul Hal Wal Aqd. And any dealing made by others or a few of them is not a binding contract.

And this view was adopted by Muawiya, Amru ibn Al Aas, Ummul Mu’mineen Ayisha, Zubayr and his son Abdullah, Talha and his son Muhammad, Sa’d, Sa’eed, Nu’man bin Basheer, Muawiya ibn Khudaij and those companions who followed their opinion and abstained from giving Bay’ah to Ali while in Medina.

The third view:

Agreement of the majority of the Ahlul Hal Wal Aqd is a condition for establishment of the Khilafa according to a group of Sahaba. And the Khilafa of Ali was set up based on this third approach. And that is because the majority of the Ahlul Hal Wal Aqd had given him their Bay’ah while the Ahlul Hal Wal Aqd were dispersed throughout the lands after the murder of Uthman, and not all of them were present. However the majority of them were present and they gave their Bay’ah as stated by Ibn Khaldun in his Muqaddimah:

“As for the incident of Ali, the people at the time of Uthman’s killing were scattered across various lands, and they did not witness the Bay’ah given to Ali. And amongst those of them who witnessed it, there were those who gave him Bay’ah”.

And those of them who witnessed and gave Bay’ah to Ali were a large number of them as mentioned by the author of “Al Intisaar Fee Radd Alal Mu’tazila Al Qadriyya”, vol. 3 page 90, “The Bay’ah to Ali, and his leadership were supported by the majority of the companions before that, and they followed him and he gained power by their obedience to him”.

Sheikhul Islam Ibn Taymiyyah says in “Shubuhaat Hawl As Sahaabah”, page 11,

“The people of influence pledged their allegiance to Ali even though they did not unite under him the way they united under those who were before, but there is no doubt that he had authority and strength due to the support of the people of influence”.

So it can be known from this analysis and investigation that the stances of the Sahabah towards the Khilafa are divided based upon three different viewpoints which are:

1)      The agreement of the entire Ummah

2)      The agreement of the entire Ahlul Hal Wal Aqd

3)      The agreement of the majority of the Ahlul Wal Aqd

So the so called Khilafa of Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi has not been agreed upon by the Ummah as a whole, nor by  the Ahlul Hal Wal Aqd as a whole, nor by the majority of the Ahlul Hal Wal Aqd, while the Ahlul Hal Wal Aqd, as we will explain later in complete detail, is a term for the people of influence in the Ummah from the scholars and the leaders.

And none from the people of influence in the Ummah who are referred to from amongst the scholars and leaders throughout the world have given Bay’ah to Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi, other than the advisory group of ISIS who took him as a Khalifa. And the advisory group of his organization are not the people of influence of the Ummah who are depended upon and referred to.

Translated by Al Muwahideen Media

Brief Messages To A Victorious Nation Part 2 Do Not Be Divided

Brief Messages To A Victorious Nation

 Part 2

Do Not Be Divided 

By Sheikh Ayman Al-Zawahiri (May Allah protect him)

1437 H.

In the name of Allah, all praise belongs to Allah, and may prayers and peace be upon the Messenger of Allah and upon his family and companions and those who follow him.

Dear Muslim brothers in every place, may peace, mercy and blessings of Allah be upon you.

There is no doubt that uniting the Muslim Ummah against its enemies is a religious obligation. He, the one who is true, has said:

“Verily, Allah loves those who fight in His Cause in rows (straightened) as if they were a solid structure.” (60:4)

And for the sake of uniting this Ummah against its enemies who have united against it, the Mujahideen with the foremost being Shaykh Usamah bin Ladin, may Allah have mercy upon him, gathered their efforts and they realized that the unity of the Ummah is in being united to wage Jihad against the Hubal (an idol) of this age, America.

And as an essential step to unite the Ummah, Shaykh Usamah gave Bay’ah to the Islamic Emirate and he called the Muslims to likewise give Bay’ah to it.

This is the Emirate which was praised by the symbols of Da’wah and Jihad in this age, like Shaykh Hamoud al Uqla, may Allah have mercy upon him, and the two Shaykhs, Sulayman Al Ulwaan and Ali Al Khudayr, may Allah hasten their release, and Shaykh Abu Hafs al Qaaid and Shaykh Abu Mus’ab al Zarqawi and Shaykh Abu Hamza al Muhajir and the Shaykhs Abu Layth and Athiyatullah and Abu Yaya Al Libbi, and Shaykh Nasr al Wuhayshi and Shaykh Mukhtar Abu Zubayr and Shaykh Abu Muhammad al Turkistani, may Allah have mercy upon them all, and Shaykh Abu Qatada al Filistini and Shaykh Abu Muhammad al Maqdisi and Shaykh Hani As Sibai and Shaykh Tariq Abdul Haleem and other honourable leaders and scholars besides them .

These and others did not praise this Emirate and promote it out of desire or dread, rather it is to testify to the truth and to strive to unite the ranks of the Muslim Ummah against its enemies.

And it was this Emirate which commanded the good and forbade the evil and judged by the Shariah and gave refuge to the Muhajireen and to the weak, and smashed the idols and confronted the arrogant Crusade campaign.

So I call my Muslim and Mujahideen brothers in general and specifically in Afghanistan to rally around this firm patient Mujahid Emirate and to not respond to calls to split the ranks of the Mujahideen, the main beneficiaries of which are the enemies of Islam.

And from among these who are trying to split the ranks of the Mujahideen, is the group led by Ibrahim al Badri (ie. Abu Bakr Baghdadi) who have become worse than the Khawaarij. They did not become content by just making Takfeer on the Muslims and the Mujahideen for actions which do not invalidate their Islam, rather they have made Takfeer on them for actions which are actually righteous actions. They have made Takfeer on the brother, the martyr – as we see him – Abu Sa’d al Hadrami, may Allah have mercy upon him, because he took Bay’ah from the Free Syrian Army for Jihad..! And they have made Takfeer on the leaders of Al-Qaeda, because they sometimes use soft words in Da’wah..! They have become worse than the Khawarij by avoiding Shariah courts and by resorting to lies and slander and by breaking covenants.

They have announced that everyone who fights them – even if one is striving to apply the laws of the Shariah – he is still a Kafir and his wife is an adulteress, as if they are Prophets that whoever fights them would be disbelievers.

And even though we have repeatedly criticised them, they have not, until this day, presented a single faultless evidence for the Takfeer on Al-Qaeda. And here we are today asking them and asking Ibrahim Al Badri for an official statement in which they mention their clear established documented evidence for making Takfeer on us.

And even though we have repeatedly criticised them, they have not mentioned who are these few unknown people whose Bay’ah made Ibrahim al Badri a Khalifa, as per his claims. So here we are today asking them and asking Ibrahim al Badri to mention to us the names, history and the description of those who gave him the so called Bay’ah, and in specific those who were in Saddam’s army, and to be even more specific – those of them who were in the intelligence service of Saddam. And based on what right has he granted them authority over the necks of the Muslims?

My Muslim and Mujahideen brothers everywhere, and specifically in Afghanistan, the Islamic Emirate has withstood through its leaders and officials and soldiers, in the face of the haughty Crusade campaign against Afghanistan for more than 14 years. And then after all these huge sacrifices, these modern Khawarij has come along to make Takfeer on them and to describe them as puppets of the intelligence agencies…!! Do puppets of intelligence agencies get bombarded by American planes?!! Do the puppets of the intelligence agencies force the Crusaders to leave?! And do the puppets of the intelligence agencies fight the apostate government and liberate Afghanistan from their corruption?

So I warn everyone who has given Bay’ah to Ibrahim al Badri – after knowing his crimes – that he is a helper to him in this.

And he is helping him in fleeing from the Shariah court, and he is helping him in making Takfeer on the Muslims, and he is helping him in splitting the ranks of the Mujahideen while they are facing a fierce Crusader onslaught. And he is helping him in making false allegations against them and in accusing their women of adultery. And he is helping him in fighting against those who are striving to apply the laws of the Shariah, and in threatening to kill them if they do not submit to him. He is helping him in all of his crimes.

So let him prepare to answer for this on a day in which his opponents will be the Mujahideen and the Muhajireen and those who are guarding the frontiers.

And our final supplication is that all praise is due to Allah the lord of all that exists. And may peace and blessings of Allah be upon our master Muhammad and upon his family and his companions.

May peace, mercy and blessings of Allah upon you.

Brief Messages To A Victorious Nation Episode 1 Who will defend the Quran?

Brief Messages To A Victorious Nation

 Episode 1

 Who will defend the Quran?

By Sheikh Ayman Al-Zawahiri (May Allah protect him)

In the name of Allah, and all praise belongs to Allah. And may peace and blessings of Allah be upon the Messenger of Allah, and upon his family and companions and whoever follows him.

Dear Muslim brothers everywhere, may peace, mercy and blessings of Allah be upon you.

To proceed:

I would like to begin this series with a brief overview to take a lesson from what has been called as the “Arab Spring”, which has failed in Egypt, and in Tunisia and in Yemen. And Allah knows best how its destiny will be in Libya. However, it has known the path of victory in Sham, by the will of Allah and His support.

Briefly and to make it simple, I will narrate to you the story of what happened in Egypt, because it represents the blatant example of the failure of the Muslims when they fall short or deviate, and also the reality of the enmity of the Crusaders when they oppress and transgress. And what can be learnt from Egypt applies to elsewhere.

The story of Egypt did not begin on the 25th of January 2011, and it did not end with the massacres at Rabiyah Al Adawiya and An-Nahda square and the Republican Guard headquarters.

The story is older than this. The story began with the Imam, the martyr, the reformer, Hasan al Banna, may Allah have mercy upon him. This genius preacher pulled the youth away from the amusement clubs, and pubs and from the deviant Sufi circles, and arranged them into organized brigades waging Jihad in the path of Allah.

However, despite these great achievements, he committed huge errors, that led towards corrupt understandings, which then resulted in destructive disasters.

Shaykh Hasan al Banna, may Allah have mercy upon him, began his movement by giving support to King Fuad, who was nothing more than a corrupt ruler who ruled as per the constitution of 1923 which was the first secular constitution in the history of Egypt, rather in the history of the Arab constitution. Moreover Fuad was also a submissive tool in the hands of the British who occupied Egypt. And after him – on his command – came along his son Farooq, whom Hasan al Banna, may Allah have mercy upon him, exaggerated in his support for him. And when he took over the rule, Shaykh Hasan al Banna, may Allah have mercy upon him, announced the Bay’ah of the Ikhwan-ul-Muslimoon (Muslim brotherhood) to him, for implementing the Book of Allah and the Sunnah of His Messenger, may peace and blessings of Allah be upon him.

However Al Farooq did not accept this Bay’ah even though he was pleased with the support of the Ikhwan because he was a king who ruled according to a secular constitution, and at the same time he was subordinate to the control of the British. And Shaykh Hasan al Banna, may Allah have mercy upon him, not only propagated this illusion but he also went too far with it and he called him “Ameerul Mumineen” (the leader of the believers), and he organized demonstrations in every time and place for his support, and he nicknamed him as ‘the defender of the Quran’. And so, 400 million Muslims, based upon the saying of Shaykh Hasan al Banna, would give Bay’ah to Al Farooq to die in front of him defending the Quran, and that the Ikhwan are from his most loyal soldiers, and their magazine claimed that they will offer their lives for him. And Shaykh Hasan Al Banna urged Al Farooq to strive for the Khilafah of the Muslims, and to take leadership over the Islamic world. He convened the fourth general conference of the Muslim Brotherhood to give Bay’ah to him, and he asked him to issue a royal decree stating that there will be nothing in the Muslim Egypt except what agrees with Islam, and then at that time there will be a hundred thousand youth from the Muslim brotherhood as soldiers who will be fully prepared and equipped battalions, that which has been long awaited.

In the middle of the year 1948, when Al Farooq was implicated in taking commissions in the corrupt arms deals of the Egyptian army in Palestine, and when he had committed excesses in the scandal of promiscuity and immorality, at this time, Shaykh Hasan al Banna, may Allah have mercy upon, addressed him saying:

“Lead us, oh my master, as you like. The Ummah is behind you and Allah is around you, He who is the best protector and the strongest supporter.”

The martyred Imam was not content with just this deliberate deception, but he added to it another deception which is no less dangerous, when he spoke in vague unclear words stating that the principles of the constitutional rule completely match with the teachings of Islam and that the system of the constitutional rule is the closest to Islam from amongst the existing ruling systems in the whole world, and that the Ikhwan do not consider any other ruling system to be equal to it.

And he was not content with that, rather he committed excesses in this mistake and he praised the secular constitution of the year 1923, and he claimed that the basic principles on which the Egyptian constitution had been founded did not contradict with the principles of Islam, and that it was neither far from the Islamic system nor foreign to it, and that those who had laid down the Egyptian constitution had kept in their mind that not a single text in it would conflict with the principles of Islam.

And this is an outrageous mistake which is very well known to anyone with a general knowledge on the principles of the Islamic government. Rather the martyr, the Imam, may Allah have mercy on him, had later himself admitted that this was falsehood.

And Imaam Hasan al Banna was not content with just this delusion in theory, rather he insisted to put it in practice. Thus the sixth conference of the Muslim Brotherhood decided to participate in the elections for the house of representatives because, according to them, it was a platform for the Ummah from which every good idea is heard and from where proper guidelines get issued, as though it was – according to them – another version of Al Okaz Market or Hyde Park or a talk show, in which everyone gets to shout about what he wants and then leave.

And by going too far in these delusions which neglected the rules of Islam and the reality on the ground, Hasan Al Banna twice decided to run for the elections. During the first, he was put under pressure by the then Prime minister Al Nahhas and he thus gave up being a candidate. And during the second, he insisted on not giving up, and so they defeated him using fraud means. So has the Ikhwan learnt the reality of Britain, the mother of democracy? And have they understood the game or are they insisting not to understand?

Then the days passed and the Imam, the martyr, may Allah have mercy upon him, discovered that all of this was absolutely futile and that it contradicted the rules of Islam. He wrote a famous article entitled ‘The battle of the Quran’, eight months before his martyrdom. And he confirmed in it that everything which was in the Egyptian constitution and the laws does not make Egypt an Islamic State and that it does not have anything to do with the judgment of Allah. Rather it is a rebellion against Him. And it is necessary for the Ummah to lead the battle of the Quran against its rulers to make them follow the rules of the Quran.

Then the Imam, the Shaheed, may Allah have mercy upon him, met his end at the hands of the one who he named as the “defender of the Quran”, and King Farooq killed him in February 1949.

So did the followers of Hasan al Banna disassociate themselves from the one who killed him? Or did Al Ustaz al Hudaybee, may Allah have mercy upon him, name him as ‘the generous king’?

Rather they continued in their double dealing with Faroq. And then they allied with Abdul Naser against him, and after that Abdul Naser turned against them. From amongst his judges was Anwar Sadat who sentenced to death the jurist of the group, the consultant Abdul Qadir Oudah and his companions, may Allah have mercy upon them.

Then they allied with Sadat after the death of Abdul Naser, and he gave them freedom of movement.

And when he got killed, they allied with Hosni al Mubarak, the killer of Kamal Al Sanaaniry, and they marched in a hypocritical demonstration from the People’s Assembly to the Republican Palace to give him Bay’ah for a second term, and they enjoyed a great deal of freedom with him, through a bad deal, to let the youth vent their anger and to attack the Mujahideen. Then they turned against him, and aligned behind El Baradei, the US envoy. And when the revolution took place they were the first ones to bargain, and they immediately allied with the military Junta.

So did they wage the battle of the Quran against their killers like how their Shaykh had ordered them? Unfortunately, they have ignored his order and they continued in the same fallacy in matters of the rulings of Islam and of the reality on the ground.

So if their Shaykh, the martyr, may Allah have mercy upon him, had misrepresented the reality and described Farooq as the defender of the Quran and the Egyptian constitution as matching with Islam, then his students were not content merely with this. Rather in fact they have gone even more further. They have adopted a clear secular language that recognizes the national state. And they have announced, like any secular irreligious individual, that they will not judge by the Shariah except if the majority of the voters choose to do so, and that they are committed to uphold all the agreements with the US and Israel. And it was upon this basis that they ran in the elections after the revolution which led to the victory of Muhammad Morsi as the president of the republic.

So they deluded themselves once again and they thought that they had achieved that which they had wished for throughout their lifetime. However, according to the Shareeah description, Muhammad Morsi is nothing more than just a secular ruler of a secular state. There is no difference between him and Hosni Mubarak in that. He accepts just like him the legitimacy of the international law and the agreements of surrender with with Israel and partnership with the United States.

And the difference between him and Hosni Mubarak is that he (Morsi) has followed democracy more than him, and he granted freedom to all, including the leaders of the Jihadi movements, and perhaps this is one of his crimes for which America and its lackeys did not forgive him.

The Muslim Brotherhood after the fall of Hosni Mubarak until the arrest of Muhammad Morsi, did not take any serious action to remove the state of corruption and to empower the new government, let alone the Islamic government. And thus the very same criminals remained in the judiciary, army, police and the security services. These criminals have been raised up as foxes and wolves, while the Muslim Brotherhood raised themselves up like in the notion of the chicken farm where the chicken races happily towards what is thrown to it while being ignorant of the thieves and beasts that are around it.

And if this was the story of the Muslim Brotherhood, then what do you think will be the story of the Salafis that belong to the intelligence agencies and money, those creeping for positions and those bootlickers!! Rather, what do you think will be story of those following the group Al Nahda that surrender and who are perishing due to their inferiority complex, the students of the scholar of the Marines.

So it is necessary for us to review the path and to correct the mistakes and not repeat them. And it is necessary for every ardent Muslim in Egypt and in the lands of the Arab Spring and in the Islamic world and in the entire world to be a lion in his Aqeedah and in his behavior. This is because whoever does not become a lion will be eaten by the wolves. And it is necessary for us to raise our young ones as lion cubs, and not as lambs. And to fight our battle with a book that guides and a sword that gives victory.

Have I conveyed the message? Oh Allah, be a witness.

And our final prayers are that that all praise belongs to Allah, the Lord of all that exists.

And may peace and blessings of Allah be upon our master Muhammad and upon his family and his companions.

And may peace, mercy and blessings of Allah be upon you.

Who Are The Jews of Jihad?

Who Are The Jews of Jihad? 

By Ahmed Al Hamdan

Translated by Al Muwahideen Media


I have seen the recent article  entitled “The Jews of Jihad” by Abu Maysarah Al-Shami, who has been promoted by ISIS media to the forefront. 

In it he says “Al-Qaeda wants to infiltrate the Khilafa and deviate their methodology (Manhaj) from the inside until it becomes compatible with them. And if the infiltrators fail in deviating the group they would defect from us to say that the khilafa is deviant.”

And then to explain how this is happening he used as an example the group in Yemen who refused to obey the command of the Islamic State in Yemen.

And Abu Maysarah al-Shami built all of these notion based on a letter sent by Abu ‘Eyad Al-Tunisi (the leader of Ansar Al-Sharia in Tunisia) to Dr. Ayman al-Zawahiri, in which he advised him to pledge allegiance to the Islamic state and to correct their methodology from within.

The aim of the article of Abu Maysarah al-Shami was to make a pre-emptive attack against anyone who may defect or oppose their corruption in their methodology or in their administration at a later time, those who would witness their situations, by saying that these people are implementing the plan laid down by Al-Qaeda  to distort the image of the Khilafa and to cause disorder (Fitan) and nothing else…!

In reality they are imitating the tyrant regimes that respond to everyone opposing them by requesting his rights or condemning some of their policies, by saying that he is an agent of the external parties. So if this person is discredited then the people would automatically ignore his demands, just like in the saying “If the speaker is discredited the speech is discredited”.

The dictatorial states would often try to turn away the people’s attention away from the demands laid down by some of the leaders of reform by saying that they are agents of foreign governments, in order to discredit them by character assassination, because when that happens they lose credibility in the eyes of the people, and the people will not support them in their demands, and the people will always look at them suspiciously thinking that when they speak the truth they are actually seeking evil. And this is the aim of the article.

The funny thing is that they themselves have implemented this notion.

For example, the commander Abu Dharr Al’Iraqi claimed that he repented for being in ISIS and left them and joined Jabhat Nusra! And he appeared in the series “Haqaa’iq Min Ad-Daakhil” (Truth from the inside) which was released unofficially by the media committee of Jabhat Nusra in the Sharqiyya (eastern) region. And then after a period of time, this person returned to ‘the mother organisation’ ISIS and appeared in a video which was released by “Ubuwa Laasiqa” which is one of the media wings of ISIS and he attacked Jabhat Nusra, and said that he actually didn’t repent for being in ISIS and that he still supports them..!!! [1]

So if the Jews of Jihad are manifested by “infiltrating groups to deviate them and upon failing to do so then defecting from it and returning to the initial organisation and then slander the group he tried to infiltrate”, then this matter is manifest in ISIS itself! And the proof is what we have just presented.

But the most important point is: Did Al-Qaeda really agree to apply this notion?

Abu Maysarah Al-Shami used as proof a letter of Abu Eyaad which was merely a suggestion. And then he dealt with the letter as though it got implemented and applied in reality. But is that the case? In the letter Abu Eyaad suggested to Dr. Ayman Al Zawahiri to give allegiance to the Khilafa! So did Al Qaeda and its affiliates give the pledge of allegiance to ISIS?

The answer is no. So Al-Qaeda did not implement this advice of Abu Eyaad At-Tunisi!

The second point is, if Abu Maysarah Al-Shami is aware of the archive of correspondence of al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (Morocco) and he knows about his letters, then why did he ignore Abu Eyaad’s second letter which he sent after this one, in which he took back his suggestion and asked to ignore it?!

Abu Eyaad had actually sent another letter a month after this letter saying in it: “I write to you today by correcting the errors in my advice after seeing the events develop by asking you to consider my advice and proposal as if they never were made. ِAnd I think that what is most appropriate and correct for the people of truth is to renounce these and to disassociate from them and expose their extremism and to turn towards that which will benefit the Ummah and reform it.”

So the one who suggested had retracted it, and the one who was advised did not implement the advice!

Despite that Abu Maysarah Al-Shami is insisting that they are implementing this notion, only to silence the voice of anyone who would defect and expose them later on and condemn their mistakes and their extremism, by them saying that this person was planted by Al Qaeda and his goal is to distort the image of the Khilafa.

And the most interesting point is that his opponents who broke away from ISIS in Yemen embarrassed him and refuted his article and destroyed all of his arguments which he wrote in the article which was an attempt to make them look like they are implementing Al-Qaida’s notion of infiltrating the ranks of ISIS..!!! And they called him for a Mubahalah (invoking Allah’s curse on the liar) and Suhaib Al-Awlaqi, one of the leaders in this group openly called for a Mubahala in his personal telegram channel. Nine months have passed since then, and Abu Maysarah Al-Shami still hasn’t responded to this Mubahalah to back up his arguments in which he said that they have infiltrated the ranks of ISIS for the sake of Al-Qaeda.

In the end we will be discovering that this notion was in fact applied by ISIS themselves, and it was neither accepted nor applied by Al-Qaeda, which means that they (ISIS) deserve the most to be described as the “Jews of Jihad”. And so all of these statements taken by Abu Maysarah Al-Shami as evidence are applicable on him as well as his group.

And our final supplications are by praising Allah the Lord of all that exists.


[1] And after that the Abu Dhar Al Iraqi and Abu Saeed Al Iraqi appeared in a video footage of Ubuwa Laasiqa claiming that Jabha forced him to record the video and give a false testimony in order to tarnish the image of ISIS. We have asked the brothers from Jabhatun Nusrah who conducted the interview with him on that day, and they said “We make Mubahala (invocations for the curse of God to be sent on whoever of us is lying) that this ‘compulsion’ never happened, and that what that man said was from his own choice and his request which came in the series “ISIS – Realities from the inside”. Rather he used to insist that they are criminals and that he has repented for his actions with them. And he mentioned in the interview details those which we ourselves did not ask him in the recording, and he spoke in details and mentioned truthful testimonies in the statement on the crimes of ISIS. So we say “May God curse the one who is lying amongst us if we had forced him or dictated to him what he should say. And Allah is a witness to what we are saying”.  – The comment by the media foundation which published the article in Arabic “Kataaib Rad’e Al Khawaarij”.

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