Fear Allah In The Matter Of Iraq

Brief Messages To A Victorious Nation

 Part 3


 Fear Allah In The Matter Of Iraq 

By Sheikh Ayman Al-Zawahiri (May Allah protect him)

1437 H.

In the name of Allah. All praise is due to Allah. And may prayers and peace be upon the Messenger of Allah and upon his family and his companions and whoever follows him.

Dear Muslim brothers in every place, may peace, mercy and blessings of Allah be upon you.

To proceed:

Cities, villages and mosques and Ahlus Sunnah in Iraq are being burned in these days, and they are being tortured and killed under the pretext of fighting Ibrahim al Badri’s (i.e Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi) group. However the basic goal is the extermination of Ahlus Sunnah in Iraq in an organized campaign which is led by the Safavid Iran and its subservient government in Iraq along with their militias and their mercenaries who are carrying out the plans of the Safavid Iran in the region. And because of that, these same militias are fighting against our people in Sham.

It is the Crusader Safavid Nusairi alliance, which is striving to conquer the region through American – Iranian understanding. As for the governments of the region, that claim to resist the Iranian Safavid plans, they are in reality tools of America in the region, and they are in alliance with America and Israel, and they do not possess their own freedom. So how can they help others in gaining their freedom?!

No one will defend Ahlus Sunnah against the Safavid Crusader campaign except Ahlus Sunnah themselves. So Ahlus Sunnah throughout the world must unite to expel those enemies who are collaborating to exterminate them. And they must not consider what is happening in Iraq and Sham as a local problem. Rather it is the tragedy of all the Muslims.

The Ahlus Sunnah in Iraq must not surrender merely when the cities fall into the hands of the Safavid Shiah army. Rather they must once again reorganize themselves for a long guerilla warfare in order to defeat the new Crusader Safavid occupation of their areas just like how they defeated it before.

And it is necessary for them to review their past experiences to rectify the mistakes which has led them to be isolated from their Muslim nation and which pushed them into the abyss of extremism and Takfeer and into spilling of sacred blood, or becoming dependent on America’s agents in the states around the region.

As for our brothers, the heroes of Islam from amongst the Mujahideen of Sham, I urge them to support their brothers in Iraq to reorganize themselves, as their battle is one, and Sham is a reinforcement for Iraq, and Iraq is the innermost part of Sham.

Oh our people in Iraq, do not become weak nor grieve nor despair, but ponder upon the statement of Allah the most high:

“Those (believers) to whom the (hypocrite) people said, “Verily, the people have gathered against you (a great army), therefore, fear them”. But it (only) increased them in Faith, and they said: “Allah Himself is Sufficient for us, and He is the Best Disposer of affairs”. So they returned with Grace and Bounty from Allah. No harm touched them; andthey followed the good Pleasure of Allah. And Allah is the Lord of Great Bounty. (3:173-174)

So stand firm, and have patience, and be increasingly patient, and be on guard and walk in the footsteps of the leader, the martyr, as we see him, Abu Mus’ab Al Zarqawi, may Allah have mercy upon him, who began his Jihad in Iraq with just only a few men and materials. And get rid of all the previous deviations, which led to the greedy ones climbing for power upon your shoulders, those who violated the sanctities of the Muslims. And rearrange your rows in a righteous Jihad towards a righteous Khilafah, and do not become weak nor be sad for you will surely be the superior ones if you are true believers.

And our final call is that all praise belongs to Allah, the lord of all that exists. And may peace and blessings of Allah be upon our master Muhammad and his family and his companions.

And may peace, mercy and blessings of Allah be upon you.

Translated by G.I.M.F

Women posting images and men commenting on them

By Ahmad al Hamdan

The leader of all the women in the world, Fatima, the daughter of the Messenger of Allah, may peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, said to Asma bint Umais:

“I detest what is done to the women. They get covered in garments (after their death) which describe their body.” So Asma said “Oh daughter of the Messenger of Allah, shall I not show you that which I have seen in Habasha (Ethiopia)?” And she presented her a shroud which covers her body entirely. Fatima was impressed and asked that she be shrouded with it when she dies.

Source : Siyar A’laam al Nubalaa (3/431)

I say: despite the fact that Fatima was going to die she still had fear that her body would appear in front of men. Yet look at some women (who are supposedly religiously committed) putting their photographs (sometimes fully adorned) on the social media sites for all to see, without any modesty or shyness. Then a man comes (who is supposedly religiously committed) and instead of advising them or condemning them, will say “Mashallah” as if he is saying “how beautiful you are!!” And because of this encouragement by using Shariah terminology she increases in her misguidance and puts more of her photos.

So instead of this word being used to bring about good, it is being used to cause sins. This happens when it is not being used in its proper place.

Muw image 1

The generational divide

Interview with Ahmed Al-Hamdan

by Tore Hamming

Part 3

(The generational divide)

Translated by Al Muwahideen Media

Interviewer: One of the differences between IS and AQ is the generational divide; the veteran Jihadists in the camp of AQ and the younger generation being attracted by IS. Do you think this is still the case and, as IS is loosing momentum, what do you think will happen to the younger generation of Sunni Jihadists – will they abandon Jihad, seek refuge in AQ or try and establish a new group?

Ahmed Al Hamdan: The answer to this question will be complex and overlapping. Yes, the majority of the youth are inclined towards the ISIS, and that is because the majority of the young people have a strong impulse and are drawn towards violence, and towards rushing for maximum revenge and killing and torture without carefully considering the benefits and harms which will come as a result of their actions. And these actions of theirs in many cases are not in accordance with the Shariah, rather they stem from that which satisfies them. Hence Dr. Ayman al Zawahiri warned Shaykh al Zarqawi about that and he said in his letter to him that “One of the most dangerous matters for the leaders is the enthusiasm of their supporters, especially the youth who are excited and burning to support the religion of Allah. So it is important that this enthusiasm is moulded with wisdom” .(1)

And Shaykh Usamah bin Ladin illustrated this point in a letter to Shaykh Abu Baseer al Wuhayshi saying “The enthusiasm of the youth is a necessary element to win the battles. However it should never be what determines the course of the war by making the leadership to run behind the enthusiasm of the youth. It is as the poet Al Mutanabi has said: “Thoughtfulness comes before the courage of the brave -This (thoughtfulness) comes first and that second. (2)

So according to Al Qaeda, the matters are not measured by enthusiasm but rather by looking at what they result into.

It is not only myself who has noticed this matter that the youth mostly incline towards the one who speaks the harshest and the hardest. In fact even Shaykh al Maqdisi has said that “Many of the youth are lacking in education and upbringing due to them not sitting sufficiently in the gatherings of the scholars and due to their weakness in the knowledge of the manners of the Prophet, may peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, and his noble companions and our righteous predecessors. Therefore there has spread among them sicknesses and diseases and bad manners, and they incline towards extremism which is mostly caused by ignorance and due to their assumption that the best path is the harshest path.” (3)

Previously the enthusiastic youth had no choice other than Al Qaeda. And their policy which we have just stated previously, did not allow them to unleash themselves as they wish, and so they were forced to go along with that policy and suppress this excessive desire. However now there is another outlet for the youth to do whatever sadistic things they want and to unleash themselves without thinking about any outcomes or consequences or without looking into the benefits or harm resulting from these actions. And hence many of the enthusiastic youth found their long desired objectives getting fulfilled in this group ISIS.

Secondly, many of the youth are new to the Jihadi experience and this is different from that of the elders who have lived through the previous Jihadi experiences and have seen the reasons for its failure and have seen that those same reasons are being repeated by the Islamic State. For example, antagonizing everyone and opening battle fronts with everyone and preferring to fight the Islamic groups more than fighting the enemies that are agreed upon by all, and extremism and breaking away from the Ummah, and other such things which have made them stay away from supporting this state so that it does not lead to them falling into those same mistakes again. The Prophet, may peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, has said “The believer is not stung from the same hole twice”(4), and this is contrary to this new generation who did not know anything about Jihad except from an audio speech or a video clip, and who did not live through the real experience in the field from which one can learn how to distinguish between the right and the wrong.

Another matter which causes ISIS to attract more youth than Al Qaeda, is the hugeness of their media campaign which is directed specifically towards the youth and their continuous communication with these youth, and we mean here the non-Arabic speakers. For example ISIS is keen to translate its publications and spread the statements made by the people of a specific country (such as England) and for directing their message to the youth in their country urging them to come (to them). Also the main official magazine of this group is published in English and they have opened a channel, Al Amaq News, which is also in the English language.

This group ISIS is very eager to make sure it attracts the youth. Perhaps they intensified their propaganda in English because it is a universal language understood by many nationalities. So they hit many birds with one stone. In contrast, there is a very huge shortage from the side of Al Qaeda in focusing on the call towards the youth to join them, and it has not translated its recent releases, and there would be no continuous and direct contact with them in the English language. And its magazines which are released in the English language are not regular, meaning two months may pass without an issue getting released. And this is what causes many of the youth to interact with those who are addressing them and who try to make events revolve around these youth.

On top of that which we have previously stated, the delay by Al Qaeda in responding (to the allegations of ISIS against it), by them hoping that the situation could be rectified through reconciliation, has led many of the youth into joining the ranks of the Islamic State. Then these people gradually went further to the point of being a partisan to their group at an early stage. Then they began to call their friends or those who have just been released from prisons to support or join the Islamic State. I myself, for example, when I was released from prison and I saw that most of my friends are supporting the ISIS, then I would mostly end up supporting them, and I would give priority to their statements for judging the events and matters in which there were disagreements in Shaam (Syria).

And another thing is that if ISIS loses momentum, then the existence of its old propaganda materials can still be effective for recruitment in the long term. For example, Shaykh Anwar al Awlaki was killed in the year 2012 and his words still recruit and inspire the people despite the Shaykh having departed 4 years ago.

So the only solution for Al Qaeda is to use the existing cadres they have to match the efforts of ISIS in their media propaganda. Otherwise ISIS will be the only choice for one who wants to join the Jihad.

But there is another matter which may help Al Qaeda without them having to engage in daily media wars with ISIS. That is that a lot of Arabs and non-Arabs who joined ISIS after watching the videos released by ISIS which portrayed itself as the perfect ideal, when they entered it, they were shocked by the security controls. These security controls emerged at a later time after the Islamic state gained control over Raqqa and Sharqiyya, and after al Adnani announced that whoever wanted to split the ranks would have their heads split. So that resulted in a fear of leaving ISIS and the dissidents then participating in recording personal experiences in which they state the mistakes and the negative aspects of ISIS and then this becoming a strong obstacle in their recruitment and propaganda. So ISIS has taken preemptive steps amongst which is that it has restricted the role of many of the well-known people who pledged allegiance to it, such as Bin’ali, Dr. Sa’d al Hunaiti and Mahdi Zaydaan and others who had a heavy presence in the media, due to their fear that they may defect later on. And so the appearance of these personalities in the media almost became non-existent under ISIS. Their second step would be to bring forward the one who expresses doubt. And the existence of this doubt would lead to a preemptive attempt to find out which person may possibly defect so that they may deal with him early. And due to this doubt some actions of the members would sometimes be misinterpreted, and thus there would be abuse and exaggerations by wrongly interpreting some actions of the members in a way in which they were not intended. For example, one of the soldiers asked for a biography of Al Adnani and Baghdadi as they were the leaders of his state and he wanted to know more about them, and so he was accused of being a spy. This mania in their dealings has made many of the soldiers annoyed, especially since their loyalty comes under doubt. For this reason many have started wanting to leave because they find themselves living under a dictatorial regime. This is with regards to the youth. As for the young women, the matter which has made some of them to strive to leave is that they have been forcefully married. The young women who migrate to the land of the Khilafa without a guardian, she will not be left like this, rather she will be made to marry, and even if she is already married previously then she will be separated from her husband and made to marry again.  Likewise the woman who migrates with her husband, if he gets killed, then she will be made to marry with or without her consent. And this has happened on many occasions with the women. And now I will leave the issue to the previous Amir of Jabhat al Nusrah in Albukamal to tell us some of what he has witnessed from the stories of those who have defected:

One of them sent to me an audio recording of the leader of the Muhajireen in Jabhat Fath al Sham ‘Abu Hajar At-Tunisi’ in which he said these words:

I will narrate to you some of the stories of some of the women and men who have fled to me. Some of them are funny and some will make one cry, there are various types, and the stories are many. I will narrate one such story to you.

Two British women came to me, one of them is now in the custody of Jabhat. They had fled. They narrated to me that there was a large house there where they put the widowed women and those women who had fled from their parents after they had convinced them that their parents were Kuffar who are living in western countries and in the apostate states. So these women came and they put them in this house and they said to them “It is compulsory for you to marry. Not a single one would remain without being married, whether a widow or one who has come newly”.

And they said: “The house was very narrow. Some apartments were above others and there was difficulty in living, eating, drinking and using bathrooms because for every hundred women there were only two bathrooms”.

They said that there was an Iraqi woman with them who spoke English well, that is she was an Iraqi woman who was like Al Anbari in criminality and rudeness, and she would behave badly towards the women. She would bring men who would mostly be Iraqi leaders and she would choose the most beautiful of them and her face would be uncovered forcibly in front of them. And if he wanted to marry her she would be married to him. Marriage was mostly forced; otherwise they would have to sit in the house in difficulty until the woman would think to herself and say “I will get married… It is okay.” (5)

And these two women who fled did so about a year and a half ago when the situation was a little easier. They made an agreement with a Taxi driver and gave him money and he got them out. He moved them from place to place under the pretence that they were his wives. They arrived at a place and then I went and received them and brought them to my house. With me were my wife and her mother and sisters. It was extremely cold and they were shivering. They asked me about someone they knew who was married to a British sister whom they knew previously. And they also knew him. He used to live in Britain. I put them in my house with my wife, gave them food and drink and then took them to that brother.

They sat with the brother for some days and then they made Takfeer on him. And after they left, the brother told me “they made Takfeer on you also”. Of course, they were saying that ISIS is oppressive and criminal, and we thought that they had repented. However it became clear that they were Takfeeris and the brother said to me “they say you are a Kaafir.”..!

So I said “why did they say I am a Kaafir? What did I do?”

And he said to me “they said that you support the Zionists”

I said “How do I support the Zionists? Do I have a weapons factory?”

He said to me “No, it is because you bought “Pepsi” and one of them said “he is an apostate, him and his wife because they made us drink Pepsi” and the other said “only he is an apostate because he is the one who brought us Pepsi”.

As for the youth whom I took them out, one of them was imprisoned by Ahrar. And when the leader in Ahrar “Muhammad Najeeb” asked him,”What is your opinion about ISIS?”, he said “apostates”. So he started laughing and asked “how are they apostates?”

I had gone to take him out by virtue of having known him in Tunisia and I knew that he was a very simple and naive person. So I brought him out. And I once asked him “Do you consider Baghdadi as a Kaafir?”

He said “yes I consider him to be a Kaafir”.

So I said “why do you consider him to be a Kaafir?”

He said “He is from the 5 heads of the Tawaghit who call the people to worship them.”

So you would feel…, glory be to Allah…, that they are strange people. You would find him making Takfeer on all the people and having lost faith in all the people. And the first ones who they make Takfeer upon are ISIS…! And they believe that the most evil people on the face of the earth, even more evil than Israel are ISIS…!

Naturally more than 90% of them believe all the factions to be apostates and Kaafirs even though they act towards them with goodness and even though the Free Syrian Army who helped them to get out were good towards them.

Once I helped one of them to get out alongwith his family and he used to cry. And after he left the areas under ISIS, he remained for a period of three months in Azaz, meaning he remained 5 months in total before leaving. And one of the brothers told me that when he reached Turkey he said “There is a lot of good in Abu Hajr and many things, but he is still an apostate because he remains with Jabhat”. Glory be to God..! Strange minds…! I say that if the door is opened for them, not one of them would remain (in ISIS). There are now a very large number of defectors with Faylaq and with FSA, and only Allah knows how many. Hundreds, possibly thousands have left them, and if the door is opened not one would remain with them.

There even is a very large number of men and women who have spoken to me and who want to get out, and as it is known, whoever wants to leave and is caught, then the judgment upon him according to them is either prison or death, as they consider it as incitement against the Islamic state.

Their prisons are full and they have a large number of prisoners, the majority of whom are Muhajireen. There was a man there called Abu Harith at Tunisi who knew me and his friends left before him, and I sent him my number. But then when he wanted to leave, they caught him. And I later received the news that they killed him. One time two youth from Tunisia left them and one of them stayed with one of the youth for five days, and he stayed those five days without praying because his commitment in religion was only recent. And they were in Idlib smoking and would have a cup of coffee in their hands and be playing billiards as if they were hanging around in the capital of Tunisia. Then they went to Turkey and I heard that one of them went to Europe and he has a girlfriend who was an ISIS supporter, who also fled from there, and he went to be with her in Sweden. 

Of course those of them who are not polluted with the perverted Takfeeri mentality are very few. One of them was a businessman from Tunisia who was not too old. He was 24 or 25 years of age. And he did not become polluted much by Takfeeri mentality. But on the other hand the majority of those who leave believe that ISIS are apostates, and some of them even make Takfeer on the one who does not make Takfeer on ISIS.

They have a very strange hopelessness and they no longer believe that there is Jihad.

There are a number of them who have gone to Sudan and a number of them went to Europe. And there are those who surrendered themselves and there is a very large number of them in Turkey. Naturally they make Takfeer on all the people and they say that as all the people are Kuffar, then it is better to remain with the Kuffar in Turkey than with the Kuffar in Syria or to go to another country.”

We come to know from the testimony of the brother that many of them abandoned Jihad for various reasons, whether that was due to increasing extremism which made all the groups disbelievers in his opinion (ie. disbelievers fighting against disbelievers), ‘so why should I fight?!’ Or due to his reaction when he saw the opposite of his idealised dreams which this defector had hoped for, that this would be the desired Islamic state under which we would lead a life of ease and comfort. But what he saw disappointed him and so his convictions got shattered and he lost hope and got frustrated and wanted to abandon everything and return back to where he was originally. And this has happened before, even with one of the greatest leaders of Al Qaeda, and that is Shaykh Athiyatullah al Libbi, if Allah had not kept him firm with the brothers who were with him. He said after he took part in the Algerian experience how the extremists in Algeria contributed to the corruption of the Jihad until it deteriorated and became weak. He said “I personally went through a difficult experience in Algeria and came through surviving by my skin, and I thought that there will be no Jihad in the foreseeable future in my life, and I was almost in despair and I was afflicted by sadness, worry, gloom and despondency and similar things which are difficult to describe…!! It was only that Allah had protected me by giving me some firmness and benefited me through the company of the brothers, and by being consoled with the people of previous experience and goodness.” (6).

And both of these are harmful to the Islamic State – if they returned back to their countries and gave their testimonies about what they went through, and if they spoke about the huge difference between the media and the reality. And this is especially so if the one who returns back or the one who defects is someone who is obeyed and has followers. This will cause many to re-examine themselves and change their path.

ISIS fears that Al Qaeda will be an alternative, and so it took another preemptive step, that is they considered it a priority to speak about it and attack it and to try to distort it. If you see the magazine “Dabiq” which belongs to ISIS, you would feel that Al Qaeda is targeted more than the Americans, the Rafidhah (Shi’a) and the Nusayris by the media propaganda of this group. So when you become filled with this propaganda whether it is based on truth or falsehood, then even if you split from ISIS, you will not join Al Qaeda. And this is the practical application of the theory of the propaganda of lies as spoken about by Shaykh Abu Qatada in his audio series on globalization. He says, ‘A certain party will tell lies to their supporters and will continue lying to them until they reach the point where these lies take the place of certainty, and even if the truth is revealed to them after having reached this stage, then it will have no effect upon them as they have lived with the lie until they have reached the point of no return. This principle can be summed up in the saying of the Nazi minister of propaganda, Joseph Gobbels “Lie and continue to lie until the people believe you”.

So we have 3 options:

  • Join Al Qaeda and resume the stage of Jihad
  • Abandon Jihad altogether and all that is related to it, and return to the stage that was prior to migration and prior to practicing the religion (And this is if the governments accept this, because sometimes you may want to make such a step but because you participated in Jihad, the governments will mostly throw you in prison when you return back to your country. And rather than live a new life your association with the Jihadi prisoners in prison will compel you to continue on the same path rather than give up.)
  • The formation of a new entity, independent of Al Qaeda which will attract all those who have lost faith in Al Qaeda and ISIS alike.

As for which will be the most chosen option, it is difficult to judge that for now.


[1] Letter to Shaykh Abu Musab al Zarqawi, p. 14.

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[4] “The believer is not stung from the same hole twice” Saheeh Muslim: 2998, Saheeh al Bukhari :6133.

[5] A long time ago I asked Shaykh al Maqdisi about women travelling to the Khilafa state after one of them asked me about this. And I wrote an article about that which is translated into English, and he sent this audio recording in which he says: “This is one of the calamities which we have advised them about, and they disregarded our advice. They have even taken their passports from them, and the widows from amongst them are married off by the will of the judge whenever their husbands are killed. They cram the women along with their children in crowded and neglected places like stables of animals, in large groups. One of them comes and proposes marriage to them and they accept it just to get out of this overcrowded and neglected place. The situation is very miserable. Many of them are regretful and wish that they were able to flee. Despite all that, there are still those who are naïve and leave their countries and go there. We have heard several misfortunes.”

I have sought permission from Shaykh al Maqdisi before spreading this recording as well as the answer, and he agreed to it, and modified and added to the text. Both these recordings areexclusive and have not been published before.

[6] Answers to the Hisbah forum, p. 14.

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Justpaste link: https://justpaste.it/ahmedinterview3

With comments by interviewer: http://www.jihadica.com/the-generational-divide/

Judging every person who is killed by the Kuffar as a martyr requires examination

By Shaykh Sadiq ibn Abdullah حفظه الله

In the two Saheehs (Bukhari and Muslim) in the story of a slave who was struck by an arrow on the day of Khayber and he was killed, the people said “congratulations to him for his martyrdom”. At that, the Messenger of Allah, may peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, said “No, by Him in Whose Hand my soul is, the sheet (of cloth) which he had taken (illegally) on the day of Khaibar from the booty before the distribution of the booty, has become a flame of Fire burning him.”

And what is a piece of cloth compared to the prohibited blood?

And what about the blood that was granted protection? What about the blood that was granted protection? And what about unjust Takfeer?

So we must have fear of Allah oh the slaves of Allah, and ask Allah for safety and protection from disbelieving in Allah or that we spill the prohibited blood, and we must ask for safety and protection in religion and in this world and the next life.

Channel of Sheikh Sadiq Bin Abdullah.


Original Arabic:

الحكم بالشهادة لكل من قُتِلَ بيد الكفار فيه نظر

ففي الصحيحين في قصة العبد الذي جاءه سهم عائر يوم خيبر فقتله، ﻓﻘﺎﻝ اﻟﻨﺎﺱ: ﻫﻨﻴﺌﺎ ﻟﻪ اﻟﺸﻬﺎﺩﺓ، ﻓﻘﺎﻝ ﺭﺳﻮﻝ اﻟﻠﻪ ﺻﻠﻰ اﻟﻠﻪ ﻋﻠﻴﻪ ﻭﺳﻠﻢ:”ﺑﻞ، واﻟﺬﻱ ﻧﻔﺴﻲ ﺑﻴﺪﻩ، ﺇﻥ اﻟﺸَّﻤْﻠَﺔَ اﻟﺘﻲ ﺃﺻﺎﺑَﻬﺎ ﻳﻮﻡ ﺧﻴﺒﺮ ﻣﻦ اﻟﻤَﻐﺎﻧِﻢ، ﻟﻢ ﺗُﺼِﺒْﻬﺎ اﻟﻤَﻘﺎﺳِﻢُ، ﻟَﺘَﺸْﺘَﻌِﻞُ ﻋﻠﻴﻪ نارا”.

فأين الشملة من الدم الحرام؟.

وكيف بالدماء المعصومة؟، كيف بالدماء المعصومة؟، وكيف بالتكفير غير المنضبط؟.

فلنتق الله عباد الله، ولنسأل الله تعالى العافية والسلامة من أن نكفر بالله، أو أن نصيب دما حراما، ولنسأله تبارك وتعالى العفو والعافية، في الدين والدنيا والدار الآخرة.

قناة الشيخ صادق بن عبدالله.

The future approach of al-Qaeda

Interview with Ahmed Al-Hamdan

By Tore Hamming

Part 2


Interviewer: In July 2016, Jabhat al-Nusra broke away from AQ and established Jabhat Fatah ash-Shaam with the blessing of the senior AQ leadership. In his most recent speech (Brief Messages to a Supported Ummah 4) Zawahiri furthermore encouraged Jihadi factions in Iraq to unify and fight IS and Iran. Is the approach of a popular front not necessarily with allegiance to AQ, but simply being sympathetic to the movement, becoming the future for AQ?

Ahmed Al Hamdan: There is a mistake in the question, as al Zawahiri did not seek the factions in Iraq to unite to fight the Islamic state, not in episode 4 nor in any part of the series.

Secondly: we must understand that wars and battles are magnets which attract Jihadi thinkers and I do not think that you would find a battle front or any popular movement whose people are not sons of the Jihadi movement. And we must understand that al Qaeda do not look to the matter from the perspective of upholding its name and achieving its organisational goals and if that was indeed the case, then they would not have accepted the breaking of ties with al Nusra for the benefit of the Muslims in Syria.

Generally, al Qaeda feel that its presence in some of the fields is a hindrance and that it is used as a justification by the enemies to give a pretext for international forces to intervene. And we believe that the West does not just have a problem with what it calls terrorism, rather it has a problem with any Islamic project. When it is announced that Al Qaeda is present in any geographical area you cannot be certain of this claim. However when the West have no other excuse to intervene and suppress the Islamic projects then it will enter and strike the Islamic groups when this claim (of an al Qaeda presence) can be reasonably verified.

And al Qaeda do not like to announce their presence in some areas for a number of reasons:

  1. To expose the Western enemies hostility to every Islamic project and show that their problem is with Islam and the establishment of the Shariah and not with a specific group, and to remove the usual argument used by the Western countries for intervention.
  2. To find more room to manoeuvre, and to create places to move financial support and aid – meaning you will not find some traders in some of the states because there is a difficulty finding support in needy States in which battles and war are taking place. Likewise you will not find some of the independent support, that is that it will be difficult to assist you or support the Jihadi groups in a region in which you are fighting, due to fear of being described with or connected with terrorism.[1]
  3. Stopping the Western countries from being able to cause provocation between the factions as some of the factions will accuse a specific group because of its alleged affiliation to al Qaeda. The world has mobilised against us and that is the reason for the complexity of our cause, and there is problems and enmity between groups, and the enemy benefits from this from the beginning and so Al Qaeda does not reveal itself.

These matters are not my own conclusions, rather they have been mentioned by Al Qaeda leaders themselves and those close to them. For example:

Shaykh Ayman al Zawahiri said “the guidance from the general command was that we do not publicly announce the presence of Al Qaeda in Syria and this matter was agreed even with our brothers in Iraq and so we were surprised by the announcement which has provided the Syrian regime and the Americans a chance which they hoped for, then this will cause the normal people of Syria to ask: what is with this al Qaeda that they have brought disaster upon us? Is Bashar not enough? Do you want to bring the Americans upon us also?”[2]

Shaykh Abu Yahya al Libi said in his letter to Majeed al Majeed, the leader of the Abdullah Azzam Brigades about the beginning of armed actions in Syria: “I have written about that to the brothers in the Islamic State more than a few times regarding some outlines and to summarise the points which were made: there is not to be any public appearance there under the name of any Jihadi group, especially those which are famous and well known“[3]

And the leadership of al Qaeda in the Islamic Magrib said in “The Azwad Document” after taking control of the northern part of Mali: “And the third benefit: lies in mitigating upon ourselves external and international pressure and it is extremely important that we look at our Islamic project in Azwad as one that begins small and in front of it there are many stages which it must pass through to be able to mature and become strong. And presently it is still in its early days crawling on its knees and it has not yet stood upon its feet. So is it wise to begin now by loading it down with weights which will totally transform it before it stands upon its feet, in fact this may lead to choking and preventing its breath. If we really want it to stand upon its feet in this world full of enemies and predators then we must make things easy on it and take its hand and help it to stand. So based upon this view we adopt the understanding of neutralizing opponents and avoiding provocation, hostility and the policy of agitating the enemies“[4]

So I think that adopting this policy was why the al Qaeda branch which was ruling took the name Ansar ad Deen instead of Al Qaeda so as to avoid provocation and antagonizing and irritating the enemies. And in fact the absence of the name al Qaeda allowed many preachers to issue statements in condemnation of the French invasion of Mali without the difficulty of this being used to link them to Al Qaeda. And so you are able to get people supporting al Qaeda without them knowing, or else they know and there is nothing to prevent them.

And in the first Abbottabad Papers, Shaykh Usamah bin Ladin advised Al Shabab al Mujahideen to conceal their connection to Al Qaeda and he stated the reason and said: “it will increase the vigilance of the opponents against you if the issue is public, as happened with the brothers in Iraq and Algeria. And the second matter: some of the Muslims in Somalia are suffering from extreme poverty and malnutrition as a result of the ongoing war in their country and so I would urge you to listen to one of my speeches in the gulf states on effective and important development projects which are not expensive and which we previously tested in Sudan. So if the Mujahideen do not appear publicly to be united with Al Qaeda then this will strengthen the position of businessmen who want to help their brothers in Somalia and bring success to these projects to relieve hardship from the dispersed Muslims in Somalia and ensure the survival of the people amongst including the Mujahideen“[5]

As for the future of Al Qaeda and that which al Qaeda wants? Do they want to control and subject everyone to them? Or do they want to be part of any new Islamic government through mutual consent with other groups?

The foundational strategy of Al Qaeda is not to establish an Islamic state in the presence of a strong cohesive international system and in the first Abbottabad papers Shaykh Usamah bin Ladin spoke a lot about this strategy and here is some of his words: ” we must keep in mind at this time that organised work to establish a Muslim state begins by exhausting global disbelief as it has a strong hostility towards the establishment of any Islamic Emirate and what indicates the heightened hostility of the West to an Islamic emirate of any size is was the emirate of Shaykh al Khataabi which he established in Morocco before draining the crusaders to the point that they could not dominate the Muslim lands so the crusaders increased their power and surrounded the emirate in order to strike it. The head of global disbelief today has a large influence upon the countries of the region, it is their lifeblood and supporting base and has the power which enabled it to defeat Saddam and the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, even though it was significantly weakened. Yet it still has the power to defeat the government of any true Islamic state in the region at this present time and so it is necessary to continue to drain and exhaust it, to the point where it is weak and is not able to defeat any state which is established. Then you must take into account the need to unite all the efforts and energies of the Muslims who refrained from jihad either with an excuse or without and then the establishing of a Muslim state is begun with the permission of Allah, and if needed the matter is delayed for a few years.”[6]

However despite that it does not oppose the establishment of an Islamic state by other groups before such a time, but its own outlook and strategy is one of not establishing an Islamic state before the weakening or fall of the international system. For example al Qaeda did not reject the state of the Taliban and did not say we are against it because of the presence of the international community. On the contrary it supported this Muslim country even though it opposed its strategy about the creation of states.

Returning to the future of al Qaeda, does it want a state which exploits any popular movement and will use that popular movement in its interests? The answer is no. Al Qaeda do not see this as a successful method for a number of reasons, such as:

1. Al Qaeda believe that any state which is established alone will not last long and will soon fall due to the enemies ability to defeat it – as we will mention soon – and this failure would lead to alienation the people and they would not help it again later. And this has been their outlook throughout the contemporary period. Abu Bashir al Wuhaishi sent a letter to Shaykh Usamah saying that the group in Yemen had the ability to enter Saana and take control of it and Shaykh Usamah replied to him ” regarding what you have said about now being the time to enter Saana; we would like to establish Islamic law in it if we were capable of maintaining that, however while the main enemy has been weakened economically and militarily both before 9/11 and after it, it still has the ability to destroy any state which is established and so we don’t want to put ourselves and our families in Yemen in that situation at this time, before first preparing the conditions. And if we did that then we would be like the one who built a house in front of the torrent and if the river flowed through it then it would knock it down and then if we again wanted to rebuild the house a second time we would have alienated the people and they would not help us again“[7].

2. They do not have the ability to manage everything on their own and based on that Shaykh Abu Yahya al Libi said to Abu Hamza al Muhajir “know my beloved brother that the success of establishing a state cannot be achieved by your efforts alone no matter what you think about your adequacy and efficiency. And the matter is more great and serious so that it needs more than your efforts alone and its fronts are numerous and varied so include your brothers – who you know- within it, and there is no other way to do so except by your serious efforts in that. So make them a cornerstone in your project and included within its directives“[8]

3. Your involvement of the other groups along with you in the management of the new state means the dispersion of the ranks of your enemy and so they will not be able to unite in the same way that they would be able to if you alone are in control.

4. Not to alienate other parties by excluding them as then they will turn on you or help the enemy. By allowing them to participate you then win them to your ranks. You will find that all of this is found in the speeches of the leaders of Al Qaeda, for example what was said by Shaykh Atiyatullah al Libi to Shaykh Abu Musab al Zarqawi:

Therefore, you, as a leader and a jihadist political organization who wants to destroy a power and a state and erect on its rubble an Islamic state, or at least form the building block on the right path towards that, need all of these people; and it is imperative for someone like this to get along with everyone in various degrees as well, for the brothers are of varying calibres, in my opinion. You also have the tribal leaders and the likes from the upper echelons of society, and they are of different levels as well, so the good among them who is close to us, we should consult them in some of our matters and give them value and give them some praise and involve them in some matters and vest them with some things because they love prestige. In this way we should try not to cause them to believe that we are going over their heads or infringing upon them in political and social leadership, or that we are overstepping them and not considering them and not giving them value and not taking them into account. Rather, we should make them feel that we want to work with them to establish the religion, liberate the country and the people, establish the Islamic state and the rule of the Shariah of the most merciful etc. and that, in our opinion, they have a large role to play, as we need every Muslim and every person to play a part in this. In the meantime, we should call them to commit to the Shariah and to all that is best and of merit, and we should advise them against what is wrong and from all bad deeds, and we should try to perfect them and encourage them. Whenever the people feel that we value them and appreciate their efforts and that we respect them and want the best for them and that we sympathize with them, this is what will draw their hearts to us.”[9]

And Shaykh Ayman al Zawahiri also said to Al Zarqawi: “The Americans will exit soon, God willing, and the establishment of a governing authority-as soon as the country is freed from the Americans-is not dependant on force alone. Indeed, it’s imperative that, in addition to force, there be an appeasement of Muslims and a sharing with them in governance and in the Shura council and in enjoining what is good and prohibiting what is evil. In my view-which I continue to reiterate is limited and has a distant perspective upon the events-this must be achieved through the people of the Shura and who possess authority to determine issues and make them binding, and who are endowed with the qualifications for carrying them out. They would be elected by the people of the country to represent them and overlook the work of the authorities in accordance with the rules of the glorious Sharia. And it doesn’t appear that the Mujahedeen, much less the al Qaeda in the Land of Two Rivers (Iraq), will lay claim to governance without the Iraqi people. Not to mention that that would be in contravention of the Shura methodology. That is not practical in my opinion.”[10]

And from the practical examples of this on the ground is the participation of the civilians from the people of Hadramaut in the local council to administer their area when al Qaeda in Yemen had control of that city.

And the leader of Al Qaeda, Khalid Batarfi said in an interview with the editor and chief of the Mukalla daily, Sand Baysob, in January 2015 when he was asked does the council in Hadramaut follow you. He answered:

Your view about this people’s council is wrong. This council meets itself and it consists of scholars of the city and its surroundings and we do not get involved in the formation of this council nor in choosing its members. All the people know the members from whom the council is chosen and they are from the scholars of the city and its surroundings. It is not a front for us as you have stated in the question, rather it is a separate entity which contributes to the management of the city and we have agreed with them on three basic items to work for:

– That the reference is the Book and the Sunnah
– That the council is to administer the people 
– That the council does not have links to any party or with any internal or external agenda

And we were ready and still are ready to hand over all the city headquarters which the council needs for the administration of the city, however the council needed more time to arrange its paperwork and find enough strength to protect these facilities. So we began to surrender them gradually as requested and any delay was due to them and not to ourselves. We consider the involvement of the people of a land in the management of their land as a religious duty and it is included within the issue of consultation and so we will not dictate general matters of the nation and we will not give ourselves the right to determine such matters alone. “

And another example of that is the cooperation between Ansar ad Deen in Mali and the Azwad National liberation movement in their joint management to rule by the Shariah in the northern region of Mali and al Qaeda never considered ruling alone.[11]

And in summary: what is the situation or the future which al Qaeda want?

It is that there is an Islamic Caliphate established by election, consultation and the satisfaction of the people.

And it is not that al Qaeda imposes itself upon everyone else.

And the benefit for which al Qaeda works is not that of any group or a party, rather the benefit of the Islamic nation is placed before every other benefit, even if that is the benefit of the group itself. Based on that Shaykh Usama bin Ladin, May Allah have mercy upon him, said:

The benefit of the group comes before the benefit of the individual and the benefit of the state comes before the benefit of the group and the benefit of the nation comes before the benefit of the state.”[12]

And based upon that benefit or end, it is necessary to participate alongside others and allow the nation to choose its ruler, not to impose yourself, as Shaykh Usamah bin Ladin said:

And we Muslims believe that it is the right of the nation to choose its own leader and we believe in consultation.”[13]

And Dr Ayman al Zawahiri said:

And so we say clearly to our Muslim nation in general and our people in Syria specifically, that al Qaeda will never rob you of your right to choose the Muslim ruler whom you are pleased with, as established by the Book of Allah and the Sunnah of his prophet peace be upon him. And if Allah enables the ruling of Islam in Syria soon with his permission and if the Ummah chooses a ruler who establishes the Book of Allah and the Sunnah of His prophet peace be upon him, then he is also our choice. Then after that we want all the Muslim Ummah to agree upon one Khalifah whom they are pleased with.”[14]

He also said:

We have stated time and time again that if the people of Syria set up an Islamic government and chose for themselves a leader, then their choice is our choice, because we, by the grace of Allah, do not seek power, rather we seek the rule of the Shariah and we don’t want to rule the Muslims but we want like the Muslims to be ruled by Islam. We have never stopped calling for the unity of the Mujahideen in Syria and their uniting upon the establishing of a guided Islamic Mujahid government which spreads justice and seeks consultation, which returns the rights and aids the weak and which upholds jihad and frees the lands, which strives to free Al Aqsa and revive the Khilafah upon the Prophetic methodology. And there will be no organizational affiliation in these great days – with the permission of Allah- which the Nation hopes for, the nation of which we are a part of, not guardians of.”[15]

Moreover, the outlook of al Qaeda is to appoint a ruler who is subject to a consultational council, i.e. not an absolute ruler.

And Shaykh Usama bin Ladin said about that:

The right in choosing a leader belongs to the Nation and it has a right to hold him to account if he deviates and the right to remove him if he does something which necessitates that.”[16]

And as for the future which al Qaeda hopes for itself: it is that it disappears and ceases to exist along with the rest of the Islamic group when an Islamic state is established.



[1] For example the two Kuwaiti Shaykhs who are both Mujahideen veterans issued a statement on the 14th of March 2016 seeking in it the breaking of ties between Jabhat al Nusra and Al Qaeda and they gave reasons saying: “The benefit of a merge between Jabhat al Nusra and other factions, many who are qualified to so so and have the right to. Also to transform the Jihad from the Jihad of a group to th Jihad of an Ummah and to create freedom of movement for Jihadi supporters as the name Al Qaeda as a bogeyman enables the hypocrites chase them and harass them”

[2] The seventh meeting with as Sahaab Foundation entitled: “Reality, between pain and hope” May 2014.

[3] Letter to Shaykh Majeed al Majeed P.4, 10th March 2012.

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[11] For the full terms of the joint agreement refer to the official statement released by Al Qaeda in the Magrib entitled “A media message and invitation” Dated Wednesday 3rd Rajib 1436 / April 22nd 2015 by Al Andalus Foundation.

[12] The collected messages and directives of Shaykh Usamah bin Ladin, P.735

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[15] “Go to Jihad in Syria” As Sahab Foundation, February 2016.

[16] The collected messages and directives of Shaykh Usamah bin Ladin, P.528


Appendix: notes about the comments of Tore Hamming regarding the first answer:

The release “Remaining in Iraq and Sham” by Abu Bakr al Baghdadi had been previously published by the Islamic State independently, and it is capable of spreading its material quickly and directly. And this is different to the one who has committed himself to method of publishing specifically through Al Fajr Centre. So if this person wants to change his policy it will take him a long time to search for alternative means and he must increase his security before replacing the method of publication. Those who sympathised with the State within Al Fajr Centre took advantage of the fact that the centre was the only source for spreading the material of Al Qaeda to delay or even prevent the arrival of communications between the different branches of Al Qaeda concerning the matter of the Islamic State. And I will give some examples:

The brother Abu Umar al Najdi is a Mujahid from Yemen who wrote under the name “The loyal companion” on twitter and was recommended by the other Mujahideen from Yemen who were present on twitter, for example “Mohamed al Malaki” who is one of the Mujahideen who had previously been in Afghanistan and then went to Yemen. This person published a confidential letter which had been sent from a veteran leader of Al Qaeda who was present in Syria i.e. Muhsin Al Fadli, to the leader of Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula. He said in it:

[Attached with this letter is the letter of Shaykh Abu Khalid al Suri, may Allah accept him, which he sent to Dr. Ayman during the first day of the Fitna, also the statements and the claims of both Al Nusra and The State [IS] which I have previously sent to Dr. Ayman, may Allah protect him, and the audio message of Al Jawlani clarifying the causes of the problem and also the audio witness testimony of (…..) and Abu Azeez al Qatari. And for your information I have sent it to you again despite having sent it before through (…..) who is the representative of the leader of Al Fajr Centre – I sent it to you again to make sure that it would reach you].

Abu Umar al Najdi said, commenting in the margin of this letter about the text:

The attachments and testimonies which the writer of the letter sent at the beginning of the Fitna of the State by way of Al Fajr Centre, never arrived to Shaykh Abu Baseer [Wuhayshi] and only arrived with this letter. And he warned everyone to be careful in dealing with Al Fajr Centre and there are suspicious and frightening dealings which did not come from new members, rather from the senior members within the centre. And Allahs refuge is sought.

This explains why the branch in Yemen stopped publishing articles through al Fajr Centre and instead began publishing through their own representative “Abdullah Mujahid”

So, if the Islamic State had not been able to publish their material in any way other than through Al Fajr Centre and despite that the Centre did not publish their material, then at that time we would be able to have doubt and ask if it was true that those people were really sympathetic to the State?

Interestingly, my opinion matches his opinion regarding the reason why fighters went over into the ranks of the Islamic State. And look what this leader said to Abu Baseer:

[Now the third generation of the Mujahideen are influenced by the thinking of the State and this is due to a number of reasons, including the strength of the State media, another reason being the silence of the leaders of Al Qaeda and the absence of clarifying the methodological mistakes of the State, making the youth of the Nation go to them and here the Nation has lost out by the silence of the Jihadi movement about these errors.  And may Allah reward you with good for publishing the statement of Shaykh Harith al Nadhari as it clarified and made plain many rulings, however while we have now spoken of the reality, it has unfortunately come too late. And why did you not previously speak out and clarify the ruling about the fake Khilafah of Al Baghdadi. This is necessary for us to restore the confidence of the rational, confident and self-assured youth of the Ummah in Al Qaeda, so don’t postpose the speech beyond its time in order to take a neutral position as this policy is no longer going to work in the face of the behaviour and folly of the state].

Justpaste link: https://justpaste.it/ahmedinterview2

With comments by interviewer: http://www.jihadica.com/the-future-approach-of-al-qaeda/

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Analysis of the current situation in the global Jihad total war

Interview with Ahmed Al-Hamdan

by Tore Hamming

Part 1

(Analysis of the current situation in the global Jihad total war)

Translated by Al Muwahideen Media

Interviewer: Back in 2014, the Islamic State (IS) was winning territory while IS affiliated media and its official spokesperson Abu Muhammad al-Adnani were extremely active propagating its successes. In the meantime al-Qaida (AQ) leader Ayman al-Zawahiri remained quiet. Now, in mid-2016, it seems to be the opposite situation as IS is loosing territory, while al-Adnani is increasingly absent from the media scene. Zawahiri, on the other hand, has lately been very active with several speech series e.g. The Islamic Spring and Brief Messages to a Supported Ummah. What does this development tell you?

Ahmed Al Hamdan: This is due to several reasons. Firstly, during the period in which Adnani came out several times, there were several successes achieved by this group such as them conquering large areas of Iraq and Syria and the opening of branches outside the region of Iraq and Syria. Normally when commercial companies make any profit, they exploit these profits for strengthening their advertising and marketing. So the multiple appearances of Adnani during that period is a normal thing and in accordance with the circumstances which his group was going through at that time. However as for Zawahiri appearing only rarely, there are a number of reasons such as:

Firstly, Al Fajr centre (the media forum for the Mujahideen) which releases publications of all the branches of Al Qaeda contained within its ranks people who were sympathetic to the Islamic State. And these people would delay any verbal attack that would be launched from any branch of Al-Qaeda…!! And they would delay any correspondence relating to the same matter and would even send it to the leaders of ISIS and then the leaders of ISIS would make preemptive attacks in advance to absorb the effect of the publication of Al-Qaeda that was sent to Al Fajr Centre to be released. An example of this is the seventh interview by As-Sahab Foundation with Sheikh Ayman al Zawahiri which got published under the title “The reality between pain and hope”. They released the speech of Adnani “This was not our methodology and it will never be” before releasing the interview, and also the release of this seventh interview by As-Sahab Foundation with Dr. Zawahiri was delayed for around twelve days, even though the date of this interview by As-Sahab was before the speech of Adnani. But the speech of Adnani got released before it. So Al Fajr centre played the biggest role in transforming the sympathy of many in the Jihadi movement to make them support the Islamic State through this manipulation by them, in addition to Al Fajr center turning to be a defence for ISIS.

And when the well known Jihadi researcher, Abdullah bin Muhammad, wrote about the possibility of the ranks of ISIS being infiltrated as had happened in the Algerian Jihad, this centre took an unusual step of issuing an official statement… !!! They falsified this man and accused him of lying..!!!! And so the branches of Al Qaeda began to ignore this centre and they changed their means of publication by using their own two media delegates in the social media sites in a direct manner. For example the account ‘Abdullah al Mujahid’ belongs to Al Qaeda of Yemen, and ‘Abu Mus’ab Ash-Shanqiti’ belongs to Al Qaeda of Khurasan. And so they began to release all the publications directly without having the need for any intermediaries.

And what must be noted is that these are not exclusive information that are known only to those close to these sources, but they are known to anyone who used to follow the Jihadi forums. And the reality is just as a friend had said, that the Jihadi groups and their media establishments were like closed boxes which not even those close to them would know as to what they contained inside them. However the Fitna (tribulation) of ISIS caused every secret to become publicly known..! And I don’t say known only to the supporters of these groups but also to all the people. This relieved the intelligence and the security agencies a lot, and so they no longer have to tire themselves much like how it was in the past in order to know what is inside the house of their enemy..! Thus there occurred polarization between two competitors and each would speak publicly on secret issues causing the other party to be the accused one which would make them want to defend themselves. And so they too would speak publicly about secret issues..!!. Due to this rivalry a lot of secrets became publicly known. And all praise belongs to Allah in every case.

Secondly, another matter is that Al-Qaeda needed to get its internal ranks to be set in order after they got swept by a tide. Previously there had been elements within Al Qaeda who were sympathetic towards the Islamic State but now the matter has developed and these sympathizers began to pledge allegiance to the Islamic state…! And they began to promote it from inside the ranks of Al Qaeda. So it would not be wise at such a time to come out in public frequently and release statements while your internal ranks have become flimsy and shaky. The priority was to rectify the internal ranks and absorb this attack. And in fact because of the stupidity of ISIS in taking the initiative in attacking the leaders of Al Qaeda in their other branches and slandering them and spreading doubtful allegations which would reach to the point of Takfeer upon them, this contributed to the awareness of some of those who were deceived by ISIS previously and they said that yes it is true that we differ with Al Qaeda in some issues, but not to the extent of Takfeer.

Yet despite that, I used to think and still now think that the role of Al Qaeda’s media was negative to some extent because of them continuing to have hopes that ISIS would return back to the right path. Also from the mistakes committed by the media of Al Qaeda in general was to not confront in an official manner the charges made against them by ISIS. For example Abu Ubaida Al-Lubnani who was the former security official of Al-Qaeda before being expelled and giving the pledge of allegiance to ISIS, was one of the members of Al-Qaeda of Khurasan, and he had written his testimony in the official publication of ISIS known as ‘An-Naba’. And then his former friend known as Abu Kareemah wrote an article in refutation to his testimony, but this was done in his individual capacity through the website of “Justpaste”, and he made evident many of the lies and contradictions that were present in this testimony..!

However I ask, which would have a greater impact- when the group Al-Qaeda officially adopts this article and publishes it through a media wing, or when its author publishes it by himself on his own capacity? By this, you will cause people to ask as to what is the evidence that Abu Kareemah is actually a Mujahid from Khurasan?! And what is the evidence that he is the actual author of this article? There is no doubt that the people will take the official publication as being more credible. On the other hand we see that in every issue of Dabiq, ISIS would heap allegations against Al-Qaeda even to the point of saying that they are agents and disbelievers, while the official media of Al-Qaeda represented by their two magazines “Resurgence” and “Inspire” would completely avoid responding to these allegations and would be content with the writings of some of the leaders and soldiers who would publish them in an unofficial manner.

And if I was a simple Jihadi follower, I would interpret the lack of official response by Al-Qaeda as a weakness in their standpoint, and I would not interpret this as a desire to not escalate the matter so as to not cut off the road for ISIS to come back to the right path. Rather I would say “If the talk that is being spread regarding this matter is not correct then they would have responded to it at the earliest”. But this is a mistaken policy which contributed to increasing the number of ISIS followers from amongst the Jihadi supporters.

With regards to the frequent appearances of Dr. Ayman lately, I sat down with my companions and I said to them “Let us think in the way how the men of intelligence agencies think. Can it be reasonable that these speeches are recent ones? That is they are published just a few days after been recorded? Or are they all recorded before some weeks, if not months, and then published gradually? Obviously it is the second one that is correct. And it is never wise in terms of security for the one who is number one in the wanted list of the security agencies to publish his statement in close intervals as this strengthens the chances of getting hold of the link in the thread which will lead towards him. The security official of Al-Qaeda, Abdullah Adam [1] has said “Two people who keep moving will definitely meet each other at some point”.  But when you decrease the movement, then there is a greater level for your safety.


[1] The series “Manufacturers of terrorism”, lesson three.

Muw image 1

Justpaste version: https://justpaste.it/ahmedinterview1

With comments by interviewer: http://www.jihadica.com/analysis-of-the-current-situation-in-the-global-jihad-total-war/

Reply to the Khawarij and to their supporters regarding the death of Adnani and the Mubahala

Note: (What is in black font are the claims of the Khawarij and their supporters, and the reply is given in the red font)

The Khawarij says:- While Muslims around the world grieve over the death of another symbol of Jihad at the hands of the crusaders and their allies of hypocrisy and apostasy, other people of ignorance rejoice at this news.

Wallahi I didn’t think I’d have to write this in defense of the Sheikh, as it never crossed my mind that people who attach themselves to Islam would rejoice at the death of another Muslim by the hands of the Kuffar, but this is what the world has come to, wa laa hawla wa laa quwwata illa billah.

The Muslims around the world will testify on the Day of Judgment that no one has harmed Jihad in our age today more than the Khawarij Adnani and his group of Takfeeri followers. The Muslim Ummah will also testify that he was a liar who lied in his claims and speeches and whose lies led thousands of innocent Muslims towards death and destruction which did not benefit of Islam at all, rather it benefitted none but the Kuffar and his own gang of thieves. Also the Muslims are today following the Sunnah of Khulafa ur Rashideen especially Ali (ra) who rejoiced and prostrated out of thankfulness to Allah when he saw the death of the Khawarij of his time. So indeed, the Muslim Ummah is today rejoicing at the death of this Khariji just like how their predecessors such as Ali rejoiced at the death of the Khariji. It is a big lie to claim that the Muslims around the world are grieving at his death, because how can they grieve when they are day and night asking Allah to destroy the Khawarij and put an end to their Fitna? So they are not grieving rather they are thanking Allah for having answered their supplications to destroy them.

Here is a short response to those ignorant retard idiots:

“If the criteria of truth is according to you is measured by this, then here is some information to ponder on:

First of all, it was Adnani who made the Mubahala and he himself made their death as the criteria of the truth. They were initially called to come to a Shareah court but they turned away and instead challenged Sheikh Abu Abdullah Shaami for a Mubahala. In fact Sheikh Abu Abdullah Shaami, when he responded to his Mubahala also pointed out this fact and said that the proper way to settle disputes is to come to a Sharia court and not through Mubahala. But Adnani in his ignorance did not find of any other means to respond the points made by Abu Abdullah Shaami against Adnani, and so Adnani himself challenged him for a Mubahala. So it was Adnani himself who decided that “the criteria of truth” as mentioned in the above statement will be based on a Mubahala. But Adnani in his ignorance did not realize that he was digging his own grave.

1 – The majority of the leaders of AQ in Yemen were killed – yet this is not a result of the Mubahalah. – AQ in Yemen had nothing to do with Mubahala with Adnani. So the death of those who are not involved in the Mubahala does not prove anything other than the ignorance of the one who makes this claim. The Mubahala was between Adnani and Sheikh Abu Abdullah Shaami who is still alive today, by the grace of Allah, after the Mubahala, which proves thatSheikh Abu Abdullah Shaami was truthful in his claims against Adnani in the Mubahala.

Secondly, in fact during those days, AQ of Yemen did not even consider Adnani and his group as Khawarij, rather they thought good about them and used to excuse them. And when several months later, the US decided to attack ISIS, AQ of Yemen issued a statement and stood in the defence of ISIS and refused to consider them as Khawarij…!!! Or maybe, according to the same logic, AQ leaders in Yemen got killed BECAUSE THEY REFUSED TO CONSIDER THEM AS KHAWARIJ…!!

2 -Most of the AQ strongholds in Yemen have fallen – yet this is not a result of the Mubahalah.- This has been already replied to in the first point, Alhamdulillah. But just to note, what the Khawarij ISIS are losing today in Iraq and Syria is many many times more than a temporary loss due to a strategic retreat of the sincere Mujahideen of AQ in Yemen.

3- Tens of leaders of JN (now JFS) were killed along with its spokesman – and yet this is not a result of Mubahalah. – We repeat, the Mubahala was between Adnani and Sheikh Abu Abdullah Shaami who is still alive today,by the grace of Allah after the Mubahala, which proves thatSheikh Abu Abdullah Shaami was truthful in his claims against Adnani in the Mubahala. The death of those NOT involved in the Mubahala does not prove anything for the Khawarij. On the other hand, it actually proves that JN has been truthful and sincere Mujahideen all this time, because many of JN leaders were killed by the crusaders in their air strikes. Adnani in his statement “This was not our methodology nor will it ever be” accused AQ of having deviated and he said “AlQaida of Usama was not praised by the Kuffar whereas AQ of today is praised by the Kuffar”…!! So when the Kuffar kill the AQ leaders in JN, then this proves that Adnani was a liar, because why would the Kuffar kill the leaders of JN if they were pleased with them?! So the death of the leaders in JN only EXPOSED Adnani as a liar, nothing else…!!! Because the death of the leaders of JN proved that the Kuffars were not pleased with them nor praised them like how Adnani lied in his statements…!!

4- Zahran Alloush and his gang of criminals from Jaish Al Islam were killed – yet not a result of the Mubahalah. 5- Hassaan Abboud and his bunch of thugs from Ahraar AsSham were killed by an inside job – yet not a result of the Mubahalah. – Both the points namely 4 & 5 are the same, and the reply is the same for the two. First of all, we repeat, the Mubahala was between Adnani andSheikh Abu Abdullah Shaami who is still alive today, by the grace of Allah, after the Mubahala, which proves that Sheikh Abu Abdullah Shaami was truthful in his claims against Adnani in the Mubahala. The death of those NOT involved in the Mubahala does not prove anything for the Khawarij.

Secondly, the death of Zahran Alloush and Hassan Abboud and other Muslim leaders is actually a BIG SLAP on the face of Adnani. The reason for it is simple…!!! This is because ISIS under the influence of the Khariji Adnani have always referred to these Muslims as Sahawat. And the term Sahawat means those who are employed by the enemies of Islam to fight against Jihad. The Sahawat were initially created by the Americans to fight against the Mujahideen in Iraq. So the Sahawat are the agents of the Kuffar to fight against Jihad. But the death of Zahran Alloush, Hassan Abboud and others actually EXPOSED ADNANI AS A LIAR, because this proved that they were NOT Sahawat, and instead they got killed by the Kuffar for fighting in defence of the Muslims. Otherwise the Kuffar would not have killed these Muslims if they were Sahawat according to the lies of the Khawarij. On the other hand when ISIS rejoices at the death of these Muslims, then it is ISIS who are doing the work of Sahawat, as they have helped the Kuffar to delay the victory in Jihad.

6 – Zawahiri became a laughing stock and a mockery, and his lies and contradictions were exposed to the public (giving Bay’ah to a dead man) – yet this was not a result of the Mubahalah. – In fact Zawahiri (hafizahullah) proved himself as a scholar and as the follower of the Salaf, because the matter of hiding the death of the leader of the Muslims has been practiced by the Salaf themselves. So Zawahiri proved himself as the true follower of the Salaf by hiding the news of the death of the Muslims’ leader and he has succeeded in confusing the enemy and overcoming them. Otherwise were the Salaf and the Sahabah also liars when they hid the news of the death of their leaders without informing the Muslims?

Secondly giving Bay’ah to a dead man does not make one a liar, rather it shows that Zawahiri is following the practice of the Prophet (may peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) who said “war is deception”. So if Zawahiri followed the Prophet’s advice then how can he be a liar? This means that according to the Khawarij, our Prophet Muhammad (may peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) was himself a liar for having permitted deception in war….!! We seek refuge in Allah against the blasphemy of ISIS, the Khawarij….!

7- Zawahiri gave allegiance to Akhtar who has strong ties with Iran – yet not a result of the Mubahlah. – These are pure lies and this statement actually proved the truth of Sheikh Abu Abdullah Shaami in the Mubahala in which they confirmed that ISIS would make accusations without proof, and they would also make Tafkeer on the Muslims and kill them without proofs, and they only follow assumptions and suspicions. So yes, this point actually is a result of the Mubahala which PROVED that ISIS only makes accusations based on assumptions without having proofs which is exactly what was mentioned in the Mubahala….!! All praise belongs to Allah who exposed every lie made by Adnani in the Mubahala and also exposed and showed to the world that ISIS accuse others based on assumptions and suspicions.

8 – Akhtar was killed not long after and Zawahiri gave allegiance to his successor – still not a result of the Mubahalah. – This statement actually refutes the previous statement. How can you say that Akhtar is an agent or has strong ties with the enemies and then say that Akhtar got killed by the enemies? Both are contradictory. If Akhtar Mansoor got killed by the Kuffar enemies, then it means that he was NOT working for them. So this proves that ISIS are idiots as they contradict themselves…!! They accuse Akhtar of working for the enemies and then at the same time, they accuse of him for getting killed by the enemies..!! On the other hand, his death proves that he was never allied to them nor worked on their behalf.

9 – JN split from AQ and broke all ties with them, ceasing to exist and continuing their series of treachery and breaking of pledges – yet not a result of the Mubahlah. – JN proved that they are always truthful in their pledges when they split from AQ. Because JN only split from AQ after consulting with AQ and taking their permission. This proves that if JN wants to split from their leader, then they always take their permission. So this exposes the lies of Adnani and Baghdadi who said the JN broke their Bay’ah and they betrayed them, because JN has proved that they don’t break their Bay’ah or dissolve it without the permission of the leader. On the other hand, Baghdadi broke his Bay’ah to Zawahiri, betrayed him, and spoke several lies to the Ummah.

So yes, the Mubahala has proved how truthful JN are in their pledges and how well mannered they are towards their leader and that they only take any action after having consulting their leader and after having received permission and guidelines from their leadership. On the other hand the Mubahalah also exposed Baghdadi and Adnani as liars who never keep their promises nor fulfill their pledges.

10 – Most of the brigades began fighting under the banner raised by America and its aerial cover which kills hundreds of Muslims daily – not a result of the Mubahalah. – This is the dumbest statement ever made! What has the brigades fighting under America got to do with the Mubahala? It is clear the writer has nothing to respond and that is why he is resorting to dumb statements.

We repeat, the Mubahala was between Adnani and Sheikh Abu Abdullah Shaami who is still alive today, by the grace of Allah, after the Mubahala, which proves that Abu Abdullah Shaami was truthful in his claims against Adnani in the Mubahala. Other brigades has got nothing to do with it.

11- Ahraar AsSham began attending the conferences organized by the West and the hypocrites from the Arabs, and seeking aid from the crusaders – yet not a result of the Mubahalah.– The reply to this dumb statement is the same as the previous one. They have no link to the Mubahala at all.

12- JN (now JFS) is steps away from fighting under a united front, including factions that directly receive orders from America – and this is still not a result of the Mubahlah. – Can’t you see oh you blind ignorant Khawarij, that if JN is “steps away” from joining with those who receive orders from America, then this is one of the best proofs that JN has NOT allied with the Taghut until now while on the other hand the Khawarij have always falsely claimed that JN has allied with the Taghut? This once again proves that Adnani was lying in his Mubahala when he accused AQ of having “deviated” and how they have “joined” with the sahawat and the Taghut…!! But now the writer here is proving that Adnani is a liar, because the writer himself admits that JN until now did not ally with the Taghut…!! Truth from their own mouths…!!

13- The groups in Hims, Dar’aa, and Damascus surrendered to the regime, handed territory over to them and retreated in the buses provided by the regime – still not a result of the Mubahalah. – What has the groups in Hims, Dar’aa and Damascus to do with Mubahala? We repeat, the Mubahala was between Adnani and Sheikh Abu Abdullah Shaami who is still alive today, by the grace of Allah, after the Mubahala, which proves that Sheikh Abu Abdullah Shaami was truthful in his claims against Adnani in the Mubahala. Other brigades have got nothing to do with it.

Also, whatever losses have been suffered by the Mujahideen in Shaam are all due to the betrayal of the Khawarij ISIS and because the Khawarij ISIS supported the Kuffar in laying siege and attacking the Muslims. So it is the betrayal of the Khawarij that has brought losses and not the Mubahala…!!

That is why we are in urgent need of killing the Khawarij like the killing of A’ad.

14- The heads of arrogance and deviance in London and Canada continued barking under the throne of Elizabeth, instead of defending the honour and dignity of Muslims – and this is all yet not a result of the Mubahalah. – No one has exposed the Khawarij and their lies more than the great scholars in London and Canada who spent their entire lives defending the Muslims and the Mujahideen. The Khawarij could not reply to them even though Sheikh Dr. Hani Sibai publicly challenged them for a debate repeatedly…!! They could not face him in a debate. So what honour and dignity are the Khawarij talking about when they are running away like cowards from debating Sheikh Hani Sibai instead of facing him in the debate?

So it is the Khawarij who are barking lies on the internet and barking Takfeer without proofs and without facing these scholars for a debate…!!

This is just a few points of what happened after the Mubahalah, so don’t do our head in with your barking and hee-haw-ing every time a leader is martyred.

The Prophet (may peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said as per the Hadith, that the Khawarij are the dogs of hell. So the Khawarij bark like dogs, live like dogs and die like dogs. So when Adnani the Khariji died, then he has no honour and dignity because he lived like a dog and died like a dog. And when a Khariji dies like a dog then there is nothing to feel honoured about…!!

We must also mention here that the Khawarij of ISIS have been trying very hard to portray Adnani as a martyr who got killed in the crusader air strike. But what they are concealing is that the matter of the drone strike has not yet been verified and is only based on unconfirmed news reports. We find at one time America claiming to have carried out this attack, and on the other hand Russia also claimed the strike. So this shows that the reports are contradictory. But what the followers of the Khawarij ISIS would not like to mention is that there are several reports that have come out which mention that Adnani was killed BY HIS OWN GROUP in an inside attack. In other words, he did not die at the hands of the crusaders, but got killed by his own people…! And this is often the way in which traitors and criminals get killed. They get killed by their own people…!

Point to be noted:

Adnani has made two different statements on two occasions. One was in the Mubahala with Sheikh Abu Abdullah Shaami under the title “Then let us invoke the curse of Allah upon the liars”, and the other one was in another speech of his entitled “This was not our methodology and it will never be”.

As for the statement he made in the Mubahala, it was “O Allah whoever from among us is lying then send down your curse upon him”. In other words, he DID NOT ask Allah to kill the liar amongst them. He only asked Allah to send down His curse in the Mubahala. And this does not necessarily mean death or killing…! And this has been mentioned and confirmed by their own speaker Turki Bin’ali in his recent speech of his regarding the Mubahala in which he defended Adnani and said that Adnani only asked Allah to curse the liar in the Mubahala and that he did not say to kill them but only curse them…!! And Turki Bin’ali also said that this curse does not mean killing but it means destruction of wealth and family, or an unpleasant outcome.

But on the other hand, in the statement he made under the title “This was not our methodology and it will never be” Adnani said, “O Allah if this State is a State of the Khawārij then break its back, kill its leaders, bring down its banner….”.. In other words, he asked Allah to kill the leaders of his group if they are Khawarij in this second speech of his, but he did not say these words in the Mubahala.

So there is a difference between the statement made by Adnani in the Mubahala which was to send down curses, and between the other speech of his in which he asked Allah to kill them if they are Khawarij.

This means that there is a difference between Adnani getting killed and between his opponents from JN or any other group getting killed. This is because when Adnani said “O Allah if this State is a State of the Khawārij then break its back, kill its leaders, bring down its banner”, then he did not say this in the Mubahala…!! He also he did not say in the Mubahala that “O Allah, whichever group amongst us is lying and speaking falsehood, then kill its leaders..”, rather he ONLY said to kill the leaders of HIS OWN GROUP if they are Khawarij and lying. In other words, HE DID NOT ask Allah to kill the leaders of the other group if they are lying…!!!

So this means that if the leaders of ISIS gets killed, then they are Khawarij and liars according to the statement of Adnani. But on the other hand, if the leaders of JN or any other group get killed, then it does not mean that they have lied because Adnani did not make their death a criteria for his opponents to decide if they are lying or not…!! He only made death and killing to be a criteria FOR HIS OWN GROUP ONLY. and not for his opponents..!!!


Adnani said in his speech “This was not our methodology and it will never be” that “O Allah if this State is a State of the Khawārij then break its back, kill its leaders, bring down its banner….”.

This statement of Adnani is similar to the statement made by the Mushrikeen of Quraish under the leadership of Abu Jahl during the time of the Prophet, may peace and blessings of Allah be upon him. Allah says about this in Surah Anfal, verse 32, “And (remember) when they (the Mushrikeen) said: “O Allah! If this (the Qur’an) is indeed the truth (revealed) from You, then rain down stones on us from the sky or bring on us a painful torment.” So Allah responded to this and He punished them and thus Allah responded to the Mushrikeen when they asked Allah to bring down His punishment upon them.

Similarly, in the same way just like the Mushrikeen, Adnani said “O Allah if this State is a State of the Khawārij then break its back, kill its leaders, bring down its banner, guide its soldiers. O Allah if is an Islamic State, ruling by Your Book and the Sunnah of Your Prophet, fighting Your enemies, then keep it firm, honour it and grant it victory, and establish it upon the earth, and make it as the Khilāfah upon the Way of Prophethood. So say Āmīn O Muslims.”

We can today see the following. Adnani said that if they are Khawarij –

1-  “Then break its back”We can see that ISIS is continuously losing territories. This is to such an extent that Adnani in his last speech even prepared his soldiers to retreat towards the desert due to loss of all their lands, and he encouraged them to not lose hope, and instead be always determined to fight. So this speech in fact shows that they have witnessed and seen their huge losses which are continuously increasing day by day. Nothing can better explain how back of the ISIS has been broken.

2- Kill its leaders– All of its leaders except for a couple of them alongwith Baghdadi have been killed. And by this statement, Adnani has dug his own grave. He proved himself to be from the Khawarij.

3- “Bring down its banner – The members of the Khawarij ISIS are divided amongst themselves and they are even making Takfeer on each other. This proves that they do not have a clear Manhaj nor a clear banner. So yes, Adnani’s dua has been responded to. Their banner has been brought down and they are divided amongst themselves…!!

Adnani continued and said that if they are an Islamic State, ruling by the Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet and fighting the enemies of Islam –

1- “Then keep it firm” – When the soldiers of ISIS ran away from facing the women female soldiers of PKK, then they are not firm at all…!! They ran way from facing women…!! And they have abandoned and retreated from the battlefield. And the most recent example is their retreat in Jarablous when they retreated without any fight at all, and they ran away even before their enemies reached them…!! This shows that they are not firm on the ground…!

2- “Honour it” –  After the continuous loss of territories by ISIS in both Syria and Iraq, they have put themselves in such a humiliating position that the enemies are even attacking their homes and taking their women as booties and raping them…!! They cannot defend the honour of their women and families and they have no honour themselves…!!

3- “Grant it victory and establish it upon the earth” – ISIS has collapsed everywhere. They have been crushed in Afghanistan, Libya, Somalia, Yemen and elsewhere, and their lies have been exposed and made crystal clear to all. So where is the victory after their lies got exposed, and where is the “establishment upon the earth” after they got crushed everywhere…?

4- “And make it as the Khilāfah upon the Way of Prophethood” – Alhamdulillah, it has become crystal clear that

    a) They are not a Khilafa since a Khilafa unites the Muslims and protects them whereas ISIS has split the ranks everywhere and cannot protect themselves, let alone the Muslim community.

    b) They are not a Khilafa upon the way of Prophethood because one of the first characteristics of the Prophet is that he was truthful in speech whereas ISIS has lied to such an extent that they are reminding us of Dajjal.

     c) They are not even a legitimate Islamic group at all, rather a group of power hungry thieves and leaders who only have an aim of gaining power and wealth by covering up themselves using the cloak of religion…!!

All the above were mentioned by Adnani in his supplication to Allah to make them the criteria for the people to judge whether they are Khawarij or not and whether they apply the law of the Quran and fight the enemies or not. So let those who are sincere upon the truth ponder and take heed…! Allah says,

Verily there is a lesson in this for everyone who has a (sound) heart and who listens with an attentive mind” (50:37)

By Al Muwahideen Media

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